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Subject: Coach and Son 7 Coach and Son 7 – Bobby Bringing Chris up to the cabin with my Dad had me so horny all of the time. Fuck, at 16 my cock was hard 80% of the time anyway. It just woke me up and stayed half or at full mast most of the day. My only relief came from a hard jerk off session and even then my cock only gave me a break for an hour or so. I had to cum at least three times a day to stay sane. My best buddy was just a year older than me and so much more sexually adventurous! When he started teasing me in the car and at dinner, with my dad right there, that was just crazy and driving me wild. Fuck. Everything with him drove me wild. Smelling his pits and strong musk as we wrestled and feeing his hard cock press against me in our practice heats made me leak like crazy. My wrestling singlets were all stained with copious amounts of precum from our bouts. His were too. Seeing my dad naked again at the cabin and watching him, I dunno if it’s the right word, but maybe flirt with Chris, was also having a weird effect on me. Yeah, so weird but I still liked it. I am not gonna lie. It made me feel as if I found the right bud and Chris had my cock hard and leaking all of the time too. Sitting around the cabin naked and kinda smelly from our earlier practice and playtime in the car, was incredibly erotic. Getting my dad’s gooey thick cock snot on me too at dinner, OMG. That was wild. Right after dinner Chris and I retreated to the dark bedroom and I finally got to play with my buddy and his sexy lean body. His teen scent was delicious and I just couldn’t get enough. Kissing him hard and having our cocks rub together was a dream come true. No more singlets in between and restraining us! He felt so good and so strong. And OMG, that hard as fuck cock felt so powerful as he entered my ass, stretching my rectum and making my ass lips puffy from the pounding. After grinding me hard into the mattress, and causing my cock to spasm and unload, I was sweaty and exhausted. I passed out in the bed while Chris went to the bathroom. I wasn’t even sure when he came back, I just felt him inside me again as I laid on the bed on my stomach. I felt him thrusting, his big dick just pushing in and out of me, my ass muscles automatically reflexing with each of his thrusts. What was amazing was that I was overwhelmed by the smell of his sweaty odor and cum. It was heady. The scent invaded my nostrils and made my cock thicken and pulse. I şişli travesti slowly started to really wake up when I felt Chris putting his finger in my mouth. I could taste our cum, and he was rubbing even more of it under my nose. Oh god, it tasted so good. I licked it greedily from his fingers while he fucked me from behind feeding me more and more of my goo. I turned my head as he fed me, scooping the warm slick jizz off of his body and off of my back where he rubbed against me. He leaned in and kissed me passionately with it. He was loving tasting it off my tongue as he moaned in pure lust. His dick was so hard, clearly he was getting close and was obscenely turned on. He snickered in my ear as he continued to pound me. “How does it taste?” He asked “So good.” I moaned back at him. “You love it, don’t you?” He grunted into my ear “Yes. I do. Feed me more.” I was loving it. Loving the attention from him and the nastiness of our sex. It felt great. I hadn’t really eaten cum like this before but I liked it. He found more off his chest and fed it to me from his fingers. I greedily licked his fingers clean again. He groaned as I did it. “It’s not yours.” He laughed. “What do you mean?” I continued to moan as I felt him flex his thick cock in me. “It’s not mine either.” He said. “I don’t understand. What are you saying?” I was confused but didn’t really care as i continued loving him feeding me and feeling him grind into me. “I ran into your dad in the bathroom.” He confessed to me. “What? I laughed. “What do you mean?” “He was just in there when I went in and, and well, the next thing I knew we were going at it. He blew this huge load all over me.” “Holy shit! This is my dads cum?!?” I laughed nervously again. “Are you kidding me???” Chris pushed his tongue back into my mouth and he bottomed out in me. He groaned loudly. I felt his cock expand in me. The sweat and cum was so slick on my back as he feverishly thrusted into me. My hard dick was drooling again and I could feel the wetness from it smearing all over my abs as Chris ground more of my dads sticky goo into me from behind, repeatedly hitting my boy prostate. I didn’t have time to fully process what we were doing but deep down the nasty perviness of the scene had me close to cumming. He then shocked me further when he pulled out of me completely and took some of the remaining cummy residue and, as I turned my head, I watched beylikdüzü travesti as he coated his thick cock with it and pushed it all inside of me. “Fucccckkk” I said as he bottomed out in me again using my own father’s cum as lube. It was so perverse. I was being fucked with dad’s spudge. My dad’s dna deep inside my ass. I knew it was wrong and yet it made my dick throb so much. “Can you feel it” Chris asked me. “Feel that slickness on my cock now?” Chris was really getting off on this whole scene of fucking me with my own Dad’s cock snot. He was hammering the hell out of my hole. “Yessssss.” I groaned under my heavy panting. My dads load really did make for some great lube and he was shoving it deeper and deeper into me. Suddenly I heard Chris gasp! “Oh god yes!” He said loudly. His frantic assault slowed but it felt like his cock somehow got even harder. He was now grinding me into the mattress with his full weight on my back as he repositioned on top me with his legs now on either side of my own. He began whimpering and saying “oh yeah, ohhh yeah, oh my god yesssss, just like that”. He groaned louder as his thick tool continued to ruin my rectum. He was loving what he was doing and his movements were so different than before. The pounding fully ended as he just lightly humped and ground his drooling cock inside my bowels. He then took a sharp breath and became still on top of me. “Uhhhhhhhhhhh oh my god” he exclaimed. “Oh, oh, oh. That feels soooo good. I feel like I am cumming.” Chris said in my ear. “Cooooaaacccchhhhhh.” He groaned. It was at that point that I realized that my Dad had joined us in bed and in the dark I could hear him rimming my buddy, lapping up his stinky teen boy ass trench. Dad let out a low moan of his own now that it was obvious he had snuck into our room and was devouring my buddy’s ass. I didn’t know what to think. I was impaled under Chris’ body and my own father was rimming my bud. I didn’t say anything, but continued my low moans as Chris’ cock continued to churn my insides. It felt so damn good. Weirdly it kind of made me even more excited. I had already eaten my dad’s cum as Chris fed it to me, and felt the warm liquid on my arm off his hard dripping cock during dinner. I had seen him naked plenty and now we were sharing my bud. It seemed natural enough. Damn. It was kind of exciting and I don’t know, maybe even hot. “Oh god Bobby, he is fingering istanbul travesti me. Ooooohhhh that’s it, oh fuck yeah. Right there, right there Coach!” Chris exclaimed into my ear. Every time my dad hit Chris’ prostate, his thick pole would pulse inside me. The sensation was amazing. We were so connected physically that I could feel his throbbing dick spurting goo into me. “Mmmmmmm. You are some stinky dirty boys” my Dad finally spoke. “Teasing me all day. Getting me all worked up. Hearing you guys go at it. Of fuck yeah, I love seeing the two of you play around.” He shared. Suddenly, I felt crushed under Chris, impaled on his thick cock, as my Dad mounted my fuck buddy. My own cock was crushed against our bed and as my prostate was repeatedly pounded, I was helpless as I began to feel the next load of cum start it’s journey out of my nutsack and up my gooey thick shaft. I moaned loudly, as my orgasm overtook my senses and felt my cum shoot out of wickedly hard boy erection all over our already soiled sheets. Chris must have felt my ass muscles clamp down on him as I climaxed as he too began shooting deep inside me. I could feel his cock pulse over and over as he shouted near my ear, “fuck me coach, oh yeah, fuck my ass!” Dad was last to cum. He pulled out of Chris and came around to our faces. As he knelt down, I could smell my buddy’s ass juice on my dad’s wand as he jerked off in front of us. I couldn’t help but watch and open my mouth to lick his hairy cock head and wet fingers as he jerked out his load. This was incredibly depraved but amazing to have my studly dad beating off in front of me, covered in my buddy’s boy funk. Dad was so close, when Chris said loudly, “feed us that load Coach. Feed your son the stuff that made him.” That was all it took. Dad’s organ pulsed and sticky rope after rope of cum shot forth from his cock, painting our faces with is hot jizz. I opened my mouth and was lucky enough to catch some of it fresh from the source. As my Dads climax ended, Chris and I took turns licking my dad’s wet fuck stick, wrapping our lips over his sensitive glands. Dad collapsed next to us, and Chris slowly pulled his still hard cock from my ass as he rolled off of me. I was exhausted and drifted back off to sleep covered in sweat and smelling of cum. Authors note: I hope you enjoyed it! This is the last chapter of Coach and Son. I have a few more stories to write and hope to find more time this summer to do that for you guys! I plan to record some of my stories as I have really gotten into verbal story telling. Email me and I will send you a link to my stuff on NewTumble. Always appreciate feedback and dick pics too! Email me hoo Please support !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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