Co-worker Lust Pt. 01

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Big Dicks

It was Saturday, and Joseph was in his usual routine with his girlfriend. Weekend sex with her, was the only time they had sex. Joseph was always horny, and a couple times a week was nowhere near enough, which is why he masturbated multiple times a day, throughout the week. But at this moment his girlfriend’s legs are spread, and he is pumping her with his thick cock. She is moaning up a storm, and about to have her 3rd orgasm on his cock. Joseph wants to cum, but after a few years of fucking her, the excitement isn’t there like it used to be. It takes him much longer to cum now, which his girlfriend Tina, doesn’t mind at all, of course.

Joseph knows what he needs to do to get himself turned on enough to cum, but he’s been trying a long time to not do it. He knows it’s wrong, but he can’t help it sometimes. When he wants to push himself over the edge, he fantasizes about his co-worker Monica. He has worked with her for 2 years, and from the moment he met her, he was instantly attracted to her, and his attraction has only grown. Monica is a beautiful Mexican girl, with very fair skin. She has long brown hair, she usually keeps braided. She has gorgeous brown eyes, and the cutest smile, that reveal her braces. She is only 5’4, with perky, DD natural breasts, which look even more impressive because of her size. She has a little muffin top, with a little belly, but not chubby. She is everything Joseph wants physically in a woman.

And once again, Monica’s image is uncontrollably in Joseph’s mind, as he fucks his girlfriend. He knows now that he is thinking of Monica, he will cum very soon. It’s pretty much the only way he cums anymore, whether he is fucking Tina, or masturbating, picturing doing sexual things with Monica, makes his cock pulse, and explode. His pumping becomes harder, and more deliberate, as he picture’s it’s Monica’s pussy he is pounding. He closes his eyes, and thinks of Monica’s beautiful face, and adorable braces looking up at him, as he gets ready to fill her with his load. His girlfriend moans louder and explodes in another orgasm. A few seconds later, with the thought of Monica telling him to shoot deep inside her, Joseph erupts inside Tina, filling her pussy with his warm cum. He rolls over, and his girlfriend rolls over, putting her head on his chest, but his only thought is that he wished it was Monica laying next to him.

The rest of the weekend flew by, with Joseph masturbating 5 times, all the while thinking about his co-worker. Monday came and Joseph was excited, because he would get to see Monica at work. They had the same Monday thru Friday schedule, and Joseph couldn’t be happier about that. The got along well, and made a good team. Joseph, would stare at her cute little butt as much as he could, and that was a whole lot. He often day-dreamed of pulling her pants down and licking her ass right there. A couple times she turned around to ask him a question, and caught him staring right at her ass. He would just tell her he was zoning out.

It was hard for Joseph to concentrate at work, with a good portion of his shift fantasizing about his co-worker. This had been on-going for so long, and not being able to make his fantasies come true, made Joseph take whatever he could get from her. He would sometimes go into the break room, and sniff her jacket, hanging on the coat rack, so he could smell her perfume. She kept a small pillow cushion in her locker to sit on during her lunch break, since they had really hard, uncomfortable chairs at work. Sometimes when she would go to the bathroom during her break, Joseph would quickly sneak to the back to smell her cushion, and get a whiff of her ass. And Joseph’s favorite, since he had a intense foot fetish, was to smell her flats. She went to college nearby, and would wear her flats to school, but hen she came to work, she would kick her flats under the lunch table in the break room, and put sneakers on to wear while she worked. Any chance Joseph got to make his way to the break room, and get under the table to bury his nose in her flat, he took. He had only seen her bare feet once when she had worn new boots to school, and when she came to work, she had asked him to help her pull them off, as they were hurting her feet. When her feet came out of her boots, Joseph saw the most gorgeous feet he’d ever seen. They were small, and perfect. Her toenails were painted red, and to him, they were flawless. Joseph remembered in that moment, wanting to grab her feet, and start licking and sucking them. He would have settled for getting one of her boots, burying his nose in it, and breathing in her foot smell.

As Monica came into work and said hello to him, Joseph’s heart started beating faster. He knew he had strong feelings for her, and he didn’t just lust for her. He wanted her to be his girl. He wanted to treat her like his princess, and pamper her in every way. He wanted to pleasure her, and worship her. There were a couple roadblocks though. He had a girlfriend, and she had a boyfriend. On top of that, Joseph didn’t know if Pendik Escort she would have interest in him, as far a a relationship, anyways.

As she walked to the break room to hang up her jacket, Joseph looked down to stare at her flats. He loved flats because they trapped girls’ foot smells really well, and seeing girls dangle them off there feet, was always an instant hard-on. He had hoped she would go to the bathroom during her break, so he could run to the back and smell them. But when she came out to tart work, he saw she was still wearing her flats, rather than her usual work sneakers. He figured no harm in asking her.

“Where are the sneakers Monica? I never see you wear your flats out here.”

She rolled her eyes in annoyance of her situation.

“I know! I’m so stupid! I totally forgot them at home, and I didn’t have time after my classes, to go home and get them, so I’ll just be wearing these all shift. I hope I’m not too uncomfortable, since I’ll be on my feet the whole day.”

Joseph was disappointed since he wouldn’t have a chance to smell her flats since she would be wearing them all shift, but he will definitely will enjoy watching her wear them.

It was a long busy shift, but they got through it, and closed up shop. They usually took about 30 to 45 minutes completing tasks they had to do every night at the coffee shop, and tonight was one of the longer nights. Often when they were done, they would hang out a bit in the break room, and have a cup of coffee. When they both retired to the back, Monica immediately started complaining.

“Fuck, my feet are killing me! Wearing these flats all shift, was not fun. They feel so sore. I can’t wait to kick these off at home, and rub them.”

Just hearing that made Joseph really excited. Thinking about her rubbing her sweaty, smelly feet, was such a turn on. It made him wonder though, why she would need to rub her own feet, instead of asking her boyfriend.

“Just ask your boyfriend to rub them for you. You can’t give yourself a good foot massage.”

Monica let out a big “Ha!”

She looked annoyed.

“My stupid boyfriend thinks feet are gross, and won’t touch mine! And on top of that, he complains that they smell bad! So I have a foot sweat problem! So What?!”

Joseph couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Her boyfriend had this perfect beauty, with perfect feet, and a sexy smelling foot odor, and he wasn’t enjoying every inch of them.

“Are you serious?! What is his deal?! No offense, but he’s crazy. I would rub your feet every day, as many times as you wanted!”

Joseph couldn’t believe what he had just said. It was his honest reaction, but not one he felt he should have shared with her. Thankfully it seemed she didn’t think he meant it, and was just being nice.

“Oh why thank you sir. Let me kick off my flats and you shall rub my feet!”

She was clearly joking, and started to laugh. Joseph had spent too long fantasizing about her, and he figured this was his best chance to get more than he ever had from her. He slapped his knees with both hands.

“Come on, put those feet on me, and let me give you a great massage.”

He smiled at her, as an out in case she got upset. He would then tell her he was joking. What she did was just stare at him for a few seconds before speaking again.

“Are you seriously offering to massage my feet?”

Joseph kept smiling at her.

“I sure am offering. You said your feet hurt, and your boyfriend won’t rub them, so why not let me?”

Monica looked like she was running a lot of things through her head.

“I mean, I’m appreciative you would be willing to rub my feet, but don’t you think that’s kind of weird? I mean, I don’t think my boyfriend would be happy about it, if he found out, and I doubt your girlfriend would be either.”

Joseph shook his head.

“Monica, it’s not like we’re having sex. I’m just massaging your feet. People pay for massages all the time, and it’s not considered weird or cheating is it?”

Joseph could tell his reasoning was giving a glimmer of hope she would agree with him, and let him touch her feet.

“Well, no, it’s not cheating, but I don’t know. You don’t moonlight as a masseuse, do you?”

She started to giggle.

“No, I don’t, but I guarantee you, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

Monica smiled, showing her braces, that Joseph thought were so cute on her.

“Oh, you’re that good, are you? And how do you know you are that good? Your girlfriend, I suppose.”

With all the confidence in his skills, Joseph responded.

“Not just my girlfriend, but every other girl I’ve given massages to. Never had any of them not tell me I was amazing.”

Monica, had a quizzical look on her face.

“So do you just go around offering girls, foot massages? You must be a fan of feet. It’s like you have a foot fetish.”

She started laughing, but Joseph was not ashamed to admit it.

“Actually I do. Do Kurtköy Escort you think that’s weird?”

Monica stopped laughing, and seemed to be working in her head whether he was telling her the truth or not.

“No, I don’t think…Well it’s a bit strange…No no no! I don’t mean strange, I just…What do you like about them?.

Joseph knew he just had to be fully open and honest.

“I find feet sensual. I love the way they look, when they are nicely cared for. I love the way they feel. I love the way they smell. I love the way they taste.”

Monica cut him off.

“Whoa, whoa , whoa! Did you you say you like the smell, and the taste?! Do you mean you like when they are washed and smell like detergent, or perfumes, or whatever?”

Joseph started to get a little embarrassed. Her reaction came across like she might call him a freak at any moment. It crossed his mind to tell her it was all a joke, but is instinct told him, no guts, no glory. He was going all in, even if his honesty scared her off.

“I’m fine when they smell washed and clean, but what I really like, is when they are sweaty, and stinky.”

Monica’s mind was blown.

“But why?! Stinky feet…Well, they stink! That is not a pleasant smell. I know! My feet smell so bad after a day of wearing my flats!”

Joseph badly wanted to tell her how he would regularly sneak back to the break room to smell her flats, but that might be too much for her to hear all at once, and she might feel he invaded her privacy in some way.

“Well, how should I say this? For guys like me, when we are really attracted to a girl, those smells are sexy. They get us excited, and turn us on. It’s like taking in the girl’s essence. It’s very intimate.”

Monica’s head was moving, as was her mouth, but no word’s were coming out. She had no idea what to say, or think.

Joseph felt he needed to say something.

“Listen, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. If you think I’m a weirdo, I totally understand. Forget everything I said.”

Monica finally found her words.

“No Joseph, I don’t think you’re weird! I really don’t! It’s just, I’ve heard of foot fetishes, but I didn’t know about enjoying them when they stink. It just caught me off guard. And please don’t feel embarrassed. I do need to get home though. My feet are feeling ok now so I’m good, but thank you so much for offering, really!”

No matter what she said, Joseph was embarrassed.

“Ok, goodnight Monica. See you tomorrow.”

Joseph went home a few minutes later. He would normally go into the bathroom at home, and masturbate to thoughts of Monica, but he wasn’t in the mood that night.

For next few days at work, things were a little weird with Monica. They still talked, but both seemed a bit on guard. She also hadn’t stayed after they closed to drink coffee with Joseph. He figured she was too weirded out by him now. He hadn’t even looked at her feet all week, aware that she might be on the lookout for him doing it.

Finally Friday came, and it was quite busy. Lot’s of running back and forth, and the AC hadn’t been working for the last couple days, so it was hot. The shift seemed endless, but they made it through. Monica locked up, and Joseph started mopping. He noticed someone had dropped a wallet after one of the tables, so he got down on his hands and needs and grabbed it. As he was tuning around to get back up, he saw Monica’s feet right in front of him. She was wearing her flats, and not her sneakers. He looked up and Monica was smiling down at him. Joseph stood up.

“Hey, didn’t expect you to be right here when I turned around.”

Monica’s smile got even bigger.

“Sorry if I startled you, but did you notice my shoes?”

Joseph looked down again, and pointed.

“Yeah, i just noticed you aren’t wearing your sneakers. I thought flats make your feet hurt when you have to walk in them all day at work?”

Monica’s kept flashing her beautiful smile.

“It does make them hurt. It makes them hurt a lot. I guess I’m just lucky I have someone to massage them for me.”

With that, she turned around and started walking towards the break room. At the door she turned her head.

“You coming? My feet don’t have all night.”

Joseph tossed the found wallet on the counter, and hurried to the back. When he got there, Monica was already sitting down on a chair, with her cushion on it.

Joseph couldn’t believe this. “Is this really happening?”, he thought to himself. He couldn’t help but wonder what had changed. He didn’t want to ruin this, but he had to know.

“I’m totally gonna give you a foot massage, but just wondering why the change? You seemed a weirded out on Monday.”

Monica looked down at her hands.

“To be honest with you, I was a little weirded out, but all week I was thinking about it, and what you said about why you like it, and about how it’s sensual, and it made me wish my boyfriend wanted that with me. So I asked him yesterday Maltepe Escort to rub my feet, and his response was, “I don’t want to touch your feet ok! I can smell them from here! I’ll give you money, and you can go pay for a massage.” He really hurt my feelings. It made me feel he was grossed out by me in some ways. I started to think how I wished I had a boyfriend who was into me so much, he welcomed me in all ways, including my stinky feet. Actually, I thought about you.”

Joseph was taken aback. This was so much to process. He had many more questions, but he felt it best not to ask her more at this moment, since clearly she had been bothered by her boyfriend’s reaction. He sat down, and pulled his chair forward. Monica smiled, and without saying a word, she put a foot on each of his knees. Joseph got himself ready. This was his fantasy come true, and it was happening now. He had smelled her flats plenty of times, but now he was going to get to enjoy that smell directly from her sexy, perfect feet. He reached down, and grabbed her right flat by the heel, ready to slip it off.

“Wait Joseph, one thing first. I have to warn you. I haven’t showered since Wednesday, and I’ve kept my flats on the whole time. Even in bed!.”

As she flashed her smile, Joseph’s cock began to swell even more than it already had. Having been told by him, that the stinkier the better, she took it upon herself to make her own feet as stinky as possible. She most definitely was his dream girl.

He smiled at her, and then turned his attention back to her right foot. He slowly pulled her flat off, revealing her magnificent feet. It had been to long since he’d see them.

“How does it look, to a foot fan like you?” She said with a giggle.

Joseph looked her right in the eyes.

“These are the most beautiful feet I have ever seen in my life.”

He meant it, and the look in Monica’s face told him, she believed he really felt that way, but she didn’t believe her feet were that great. Hearing him say that was not only flattering, but it was also kind of a turn on. But it was just a massage, she kept telling herself. She then smelled her foot stench wafting to her face, and she wanted to gag. She knew her feet stank a lot, but not showering, and keeping her flats on for a few days, really took the smell to another level. It was a mix of vinegar, Doritos, and cheese. She didn’t want to look at him, but when she did, she saw a guy who looked like he was in heaven.

“Joseph, you ok? Is the smell too much, because if it is, I understand.”

Joseph looked up and smiled at her.

“Monica, don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s the sexiest smell I’ve ever smelled.”

With that he began massaging her right foot. Monica started to moan, but in pain, as her feet were aching. Joseph looked up at her again.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna work out the aches, and bring in the pleasure.”

Monica smiled and closed her eyes.

Realizing this, Joseph slowly moved his head closer so he could get a better whiff of her feet, even though the smell was so strong, he could smell it the second he puled off her flat. He was in ecstasy, massaging his dream girl’s gorgeous, soft feet. And the smell was heavenly. He wished he could bottle the smell of her sweaty, unwashed feet, and bottle it, so he could take it with him everywhere, to enjoy. After a few minutes he stopped, and pulled off her let flat, and began rubbing that foot.

Monica kept her eyes closed, thinking both about how strange it was that her co-worker was rubbing her feet, but also, how damn good he was at it, and how incredible it felt. He was expertly going back and forth between each, rubbing her heels, soles, and toes. She never thought she would like having her feet touched, this much, let alone love it, as intensely as she was loving it now.

Meanwhile, Joseph was trying with everything he had, to not start tonguing every inch of her feet. He wanted to taste them, and feel them in his mouth so bad, but he wasn’t going to press his luck. Not now at least.

“You enjoying my massage techniques?”

Monica responded, eyes still closed.

“Mmmmm. Yeah, I’m loving it so much Joseph. You weren’t kidding when you said you were good. God, I could go for these everyday.”

Without missing a beat, Joseph replied…

“Well you have a volunteer here.” he said, as he chuckled.

She smiled, and then her head fell back, and she started to lightly snore.

Joseph had done such a good job, and she felt so relaxed, she fell asleep. Joseph thought about continuing to touch and smell her feet, but he wanted her to enjoy it too, and he better get her up so she could go home. He lightly tapped her shoulder.

“Wake up sleepy. My massage bored you into la la land.” Joseph jokingly said.

Monica opened her eyes, and smiled. She stretched, as she started to respond.

“Sorry, it just felt so good, and I am so tired, and…Wait, what time is it?!”

Monica took her phone out really fast, and turned on her screen.

“Dammit, I’m late! I was supposed to meet my boyfriend, and I totally forgot! Sorry Joseph, but I have to hurry.”

Perfect, he thought. He did all the relaxing of her, and her boyfriend was going to get to enjoy it.

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