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Double Penetration

This story is pure fantasy, but if there is anyone that wants to help make it a reality, please message me.

It was a quiet Monday morning so I took the day off from work to play a little bit. The first thing I did was to gather up all of my sex toys. Handcuffs, dildos, lube, mask with just a mouth opening, collar and leash as well as a DVD of a submissive tied up and used by multiple cocks to play in the car on the way there.

Then it was time to clean up and out before leaving for the short drive to Lansing.

I arrived right at 11 as they were opening for the day. I paid the half price rate and found my way to the lockers. I stripped leaving just my shoes on and put my belongings in the locker and locked it. Then I lubed up my hole real well and fucked myself with the smaller dildo to open me up a little. I attached the collar and leash and then I took my bag of goodies and made my way around the club stopping every now and then as people wanted to cop a feel of my ass, cock or pinch my nipples. I climbed up onto one of the slings and pulled my mask down leaving just my mouth open. It didn’t take long before I felt someone running their hands over my chest, pinching my nipples asking me if I was ready for some cock. I could feel a cock head being rubbed up against my hole and slowly pushed into me. I moaned with pleasure as he moved it in and out a little deeper with each stroke until he was balls deep. Then he really started fucking me, hitting just the right spot and as he drove deep and hard one last time filling me with his cum I shot my own load all over my stomach.

Now normally I would be done once I have shot my load but this guy was not letting me. He told me to get out of the İstanbul Escort sling as he wasn’t through with me just yet because he had taken one of those blue pills and would be ready to go again real soon.

He put my handcuffs on me with my hands attached to my cock and balls and then walked me around the place. I stopped every now and again and talked to people but I couldn’t quite tell what he was telling them as they all played with me some as we were standing there and it distracted me. My cock was not yet fully hard again but it was dripping precum and they would use it to stroke me with.

He said he was going to put me in one of the glory hole seats so I could suck some cock for awhile. I begged him not to as I had never sucked a cock before and didn’t want to start today. He just laughed at me and told me that not only would I be sucking more than one cock but I would be swallowing their loads as well. I tried to struggle but it was no use, he sat me down and pushed my head up to the hole. He told me to keep my mouth open and my forehead against the wall and I better not bite anyone. It wasn’t long before a hard cock pushed through into my open mouth as he held my head there. Since my head wasn’t able to move the hard cock began fucking my mouth until I felt the head begin to swell and then the first blast of cum hit my tongue and I had to swallow quickly so I didn’t choke on it. Okay he said that wasn’t so bad now was it? And then he led me out of that area and we walked around some more. The next time he stopped he undid the handcuffs and lifted up the mask so I could see where we were.

We were in the big room that had a bench, a St. Andrews Cross, Maltepe Escort a smaller sling than the first one and a set of stocks. He put me into the stocks and said, don’t go anyplace now, I will be back as soon as I find some more cock for both of your holes. Again I begged him not to make me suck anymore cock but he just laughed and walked off. I was left there watching a movie of a gangbang and wondering what had I gotten myself into when I heard him come back into the room talking to several people. I heard him tell them to wait where they were for a minute while he got me ready for them. He then put the hood back on me and told the others to come ahead and have their way with me.

Then I felt hands all over me and someone pushed his cock into my mouth. Someone else was lubing up my hole and someone else asked if these toys were for them to use on my? It wasn’t long when the smaller dildo was forced into me and after several minutes of fucking me with it was gone. Only to be replaced with the large one. Now this one was 7″ long and quite thick. It took some doing but they finally forced it all into me and started to fuck me hard with it. All the while this was being done they were all taking turns fucking my mouth. I don’t know how many loads I was forced to swallow but it was a lot. Then when they had all cum in my mouth they left, leaving me like I was, head and hands in the stocks mouth dripping cum and a gaping hole.

Suddenly I felt someone slap my ass cheeks several times asking me if I was ready for some real cock now. Before I could answer a cock was stuffed into my mouth and another one, larger than the dildo was rammed all the way into my ass. Maltepe Escort Bayan I was being spit roasted. All of this continued for about an hour as a whole new crowd of people had come in and they all took turns in the spit roast,

After the last two had cum in my mouth and ass I was released from the stocks and sat down wearily.

My original fucker told me that he had a great time with me and hoped we could do this again sometime. We exchanged phone numbers and decided to hook up again soon. Off he went as I finally got up and gathered up all of my stuff and headed for the locker to change and head for home.

However before I made it to the locker room I ran into a small group (5) that stopped me to ask if I was the cum pig they had heard was in here, since I still had the collar and leash on and was carrying the toys and hood for all to see. I told them that I was but I was getting ready to leave as I was all fucked out. As I was telling them this they kept moving in closer and rubbing my cock, ass and nipples. As cum was dripping out of my ass and my nipples and cock were beginning to harden up they told me that they didn’t think I was really done yet and led me down the hall to another room that had a big padded bench in it and pushed me down onto it. Someone came up with some rope and they tied me down spread eagle onto it. One of them told me, you’re not done yet boy, we’re all good for at least two loads each, maybe three.

And it all started again, first each one of them forced me to suck him hard, then he moved to my ass lifted up my legs and began fucking while the next one fucked my mouth waiting for his turn in my ass. True to their word they were each good for two loads, one in each hole and the first one fucked my ass a third time before unloading into it and letting me free.

This time I didn’t dilly dally getting out of there!

While this has all been just a fantasy, if anyone reading this could just make 1/4 of it actually happen to me, I will become your sex toy forever!

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