Closing Time Ch. 04

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Grabbing my phone I sat down at my desk, wondering exactly what to reply. After being used by my boss, I wanted to be the one in charge, that much was certain. I thought to myself where and how I could fuck the man from last night. I felt so dirty fucking a complete stranger, but I couldn’t contain myself.

The thought sent electricity through my body, straight to my pussy. It was still dripping cum from the fucking my boss gave me. I was over come with the urge to fuck, I wanted it so bad. I decided to respond with the name of a local motel and time. I also asked for a name. He agreed to meet me at 8:00 pm at the motel, his name was John.

After work, I headed over to the motel. I checked in and headed up to the room. I left instructions with the clerk to give the second room key to John when he got there. As I entered the room, I took off my clothes and sat on the bed. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins. John had no idea what was in store for him.

I started to touch my pussy. My nipples hardened and my pussy started to get damp. A few minutes in, I got a text. It was John, he had arrived. He was asking for the room number. I texted back and told him to go to the front desk and that a key to the room would be there for him. I continued to fingering my cunt. Minutes later I heard a knock at the door. Knowing exactly who it was I called out “come in.”

I heard him enter the room with heavy footsteps. I started to moan, which led him over to the bed. My legs were spread wide. I had a finger in my cunt while the other hand pinched and squeezed my nipple. I heard him come closer. As he approached the bedside I sat up. I grabbing my breasts I started to suck them into my mouth. I watched as his eyes widened and his cock grew in his pants.

After a few minutes I grabbed his jeans by the belt antep escort loop and pulled him onto the bed. I pulled him close and started to grab and massage his cock through his pants. His eyes started to roll in the back of his head. Pressing my naked body into him I grabbed onto the back of his head and pulled his face to mine. We started sucking each other’s tongues. I paused for a moment working his shirt over his head. I let his hands wander over my curves but not for long. This was my night and I was going to make sure to cash in on it.

I pushed him down onto the bed. With his jeans still on I climbed on top of him, grinding against his hardening cock. He reached up and started squeezing my boobs, pinching the nipples hard. I moaned with pleasure. My pussy was leaking juice onto his jeans. The rough material was stimulating my clit as I rocked my hips on top of him. After a few minutes I got up and moved my pussy towards his face. Lying so my head was facing his cock I started to unzip his jeans. With no underwear to work around, his big cock sprang out just begging to be licked and sucked. As I lowered my head down onto his cock I felt his tongue part my pussy lips. It sent shivers up my spine.

I sucked him in deep as he licked and sucked my cunt. I could taste his salty precum. I slid his hard rod all the way into my mouth, making me gag a little. Saliva coated his cock. I fondled and tugged his balls as I continued to lick and suck him. My hips started bucking against his face. He had moved his hand to my ass, fingering it while his tongue played with my clit. I was close to cumming in his mouth. I could tell he was close as well. His cock started to swell up and become bigger. Hot cum started to come out of his cock. I pushed my mouth over his cock to get as much as I could. Cum ran down his shaft and onto his balls. I took my hands and started to stroke his shaft.

I was getting wetter by the minute. I was on the edge, and then he slid his tongue into my ass. This had a great effect on me. I felt his fingers enter my pussy, pumping in and out of my wet hole vigorously. I was still working his shaft, rubbing his hot jizz from the head down to the base. His cock stiffened and was ready for more.I pushed my pussy all the way down on his face, suffocating him with it. This distracted him enough that he didn’t notice me tying his ankles to the bed. After I finished tying his feet, I pulled my pussy away from his mouth, moving down to his cock. Placing it between my pussy lips I sank down right on top of, pushing it all the way in. I started to move my hips in a circular pattern as he started to thrust in and out of me. My boobs started to sway and jiggle as I started to bounce up and down.

Reaching up, he grabbed each one, sucking and nibbling at them. I found this to be the perfect opportunity to tie his hands. Still riding his cock, I bent down and pushed my tits into his face. Holding his face down with my tits was really hot. I was able to grab one of his hands and tie it up. I sat up straight on top of him and lifted off of his cock. Crawling across the bed, I secured the last hand. He was tied down and fully erect.

Now the fun was going to start. I went to my bag and pulled out a mini vibrator. I put it in my mouth and crawled up his body from in between his legs until I reached his face. I pressed my lips onto his, kissing him hard. I turned around and once again sat on his face, forcing him to breath in my scent. I took the vibe and pressed it onto his soft balls. He let out a gasp, which turned into a moan. As I played with his balls, I licked his cock again, sucking just the tip of his head into my mouth. I dropped my dripping cunt onto his mouth. I could see that he was going to cum again. His balls tightened and his cock grew. He was screaming into my hot pussy.

I wanted to tease his cock before one final fuck session. I sat on top of him and looked down. His face was flush and sweaty. I sat inches from his cock. My ass was pressed up against it. I started to finger myself while sitting on top of him. As I did this he started to arch his back, trying to get his cock into my ass. In response I slid further up his abdomen. My fingers became soaked with my juice. I forced them into his mouth, making him suck them clean. I had him begging to be fucked. “Please fuck me!” he begged. His cock was twitching and oozing.

I wanted his cock in me just as bad as he did. I let him beg for a few more minutes, continuing to tease him. I positioned myself just over his cock, letting it just graze my pussy lips. I hovered over the tip of his dick. Finally I sank down on top of it, just holding it inside of me. I reached down and untied his hands. They immediately grabbed at my breasts. Leaving his feet tied, I turned around facing away from him. I positioned his cock into my ass.

Pushing my ass onto his cock, he let out a scream. His cock seemed to grow instantly in that tight hole. As I pushed my ass up and down on his cock, I reached down and pinched my clit, making me moan. An eruption of hot, sticky cum started to fill my ass. He was fingering my cunt as he exploded. As his orgasm continued I started to cum all over his fingers.

As I pulled his cock from my ass, I collapsed on the bed next to him. I looked over and asked “Same time next week?”

He responded with “Yes.”

Shortly after, I untied his feet. He got dressed and left the room. I headed to the bathroom and started a hot shower. I washed up and headed for home, looking forward to the weeks to come.

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