Closest of calls!

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Closest of calls!Hello All. Sorry for the long absense, I just felt I had nothing new to write. My ex son in law and I are going great and great weekly sex is anything but a rut, however I really felt it would have been repetitive to share. I now have a new story to share that I hope you’ll all enjoy.Saturday night my cell vibrates, text asks, is he in bed? I reply, yes, why do you ask? I was then a bit surprised to receive his next stating, “I’ll be at the door in 30 seconds”. I was typing a, yeah right, response figuring he was joking when I heard a tap on the glass. He was in fact at my door, good god what was he thinking?I quietly opened the door and he slid in, gave a wink, and walked right past me and directly to my bedroom. My husband and I no longer share a room so once in chances are he would not be seen but what if my husband where to wake up for a trip to the kitchen or bathroom as he was walking karaman escort through our house! I was panicking.I quickly followed to tell him no shot but he was nearly naked by the time I shut the door behind me, a door with no lock. He laughed and said we would be fine, joked that he doesn’t even remember where my bedroom is. Then he literally picked me up and tossed me on the bed. He then climbed on top of me and gave me an amazing long kiss. He pulled my tee up and over my arms, straddled me and began rubbing my nipples. He then leaned into me and started sucking them first gentle then a bit harder. He next proceeded to slide down and removed my sweatpants and undies. He immediately began licking and fingering my pussy. Suddenly I had completely forgot of my husband until I was told I was possibly moaning a bit too loud!With that he climbed up and slowly slid his cock into my pussy, escort kraman slowly and gently he rocked back and forth and I came almost instantly. He continued fucking me until I came once again. I have multiple orgasms nearly every time now which was something that I never did or even thought I could do until he first made me.This is always, without exception, the time he rolls me over and fucks me up the ass. This time he told me he wanted to be looking me in the eyes while he slid his cock in my ass. Told me he wanted me to see how good his cock looked in my ass. He stayed on top of me and put my legs over his shoulders. With his leg strength he raised himself up a bit and rolled me slightly up and forward so that I had a good view. Slowly he slid his cock into my ass, it felt and yes, looked, amazing. He continued slowly and gently fucking me in the ass when I heard a knock on my door and karaman escort bayan the knob slowly turn! I had left a small light on so we could see each other but the thing is that as good a view as I had, my husband was a step away from an even better one. He would have been looking directly from behind at his ex son in laws cock in his wives ass. We stopped, frozen, about to be caught for sure. However, my husband only cracked the door and asked if I were awake. My son in law slid out and rolled beside the bed and I said I wasn’t but am now, and what do you want? He asked if we had any Nyquil! Whew! I told him where it was and waited by the door till I heard him go back to bed. I barely turned around when I was bent over my bed and again, my ex son in law began fucking me in the ass until he exploded in me.I was still white as a ghost and couldn’t believe he was still hard and in the mood. I asked what we would have done. He response was invite him to join in and hope for the best! Yuck! Way too close for comfort but I somehow feel this may be included into our weekly schedule going forward as this morning a door stopper was left in my mailbox!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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