Climbing The Corporate Ladder Ch. 03

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Beth looked in again at the computer terminals of her twelve underlines from the confines of her interior office. Nothing there of the slightly interest. All were doing their job. How boring. Fu Fong had called a couple of weeks ago to ask her out on another bondage date. But when she had asked what to wear this time he had said it could be rags for all he cared for she wouldn’t be wearing clothing this time. She had said she would let him know.

She had thought it over seeing that American chink manipulating her naked body with all sort of bondage devices. She felt that she would probably leave his house in one piece but now doubted that even multiples time with Fong would move her up the corporate ladder. To her knowledge only one of his victims had, and she was highly skilled in the technology that Fong oversaw.

God she was bored sitting there in her sparse office with its translucent walls. Her frustration was broken by her phone.

“Beth; it’s Grace Pointer from Personnel.”

“Yes Grace; how are you?”

“I’m fine. I just had a call from Mister Fong in Systems Analysis.”

Her heart skipped a beat. Was Fong about to turn the screw?

“Mister Fong and I have known each other personally for some time.”


“He says that he thinks we should get together sometime. Says that he thinks I would like . . . like . . . your companionship. That you are a real trouper.”

“I see.”

“He also said that he thought I might well fill the next opening for a G-4 position in the company.”

G-4, she thought. That was the next grade up for her. That could well entail a window office and a secretary.

“How kind of Mr. Fong to have thought of me.”

“Fu is always on the lookout for talent, you know. For, shall we say, specialized talent in the company.”

“But do we know each other?”

“We would if you would let me take you to diner tomorrow night.”

– – – – – – – –

Beth looked at her limited wardrobe. How could she decide what to wear for a diner with a woman she didn’t know other than the obvious fact that she had a fetish just as Fu Fong had a fetish. But would it also be a bondage fetish? Or some other fetish? Perhaps a foot fetish. There were so many. Then perhaps she was simply a lesbian. Probably not since the weirdo Fong had recommended her for whom she had been totally submissive.

Beth found Grace sitting at the restaurant bar with a cocktail. She was wearing a smart designer’s black leather pants suit with a large red belt with oversized gold buckle. The almost six foot, trim woman smiled and waved to her as she came in. Being in personnel she knew what Beth looked like from her file. After asking her what she would like to drink she suggested that they take a small booth there in the bar off the main part of the restaurant.

Beth felt oddly out of place as they sat facing each other. She had worn a fetching and quite feminine pink ensemble which was in sharp contrast to the masculine attire of Grace. To Grace’s pleasure they screamed dom and sub from the get-go.

“I love your outfit, Beth. All pretty and pink.”

“Thank you Grace.” She started to frame a comment about her own, but changed her mind.

“Ah; here is your drink. Here’s to an adventurous evening.”

A little small talk followed as they slowly consumed their drinks. But their focus was on sizing each other up.

Beth found Grace rather frightening and overbearing as her eyes studied every aspect of the delicate young woman sitting there before her. She saw the woman study her eyes and her hair and her lips and even her hands. It was clear that she liked what she saw. Apparently she was picturing her as her sub.

And she did. Oh how she was going to enjoy whipping this innocent youthful Beth. Oh yes. Oh yes. But damn it; they were to have diner first. The whipping had to wait.

“Mister Fong has a fetish you know,” said Beth in trying to flush out this Grace’s fetish.

“Yes. He’s into bondage and, I might add, is good at it. Don’t you agree?”

“Well we only had the one date.”

“I do hope you istanbul escort have more. In the end it might pay well for you in the company.”

“Might I ask if you have a fetish?”

“You may, Beth.”

When Grace didn’t volunteer more, Beth asked directly.

“And what might that be?”

“Beth, I’m a sadist.”

“Oh; I see.”

That was a rather broad answer. What type of sadist? She hesitated to ask.

“I enjoy whipping young ladies such as yourself. What do you think of that?”

“Ugh . . . ugh . . . nothing. That’s nice. I don’t know if I’ve ever know a sadist.”

“Then you are not a masochists?”

“Certainly not. I’m no friend of pain.”



“Good. I don’t like masochists. Most sadists don’t. Sadist don’t want to see their victims enjoying themselves. Another drink?”

– – – – – – –

During diner Grace suggested that they eat light. So they just had two appetizers and wine and left.

“Grace; knowing that I rather don’t care for pain, what’s in it for me to being your . . . your sub?”

“Beth dear; in my position in Personnel I know when openings occur. I’m sure you’ve thought of that.”

“And you have a G-4 in mind for me; right?”

“Indeed I do if . . . if . . .”


“You submit to my program.”

“Your program?”

“Of whippings, of course.”

“Whippings? Plural?”

“Weekly, before cocktails. Tonight is different. Tonight it was better to have a few drinks before . . . before, you know. But next week I would like both of us to be stone sober when I beat you.”

“But how many weeks, Grace?”

“However many it takes.”

“However many it takes?”

“For a G-4 position suitable for you to fill arrives in Personnel.”

“But that might take some time.”


– – – – – – – – – – –

Beth found Grace’s apartment to be a cut well above average. Well furnished with a nice view from the twelfth floor. The only thing she found out of the ordinary was the presence of two manikins: One male and one female.

“A very nice apartment you have here Grace.”

“Thank you Beth,” she said as she let her take it all in.

“What are the manikins here for?”

“For when I’m here all alone without a dear sub like yourself to beat.”

“To whip, you mean?”

“Of course to whip. To whip when I am left having to masturbate along without human sacrifice.”

Beth’s mouth opened trying to picture Grace whipping the manikins. Then she Grace’s hands on her shoulders as she turned her to face her. Looking down at Beth she spoke.

“Kiss me, Beth.”

Beth hesitated. This woman wasn’t supposed to be a lesbian. But what choice had she.

Beth raised her own hands up between Grace’s arms and placed them on her cheeks. Then she put her lips to those of Grace.

Grace made no response.

She kissed more with no response from the tall woman in black.

So she put her tongue in Grace’s mouth and proceeded to tongue kiss – solo.

“Don’t you like me, Grace?”

“I like you. And I’m going to just love whipping the living shit out of you. Now beg for me not to.”

So that was it. Grace didn’t want her as a lesbian; she just wanted her as her sub.

“Oh Grace please don’t beat me,” she said in taking on the role of an actress. “Don’t hurt me.”

Beth started kissing the tall woman’ cheeks and then her neck.

“I’ll be good. I’ll be a good girl.”

“Want to see me whip a manikin?”

“A manikin? Sure, Grace.”

The tall woman in smart black leather attire with that large red belt walked to a cabinet and extracted a frightening rattan cane with crooked handle. She went to the manikins and placed then face to face. She opened the pants fly of the male and pulled out its cock and ball and snapped the cock up. Then she bent the female one down, put her arms on the male’s hips and put its mouth over the cock until it was fully inserted into the girl manikin’s mouth and throat. Finally she lifted the female’s skirt and dropped its panties.

Beth was escort bayan mesmerized.

Grace took up a position behind and to one side of the bent-over girl manikin, raised the rattan cane far back over her shoulder, and smashed it onto the manikin’s bare ass.

Beth jumped as the girl manikin was thrust forward, driving the male organ deeper into its mouth.

“There. Now you see. Would you like a go?”

“A go? Oh no. No thank you, Grace.”

“Then let’s have you and Miss Molly here change places, shall we?”

Beth stood there in shock as she watch Grace pull the Miss Molly manikin off of the male manikin and its exposed cock and balls. Then with a grandiose wave of her hand she invited Beth over with a twisted smile.

Beth felt herself begin to tremble as the sound of the rattan cane striking the girl manikin still reverberated in her head.

Grace waved the wicked cane to beckon her over.

As Beth slowly made her way there she was conscious of her low heels for some reason. Probably because she was trembling.

“Get going, sweety.”

Finally she found herself standing in front of the male manikin with its up-thrust cock out of its pants fly, standing in wait. She realized that it was there not only to humiliate her but to gag her mouth in case she were to cry out.

“Beth, this is Harold. Harold, this is Beth. Say hello, Beth.”

“Hello . . . Harold.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

Beth felt Grace’s hands on her shoulder and back as she bent her over until her face was right in front of the large plastic cock.

Now she felt Grace lift her skirt up over her bent-over back and pull down her panties.

“Get a good grip on Harold now.”

Beth put her mouth timidly over the cock only to have Grace push the back of her head which drove it in deeper. Then she placed Beth’s hands on Harold’s hips.

Grace stepped back to soak in the scene.

There was Beth bent over with her ass bare, her hands holding Harold’s hips and Harold’s cock well inside her mouth and throat.


Now followed complete silence for a full minute as Grace relished the set-up. Finally she walked back over and swished the cane lightly between Beth’s thighs to get her to spread them.

More silence until Beth heard the horrid sound of the large cane swishing the room air.

On and on the swishing continued.

On and on Beth waited with the cock deep in her mouth and throat. Almost at the point of gagging she withdrew until Harold’s plastic cock was just at the entrance of her throat.

Suddenly lightning struck as Grace smashed the cane onto Beth’s pure-white ass.

At first Beth felt the plastic cock reverberate in her mouth and re-enter her throat as she was driven forward. Then she felt as if a hot wire had been placed across her previously unblemished ass cheeks.

Grace watched full of lust as she saw the initial white tramline change into pick and then slowly darken.

“How was that Beth?”

Beth hardly heard the question as she felt the line of fire increase in painful intensity rather than diminish. It hurt so much that she shook Harold, the male manikin.

“I asked you a question, Beth. How was it?”

Beth muttered something which may have sounded like all right.

It was a full minute before Beth felt the cane sliding gently back and forth along a target line just beneath the line of fire. Worse was the feel which followed when it was no longer there, knowing that she was about to receive another horrid cut.

She waited in silence with her mouth and throat full of Harold’s hideous, plastic cock. As her hands trembled, Harold too trembled.


The second cut had smashed her precisely along the targeted line. This Grace was good!

Beth’s breathing increased as her nostrils expanded and she sucked in air into her mouth about the plastic cock. Now she felt Grace sliding a hand along the original tramline which now was welting and along the fresh one.

Then more silence.

Grace delivered Kartal escort the third with her backhand, smashing her just below the other two tramlines.

Tears were now streaming down Beth’s cheeks as the pain increased. Then she felt Grace caressing her hair.

“You are doing rather well so far, Beth. I am satisfied. Now if you would I would have you go up on your tiptoes for the next three.”

Beth shuttered at the word three.

“But be a good girl as you have and it will just be another three for a total of six-of-the-best, as they say.”

Up on her toes she went as she continued to suck in room air into her nose and into her mouth about the plastic cock. Now the swishing began again.


For the fourth stroke Grace had taken a couple of steps back, paused, raised the cane so far back over her shoulder as far as to have her torso twist. Then she unleashed the cane and smashed it once more into the young lady’s ass just beneath the three tramlines which were is staggered stages of developing into raw burning welts.

Fortunately Beth’s scream was muted by Harold’s cock.

Her hands shook Harold’s hips so vigorously that his cock too shook and vibrated inside her mouth and throat.

Grace made delivery of the fifth with her backhand. This time however she was somewhat imprecise as part of the cut crossed over the fourth tramline which was still increasing in painful intensity.

Beth shot up as her hands flew to her flaming ass. With her mouth and eyes wide open Grace was afraid that she would scream. Sounds of anguish were indeed forthcoming, but Beth managed to keep them low in volume as she danced a jig of pain on her low heels.

Grace waited patiently as Beth dance slowed. Then, looking at Grace standing there with the cane in hand, she slowing let go of her tortured bun.

“I’m . . . I’m . . . sorry.”

“Beth, you and I both know that that last one should be repeated. Right?”

Beth nodded her head as her hands clasp her face which was wet with tears.

“But I’m not going to repeat it. It was a little off-line. My fault. So if you would please dear resume the position I’ll give you your last for this evening.”

Gratefully Beth resumed her bent-over position with Harold’s cock in her mouth and throat and with her up on her tiptoes again.

She waited.

She waited.

For the finale Grace took several steps back and then sprung forward and smashed Beth’s ass in the crease where ass joins thighs while still on the run.

Following her short run-out Grace turned to see Beth now down off one tiptoe with her knee bent and shaking Harold apart in pain. But in order not to scream she was keeping Harold’s cock in her mouth like a cock-gag.

Panting both from her short run and sexual excitement Grace gripping the cane with her teeth as she walked back behind Beth while pulling down her own black pants.

Grace sat down on the floor with her face close to Beth’s caned ass; took the cane out of her mouth with her right hand, and put her left hand inside her own panties. Beth was in too much pain to notice this until she felt Grace’s tongue on the first tramline welt which had now risen and matured. The shock from that feeling brought her back to her senses as her eyes opened and focused. She went down off her tiptoes.

On and on she felt Grace’s tongue lick across that first raw welt from side to side as she softly muttered yes – yes – yes. Now she saw in the mirror the cane as Grace moved it upright in a victory circle.

Grace fingered her own clic as she licked and waved the cane in triumph.

Beth was stupefied as she felt Grace’s tongue now going up and down, crossing over the six welts in their various stages of development. She also felt Grace’s breath as she began to pant.

“Yes – yes – yes. Oh yes – yes – yes.”

Now her licking and panting increased as Beth watched the circling of the upright cane in the mirror no long make continuous loops but began to swish uncontrollably in all directions as Grace approached her climax.

Once the climax had been passed and the welt-licking ended, Beth withdrew from Harold’s cock. But she didn’t withdraw from Harold completely. No, she shook his hips almost uncontrollably as she sobbed and sobbed as Harold’s cock moved all about in front of her face.

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