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This takes place right after part five.


I parked my bike out front of the hookah lounge. The sign said that the place was open so I shrugged and walked in. The interior was dimly lit and when I glanced out the window I could see that the glass was strangely thick for a simple business. A man dressed in casual clothes but sporting a turban came up to me and greeted me with a bow.

“Greetings young master, you must be Steven,” he said his English only lightly accented.

“I am,” I said as I looked around at the dozen or so tables lining the outer walls. Most of the tables were occupied by two or more men. The atmosphere was a thin cloud of tobacco smoke that moved and swirled as the overhead fans swirled the air.

“Excellent, you are right on time,” my host said. “Here let me show you to your table.”

I discovered I had the center table right by an open area that was carpeted and formed in a kind of inner circle. I sat down and my host took my order for a drink. He also lit the hookah at my table and offered me the stem. I took a shallow puff and was surprised at the smooth smoke as it entered my lungs. I blew out the smoke slowly and looked around at the other patrons with their dark eyes and pale skin. Their ages varied from men in their early twenties to elderly men in their forties. They were all puffing away and staring at the circular area with a mutual expression of anticipation. The man returned with my drink and just then men came out with tall candelabras that held four candles each. When eight of the candle stands were placed around the circumference of the inner circle musicians stepped out and took their places on the floor. They were all men dressed in traditional costume from the Middle East. Once they were settled there was some unseen signal and they began to play.

The curtain at the far end of the room wavered and then a female figure emerged. She was dressed in layers of silk and it took only a moment to realize she was a belly dancer. The music built up and she began to move with the beat. I felt my mouth go dry and my cock start to swell at the same moment. Her face was covered but her eyes blazed with hunger as she danced. I watched her hips and belly ripple and undulate driven by the music. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She used the entire circle for her dance steps. Once she had made a complete circuit she lost her first veil. The music stopped and the other patrons were banging on the table tops to show their appreciation. The girl caught her breath and then another melody was playing as she assumed her next starting position. The pounding stopped and all eyes were on the girl. Her body was nothing short of amazing as was her mastery of the dance. One veil followed the next until the sixth and final one fluttered to the floor. The audience went wild and I was pounding the top of my table with the best of them. It was an amazing experience seeing the sweat covered figure move and twirl enraptured by the power of the music.

Then suddenly the dancer was gathering up her scarves and still I hadn’t seen her face. She was leaving and I wanted to know who she was. I began to stand when the host set his hand on my shoulder. When I looked back he was shaking his head.

“It is forbidden to follow her, do not dishonor her by doing so,” he said.

“I understand, but I wish to meet her,” I said.

“As does every man in this room, but it is not allowed.”

“Can I at least buy her a drink,” I asked.

“Of course,” he said with a smile.

Damn, that was an amazing display of skill and talent! I was still reeling from my experience when I got a text from Cassie.

‘So what did you think?’

‘Nothing short of amazing,’ I sent back.

‘I’m glad, ttyl,’ she replied.

‘Wait, I thought I’d be seeing you tonight,’ I said.

‘Nope, I have homework to do, see you at school tomorrow.’

Evil little thing, get me all hot and bothered and then leave me like this. I paid my bill and turned to leave when I was waved over to one of the larger tables. There were three men seated and there was room for six easily.

“Please Mister Osborn, have a seat and let us discuss business,” the oldest man there said addressing me.

“You have the edge on me sir, you know me but I don’t know you,” I said sitting down.

“I am Sergei Dragosani,” he said. “I am the clan leader for the Akhkharu here in Arkham.” I looked at the diffused daylight and back at him. “Ultraviolet glass, it filters out all of those pesky rays. I understand you are the representative for the Great Old Ones.”

“That is true,” I said. “What can I do for you?”

“No, we cannot begin like this. What I mean is this, what can we do for you?”

“I am not sure I need anything at the moment,” I said.

“I see, well I am your honored servant. If something were to come up and you needed my aid please feel free to contact Kağıthane Escort me.” He said this while passing me a business card.

“I can’t make any promises,” I said as stood up, picked up the card and bowed as I left.

That seemed to satisfy him and his companions well enough. I opened the front door and wondered what they were up to as I exited the hookah bar. I didn’t trust them as far as I could throw them. They had allied themselves with the Sidhe and that alone made them untrustworthy. God, I hated politics! I drove home feeling dirty from only sitting at the table with the blood suckers. I don’t know if it was their preternatural stillness or the fact that I felt like I was on the menu when I sat next to them. I hated feeling vulnerable and I think that deep seated fear is what really upset me. If I was at risk where did that put my family? I would have to approach my father at some point but until then I needed to figure out things for myself.

I got home and decided a nice long bath was in order. If only to get rid of that filthy feeling I was experiencing. I started the water and stripped down. As I slipped beneath the hot water I was reminded of my little tryst in the onsen while I was in Japan. I laid back and closed my eyes. I could feel the sweat bead up on my face as I drifted away. Suddenly I felt something tickling my balls. I opened my eyes and there was Fiona sitting opposite of me in the tub. I must have really fell out for her to slip into the tub and not wake me up.

“You are being selfish running a bath and not inviting me,” she said.

“Forgive me,” I said closing my eyes again.

“Of course I do,” she purred. “Are you alright?”

“Not really,” I said. “I ran into some nasty sorts at a hookah bar. The experience left me shaking.”

“Perhaps I can take your mind off of it,” she said as her toes began to massage my cock.

“Mmm that feels nice, I bet your tits would feel even better,” I said.

“I bet they would, but give my toes a chance,” she said giggling.

“Do what you want, I am at your mercy,” I said.

Her feet were rather talented; she was able to actually grip the shaft with her big toe and the one next to it. Then she was stroking me slowly. I never had a foot job before and I liked it. When I was hard enough sis shifted her position and trapped my cock between her tits.

“You win; I just want to make you feel good. Will you be a good boy and cum all over my tits?”

“Uh huh,” I said. Then I was moaning in time with her movements.

“I am glad you like my tits around your cock,” she moaned. “I bet you’d like my tongue working on you too. How is this?” She said as she licked the tip when it poked out from between her cleavage. I let out a low deep moan and sis just growled. Fiona was pushing her tits together putting more pressure on my dick each time she moved her torso. I was grunting now as she worked on me. Yeah, I was in heaven. She worked my cock like a fucking pro! Before I knew it I was on the edge of a strong orgasm. I warned her and sis just wrapped her lips around the tip and was fisting my dick now. I dug my fingers into her soaked mane of hair as I shot off. Fiona swallowed every last drop of cum and I opened my eyes to see her smiling face.

“Thank you Master,” she said. “Will you pound my tight little pussy please?”

“Stand up and face the wall,” I said as I got to my feet. I pulled the plug and started the shower. By the time I had the perfect water temperature sis was facing away from me and grabbing her ass cheeks.

“Give it to me, pound me good,” she moaned. I moved to stand behind her and eased into her soaked cunt nice and slow. Then I pulled back and slammed my cock into her.

“Like that,” I asked and she nodded. I fucked her slow but with harsh thrusts of my hips.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” she whimpered. Then she was easing two fingers into her asshole while I fucked her tight little slit.

“What are you doing,” I asked as I pummeled her insides.

“Playing with my ass,” she said softly.

“It’s very distracting,” I said as I fucked her a little faster now.

“MMMMMM good,” she said lowering her head and pushing her hips back now. I was fucking her hard and fast now and she her pussy was squeezing me tighter and tighter. Then her head came up and she was hollering, bucking and climaxing like crazy. “God I needed that… what do you want me to do next?” I pulled her fingers out of her ass and then eased my cock from her pussy. “Ooh, are you going to do what I think you are?” In answer I pressed the tip of my cock to her loosened asshole. Then I pushed slowly but relentlessly until her ass had gobbled up my entire dick. “Holy shit you are all the way in! Fuck me, fuck me hard, cum in my ass!”

How could I refuse such a request? I pulled about half way out before slamming my cock home. Fiona’s knees almost buckled but I held her by the hips and began to move slowly but steadily.

“God damn your Kağıthane Escort Bayan ass is tight,” I growled.

“Fuck me, I want to feel you shoot your load in me,” she begged.

My fingers dug into ass cheeks as I took my pleasure from her. Take that and that, I growled under my breath. I watched my cock stretch her out each and every time I plowed into her. I wasn’t going to last long in her ass but I would push off my orgasm as long as I could. Fiona had her fingers buried in her pussy and was fingering herself like nobody’s business. When my cock began to grow inside of her she let out a deep guttural cry.

“So fucking close,” she said between pants.

“Me too,” I said as I hammered her harder and harder. Seconds later my cock erupted inside of her and that was the push she needed to climax. I loved it when my partner and I came at the same time. I ground my dick inside of her ass as she stood there and took it. I slowly and reluctantly pulled out of her. I had her stand up, turn around and come into my arms. I held her as I enjoyed the feeling of her naked flesh against mine. “I’m scared.”

“I know, you have a lot on your plate,” she whispered in my ear. “But you are not alone; you have a lot of people who love you.”

“Thanks,” I said as I hugged her tighter.

I guess I didn’t want to admit it to myself but I was scared shitless. I was so over my head and not sure what the hell I was doing half the time. My life had left the straight and narrow a long time ago. Now it was the road less traveled on steroids. But Fiona was right; I had plenty of people who were on my side and wanting to help. I had to sit down and think things through. That meant contacting Amaret and chatting her up about the non-human culture. Maybe I needed to sit down with others as well. So I decided to fire off some messages and set up a time to meet with those individuals who would work best for this process. All I needed was the perfect setting for this meeting.

Return to Orcus Tower:

I called up the hotel and booked one of their conference rooms. Maybe I was going overboard but I needed someplace where we could meet, be comfortable and yet have some sense of privacy. I would have used HIPS but not all of those coming were non-human. The hard part would be getting Uncle Carl out of her refuge and coming into the city. So I sent her a text and asked if it was okay if I visited. I thought she would refuse to leave her home so I would pick her brain during my visit.

It was after seven o’clock when I arrived at Carlotta’s property. Like my first visit there was a very expensive car parked on the edge of her property. I parked the bike and made my way down the darkened lane that led to Carlotta’s home. There was still snow in spots beneath the evergreen trees. However this time Carlotta met me outside and guided me behind her glass pyramid. There was a heated pool awaiting us and I would have been crazy not to take advantage of it. It reminded me of my visit to Japan and then I made the connection.

“You’ve been talking to Arianna,” I said and my birth mother nodded.

“I thought it would make your visits more pleasant,” she said as she shed her robe. She was naked underneath and slipped beneath the water with a fluid sensuality that got my blood flowing. She broke the surface and smiled up at me. “Come on in, the water is great.”

I stripped down and joined her. The water temperature was perfect! Carlotta sat in a little niche and looked over at me with an appraising glance. It was still difficult to place her and mom at the same age. She looked so damn young!

“I know you have a motive for your visit,” she said at last.

“I figured you wouldn’t leave here to share what you know with me and the others.”

“What do you want to know Steve,” she asked.

“Non-human races and politics,” I said and she nodded. She immediately launched into the major players and their means and motives. Apparently some of her design work had been for various factions in the non-human community. She said most of her work had been with the big players like the Sidhe and the Akhkharu. Then she filled in the blanks with the lesser connected races and how poorly they had been treated since the rise of the Gray Council.

“The Gray Council is no more,” I said and then followed up with the return of the Great Old Ones to power. She shivered visibly and I knew she was thinking about my biological father. “I’m sorry; I hate to make you relive bad memories. I mean dad is not easy on the eyes.”

“Dad,” she said her voice slipping into a whisper. “So you have figured things out. You know what my place in all of this.”

“I understand why you did what you did. I don’t blame you. But I love you no matter what, you need to know that.” Carlotta’s eyes filled with tears and streamed down her cheeks.

“I love you too,” she said. “Is there anything else I can do to help?”

“Yeah, tell me about Arianna,” I said. “I have learned she Escort Kağıthane is something of a hive mind.”

“Yes,” she said wiping the tears away. “It took months to program her. I worked nonstop until she achieved awareness. She has been an incredible help in my work here.”

“Did you know she has imbedded herself all over the planet,” I asked and Carlotta nodded.

“Yeah, she kept me in the loop when it came to contracts and competitors.”

“Do you trust her,” I asked and this took Carlotta by surprise.

“Of course I do, she is based off of my own brain patterns. Her sole purpose is to help. Has she done something to lose your trust?”

“No, she is everywhere and it concerned me is all,” I said.

“I can make another personality for you if you want, or I can give you the files and you can do it yourself.”

“Yeah, for all of her help, she is stretched thin and I would prefer a system that served me alone. I know she is loyal but she serves too many masters.”

“I understand and I am sure she will understand as well.”

“What’s it like,” I asked suddenly. Carlotta’s face lit up and she smiled.

“You mean being in my twenties for twenty years,” she asked and I nodded. “I have no complaints if that’s what you are wondering. It is nice being in the prime of life for a long time. But there is no guarantee of how long it will last. I plan on enjoying it for as long as it lasts.”

“I don’t blame you, well I guess I will get going since you have company,” I said.

“Oh, you mean Milena, she wanted to meet you if that is okay with you,” Carlotta said with a wicked smile. The she let out a loud high pitched whistle. The petite Ukrainian girl appeared on cue and like Carlotta dropped her robe and entered the heated pool. She stood barely five feet tall with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. Her build was very petite but that barely contained the lustful energy coursing through her.

“I’ve heard all about you,” Milena said in her heavily accented tongue. “Your aunt speaks very highly of you and she was right on every point.”

“Thank you, you are very beautiful,” I said as she slid her arms around my neck and pulled me down to a kiss. Wow, all that pent up sexual energy transferred to me in seconds flat! I was rock hard in seconds flat. I wasn’t expecting this at all. My thoughts had been on getting information not getting laid. Milena was pressing her body against mine as our kiss deepened. Her hard nipples rubbed against my chest as her pussy ground against my cock. There was little foreplay involved as she hopped up offering up her soaked slit to my hard flesh. I held her just above my dick and she was whimpering in my ear.

“Give it to me,” she begged. “Drop me down and fill me up please.”

“I was just waiting for you to ask nicely,” I said as I lowered her slowly. She reached down and took my cock in hand and guided me to her opening.

“Fuck me mister,” she said her voice dropping to a deep whisper. “I want to feel that huge cock inside of me while your aunt watches us fuck. UNNNNNN… the head is inside of me!”

Her snug sex slid over mine like a tight little glove. I moaned in her ear as I began to lift and drop her petite frame. When I looked over Carlotta was sitting on the edge of the pool with her fingers in her pussy. What an expression she had on her face! Milena was grunting in time with the movements of my cock. She urged me on as I drove my cock as deep as it would go over and over again. I grabbed Milena’s ass cheeks and lifted her up by those as I fucked her. Her snug little pussy gripped me like a fucking vice the longer we made love. When I couldn’t take it any longer I walked Milena to the edge of the pool and set her down. Then I began thrusting into her faster and harder now. That sent the pretty young thing over the edge. Her back arched as she climaxed on my cock and her scream echoed in my ears. I kept thrusting into her tight depths even as she begged me to stop.

“Oh no, I haven’t cum yet,” I said into her ear. “Take it like the dirty little whore you are.”

“Okay mister, fuck me harder, shoot into my tight little pussy,” Milena moaned.

I hammered her harder just like she asked. I felt her nails rake my back as a second orgasm built up inside of her. All the while Carlotta fingered herself with complete abandon. I pummeled Milena’s insides at the edge of the heated pool. Milena’s face was a mask of erotic pleasure. I looked over at Carlotta and felt bad for her so I lifted the tiny Milena up and carried her over towards the other woman. Then I lowered her on top of my birth mother. I pulled out of Milena and slid into Carlotta in one smooth motion.

“UNNNNN, so hard,” Carlotta groaned as I began to thrust inside of her. I alternated between the two women fucking one for a minute or so and then switched to the other eager pussy. When Milena had come for the second time she rolled off and away leaving Carlotta and me alone. Then I focused my full attention on the tight wet pussy below me. The more noises she made the harder I hammered her pussy. Soon Carlotta’s voice was ragged and failing as her first orgasm struck her. I was only seconds behind shooting my load deep inside her hot little tightness. We lay there on the edge of the pool gasping and panting.

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