Cleansed by Daddy

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It must be said that today my greatest pleasure in bed is when a man licks my asshole. Recently I’ve undertaken some soul searching as to why that is. I’ve come to realize it can be traced back to some events that happened to me when I was 18 and still living with my parents.

On that fateful Wednesday morning I delightfully woke up, happy it was spring break and I didn’t have to go to class, I stretched lazily under the blankets in my fishnet mini nightgown, my naked nipples pleasurably rubbing against the netted fabric, growing in excitement. I felt a tightness in my navel as my thong covered pussy was waking up in excitement to the stimulation. A loud moan escaped my lips as my arousal was quickly consuming me. I quickly turned on my back, wanting to release the pressure mounting in my pussy, I gently caressed my breasts awake, to then realize that my door was wide open and I couldn’t caress myself to an orgasm for fear of the rest of my family hearing or worst watching me. Well maybe not that bad, I thought, I love it when my mother would come inspect me, as she puts it. For you see for about 2 years I have been pleasantly subjected to my mother’s inspections. She comes in my room every week and inspects my pussy and asshole, she makes sure that I’m shaven in the right areas but mainly she checks to see whether I’m still a virgin. She says it’s better than having to go to the gyno. She also checks my health by smelling my pussy and ass secretions. She started inspecting me ever since I was breast blessed. For you see, you could portray me as a voluptuous buxom, 36dd pear shaped breasts, rosy nipples – 30 waist – 40 inch hips, 5 foot 4 with full curly auburn hair, with also an hourglass figure. And I know for a fact that my mother is jealous of my pear bouncing breasts, I’ve caught her giving dad the evil eye whenever I was displaying myself in a tight top to my father’s delightful stare at the breakfast table.

I decided against caressing myself further, quickly got up, adjusted my thong over my pussy and also adjusting my breasts so that they perked and bounced as I made my way to the kitchen. As I entered the room, my mother looked at me in shock at my naked breasts covered only in my fishnet white nightie. My father hiding behind his newspaper and didn’t see me enter the room. I quickly responded to my mother’s stare:

“Hi Mom, How do you like my new mini nightgown, I picked it up yesterday with Charlotte at the sexshop downtown. Charlotte convinced me that I just had to buy it since I have full bouncy breasts now. You know Charlotte bought an anal plug, she says she loves feeling full from behind.”

My mother smiled and replied in a gentle soft voice: “Nancy as long as you feel beautiful and comfortable, I’ll love anything you wear. And Charlotte is right; the feeling of being filled is wonderful.”

At our conversation my father had peeked at me over his newspaper and I heard him grunt disapproval or maybe, dared I hope, an approval at my outfit?

I would lean over my cereal bowl with both my arms squeezing my breasts together, giving him an eyeful of my full cleavage. He would stop reading his newspaper and would openly stare at my breasts while I pretended playing with my cheerios. I would squirm in pleasure on my stool, making sure to move my shoulders and making my breasts bounce for him. I loved teasing my daddy, I was sure he was enjoying my tits, I knew he loved big breasts as I’ve seen him staring at large breasted women on the beach. I grabbed a spoonful of cereal and milk and brought it to my mouth, faking a cough I spilled it purposely on my cleavage.

“Mommy I made a mess” I said to my mom with a puppy face while I glanced at my father batting my lashes.

“Oh don’t worry about it honey, I’ll clean it right away” My mother replied while Muğla Escort grabbing some paper towels.

I heard my father adjust his chair and grunt as he watched my mother sponge the top of my breasts clean of the spilled milk. The cold milk had made my nipples hard and they were now swollen red and poking through the fishnet fabric. I looked up at Kathy, my mother, and I could see she was clearly enjoying rubbing my hard nipples under the pretext of cleaning me. I was squirming in pleasure and pain as she rubbed my nips against the fabric of my nightgown.

“This isn’t working, let me just take it off, it’s all wet anyway”: I moaned as some of my pungent pussy juice soaked my thong.

I stood up pushing the stool back with my back, the wetness of my thong clearly displayed despite the fishnet nightgown covering it, matting the fabric stick to my puffed pussy lips, I could smell my aroused musky scent all around me. I quickly grabbed the bottom of my nightgown and raised it above my head, arching my back to better display my hardened pointing nipples. I saw Jules, my father, glancing above his newspaper; he then took a short intake of breath as my full uncovered breasts come into view.

I turned around and bent low, without bending my knees and pretended to pick up some spilled cheerios, with my other hand I displaced my thong covering my ass crack and with my palm I parted my left cheek. I then started scratching around my displayed puckered asshole.

“Ahhhh that feels so good, I’m so itchy there!” I said with a sigh.

My mother spanked my exposed butt while saying: “Ok off you go to the shower young lady, I can smell your stinky pussy and ass from here!”

I raised myself quickly while turning, my breasts bouncing, I made my way past the kitchen table my thong now soaked with my smelly pussy secretions.

I went into the bathroom facing my room, next to my parents’ bedroom. I made sure not to close the door fully behind me, in case that someone might be tempted in watching me. I didn’t want them to feel uninvited. I slid out of my thong, and sat on the toilet as I felt the urgent need of a bowel movement. I grunted as it passed, I saw the door slowly opening as my father walked in, I quickly closed my legs and covered my breasts with my hands. I yelled at him:

“Daddy, I’m kinda busy here…”

My father looked at my barely covered breasts spilling from the small coverage offered by my arms and replied:

“Your mother sent me in here to tell you that there isn’t any hot water left as she did 2 loads of laundry before you got up. I couldn’t take my shower either.”

“Ahhh ok thanks Dad!”

I was squirming on the seat, enjoying displaying myself to my father, while feigning innocence. I let go of the last of my morning needs, letting it splash down. I sighed in relief and pleasure as my ass hole pulsed from the relief of pressure. Relaxing, I closed my eyes and dropped my arms to my sides making sure to breath deep breaths as to display my breasts to my father’s gaze. I gently started uncrossing my legs as I let go of the pressure in my bladder. The smell of my piss very strong from the accumulated fluids of the night mixed in with my aroused pussy secretions, I sighed in pleasure and relief.

Sill with my eyes closed I heard Jules my father saying: “Feeling better honey?”

I replied still in deep pleasure and relief: “Oh yes daddy! I just wish I could wash myself though!”

I opened my eyes, seeing my father’s cock twitch and growing by the second in his trousers. He looked at me and saw I was observing his cock and replied:

“I’ll be in your room when you are down, I might have a solution for you!”

I replied lowering my eyes to the floor, batting my lashes: “Oh thanks Daddy you’re so sweet, Muğla Escort Bayan now I have to wipe myself!”

I crouched over the seat, reached for some toilet paper, and spreading my pussy lips with my left hand I reached inside and wiped the pee from my pussy. I shivered as the paper rubbed against my slit and my aroused clit. I brought it to my nose and sniffed my pungent smell of my pussy mixed in with my morning pee.

I looked up and saw the surprised look on my daddy’s face. I told him “Oh Daddy I smell so gross, I hope you can get me all cleaned up!”

He replied as he reached for the door: “Oh yes don’t worry, but afterwards I’ll need you to help me clean myself too, as I couldn’t take a shower this morning either.”

“Sure Daddy I’ll do whatever it takes. I was planning on joining Charlotte at the mall today, we’re going back to the sexshop we went to yesterday, and I don’t want to go out smelling like this.”

He answered as he left the bathroom: “Oh don’t worry, I won’t let my horny daughter walk into a sex shop with her pussy smelling like it wants to get fucked!”

I turned around, but I could still see him staring at me while I rubbed my anus of all the stains of my bowel movement. I also made sure to give him a show, smelling my stained paper, moaning while squeezing my thighs together before throwing the brown stained toilet paper in the toilet and flushing. After I flushed I heard him walk away.

I fixed my hair and admired my bust in the mirror; I pinched my nipples making sure that they were pointing outwards. Happy with myself, I wrapped a towel around me and I made my way to my bedroom.

As I entered my room, I saw my father sitting on a chair next to the bed. He gestured me to lie on my bed. He had taken off his clothes and he was sitting there in his tented boxers. When I walked past him I distinctively smelled a strong musky fishy odour. I could also see a tiny wet spot accumulating at the summit of his tented grey boxers. I smiled at him as I climbed face down on the bed on all fours making sure to spread my legs to give him a good view of my brownish stained puckered anus and puffed pussy lips. Before laying my face on my pillow, I unhooked my towel and just spread it on my back and I tucked my right hand under my belly and placed my palm on my pussy so that my fingers could easily spread my pussy lips. I looked over my left shoulder, smiling at daddy and said:

“Daddy I’m all ready to be cleaned now!”

“Ok Nancy now don’t get nervous it might feel a bit unnatural at first but I’ll make sure I clean you everywhere. I’ve cleaned your Mom many times I’ve become somewhat of an expert at this.”

I laid my head on my pillow, I felt his weight at the foot of my bed as he climbed on it, soon afterwards I felt him push the towel from my ass to my back, leaving my buttocks clear. Then I felt his hands parting my butt cheeks and then I felt his tongue running up and down my ass crack. I moaned in delightful surprise, at having him actually cleaning me with his tongue. I had thought he would clean me with a wet washcloth. Then I felt his tongue circling and scooping around my anus.

“Nancy, I have to move closer as I cant get inside too well from this position.” I just moaned in reply.

I felt the bed move again and I looked over my shoulder to see him kneeling close to my head, his tented musk scented boxers pointing right at my face, his arms on both sides of my back and his hands parting my cheeks, his face inside my ass crack, licking at my asshole, trying to insert his tongue inside my rectum. I quietly pinched my pussy lips and I was caressing my clit gently, timing it with his tongue thrusts inside my rectum. As he moved his head deeper inside my butt crack, he moved his tented boxers towards Escort Muğla my face, actually brushing my lips. I had a full whiff of his smelly cock. It smelled of old cheese and fish, mixed in with a strong male body odour. I was in heaven as he plunged his tongue deep into my rectum, then his dick popped out of the top of his boxers.

It was the first time I saw his penis, it was half covered with his foreskin and the bulbous head was covered in a thin white substance. The smell was so strong I had to back away from it, but yet I found it to be quite alluring as well. My nipples responded and my pussy demanded being filled with something as it leaked over my fingers. I also noticed some clear liquid forming at the tip of the bulbous head. I wanted to smell it closer, and I brought my nose close to it, at the moment my father stopped his insertion and moved his body towards the foot of the bed. In the process his cock brushed against my face, rubbing across me cheek, nose and lips. I had his strong odour on my face and I almost came when I licked my lips and tasted his salty delicious male scent. I shivered in pleasure as I could now smell his dick all over my face.

He then placed both his legs on either side of my chest, and placed both his hands under my legs trying to lift up my buttocks; he glanced back and said with a smile:

“Nancy would you mind raising your ass a bit, I need to clean your pee hole too you know!”

I replied my head in between his legs, my nose pressed against his balls, smelling his strong male odour:

“Mmm, Oh I’m sorry Daddy, yes of course!”

He replied: “You know Nancy, if people saw us like this they would think we were doing something immoral, but I’m just helping you out, getting you all clean, it’s completely harmless!”

“Yes Daddy, completely harmless!” I replied while my pussy was leaking its sticky liquid around my fingers pinching my lips.

I felt his breath around my lips, and I parted them for him, he quickly ran his tongue over my slit and pee hole, then he inserted his finger inside my pussy hole and scooped some of my juice. I glanced over his shoulder to see him licking it and sucking it into his mouth.

“Oh Daddy, I feel so weird, could you help me relax a bit more please? Could you clean me on top of my pee hole, I feel my little nub is a bit dirty too!”

“Yes Nancy of course, but don’t forget Daddy is dirty too and cannot clean himself also, would you mind?” My father replied looking over his shoulder.

I nodded and tugged his boxers lower on his legs, his penis now free, I grabbed it roughly and ran my tongue all around it head. I nearly choked on the strength of his odour. I could feel the sticky white film coming off on my tongue and I could smell and taste the salty precum mixed in it. The smell was so strong I had to fight a gag. I swallowed most of the foul smelling white stuff and I started licking along the shaft.

I then felt his tongue running very fast across my clit, I came in seconds, liquid spraying from my peehole. I felt him putting his whole mouth on my peephole and sucking gently as I continued my orgasm.

I was in heaven cooing gently while licking his heavy dangling hairy balls, cleaning him of his sweaty salty smell. I heard someone walk into the room.

“What are you two doing?” I heard my Mother’s surprised tone.

“Oh I promised Nancy that I would clean her as we’re out of hot water, she was kind enough to return the favour! She’s so nice she got me all cleaned up for you my love!” I heard my father reply.

“Oh Nancy you’re so sweet, your father wanted me to suck him this morning but I just couldn’t, he smelled so much like a barn animal! Now if you don’t mind I’ll take over!” I heard my mother saying to me while glancing at me with jealous eyes.

“Emmm ok mommy, thanks daddy!” I said to both of them.

Jules, my father then climbed off my bed and walked with my mother out of my room to their bedroom where I then heard the sounds of their lovemaking as I faded into blissful post orgasm sleep.

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