Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

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She stands under the warm spray of water from the shower. The grit and grime from a long bike ride swirling down the drain. Her hand slides through her hair, getting the last of the conditioner out. She doesn’t hear the door open. She doesn’t notice the shower curtain parting. Or the man slipping in silently.

Her body shudders as large hands wrap around her waist. A mischievous grin crosses her lips. The hands glide forward to caress her abdomen. “I just got done working out. Maybe I’m tired?”

The man snorts. He whispers in her ear. “Liar! I know how wet you get riding you bike. Try again.”

She lets him pull her body against his. Tall and lean, powerful, yet tender, she molds her body into him. Swaying slightly, she grinds against him. His cock, enjoying the attention, starts to awaken from its slumber.

“I should really go do the laundry or we won’t have any clean clothes left.” She reaches behind her, sliding her hands along his hips.

“Laundry’s done.”

She glances behind her. Piercing mahogany eyes antep escort gleam back at her mischievously. She could get lost in those eyes. “I have to feed the dog.”

A deep chuckle. She feels his chest move with delight. “We don’t have a dog.”

“I should go to the shelter and…” She gasps as he gives her a stinging slap on the ass. One hand moves to entwine her hair. Tugging sharply, he pulls her head back. Her body follows obediently.

“You’re a sassy little shit. You know that, right?” Kisses march down the side of her neck and her body tingles with excitement.

She giggles. “Admit it. You like that I’m a sassy little shit.” She seeks out his cock and cups it in her hand.

“I like that you’re MY sassy little shit. Greedy too.” He spins her around and presses her up against the smooth tile wall. Strong arms entrap her. She loves the hedonism and physicality he uses with her. Safe, yet powerless. Strong, yet vulnerable. He turns her world upside-down and she loves it. Loves him.

His mouth claims hers and she grants him entrance. She can refuse him nothing. And he knows it. A large hand takes her behind the knee and raises it up to his waist. He takes full advantage of her precarious situation. Smirking down at her, he guides his cock between her open legs. Finding her wet and ready he slips the tip of his hard cock inside her. And stops.

“No. don’t stop.” Trying her best to sink down on him but he holds her firmly in place.

“Tch Tch Tch. I have something you want very badly. You should beg me nicely.”

She starts struggling wildly. The only thing keeping her from crashing to the shower floor are his hands holding her up. “You fucker!”

He takes her earlobe between his teeth as he reaches down and pinches her clit. Her body bucks against his as her nerve endings light up. “Do you want me to turn the water on cold and leave you here? Alone? Trembling? Needy?”

The fight goes out of her. She’s been through this before. “No.”

His fingers swirl around her clit as he purrs in her ear. “‘No’ what?”

A pitiful moan leaves her lips. Her pride struggles with her desperate need. He knows this. He knows every inch of her. He strokes her faster, slipping his middle finger inside her. “Fuck.” She gasps in a ragged breath. “Please, Sir. Oh God! Please fuck me.”

A smirk crosses his lips. “See how easy that was?” He kisses her as he slips his cock in her. “You’re mine, Babygirl. Always mine.” With a vicious thrust, he slams into her pussy. Grabbing her other knee, he lifts her fully up off the floor. Bracing against the wall, water sloshing all around them, he fucks her hard and fast. Her back arches and her lips are keening as she explodes around him. A few more thrusts and he’s filling her with cum before they collapse to the floor, breathlessly.

After a few minutes of rest and aftercare he picks her up and carries her out of the shower and places her gently on the bed. “I love you so much, Babygirl.”

She groans and curls up under the covers. “Did you really do the laundry?”

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” He winks at her before he walks out of the room, closing the door gently behind him.

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