Clarissa’s Fantasy Becomes Reality

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Created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and written by Wunderboi.

Comments are welcomed if they are in good taste. Hateful comments will be ignored.


Clarissa woke on Monday morning excited by what the next few days would provide if everything went her way. She was confident it would. Sunday’s service at The Church of the Black Staff had been an eye opener, at least the parts she could remember. The wonderful sermon which had held her almost breathless when the Pastor

delivered his philosophy, was frankly brilliant. She remembered confession when she confessed the sin of being naughty with her wonderful black lover and was immediately sorry she said it. She remembered her lovely private meeting with the Pastor when she promised to encourage an increase in black membership, black management and black workers at the golf club that she dearly loved. She was pleased when he was pleased and went downstairs for a special viewing and to participate in the religious ceremony in the basement. He told her it was ‘very rare’ for a new worshipper to be invited on her first visit.

She felt quite tired. Igoro had left earlier for classes, and her husband Maxwell had gone fishing with his mates. Her body ached a bit, but she felt entirely sexually sated, which did not happen that often. Also, her jaw was sore. The only other time she remembered that happening before was when she had sucked Igoro’s cock for nearly an hour a few weeks earlier. Must be coincidental she concluded.

Clarissa was truly thrilled to be Chair of the Greens Committee, and Vice President of Confederacy Country Club’s Board of Directors. The first VP in it’s long and storied history. She could feel the respect that other club members, friends and especially the employees accorded her. She had settled into a new routine which meant being at the club several days a week. She now knew that she would be the first woman president, but how many years would she have to wait in the wings?

Maxwell, her loving husband, had also been most supportive and helpful. When he wasn’t travelling on business he was dutifully by her side at the many receptions and events they were being invited to attend. He was proud of her. She had increased her wardrobe with the ensuing big bills and he didn’t mention a thing except to praise her and admire the way she looked. He was in his early seventies, fabulously wealthy and becoming more so with every passing year. Clarissa had listened to her father’s advice, and Maxwell had fit the bill. She had married an older rich man when she was just 22.

Igoro was the icing on the cake. In the few months since he moved into the guesthouse, he had made her happier than she had ever been. A vigorous, attentive, smart and athletic lover he had taken her to places she never imagined sexually. Clarissa was in her late forties and Igoro was just about nineteen, but he acted with a maturity well beyond his years. And filled her life with his youthful enthusiasm.

As she had suspected, her husband was delighted with the guesthouse makeover Igoro had achieved with his friends in such a short time. Anything that added to Maxwell’s assets he was delighted with, and he insisted on paying the boy for all his hard work.

Her husband was also pleased to pay Igoro’s full tuition at the local University.

And of course, when Maxwell travelled, Igoro happily moved into Clarissa’s big bed.

If six months ago, she was told she would have a handsome young well hung black lover who adored her, she would not have believed it possible. Sometimes in the throes of passionate sex, he even called her ‘mother’ which always sent her over the edge to a crashing orgasm.

When Maxwell was home, Igoro used the opportunity to visit and go out with his friends

which Clarissa was happy about, and Maxwell thought was a normal thing for an eighteen-year-old to do.

Tuesdays at the club were often very quiet, especially in the late afternoon. David, the newly voted president of the club and very proud of his new title, scheduled that time slot to take golf lessons from the 22-year-old college grad assistant pro.

He was very handsome and very black.

His lesson would often be followed by a committee meeting or a full board monthly meeting. So it was that Clarissa was also in the building. She needed a report from the head pro for the Greens Committee, and he had asked her to pick it up from his office with time enough to read before she chaired the meeting of the “GC” as she liked to call it.

The door to the assistant pro’s office, a tiny space not much bigger than a utility room, was open. Clarissa looked in. Her eyes first took in the new Rhino TV, recently installed. Her first thought was ‘goodness, those TVs are everywhere in the Clubhouse.’

Then she saw David, on his hands and knees sucking the big black cock of the assistant pro. Through lidded eyes, both men watched on the RhinoTV as Chloe and her Bycasino cousin made lesbian love in her bedroom. David had always wanted to suck a black cock and he had thrown caution to the wind. In fact, he had been doing it every Tuesday for a couple of months and nobody had ever come down the deserted hallway. The head pro was normally off on Tuesdays but was also in the building as he was there to attend the “GC” as well. Clarissa stealthily went down the hall and found the head pro who had just arrived. She whispered for him to follow her and she took her Rhino phone out of her purse.

She wanted a witness.

They watched silently and Clarissa took photos. Then she switched on the video. David was in another world. The boy’s pants were around his ankles, further emphasising how big and erect his cock was sliding in and out of the president’s gay mouth. David slid his hand into his pocket and took a generous amount of lubricant from a tube and slid it around and around the boy’s anal ring, his finger pushing into the sphincter muscle and then being pulled through. The head pro, also black, also handsome, stood very close to his boss. She was stunning in a lovely pink blouse, several buttons were undone, and a tight white skirt. She had taken her high heels off to remain quiet, so he towered over her. Her perfume was intoxicating. He looked down her front. A lovely white lacy push-up bra accentuated the biggest firmest breasts he had ever seen. She was looking at the screen watching the young girls pleasuring each other. She seemed to be dazed. He gently took her arm and led her away from the boy’s office. He took her to the ladies room and sat her on a couch, getting a washcloth and wet it and put on her forehead. Her eyes were shut. He took advantage of the timing to again stare at her full breasts, the nipples poking forward aroused against the beautiful expensive silk material.

Her eyes fluttered open.

He quickly explained why he was in the ladies with her, and she was most grateful.

She swore him to secrecy, and they both agreed not to fire the young assistant pro, and they would ignore his participation in the sex act with the older man. Clarissa explained that she would “deal with” the issue with the president. She was also aware that this was the third time she had been ‘woozy’ and each time it had to do with a Rhino product. Her curiosity was aroused. She would be wary in future.

She waited for a few days and then phoned David and asked to see him about a serious issue, and for him to meet her “In the chapel at the club like the last time.”

He agreed and wondered what this issue could possibly be.


Across town, The Rhino Store was doing a brisk business, as usual, but perhaps was a little quieter in the mobile phone section. Sales could not continue at a frantic pace forever. Ma’bill was new on the sales force but certainly not new to the company. He was an original member of the team that had created the firm in South Africa, and he was very proud to be a top software engineer. With Oskar and the other director’s full approval, he had developed a new technical setting which he felt could add a lot of value to the bottom line of phone sales.

A young father and daughter came into the store holding hands. They were from Sweden and visiting the girl’s great-grandmother who was in an old age home in Hawksville. The father was in his late forties and he had travelled with his stunning blonde daughter who was about to celebrate her very special twenty-first birthday.

The parents had agreed that their eighteen-year-old son would stay home with his mother and that she would bring him on a similar trip when he was approaching his age twenty one. The family was very close indeed, especially the father and his daughter, and the mother with her son, which they took to be perfectly normal behaviour.

He liked holding hands with her, and if the truth be known, he was thrilled when she was mistaken for his young wife. She giggled every time someone made that mistake. Neither of them bothered to correct the assumption. He was a very young looking handsome man, with ‘salt and pepper’ hair. Ma’bill admired her openly. He loved seeing the young girls dressed as they did these days in tight tops and impossibly tight workout pants which emphasised their gorgeous legs and rear ends. He had never seen a young woman with such beauty. Apparently, she was just like her mother, she was tall, blonde with her straight hair down over her shoulders, which she constantly flicked out of her eyes. Her full, firm breasts strained against the thin tight white tank top and Ma’Bill tried not to stare. Her father put his arm around her small waist above the waistband of her tights on her bare skin below her tank top protectively and said:

“It is nice to meet you Ma’bill, as this phone is for my sweet darling special daughter, and she knows more about these devices than I ever will, please Bycasino giriş show her your best and latest model that we will need to be able to use in Sweden and the rest of Europe”

She looked up adoringly at her daddy and kissed him on the lips.

He went off to other parts of the store.

Ma’bill happily took her around to the display cases. She bent over to look down at the various colours of the phones, and he stood on the other side of the glass case and looked down her front as he started telling her about the various models. Ingrid knew the effect she had on black men as she had many friends at home who were black. Most of them were from France, and she had dated a few. She pushed her chest out a little more and then looked up into his eyes, batting her eyelashes and smiling. She just loved being a cockteaser.

They agreed on the latest phone and Ingrid was thrilled with the sexy look of the cover. Rhino had developed a tough outer cover which eliminated the need for customers to have to buy that item separately.

He took her into a small smoked glass booth, as he wanted to show her the features of the phone. Especially the new setting for international sales that was brand new.

It was his baby, his idea and Oskar had given him a huge bonus when it worked seamlessly and effectively.

Her father, Clint, was captivated by the huge display of love dolls, love toys, sexy lingerie and the like. There was a huge Rhino TV on in the dressing room area where there were a number of women trying on new frocks. It was springtime, everyone should have a new frock he thought. He was captivated by the screen. A beautiful black girl, Lucy asked if she could help. She was dressed head to toe in red spandex. Every inch of her body was suggestively displayed inviting him to him to touch her, the screen flickered, the humming attracted him. She stood close to him rubbing his arm asking how she could help. She took his hand and led him to a private room signalling Ma’bill to follow at his convenience. Inside the private room, sexy young white models were showing the spring line of Rhino dresses. The black girl sat on his lap, her huge breasts inches from his face. Another Rhino TV displayed a white girl sucking a huge black cock. She clearly loved doing it and licked it up and down. He didn’t know it but it was Janice, Clarissa’s daughter in law performing enthusiastically in high definition.

Clint bought first one dress and then another and another for his daughter. Lucy gave him a deep french kiss and a feel of her ample breasts every time he bought something. He loved the feeling of the spandex. He had never kissed a black girl before, it was highly erotic. This was crazy, her nipples were huge and hard. It was nothing like his conservative Sweden. He felt a little dizzy. The show continued. The dress models continued to parade. Ma’bill brought Ingrid into the room, she looked a bit dishevelled like her top had been removed and hastily replaced. Clint’s cock was as hard as it ever had been. The black girl stood up and brought Ingrid over to sit on the other side of her father. Lucy reached over and took Ingrid’s hand and put it firmly on Clint’s hard cock. Then she pulled Ingrid’s face towards her and the two girls passionately kissed open-mouthed, hungrily right in front of Clint’s surprised face. The leather couch started to recline. Lucy unzipped Clint’s slacks, and took his hard cock in her mouth, then she pulled Ingrid’s head down to join her enjoying pulling the young blond girl’s long hair. Both girls sucked him together and alone. The Rhino TV naturally recorded the scene for future clients to enjoy.

When the father and daughter emerged from their trance-like experience, both were totally unaware of what had happened. Another pretty Rhino girl appeared with gift-wrapped dresses for Ingrid. There was no sign of Lucy, she had disappeared.

They were taken to a different room. Ma’bill was explaining to Ingrid that if she drilled down two levels below ‘settings’ she would see a selection for InternationalR.

And once ‘selected’, she would have the first phone in the world using the latest technology. He declined to mention that every Rhino phone in the universe would soon have a “pop-up” message asking the receiver to “accept” the “InternationalR” option.

An acceptance meant every Rhino phone worldwide would add an additional charge of $15. a month to the owner’s credit card. Ma’bill had hoped that maybe 50% of Rhino owners would accept the offer. In fact, eventually, over 95% of them did so. This initiative increased Rhino Industries’ phone revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars a month.


Oskar Botha was bored.

It wasn’t often he felt that way as his life was hectic as CEO of Rhino IMEX, and a whole host of subsidiary corporations. He was bored sitting at mind-numbing Radio and TV sector hearings in Washington. His gaze took in the commissioners Bycasino güncel giriş who sat opposite. A few were new since his last visit, and he was pleased to see that there were now more women than men on the commission. He thought that might be the doings of the new president and his progressive administration which was mandating equal pay for equal work and a host of other much needed gender-blind modern improvements.

One woman, in particular, caught his eye, and not for the usual reasons he smiled to himself. She was not particularly beautiful or gorgeous, she did not have his usual prerequisite of blond hair and big breasts. She was none of those things. Instead, she was intently interested in the proceedings and issues at hand, and every time he looked her way, she was looking at him. She, of course, was white. Her black hair was pulled back into a bun, she wore little makeup, wore a sensible long skirt and a blouse and sweater that looked like she had been dressed by her ultra-conservative mother, and her glasses were perched on the end of her nose as she read. When she asked him a question it was on the discussion point, direct and faintly demanding. He felt that he had adequately supplied her with answers. The other commissionaires may as well have been on holiday, for all the work they were doing. Later, at a reception, Oskar made a point of meeting Commissioner Dorothy McMann.

The next day on his way to work from the airport, Oskar asked his driver to stop at the Rhino Store. He liked to make a surprise visit, a strategy his father had taught him at their lumber business in South Africa. As he walked into the ladies clothing area he was recognized by a beautiful young shopper. Ingrid had spotted Mr Botha from pictures in her father’s business magazines and rushed over to him:

“Oh, Mr Botha, I am so pleased to meet you, and I wonder if you would please sign the back of my new Rhino phone” she gushed, happily.

Oskar took a long look at the 20-year-old beauty. Her long blond hair, her big breasts barely covered by a white tank top which exposed copious amounts of bare flesh, and an innocence that he found both appealing and erotic. Her sweet sexy Swedish accent did nothing to dissuade his growing attraction. He engaged her in conversation, he met her father, he found out that they were staying in the new Rhino Hotel and Tower, the replacement for the gritty original motel that the company had purchased when they moved into their original offices.

She gushed about her new phone, and the dresses that her daddy had bought her, even the negligee that the sales staff had included with her father’s purchases as a ‘bonus’ for spending so much money, but a ‘bonus’ that they also billed him for. Oskar suggested to her father that they meet for a drink before dinner in the fabulous new restaurant in the brand new hotel.

Ingrid excitedly exclaimed to her father:

“Oh, please Daddy, let’s meet Mr Botha later for drinks!” Her father smiled his acceptance. Oskar noted that Ma’Bill was close by and invited him along too. With a further thought, he asked Ma’bill if he would make a reservation for six for dinner, and also ask two of his other executives to join them if they were available. Ma’bill smiled at the suggestion, Nobody declined an invite from Mr Botha. Ma’bill was thrilled to be included with the key executives of Rhino. He planned to sit very close to Ingrid to help her with the new phone.

Oskar was becoming tired of living as a ‘guest’ in Simone and Ian’s home. Hell, he was the CEO of a major American corporation. He enjoyed the constant attention of Simone, who by now was totally enraptured with her black boss. She still started most mornings in his office with his hard big black cock in her mouth, and her evenings being fucked by him while her husband was in the guestroom, or watching his wife being ravaged. Her daughter Chloe, for all he knew, was out working on her growing reputation for being the town tramp.

However, Oskar could not shake the feeling of boredom. He travelled a lot, but when he was in their house Simone was naggy and demanding. And make no bones about it, it was her house. He was getting claustrophobic with life in Simone’s home. He needed his space and it was quite evident things were not going to improve. He could not stand the wimpy Ian. In the early days, it had been fun fucking his wife in front of the cuckold wimp. Now he was tired of Ian. As he got older, he was attracted to younger and younger women and was thrilled when they ‘gushed’ over him as the sexy young Swedish daughter had done.

Unknown to anyone he had purchased one of the two massive penthouses on the top floor of the new Rhino Hotel and Tower. Having the Swedish couple over afforded him two opportunities, one to examine the Swedish market with the father, the second to examine the gorgeous Swedish daughter. He was horny, he was sure she was too.

She would make a delightful conquest, but he would have to arrange to keep her father occupied, not a difficult problem.

It would be an opportunity for Ma’Bill to show Ingrid all of her new phone’s features.

It would be an opportunity for Oskar to invite their guests upstairs to see his new ‘digs’

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