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“I hope Carol hasn’t left yet. I knew I should have made time to pick up that paperwork last night.” Claire said to herself as she picked up her keys and rushed to the door.

Claire Bruce needed to get some important paperwork that day from her friend Carol. They worked together part-time for their small township. Claire got involved with the politics of her rural Pennsylvania community as a distraction from the unpleasantness she was experiencing from the upheaval of her life. Two years ago, she divorced her husband after 12 years of marriage. Now, all of Claire’s time was devoted to her job with a large accounting firm in Philadelphia and local politics.

After a lengthy period of denial, anger, and sadness, Claire was moving on with her life. Her job as an accountant for a large firm in Philadelphia provided a more than comfortable income, and her role with the township served as a sort of social outlet. But today, her duties with the township required her to rush over to Carol’s house to pick up important paperwork she desperately needed to review so she could prepare a report for the township budget meeting on Monday night.

“Damn, why did I wait until the last minute to do this?” Claire scolded herself as she got in the car and closed the door. Hurriedly she pulled the car of her driveway and sped down the road. It was a warm Sunday morning in late May. She knew that Carol and her husband Tom had plans to be gone for the day. Claire hoped she could catch them before they left.

When Claire arrived at Carol’s house, she pulled into the driveway and drove her car to the side of the house. The house sat on a secluded farm. The driveway ran beside the house and ended at the door of a detached garage behind the house. A tidy walkway led to a patio at the back of the house. Only one other car was parked in front of the detached garage.

“Just my luck, I think I missed them.” Claire whined with frustration. “Well, I’ll knock on the back door to see if anyone is around.”

As Claire approached the screen door, she realized her good luck. She could hear the hum of a fan and the muffled sounds of the television through the open screen windows. The main door was open with just the screen door closed. It seemed that someone was home after all.

Claire approached the screen door, and could see Carol’s 19 year old son, Scott, was sitting on the couch watching TV. She knocked on the screen door and began to say, “Hi Scott……” but trailed off and followed with a surprised, “Oh my God!”

As she looked in the door, Claire could see that Scott was totally nude. He was sitting on the couch watching a pornographic movie. An open jar of Vaseline was sitting on the end table next to the couch, and Scott was rubbing his hard, slick cock. They were both mortified as Claire caught him masturbating.

“Oh, uh I’m so sorry Scott.” Stammered Claire.

Completely flustered with embarrassment, Scott got up and scampered to the open door. His hard cock, coated with petroleum jelly, bobbed up and down as he hurried to the door. There was Büyükçekmece escort no way to hide his embarrassment as he nervously stood there, with his hands over his swollen genitals.

“Oh, um, uh Ms. Bruce. Please don’t tell my parents. I beg you. I’m so sorry you saw this. What do you want?” Scott pleaded.

Claire stood there for a second. Wide-eyed, she tried not to stare at Scott’s hard cock, which he was unsuccessfully trying to cover with his hands. “Don’t worry. I won’t say a word. I just need to get the township paperwork you mother has for me.”

“Uh, if I let you in, can you get it?” Scott nervously blurted out.

“I think so. I’m so sorry to do this to you.”

“It’s ok.” Scott said as he meekly opened the screen door and let Claire enter the house.

Claire stepped inside. She was nervous, uncomfortable, and a little excited to be standing next to the naked young man. Excited? Did she really feel that way? It had been a long time since Claire had sex. She hadn’t been with a man since she divorced her husband. The last time was probably well over two years ago.

There was Scott, standing fully naked and aroused in front of her. Young and good-looking, he was in shape from running with his college track team. Claire’s eyes quickly glanced at his naked body.

Claire tried to push away her feeling of nervous excitement. “This is Carol’s son!” She thought to herself. “It’s like I walked into some salacious short story you read in adult magazines.” She continued to think. But, she could not deny it unlocked some forgotten feelings, and she enjoyed it.

“I think the paperwork is over there on the desk.” Scott said as he pointed across the room.

Claire looked across the room to the large desk in the far corner. “Do you mind if I go through the desk to see if I can find it?”

“No, go on over.” Scott replied.

“Do you want to put your clothes back on?” Claire asked as she walked to the desk.

“Well, they’re upstairs.”

“Thought you had some time to yourself?” Claire said with a grin.

“Uh…yea. You’re not going to tell anyone about this, are you?” Scott asked sheepishly.

“Scott, it’s ok. I’m truly sorry I disturbed you. We’ve all been in this situation.” Claire said, trying to soothe the poor boy’s embarrassment.

“You’ve been caught like this too?” Scott asked.

“Well, no. I meant that we’ve all had our private moments.” Claire said, trying to make the tension of the situation less embarrassing. “Did I really just say that?” Claire silently thought to herself. “Did I just admit to this young man that I masturbate?”

“I think I know what you are saying.” Scott said. He was still embarrassed, but beginning to feel a bit more comfortable, realizing that Claire was not disgusted by her discovery. Almost feeling like he could trust her.

At 45, Claire was still a very attractive woman. Her light-brown hair showed a few streaks of grey, but she was still fairly youthful looking. Today, she had her shoulder length Çatalca escort bayan hair pulled back in a pony-tail, and she was wearing a pair of jogging shorts and a plain t-shirt. She still had a very shapely figure, and Scott was taking notice of it.

Claire found the folder of papers sitting on the desk and picked them up. As she turned, she could see the movie was still playing on the TV. The scene of a man and a woman having sex caught her attention and held it.

“Did you find it?” Scott asked, breaking Claire’s silence as she stared at the sex on the large screen.

“Y-yes.” She replied.

Scott could tell that Claire was watching the movie. “Do you own or watch any of those?” Scott asked as he motioned toward the television.

“I’ve seen a few. I don’t own any. I haven’t seen one in quite awhile”

“Well, if you want to watch it, you can.” Scott hopefully asked.

“I don’t know if I really should, Scott.”

“It’s no problem. My parents won’t be back for hours.” Scott smiled.

“Well……maybe for a sec.” Claire said. “What the hell am I doing?” She silently thought to herself.

Scott took his place back on the couch, still naked, but now he was only semi-hard. Claire sat down beside him on the couch and placed the folder on the end table next to her.

A part of Claire was feeling regret for agreeing to sit down and watch the movie. But, a part of her was excited. The excitement of the moment was winning over her feelings of regret as she watched the hot sex scenes.

She glanced over at Scott and could see his penis grew back to its full, rigid length as they watched the movie together. His cock was average length, but thick and shiny from the coating of petroleum jelly he was using as lubrication before she had interrupted him. His patch of pubic hair was neatly trimmed. She was beginning to take more interest in looking at his young cock than the movie.

Scott sensed she was looking at him. He turned to meet her gaze, but realized she was staring at his groin. “What do you think?” he asked.

“I definitely enjoy the movie.” Claire nervously answered.

“Not the movie, but…umm…..” Scott wanted to see where this would go. He was sitting on the couch watching a porno movie, nude, with a pretty woman next to him. He was unsure how to proposition her for what he wanted.

“What are you trying to ask?” Claire said.

Scott leaned over and gently kissed Claire on her lips. It was just a peck, but it felt so good. Claire’s mind was reeling. Instinctively, she touched his chest with her fingertips.

“Oh” Scott gasped.

Slowly her fingers trailed down Scott’s body. Down to the short brown patch of hair that grew just above his raging erection.

“Oh yes. Please. Touch it.” Scott wantonly gasped.

Gently, her fingers circled around Scott’s hard shaft. Warm and smooth, she enjoyed the feel of it in her hand. Gently, she squeezed his hard cock. Scott moaned as she gripped his throbbing member.

“Oh Scott, your cock Escort Esenler feels so good.” Claire whispered.

Slowly, her hand slid up and down the length of his thick shaft, circling over the swollen mushroom head. Up and down she stroked with a twisting motion. Scott’s greased cock easily sliding in her grasp as his breathing became louder and more ragged.

Claire was captivated watching Scott’s cock slide within her grasp, his purple head would disappear in her closed fist as she stroked up, then reappear as she slid her grasp back down his thick shaft. Warm and slick, she loved the way it felt jerking him off.

Scott was making soft, short moaning sounds as he slumped back on the couch, pushing his hips forward for Claire. Her steady strokes were taking him to the brink. His face was flushed, and they both knew it would not be much longer.

As she rubbed up and down, Scott was panting even faster. She could feel his stiff cock throb and harden even a bit more as he pushed his hips forward. The first string of white cum erupted from his cock like a geyser. Shooting several inches into the air and landing on his patch of pubic fuzz. A longer, second stream followed. Spraying even higher than the first it splashed in a small dollop on his belly. As Claire continued to stroke, two smaller spurts followed as Scott’s orgasm subsided, coating her fingers. Claire gently squeezed his slick shaft, and a last bubble of gooey fluid oozed from his swollen mushroom head onto the back of her hand.

Claire released Scott’s softening shaft from her grasp and sat back on the couch. Her breathing was shallow and her eyes were wide from excitement. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. It had been years since she had touched a man like that. She had almost forgotten how thrilling it could feel to give a man such pleasure. But at the same time, she was nervous about what she had just done.

“I gotta go, Scott.” Claire blurted out. Her voice barely worked when she needed to speak.

Quickly she stood up and retrieved the envelope from the end table next to her. She hurried across the room and out the door. She jogged up the walkway and into her car. Her hand was still slick from the petroleum jelly and semen as she reached into the glove compartment to grab some napkins to clean off the evidence.

Her mind was racing as she tried to process what had just happened. A part of her felt guilty, as if what had just happened was wrong. Scott was so young, and the son of her close friend. But, he was over 18, so it wasn’t illegal she justified to herself.

At the same time the encounter excited her. Scott was an attractive young man. It felt incredible to touch his hard cock. The way it felt as her hand slid up and down his thick shaft. How it turned her on to know she could get him off.

She felt some guilt that the encounter turned her on. The conflict of guilt and lust battled in her thoughts. But she smiled as she replayed it in her mind. Claire could not deny that it was an incredible turn-on to make Scott cum. She couldn’t stop thinking about the streams of sperm erupting from his throbbing phallus. She also realized this was another step forward from her divorce. But, the twinge of shame she felt did not outweigh her feelings of lust. The tingling sensation she felt between her thighs confirmed how much she truly enjoyed the situation.

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