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ClaireLying naked in bed my hand gentle stroked my breast I felt the nipple harden to my touch the other slid over my smooth flat stomach it slid between my legs and slowly rubbed my clitoris. I felt vagina get moist has I rubbed myself I inhaled the sweet smell of my musk raising under the bed clothes from my now wet vagina. My breathing changed to short sharp pants as I reached my orgasm my legs snapped shut clamping my hand between my thighs I rolled on my side the intensity of the orgasm took me by surprise.I heard my Mother call ‘Clare time to get up it’s going to be a busy day’ I lay still my fingers deep in my vagina my body limp from the masturbation I removed my finger dripping wet with my juices I licked and sucked my fingers savoring the sweet taste of my juice. I lost my virginity six months ago to my now ex boyfriend I found it messy unpleasant and disgusting I felt degraded by the episode. I challenged him about it all he said was ’lesbian and dyke’ I replied with two words ‘good bye’ and walked away thinking useless Muppet, I haven’t seen of heard from him since it was no great loss, Today is the first day of the rest of my life I’m travelling to Nottingham University to start a Medical degree hopefully at the end of four years study I will have earned the right to be called Doctor. It’s what I’ve always wanted the start of dream I hope.My Mother’s driving me to Nottingham and we plan to spend a few days together before the term starts. My Mother recently divorced in her words ‘finally free’ at thirty eight very attractive and looks ten years younger.On arriving at the Halls of Residence Mom helped me to book in and unload the car finally she drove to the hotel with the words see you later. We met up for a late lunch and some shopping this was our girl time we held hands and a few times Mom slipped her arm around my waist I enjoyed being with her we laughed and joked a lot, in the past I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her.In the evening we went clubbing mom and I were both approached several times but every time boys came to chat Mom put her bahis şirketleri hand in mine and told the boys in no uncertain terms ‘she with me’ finally we decided to head back to the hotel although it was around eleven. Mom had managed to get two bottles of wine we sat together just girl chat in was about two when we finished the wine.I realized it was time to go at the door we kissed tongues in our mouth’s Mom pulled me back into the room I felt my hand on her breast I could feel her nipple harden though her dress her hand lifted my skirt she gently rubbing my clitoris thought the nylon of my panties. soon we were both naked she pulled me towards the bed. Mom took my erect nipple into her mouth sucking and gently squeezing my breast I held her head to my breast it was if I was breast feeding her after a short while she licked and kissed her way across my flat stomach finally kissing and nibbling the lips of my vagina.I was in heaven how can so much pleasure be wrong this was so right a love like this can’t be wrong Mom rubbed her face around my vagina sucking and drinking my vaginal juice I couldn’t hold on any longer I shout out ‘yes yes yes I love you I love you’ as I came to my orgasm I couldn’t believe the intensity it took my breath my legs shut on their accord trapping Mom’s head between my thighs. Mom kissed my stomach and breasts finally we kissed I licked her face tasting the sweet juice of my vagina.We rested for a short while I then took one of Mom’s nipples in to my mouth sucking on the nipple Mom held my head to her breast she moaned with pleasure I heard ‘it’s a pity there is no milk I would to feed you again’ I kissed my down to her vagina easing the lips apart I slid my tongue deep into her wet vagina tasting her sweet vaginal juice I heard her cry out ‘I’m Cumming I’m Cumming lick harder oh god this is wonderful’ her legs shut trapping my head as she reached her orgasm I carried on licking soon she reached her second orgasm my head firmly trapped between her thighs I was in heaven giving my love to the one person I loved most of all my Mom.Finally bahis firmaları we drifted off to sleep naked our bodies entwined Mom wake me ‘hello beautiful’ and put her lips very firmly on mine I kissed my way down Mom’s beautiful body she moved her legs apart so I could lick and nibble the lips of her vagina as I started to lick her I heard the hotel maid come in Mom totally unabashed just told her to leave the tea on the side table. I carried on drinking Mom’s sweet vaginal juice I heard her breathing change to short pants finally ‘I’m Cumming I’m Cumming oh yes oh yes’ the last word was a shout as she climaxed shutting her legs trapping my head between her thigh’s I carried on rubbing my face around her wet vagina this resulted in Mom having another orgasm crying out as she came ‘oh god it’s wonderful yes yes yes I love you’I raised my face licking my lips tasting the sweet juice from Mom’s vagina she pulled me towards her licking my face finally kissing me her lips seemed glued to my face she slid he tongue deep into my mouth touching the back of my throat. I felt her hand reach out to rub my clitoris my breathing changed Mom took her tongue from my mouth and started to fondle my breast gently twisting my nipple the effect was cataclysmic I couldn’t contain myself as I came I shouted out ‘yes yes its wonderful I love you’ I felt limp my juices were running over my thighs Mom had brought me to a massive climax just using her hands.Has we arrived in the dinning room for breakfast the first person we saw was the maid she saw us and smiled Mom apologized for being indiscrete she nodded acceptance she replied ‘no problems madam I fully understand I’m also lesbian’ . We spent most of the day shopping for course books before returning late to the hotel Mom had purchased two bottles of wine. Mom and I were already in our dressing gowns. Just before nine there was a knock at the door Mom answered and there stood the maid introductions were made three of us Clare Yvette and Mom. Yvette was just eighteen she wore a lose fitting blouse and a knee length skirt. Mom kaçak bahis siteleri told Yvette we were lesbians and asked if she would like to join us in a threesome over a glass of wine Mom nibbled and kissed Yvette’s ear sliding her arm around Yvette’s shoulders stroking her breast.Yvette turned and kissed Mom both her hands holding her face whilst Mom undid her blouse and bra removing both easing her skirt and panties down until Yvette was naked. I saw Mom smile as she gazed at Yvette’s naked body she removed her gown leading her to the bed lying beside Yvette Mom kissed her whilst fondling her breasts I saw her nipples harden I removed my gown easing Yvette’s legs apart I licked her clitoris and kissing and nibbling the lips of her vaginal I gently pushed my finger deep into her moist vagina ’I’m Cumming I’m Cumming yes yes’ at that point she shut her legs trapping my hand inside her beautiful body in a vice like grip between her thighs.When she relaxed her legs I withdrew my fingers were covered with traces of vaginal juice I could smell her musk I licked her juice from my fingers rubbing my face around her vagina I kissed Yvette my lips smeared with her vaginal juice I watched as she licked her lips.Mom bend down and kissed Yvette’s flat stomach her hand rubbing her clitoris finally putting her head between Yvette’s legs sucked and nibbled the lips of Yvette’s vagina. I stroked Yvette’s breasts sucking her nipple she held my head to her breast I heard Yvette cry out ‘Oh please don’t stop I’m Cumming I’m Cumming oh god please I’m Cumming’ at that moment she shuddered and her shut her legs Mom head held between Yvette’s thighs.Yvette soon came to her third orgasm of the evening the three of us were spent having taken and given so much pleasure I kissed Mom and Yvette sliding my tongue into their mouths feeling their breasts I had never known so much pleasure in the two days I had spent with Mom and also the evening taking part in a threesome with two very beautiful ladies.I knew when the morning came Mom would travel back home I would see her at weekends. Yvette I don’t know if we would meet up as she was studying a different subject I hoped we would as she left she thanked us for the very pleasurable evening I expressed the desire to see her again all she said was ‘if it’s meant to be we will’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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