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Cigar LoadMy first Cigar load By William Penn I was over the moon as I headed back to the hotel I had book for the long weekend. I had just landed what I considered to be my dream job down on the South coast of England and I could not wait for my girlfriend to join me. We had arranged for her to drive down Friday evening to make a weekend of it. After the great news about the job I was dying to party all weekend and I could not wait to tell her the news, except her mobile cell was off. After swigging back some of my beer from the pint glass I walked out into the beer garden to have a smoke. I had been trying to quit because my girlfriend did not like it and because the news was one of doom and gloom when it came to smoking. I checked my phone and try to call Linda again, but still there was no answer. I was starting to worry because I knew she should have been over half way by now and I hoped that everything was ok when at last my phone sprang into life with Linda’s ring tone appearing on the phone. In a nut shell her mother had been taken ill and she had been in the hospital with her, hence her phone had been switch off. I asked her if she wanted me to drive back but she said no stay there and I will try and get down tomorrow. I told her my good news but to be honest as nice as she tried to be on the phone she had more important things on her mind as I told her I loved her and hung up. I must have been just staring into space as I pulled heavy on my cigarette, when finally I realised a guy was trying to chat to me. The guy was very well spoken older chap in a nice suit who said I am sorry but I could not help over hearing your conversation, are you OK? Yes and sorry these things are not that private are they I said as I pointed to my phone. Oh I did not mean that, it’s just well it looked like it was bad news and I wondered if you were OK said the man as he offered me his hand and told me his name was Tony. We shock hands and I noted that Tony had more than a firm grip, in fact Tony seemed what he was a genuine nice guy, one of life’s caring types and to be honest we hit it off there and then. It seemed we were both on our own and after a couple of drinks he invited me to join him for dinner. It was good to eat with someone and I soon found Tony was a very interesting type of guy who had travel a great deal in his life and I was surprised when he told me he was sixty because he looked so much younger. After dinner we walked avcılar escort into the beer garden where Tony offered me a very large hand rolled cigar which smelt and tasted divine. I had always had a thing for cigars ever since I was a young man and now in my late twenties I enjoyed them even more. Tony looked like one of the world’s great smokers as he took huge open mouth inhales like his life depended on it as he savoured every inch of the cigar like it was his last. After god knows how many drinks and two more of Tony’s wonderful cigars I was feeling more than a little drunk. Even though I was disappointed that my girlfriend was at her mother’s sick bed, I was feeling a bit guilty because I was enjoying Tony’s company so much. The more time I spent with Tony the more I felt drawn to this man which was no surprise because I had always enjoyed the company of older people and even though my family, friends and girlfriend did not know I had shared my bed with a few older men since my late teens on and off. I knew I was bisexual from an early age because as soon as I hit puberty I use to have fantasies about older women and men which always included large cigars. I had a thing for smoking and the people who smoked since I smoked my first cigarette at thirteen and like smoking it was more than just an addiction and even though I loved my girlfriend I knew it would come between us if she did not take up what I considered to be the perfect turn on. I had only told my girlfriend I was stopping because of the way she used to go on about it all the time, in fact I had tried everything to get her to smoke but she was adamant that would never happen, therefore once again I was starting to look longingly at a fellow smoker for sexual gratification and I had more than a hunch that Tony was of the same mind by the way he touched my leg after he had told a really funny joke. The night was fast drawing to a close and by now Tony new enough about me to understand that I was available for a nightcap if he so wished, therefore when he suggest we go back to his room to share a drink and another cigar I was only too happy to say yes. Our rooms were on the top floor; therefore due to the drink we had consumed we hit the lift and waited for the doors to close. The lift had only started to move when Tony pulled me towards him as our lips pressed hard against each others in a wonderful embrace that left both of us with huge hard on’s. The lift stopped beylikdüzü escort two floors short and as the doors open with an older couple entered to find Tony and I standing there like butter would not melt in our mouths. I was standing in front of Tony with his cock pressed hard against my buttocks as I made small talk with the older lady about how wonderful the weather was for the time of year. The older couple got out at the next level and once again Tony and I were kissing like our lives depended on it with our tongues leading the way. He looked so hot with his shaven head and small arch eyebrows which lead me to believe Tony enjoy a very hot sex life as Tony and maybe Toni a hot fem fatal type that I craved. Our clothes were off in a moment and I could see that Tony was wearing black stocking hold ups under his suit trousers, you like he said as he gently rubbed his right leg with one of his hands, no, and I love it I said as we kissed again. Tony produced two even bigger cigars which he told me he smoked only when fucking and that was music to my ears as we both fired up and filled the room with a wonderful thick heavy blue haze that smelt like heaven. Tony’s large cock had a huge silver ring through his helmet which matched the two in his nipples which looked like they had been freshly pumped that day. I worked his large nipples with my tongue and blew loads of smoke on them from my cigar which made both his nipples and huge cock stand to attention. We exchange lung full after lung full of smoked and I loved it because I had only ever seen it in porn movies and this was even better in the flesh. I started to give Tony’s nine inch cock the treatment with my smoky mouth and he shuddered every time I blew a large smoke ring along the shaft of his cock. He pulled me back up so I was looking into his deep blue eyes before he said, I am clear and have just been tested for HIV, I told him I had never had unprotected sex before and he smiled at this by saying there is a first time for everything but I warn you now, you will never want to go back to rubbers after you have felt a man’s skin deep inside you. This had such an effect on me I just laid on the bed and told him to fuck me. Tony entered me as I lay on my back and it took a while before all of his monster cock was deep in me and I loved it. He picked up the rhyme like a real pro and if it had not been for the huge cigar in my mouth I would have shouted the place down esenyurt escort such was the feeling of pleasure as his monster cocks stretch my tight anal muscles until they relaxed under the constant ploughing he was giving my arse pussy. Time stood still because of the way my whole body had given itself to Tony and when finally Tony started to tense up I knew I would be feeling my first load deep inside my arse pussy. The feeling was one I could not start to describe as we both shock together until Tony had delivered his package of thick heavy cum deep inside me. It took more than a few moments before I was standing behind Tony with my cock deep inside him. His older more experienced pussy had been stretched on more than one occasion and it felt good as I ploughed his sloppy man pussy until I fired a huge amount of cum deep inside him. Tony was hard again and this time he slid into me with little effort because of the man seed that had been leaking from my pussy. He was thumping away with his balls banging against my arse checks like the pro he was when my mobile cell phone sprang into life with my girlfriend’s numbers showing on the face. I said I ought to answer it and Tony stopped and kept his huge cock inside me as I talked to my girlfriend on the phone. Every now and then, Tony moved his cock to remind me he was still there as I told my girlfriend I was having an early night and would not be able to get back because the firm had called me earlier to tell me they wanted to show me round the next day. She understood and after she had told me her mum was OK, but staying in hospital I told her I loved her as I flick the phone off. I felt a mixture of emotion because there I was laying on a bed with a man’s cock inside me who I had only meet a few hours before and my girlfriend was going through all sorts back home but the bottom line was I had to be here with Tony because I had found a true like minded soul who understood what made me tick. Tony and I did not have much sleep that night because we fucked and smoked ourselves into the ground. Tony made sure he kept his room for the rest of the weekend and I made sure I was going nowhere until Monday morning because I wanted and needed Tony as a lover. It would be the start of a wonderful friendship between me and Tony which would lead to the breakup of my relationship with my girlfriend, but I knew it was going to happen before I met Tony and his wonderful array of fetish friends, but that as they say is another story. Before Tony there were mainly women and a hand full of men, after Tony there were so many men, I could not remember their names and the odd women thrown in for good measure.

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