Church Goers

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Ruth Cavanaugh was heavenly. She had an hourglass figure crowned with long thick red hair that cascaded to just below her shoulder blades. Her clear white skin was soft and radiant. Her small Irish nose was dappled with just the right number of freckles and her brown eyes smiled and twinkled with mischief. Her narrow waist emphasized the roundness of her hips, heart-shaped ass and her large firm breasts. Every man looking at her thought, “God, what I wouldn’t give to be the child who would suckle those beautiful breasts!”

Ruth only dated boys who went to church, specifically her church, regularly. That was the price they would have to pay if they wanted her. They would have to endure hours of sermons and hymn singing and praying Sunday after Sunday, month after month. God had given the gift of great beauty to Ruth and she knew it. No way was she going to squander God’s gifts on some pimply-faced devil’s child without exacting due penance. She had dated many young men, but they turned out to all be weak in the end and couldn’t go the distance. Driven by their lust they begged her to let them off the hook, but she just spurned them.

“No church? No tits, no ass, no tongue,” she would admonish.

“But how long must we attend before we get our holy reward?” they’d plea.

“Until the Holy Spirit moves me,” was always her staunch reply.

Ruth was a good girl and she was going to be a virgin when she got married, but she vowed that when she did marry she would be the wife/whore every man dreamed of marrying. Nothing would be off limits then. She would strip naked for her husband and he could use her body in whatever way he required. She would openly and unabashedly cum as if possessed by the rapture for his pleasure. She would suck his cock and drink down his seed as if it were communion wine or let him anoint her with it like some sacred unction.

Ruth liked to sit in one of the large box pews, common to old late 18th century New England Protestant churches, at the very back of the sanctuary. She liked to watch people at worship and she could see them all from her vantagepoint in the rear. Usually, some hopeful suitor would be seated beside her, but this week Ruth was alone.

Jake McGrath entered the church nodding his head approvingly at the pristine Federalist architecture. He had been looking for a new church since he moved to Cape Cod last winter. He had tried some other churches in the area, but so far none had suited him. Jake didn’t like to sit down front and he didn’t particularly like to sit alone so when he saw Ruth alone in her pew he decided to ask if he could sit with her,

“May I join you in your pew?”

“Why, yes, certainly. Here. I’ll move my coat”

“My name is Jake, Jake McGrath.”

“How do you do.” “My name is Ruth Cavanaugh. Pleased to meet you.”


Sitting down next to her, Ruth sized him up. He wore a navy sports jacket, yellow oxford cloth button down shirt, plaid tie, gray slacks and black loafers. He was of average build with medium brown hair and soft gray eyes. His hands looked strong, but there were no workman’s calluses and his nails were clean and trimmed. His smile was pleasant, no… charming, she thought, but he wasn’t anything special, really.

For weeks they met every Sunday in their box pew. They had chatted before service started and at coffee hour afterwards and became quite well acquainted. Ruth wondered why he had never made a pass at her or asked her for a date.

“He must be gay,” she thought, “but he doesn’t seem gay.”

Others at church seeing Ruth in her pew with this man every Sunday began to speculate on his staying power and no other man came near her while he occupied the pew.

Jake and Ruth sat in that box for an entire year and amazingly enough, knock-dead gorgeous Ruth Cavanaugh had fallen in love with ordinary old Jake McGrath.

“Well,” she thought, “I can’t stand it any more. Perhaps he has heard of my reputation and is waiting for me to make the first move? He certainly has paid the price.”

And so she decided that on the following Sunday she would ask him out and after exchanging their usual pleasantries she popped the question.

“Jake, would you like to go out with me?”

“Perhaps,” he replied. “You seem very nice and we’ve gotten to be really quite friendly sitting here, but I’m not sure you’re right for me.”

“What do you mean, not right for you?” Ruth had never heard that response before.

“Well, I only date women whom I would consider for marriage istanbul escort and I have rules about that.”

“There’s a switch,” she thought, “usually I’m the one making the rules!”

“Like what?” she asked aloud.

“First, before I will date them, they have to pass several tests and, actually, you have passed my first test by being in church every Sunday for a year.”

“Really? You’ll never believe this, but that’s my first test for a date, too!”

“The next part of the test has to do with obedience.”

“Obedience?” Ruth wasn’t sure she liked the sound of that.

“Yes, obedience. They’re simple requests, really.”

Skeptically, “How simple?”

“Will you come to church next Sunday with no bra on?”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

Next Sunday Ruth wore a lovely green shirtwaist dress to church. Her large breasts undulated beneath the jersey fabric and the satin slip she had on. He could see her nipples stood erect through the soft fabric.

“You didn’t want to touch them did you, Jake?”

“Not right now, but Ruth you look as beautiful as the Madonna. Your breasts are so full and round that any man would want to touch them. I’m sure many men have tried and honestly, Ruth, I am a man and so I think it would be great to touch them myself, but I’m not done with you yet. Next week I want you to come to church with no bra or panties or panty hose on under your dress. Will you do it?”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

The next Sunday Ruth wore a lovely robin’s egg blue dress. She couldn’t believe how erotic this was. She was wet from just the thoughts of sitting next to him with out her bra or panties in church. For the first time she was having a hard time containing herself. She though about all the young men she had teased unmercifully by the withholding of her sexuality, but this kind of titillating play was just her kind of fun. She always had liked church, and this game just made it better. There seemed to be something really spiritual in all this temptation and delayed gratification.

The dress she wore was such that he could see her magnificent breasts swing and her perky nipples, once again, were erect free from the restraints of a bra. She sat in the pew stretching out her shapely legs from under her full skirt, but she had put on stockings.

“Have you done as I ask?”


“What about those?” he said pointing to the hose.

” They’re thigh highs.”

“And what about your panties?”

“They’re off.”

“How do I know?”

“Well, you could check if you’d like.”

“You’d let me do that?”

“I think it will be okay. I have a full skirt and we’re sitting way back here in this box pew. I’m sure no one can see in and after the service has started everyone will be seated and facing forward anyway.”

In the first part of the liturgy there is a lot of movement. Everybody is up and down for announcements, opening words, first hymn, doxology, affirmation of faith, the Our Father, two readings and the offertory. Ruth expected him to check it out during one of the readings, but it wasn’t until after the offertory when the sermon began that he slipped his hand under her skirt and slid it all the way up resting his cupped hand on her mons and left it there.

Ruth was wild. Her pussy poured out her pre-coital juices like holy oil.

“You don’t mind if I keep my hand there do you for the sermon?” he whispered.

She squeaked out a “No,” as softly as she could, but it was a strain. She tried to listen to the sermon, but it was hopeless. She could not get her mind off the hand that rested on her mons and the fingers that occasionally played with her pubic hair and stroked just the top of her crease.

She looked over and saw that he was excited too. His penis had become engorged and pressed hard against the zipper of his fly. “Atta boy,” she thought.

At the end of the sermon he withdrew his hand. They sang the final hymn, joined in the unison benediction and went to coffee hour. Chatting for a bit and finishing their coffee they left together and headed for their cars

“That was lovely, Ruth. Thank you so much. I am so proud of your obedience. You are such a good girl and your wetness was so sexy. To feel you all through the sermon was just transcending. Next week I want you do the same thing only I want you to unzip my pants and free my cock. It was very uncomfortable today. You had me so hard it hurt.”

“How can I do that without anybody seeing?”

“I’ll bring escort bayan a topcoat and put it over my lap.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

He cupped her chin in his hand, she closed her eyes and he kissed her gently on the mouth. Their first kiss, sweet and tender, was perfect.

The following Sunday Ruth again obediently dressed as Jake had asked and as the sermon began Jake slid his hand up under her skirt to her already soaking pussy and under the cover of the topcoat he had laid across his lap, Ruth unzipped Jake’s pants and his cock broke free. He took his handkerchief out of his pocket and put it as a layer of protection in case he should cum. He had planned on keeping it under control, but he knew he might not be able to stop himself if he lost control because of her manipulations.

For the first few minutes Jake did as before playing with the hair of her bush and teasingly stroking the top of her crease. Then he slid his forefinger down her slit. He rested it on her clit and then started to make small circles. Ruth stifled her gasps and let the sensations ride as her clit swelled. She almost couldn’t stand it having to subdue all her natural vocalizations, but she didn’t want him to stop so she sucked it up and let him carry on.

She was so distracted by his deft diddling that she almost forgot that she was supposed to be stroking his cock at the same time. Uncircumcised, he had become erect enough that the head of his penis had pushed through his foreskin. His pre-cum had already oozed out and so she used the lubrication to finger the flange of his dick. Circling around the base of the head she came to the seam where she drove her thumb up and down and then over his cock’s velvet tip. “Jesus Christ,” he thought, “she’s good!”

They both managed to tune in to one another’s threshold and back off stimulation enough so neither one was brought to orgasm which was probably a good thing given they were in church. And they both agreed, during the final hymn, that they were so aroused that if they had cum during the sermon their moaning would have made an unforgivable scene.

After the service, instead of going to coffee, they decided to hang back and wait for the church to clear. Secreting themselves in the robing room behind the altar they waited until the last parishioner left and the door to the sanctuary was closed and Jake taking both of her hands in his, began.

“Darling, I have never known anyone like you. You are just terrific. No one has ever passed my tests before and you have been so incredibly responsive. You’re so in tune with my needs, Ruth, I know you are the right one for me.”

“O, Jake. I have waited so long for a man like you, too. No man has ever made it through a year of church going, never mind anything else. You are just the man I was looking for. I know that Providence has sent you my way. Jake, you know how I have done everything you’ve asked? Do you think you could do something for me?”

“I think so, Ruth. Like what?”

“Well, it has always been my fantasy to have sex on an altar of this church. Do you think that you could do that with me? You know I have fallen in love with you and you are so sweet and I think you are just a perfect match for me. God knows I’m even still wet from this morning’s devotions.

“O, Ruth, darling, you have answered my prayers.”

But Jake? I plan to be a virgin when I marry so if we have sex then it will have to be without you penetrating me. Is that okay for now?”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“Let’s take our time!”

Jake took Ruth by the hand and led her from the sacristy to the center of the altar. Starting with the top button he unbuttoned her dress and slipped it from her shoulders. It fell in soft folds at her feet leaving her standing in loveliness in her white satin and lace slip. He slid the spaghetti straps down and the slip went the way of her dress landing at her feet.

He stepped back to survey her beauty. Her hands were clasped in front of her abdomen and her head and eyes were modestly bowed.

“Put your arms out like butterfly wings and look up,” he gently commanded.

Her arms rose as gracefully as angel wings and she looked demurely up at him meeting his eyes.

He backed down the two steps of the altar in awe. Her alabaster body glowed in the light of the sanctuary. Breathlessly, he took in the length of her. Beginning with the red hair that framed her sweet face and caressed her shoulders, his eyes fell to her large round firm breasts with their escort istanbul magnificent dark alveoli punctuated by pert meaty nipples. Following the line of her torso he continued down to her narrow waist, round hips and flat tummy, to where her flame colored bush decorated her crotch at the top of her athletic legs that were well defined but not too muscular.

His cock ached in its confinement. He stepped forward and putting his arms around her, looked up. Their mouths met in an open-mouthed kiss and they eagerly explored each other’s embouchure. The altar was just high enough that after releasing their kiss his face naturally fell into her tits. She wrapped her arms around his head pressing him into her, smothering him in the soft fleshy mounds. His hands found their way and he began to knead her orbs. His mouth zeroed in on target and he suckled one then the other of the succulent melons reveling in the mouth full.

She looked down and watched him like a mother watching her babe.

“O, Jake. Suck me hard, Jake. Suck me like you were going to get a meal out of them. That’s it, darling. Yes, hard like that.”

She let him feed for several minutes lightly stroking his cheek and brow and running her fingers through his hair. Then gently raising his head from the teat she said, “Now it’s my turn, Jake.”

She stripped his clothes off and threw them in the front pew. His manhood was standing straight up extended to it’s fullest. She pushed him down so that he was kneeling at the altar, which brought his face to her crotch. Spreading her legs she drew his head into her mons and moaned, “Eat me Jake.”

Using both hands he parted her labia exposing her swollen clit to him. He plunged in licking and sucking with the same hungry mouth that had nursed her tits and she shoved his head deeper to her.

Groaning and sighing in heaving pleasure she urged him on and begged him. “Slip a finger in my ass, Jake. Put it up my ass.”

Using her own dripping juices he lubricated his forefinger and slipped it in her anus and began plunging it in and out.

The intense sucking and penetration of her ass increased her cries in enthrallment. Getting louder and louder, she climaxed humping his head and smearing her sex juices that poured out of her vagina all over his face.

“My Lord what a morning!” she laughed. “I’ve never felt the power like that before! O, Jake, that was divine. Hallelujah!”

“Is that so. Well now, my angel, it’s my turn to feel the rapture.”

They swapped places and Ruth knelt on the altar. Looking innocently up she opened her mouth like a supplicant at the rail and, Jake with one hand on her head and one hand on his tool he fed her his throbbing cock.

She circled her arms around his hips and held on to the cheeks of his ass, one in each hand.

Gently riding his cock in and out of her mouth she tongued the shaft and swirled and feathered its purple head. She helped him come and go rhythmically pulling and pulsing with her hands planted firmly on his butt.

He moved his hand to the back of her head and began to thrust his cock deeper. She closed her eyes trying to concentrate so that she could take in more of him.

“O, Ruth, you are such a good girl and your mouth is so sweet.”

She tried to open her throat more as he every few thrusts Jake would give her the whole thing. She gagged at first, but he gave her time to swallow and recover and she gradually improved being able to deep throat it with greater frequency.

“I love it when you take it all, Ruth. Your sucking is exquisite. Take it all, babe.”

As his drive became more urgent he became less patient. He took her head in both of his hands and fucked her mouth mercilessly. She closed eyes as she gagged, but she continued to suck, opening up and deep-throating as she could and encouraging him by moaning and pulling on his ass with her hands.

He came hard and she swallowed his sperm. Sucking hard caused his semen to rush from his balls and as he cried out in ecstasy, she sucked him dry.

“O, God, Ruth. That was magnificent. Thank you. Wow! Whew! That was extraordinary. Praise be! Thank you, Lord!” he shouted to the choir loft. “What an incredible blessing you have given me.”

Spent, the two reclaim their clothes and walk down the aisle out of the church both agreeing that having sex there was the most religious experience they had ever had.

“I think we missed coffee hour, Jake.”

“Yeah think?”

“Yeah, I think. Let’s go to the cafe across the street and get a coffee there.”

“That’s a good idea. And Ruth? I have one last request of you.”

“You do? What is it darling?”

“Will you marry me?”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”


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