Church Encounter

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Mel and mom had decided to attend church every Sunday. I dont know why peobably to repent or something.
‘Ellen dear wake up Church today!’ Mel said.

I slowly arose from my slumber and entered the shower. Not being very fancy, i put on my full black mini dress that was kinda see thro. I had no proper dresses so i guess this would do. We arrived at church and we took our seats. I was bored as hell in this death trap. The Church couir slowly assembled onto the stand and started to sing. My ears couldnt believe! A nice voice came ringing into my ears. I looked up and noticed a cute 13 year old standing doing a singing solo. She was Blonde haired and brown eyes. My eyes opened wider each time i heard a syllable she was that amazing.

Each sunday i heard that beautiful voice. The whole church was invited to the Fathers 48th birthday and ofcourse i would have to attend.

We arrived at the local park nice and early to ensure we wouldnt be late. I rocked up in a white tank top and denim mini shorts with my LA hat. It was 1 in the evening and everyone had turn up. I was alone on the swing just sitting there twittering and on facebook.

‘Hello im Samantha.’
When i heard the nicest voice ever i looked to my right and saw her. She was my height and nice small body.

‘Im Ellen.’
‘Can i swing with you?’
‘Go ahead.’
Samantha went to the swing and we started talking about how are lifes were going and girl talk. It was casino şirketleri 3 and it was time to leave. Me and samantha exchanged moble number so we could hang out more. It was a wednesday and i got a text from Samantha saying ‘Hey Ellen, i was wondering if you might want to stay over this saturday and come to Church with me? Xx Sam’

Of course i responded with ‘yes i would love to!’
It was saturday morning and i quickly woke up packed my stuff up and waited for Sam. Sam knicked on the door, i opened it and we left. She lived 20 minutes away from me but i didnt care we kept walking. We arrived at hers and she amiddently asked ‘Want to go for a swim?’

I went to the bathroom and put on my black bikini. I went to the pool and saw that Sam was wearing a white bikini. ‘i little revealing!’ i thought to my self. We were in the pool allday swimming and taking photos.
‘Time for showers!’ she hopped out of the pool and turned to face. Looked directly at her slit and felt wet.
‘is it ok if we share a shower we only have one?’
‘Thats fine’ i replied.

We went into the bathroom and locked the door. Samantha turned to face me and took off her bikini top. She had wonderful perkyl Bcup breasts and small pink nipples. Then she took off her bottoms and revealed her hairless virgin pussy. I followed suit and took off my bikini. We hopped in the shower and washed eachother all over. She rubbed her hand over my pussy a couple times and casino firmaları over my breasts. We hopped out of the shower and dried of and put on are clothes.
‘Sam where are your parents?’
‘Their out till tomorrow so this place is all ours!!’

I went to my bag and popped out a bottle of bundie and coke.
‘What are you doing Ell?’
‘Getting drunk, what you doing?’
‘Drinking underage is against the law!’
‘Who cares babe have some.’

We drank the whole 2 bottles i packed and we were completly drunk.
‘Hey Ell come here!’ she said slowly
I managed to walk over to her and saw her sitting on the toilet. I knelt down and she kissed me.
‘ive wanted to do that ever since i first saw you!’

I stood up and took of my shirt and skirt and kissed sam back. She felt my boob and forced her tounge down my throat. I stood us up and dragged her to her room and we layed on the bed voilently pashing. Sam took of all off her clothes and since she was ontop she thrusted her pussy into my panties. I hopped up and took of my clothes and sat on Sams stomach forcing my tounge in her throat while rubbing my pussy on her. I moved down towards her naked pussy and stroked it. I then put a finger in her and inserted another. After i fingered her to her first orgasm i started to lick her.
‘Baby let me lick you to.’
I slowly moved into the 69 position. I kept licking her while she licked me. To be honest it was tge greatest feeling.

Sam güvenilir casino pushed me of and went to her mom an dads room and i followed. Sam searched all around the room untill she turned around with a box of sex toys.
‘Why has your parents got all of these, arnt they christian?’
‘no,’ Sam said ‘I am becuase every weekend they have sex with different people and thet are happily married.’
‘Is there thing i can do?’
‘Can we try this?’ Sam pulled out a red 12 inch double sided dildo.

I gasped and she said ‘Mom sometimes had mates over and so did dad so…’
We both layed down and put are legs over eachothers an i inserted 1 side easily.
Sam opened her mouth wide and said
‘how did you get it in so easily!!??’
‘well, a couple weeks ago was my birthday my dad came and visited and Mel and mom left and me an my dad had sex.’
‘Wow! I wish my dad was like that!’
Sam soonly got the dildo in her virgin pussy and we thrusted all the way till are pussys touched. We were both moaning untill we were brought to orgasms. No matter, we kept thrusting.

I pulled the dildo out of my pussy and into my arse. We still kept moaning louder and louder and shouting ‘oh yes!’

We pulled the dildo out and started sucking it. We went back to her room and hopped in bed nude next to each other facing eachother. We fell asleep kissing and fingering one another

I woke up drenched in my own pussy juices and i put on my Mini skirt and tank top and woke Sam up. I licked her pussy once and told her i had to go. When i got home i ammeditly went to my room and fingered my self. Best sleep over ever!

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