Chubby Craig

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Chubby CraigI picked up Craig at a local cottage, never seen him in there before, I’d say he was in his early 30s, he must have just finished work as he still had his work overalls and boots on, this is what probably turned me on to him.I did all the usual stuff and asked him if he wanted to go for some fun in the back of my van, he nodded and off we went, for the whole of the journey I kept looking at Craig’s thick thighs, it sent a tingle down to my balls, I was horny really fucking horny, just couldn’t wait to sit on his cock. I didn’t see Craig’s cock at the urinals and I couldn’t see it through his tight overalls, but the size of his body was enough to get me horny.Craig had a partner and I asked him why he frequented cottages, something different from her, he said. He then went on to tell me he walked in on his dad fucking his neighbour on the sofa, it was a bloke he was fucking, I didn’t know what to do but a few days after he spilled it all out to me and explained that he needed someone to be close to after his wife left him. Craig went on to say this is when he came out and admitted to his dad that he was bi and his dad told him about all the cruising areas.We stopped at a secluded forest car park and got into the back of the van, I stripped off while Craig watched me. I moved pendik escort closer and Craig grasped my cock in his large hands as I undid his overalls and felt his white smooth tits.I unhooked his overalls from his shoulders and pulled them down, he had nothing apart from a pair of red briefs on, I dropped to my knees and undid his boots and took them off, Craig finished off by removing his overalls, I rubbed my hand up and down his chubby torso, fuck I’ve hit the jackpot here I thought. As always I took my time I didn’t want to scare him if he thought I was doing weird stuff, Craig dropped to his knees and we started some intimate kissing while I fondled his cock through his briefs. I asked him if I could rim his arse, Craig didn’t know what it was so I explained, he turned around and took his briefs off, he then bent over, I asked him to spread his legs, I went to town on that rim for quiet a while, I lubed my finger with my spit and slowly inserted it into his hole, the shock of my finger penetrating him made Craig’s whole body shoulder, “Ohhh what that” he said, “my finger” I replied, do you like it, yes keep doing it. By this time Craig wS on all fours, I could see his pre cum dribbling from his cock, I repositioned myself on my back and slid my head in-between his legs and escort pendik started sucking his dribbling cock. Craig was only semi hard by this point so I kept fingering his arse while sucking his cock, it didn’t take long for him to get rock solid. Craig laid flat on his back his cock was solid so lubed his cock and my arse and straddled his waist and sat on his cock. Craig put his hands behind his head as I rode his cock long and hard, he didn’t have a particually large cock but it still felt good.Cock size doesn’t really bother me I just I prefer having sex with a Bi or straight men especially if their married, I asked Craig if there’s anything he wanted to do, “fuck my face” he replied “and shoot your spunky load all all over it”. I dismounted Craig’s cock and got on all fours so my cock was hanging in his face, he took it in mouth and I started to fuck it. He was loving it, he took the whole of my 7 inch thick shaft, he started to gag on it but he still wanted more, he started to finger my hole first with one then two fingers, to say he hadn’t done this before he sure was a quick learner, I withdrew my cock from his mouth and he asked me to sit on his face which I did, he took my balls in his mouth and started to suck them, moving his head up to my hole, I helped him by pendik escort bayan pulling my arse cheeks apart as he began to rim my hole.I’d not cum for a few days so my balls were full, I told him I was ready, I stood up as he got on his knees ready to receive my load, my cock was ozzing pre cum and Craig licked it off with his ruff tongue on my bell end. Within a few seconds of that my balls exploded and his face was covered in my warm spunky cum, he smiled and licked his lips as my spunk dribbled down his face.I then asked him to to shoot his load in me, I laid on my back and lifted my legs to reveal my hole, “fuck me hard like you fuck your wife”, I said, there was no hesitation as he took his posidon and rammed his cock in my hole. His large torso hung over me as he bang my hole with such force it made the van move from side to side, I grabbed his tits and squeezed them tight it lasted for a good ten minutes before he shot his spunk in me, he carried on thrusting for a couple of minutes after.We cleaned ourselves off and started playing with each others cock and balls while we spoke, he asked me if we could do it again sometime, you bet I said. Craig became one of my regulars, not only that he asked me if I would be interested in a session with his dad, bit weird I thought but he showed me a picture on his phone, fuck, he’s a big bloke, I couldn’t refuse, give him my number I said. Craig took a picture of me and my cock and said he’ll text it to him, I didn’t have to wait long as Craig’s dad contacted me the day after.

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