Christmas Party with Mom

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It was the time of year when people greet each other with a smile, snow flurries whip around your legs, and office parties become wild extravaganzas.

My fathers insurance company was no exception. I don’t know why I said yes but here I was acting as Santa to a bunch of drunk paper pushers and their spouses.

Dad came to me yesterday complaining about his troubles. He was in charge of the Christmas party this year and his “Santa” had backed out at the last minute.

All other rent-a-Santa’s were booked so he turned to me. As a linebacker on the university football team I would fit the costume and he would save face.

The fact that he’d pay me $200 for the night helped too. He promised that since I have never stopped by his office, no one would know who I was. Just some random St Nicholas in the old style robes.

So here I sit with Mrs Whoever she is wiggling in my lap telling me she wants me wrapped up and under her tree. She’s not very original. I’ve heard that line from 7 wives and 1 gay mail clerk.

These men need to do more work at home keeping their wives happy or they are going to lose them, to me if I could help it. I’ve grabbed more tit tonight than at a frat party.

It didn’t help that I had three scantly clad female elves helping me hand out gifts.

One was the hot blonde receptionist with her large rack squeezing out the top of her costume.

The second was some gal from the secretary pool. Long legs, long brown hair, and her ass was to die for.

The third was by far the best of the three. She was my mom. At 5’9″ she was tall and beautiful. Not the fashion model/artificial beauty of the other two, but a real beauty you felt deep inside and stirred your groin with desire.

Her long wavy blonde hair hung down her back to her exquisite full ass which topped her long toned legs. She proudly displayed her 36D breast and a flat stomach trailing down to what I’m sure is paradise in a thong.

I must admit, she has been the object of many a masturbatory session over the years and not just for me. All my friends have commented about their desires to join her in joyous sweaty celebration.

Mom and I had a wonderful relationship together. As dad was the executive VP of the company, he was on the road quite often so mom and I hung out together a lot.

We would go clubbing and get the weirdest looks. I’m sure they thought she was a cougar with her prey. She wouldn’t dance with anyone else and that was fine with me. Some nights when the liquor would flow, our friendly flirtation would get kinda hot but we always stopped before it got to far.

I can say that we have kissed and there has been some petting but never without clothes. Dad was unaware and we figured it was all in good fun as long as it was in the family.

Tonight was just such a night. The open bar helped to lift everyones moods and liberate their libidos. Kisses were shared by all and I received many.

There’s nothing like a milf sitting on your lap, shoving her tongue down your throat, and grabbing your cock. To be truthful casino siteleri I am a large guy. I’m no John Holmes but I can impress the ladies.

Mom kept teasing me about the way the women swooned in my lap but as the night drew on I could tell she was getting annoyed, or was it jealousy?

Occasionally there were down times when the officers of the company were making speeches in the conference room down the hall, Mom would sit on my lap and cover up under my robes.

She said she was cold but I knew better. As soon as she was inside her hands would slide down to my crotch and rest on my cock and her finger danced across the now throbbing member.

We talked and giggled. I would tickle her thighs, ribs, and “accidentally” brush her breast with my palm. We kissed occasionally and slipped tongues.

When we heard the applause she would squeeze my cock and get up. By the third speech we had a routine and were getting bolder in our touching and getting drunk helped too. Mom climbed in and grabbed my cock straight off this time.

“Watching all those bitches molest you is making me horny, Sweetie.”

Mom whispered as the group wandered away to listen.

“It’s having the same effect on me”

“I can tell. You’re hard as a rock right now.” her hand sliding up and down on my shaft.

I brazenly grabbed her tits and squeezed and I kissed her deeply.

“Mmmmm, Baby, That feels so good but you shouldn’t be touching Mommy like that.”

With my cock in her hand and the booze in my brain I no longer cared that she was my mom. I slipped my hand inside her top and pinched her nipple before sliding my palm across her breast.

“Ooohhh, yes!” she squealed quietly and covered my mouth with hers. My other hand dove under her short skirt to find a moist silk thong. I pulled it aside as she opened her thighs for better access.

My fingers danced on her clit and Mom responded by reaching inside my pants to grasp my cock. She moaned as her hand found my tip oozing precum. She spread it across my shaft to slip smoother.

I slipped a finger deep inside her and felt her pussy tighten around it. Stroking in and out, I added another digit. Mom started bucking against my hand and moaning into my mouth. My thumb teased her clit as my fingers delved deep inside. Her climax came suddenly and she clamped hard on my cock. All her muscles tensed, she buried her face in my shoulder, and she screamed into it.

As if in response to our performance, applause sounded from the conference room.

“I’ll take care of this later.” she promised with a kiss and a gentle squeeze to my cock. She stood up and straightened her skirt as the first of the drunk wives came toppling back in view shouting “Hey Santa. Want to see what’s in my stocking?”

My turn came later that evening when we were getting ready to go. Dad had a limo for us downstairs and we were waiting for him to finish up.

“I’m sorry but it’s going to be a bit of a wait.” Dad said. “Jerry got drunk and tripped over a desk. He broke his nose and I get to do the paperwork. slot oyna Why don’t you guys take the limo home and I’ll catch a cab.”

“Are you sure?” Mom asked as she glanced at me with a gleam in her eye.

“Ya, go ahead. You two have fun and I”l see you later.”

“Ok, Honey” Mom said with a kiss. She spun around, locked her arm in mine and off we went.

We caught the elevator with several others and mom closed in tight in front of me. I felt her hand snake up and gently rub my cock through the robes. I was even more surprised when I felt another hand grab my ass.

Looking to my left, I saw Dads boss kissing his wife as she reached for me. Her eyes burning with lust as she looked at me over his shoulder.

I grinned and wiggled my tongue at her while my hand was busy playing with moms beautiful ass. My god, was it was steamy in there by the time we got to the lobby.

Mom and I climbed into the waiting limo and told the driver to take a long slow route home. Not wanting to be disturbed, Mom closed the partition to the driver.

“I believe we have some unfinished business to attend to, Santa.” Mom Stated as she slid up against me. Her hand slipped inside the robe to caress the front of my shorts.

My cock was straining from all the teasing tonight and needed relief soon. Mom and I kissed and I palmed her breast greedily. Our tongues twirled for a minute till she pulled away and dove between my legs.

I almost ripped the costume getting it off. Mom licked her lips and pulled down my shorts. My cock popped free and bounced happily in front of her gleaming eyes.

“Oh my, Craig. This thing is beautiful!”

“Thanks, now start sucking.”

“Gladly.” she said laughing.

Mom started licking and kissing the tip as she cupped my balls in her hand. Her other hand encircled the base and teased and squeezed it.

I was thrilled to feel her lips spread over the head and slide down my shaft, her tongue playing across the veined bottom. A twist of her head and some suction, she pulled back and let it pop out with a smack.

“You taste good, honey.” She said before she went back to work on my cock. I’ve had a fair share of blow jobs in my life and I can say without a doubt that mom was talented.

Sliding up and down, sucking, humming, licking, and moaning all while rolling my balls had me ready to blast in no time.

“I’m coming, Mom!” I shouted and raised my ass off the seat.

Mom kept up the suction until the first blast, then she opened wide so I could see it shoot off in her tongue. She swallowed most of it but it over flowed and ran down her chin. Mom licked me clean when I slumped back down then wiped her chin and licked her fingers clean.

“Oh, so yummy” She said with a smile. “I hope you got more for Mommy?”

“Any time you want.”

“How about now but I want you to fuck me with that monster first.”

Mom leaned back on the opposite seat and unzipped her costume. Slowly removing it she revealed her beautiful body to me. I sat staring for a second in appreciation but canlı casino siteleri quickly climbed over to her when she threw the costume on the floor and held out her hands to me.

I started to kiss my way down to her hairless pussy but she pulled me back up “No need for that, Honey. I’m wet and ready for you NOW!!”

She wasn’t kidding either. Mom grasped my cock and led my in. She was tight but so hot and wet I had no problem plunging in to my balls after a few strokes. “OH GOD!!! YEEESSS!!” She screamed as she shuddered against me in her first orgasm.

It seems she was primed and ready to explode as well. We slowly continued increasing speed as our needs grew.

Mom’s fingernails clawed my lower back as I sawed in and out. She bucked against my hips and moaned happily. I grabbed one leg and raised it to my shoulder kissing the calf and grunting. Our thrust must have been rocking the limo but we didn’t care, Too deep into our sexual bonding.

“Cu-cu-cumming!!!” Mom stuttered as she shook.

” I felt my own juices boiling but didn’t want to end this joyous occasion to soon. I pulled out and spun her around. A quick glance of admiration for that ass and I was back at it from behind.

I held moms hips with one hand and grabbed her swinging breast with the other. A healthy squeeze got a hot “Fuck ya.” out of mom. “Pinch them, please.”

Who am I to deny my moms request. I came to find out that mom likes it a little rough. Oh, the fun we would have finding out our limits, but that’s another story.

I pounded mom hard and had to straighten up to keep from falling over. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Mom shouted. I smacked her ass a few times and soon felt the familiar tightening of my balls. “I’m gonna blow!” I cried and Mom reached back and grabbed my ass. “Cum inside me. I want to feel you.”

I held off as long as I could but soon enough I pushed in with all I had and released inside my Mom. In that instant the whole incest thing hit me. Here is my mother bent over with my hard cock exploding inside the womb I came out of. ‘Oh shit yes!’ I thought. ‘This is so awesome.’

Spent, we fell back into the seat. Mom laying against me, lazily stroking my semi hard cock. I felt closer to her now than ever before.

“I love you, Mom”

“I love you too. Who’d have thought my little boy would grow up to be such a stud?”

“I’m glad you like it. It’s your’s whenever.”

“Thank you, Dear. Understand that I love your father and will never leave him but I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your father is gay. He has been having an affair with the mail clerk you met tonight.

I let him play because he still loves me and he even asked me if I wanted to take a lover. I told him no, that I love you two and don’t want to bring anyone else into the relationship.

When I told him how you had been paying attention to me, he suggested I seduce you. It took only a moment to see the logic and I do love you deeply. Now I get my lover and get to keep this in the family. I hope you understand.”

I was a bit shocked. I never guessed they were not lovers. They are so happy together and if this is what they want who am I to judge?

“Yes Mom, I’d love to be your ‘Secret’ lover.” We sealed the deal with a kiss.

To Be Continued . . . . Maybe?

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