Christmas Holidays 2018

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After work on Friday I went to my mum and dad`s for Christmas week as Daddy was away on a pre-booked break with Daisy his wife who we call P.

Maybe I will ask permission to call her Daisy when I go back on Saturday.

Friday evening was the night I thought I would get dads belt for both being late for work one day and being carless and ending up with an infection.

I thought wrong, dad said it would now be Sunday as he did not want to undo the benefits of the antibiotics I had been taking.

I guessed he had been talking to my bank boss and the doctor, both from our church.

I thanked and hugged him, then realised, Sunday was the day my `Boy Friend` and his mum and dad were coming for lunch after church, but mentioning it never really crossed my mind, my dad obviously wanted to show off my perfectly spank free bottom before he corrected me, he told my brother not to touch it either.

Mum took me shopping to Leeds on the Saturday and we had a lovely lunch at one of the Italian restaurants in the centre, my treat.

Mum said she missed me being home and now my brother was to become a man this week, was not dreading, but was apprehensive of him having the power to spank, belt, even cane, if he had a good enough reason, and even more apprehensive if he decided to f*ck her, sucking was not a problem as she had always looked after his willy to sooth him after one of dads punishments.

But like me, she realised it was not her place to question, it is what we and generations before us, had been brought up to believe about the female place in a Baptist world.

After dinner that night my brother asked if I wanted to share his bed with his friend who was staying over, dad heard him and reiterated no spanking.

I helped clear the table and went for a shower, they were waiting with their willy`s out on the top step, so I sucked and wanked them both as I passed.

We had a lovely night, so loving.

We went to church on Sunday and I was allowed, in fact placed, next to Brian who was sat next to his mum and dad.

It felt so very, very right, his fingers touched my bare leg, I nearly exploded.

“How are you Poppy?”

“I`m bahis firmaları so good now I am next to you Sir.” ok, corny but so very true.

Mum and dad spoke to his mum and dad, although long time members of our church their paths rarely passed, I guess he must have told them about my punishment, Brian`s dad looked at me and smiled, so I told Brian and he put his arm round me and squeezed me.

Little did I know then, sat in the church the part Brian would be playing, thanks to Daddy, who was thousands of miles away.

We drank our coffee, said our goodbyes to the rest of the congregation and headed home I was allowed in with Brian in his big long sexy, room to f*ck in the back car.

Mum had done a lovely lunch and I helped clear away.

“Mr. and Mrs. Green, Brian, we now have the task of dealing with this errant young one, undress Poppy.”

They all nodded.

“Yes Sir.”

I undressed and put my hands folded behind my back.

Dad pulled out one of the kitchen buffets into the centre of the room.

“Brian, would you please give Poppy a warm up spanking prior to her whipping?”

I gulped.

“Yes of course Sir, Poppy, come to my right.”

“Yes Sir.”

I stood to his right and he took my arm and lowered me over. I grasped the bottom rung of his stool tight and opened my legs to pop my pussy lips open, knowing many pairs of eyes were on me on my bottom, on my pussy, on my wet pussy.

Brian began slow and light and after 5 minutes my tears were as loud as the slaps.

Dad came up and rubbed my bottom. “Well done Brian, I can see one day she will be well taken care off.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Brian stood me up and I folded my arms behind my back again, tears dripping onto my breasts and running down over my stiff nipples onto the floor, he wiped each one deliberately with his hand.

Dad went over to the kitchen wall by the fire and unhooked his cord from its hook.

“Prayer position please Poppy.”

I stood, legs slightly apart to stop falling.

I reached to the sky and clasped my hands as if saying my prayers

It was dad`s way to give a punishment knowing I would look kaçak iddaa skyward and pray for him to stop.

“I know you have been expecting this more severe punishment do to your actions?”

“Yes Sir and believe I do deserve the consequences of my poor choices.”

I took a deep, deep breath.

He looped the cord and the first lash across my back weeped over onto my right breast, then the left breast was touched,

I was whipped all over, back and front, top and bottom, maybe 20 lashes, he stopped and hugged me, I was in floods of tears but never moved from my spot.

“Good, brave girl” he kissed my forehead and put me in the corner

Mum and dad saw our guests out and as soon as the door closed I felt my brothers cock between my legs i opened wider for him and he glided in, it was so naughty, so bad, but so good.

Their engine started and he pulled out and ran upstairs.

Mum went into the sitting room and dad bent me over the kitchen table to sooth me, I heard his zipper and felt his cock split my lips I pushed back onto him and…

Grandpa and Gran came to stay for Christmas and of course he wanted to see “The New Boys” spanking and dads whipping, it had faded a little in the 24 hours and he traced every lash on my body with his finger, paying particular notice of my nipples, he squeezed them and I shrieked, him and Gran laughed.

Gran patter her knee and I went over for a Gran spanking it was lovely, yes I cried, but loving spankings are just that, loving.

She finished, and Grandpa said I was to go to my room.

He followed me up and told gran he would not be long, she nodded.

He put me in a corner and I heard him undressing.

“Would you like another whipping Poppy?”

“No Sir.”

“Did you hear me undress?”

“Yes Sir I did.”

“And never turned and kneeled?”

“Sir, I never thought.”

“Then I will give you the belting to make you remember.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir, should I bend double, just as you like to see me?”

“No I will whip those sore titties, turn and hold them up.”

I did as I was told and got 10 on each tit end, he then pushed me to my knees and kaçak bahis I sucked his cock rock hard.

“Now bend double Poppy.”

Gramps took me from behind and soon cum.

Him and Gran had the room next door and she got a big belting and doing that night and he also visited me again.

Christmas day was magical, everyone was tired out and we all slept well that night.

It was my brother’s big birthday on Boxing Day and I knew he would belt me over the table given a chance so kept out of the way and caught the early bus to work on Thursday morning. Being a bank we had only 2 days holiday and 1 took the Monday as one of my floating holiday days and thought parents should have time off before me.

Brian was outside when I finished work, and we spent 2 long fucks in the back of his car, this time a thin mattress and cover.

He took me home and I invited him in dad was happy to see him and he met Gramps and Gran properly, not just in a congregation.

It was time to go and he whispered for me to pop upstairs and remove my knickers and come back down again.

He kissed me on the door step and pushed his cock into me for a stand-up fuck, wow, and I mean wow, how I love that man and cannot wait to serve him.

I went to work again on Friday and when I got home I heard a belting, my brother had mum over the kitchen table.

I think dad had gone out on purpose, so his son could finally become a man.

The belting stopped, I peaked in the window just as he had his cock out and mum was suckling, she brought him to a cum before he could do her.

I waited for the next bus to arrive and pretended I missed the one before it, hence earning a belting, in front of mum, and the fucking that followed

After dinner he ordered me upstairs and I head mum get another strapping in her bedroom and the fucking he had so wanted to give her.

I was ordered into his bed and after his shower we cuddled as he warned me of his intentions of ruling the roost when dad was out, to emphasise, his cock rammed my pussy lips open and he mounted me from the side.

As if I had not seen and heard, he bragged, “Mum got the hiding she deserved today, the last one I had her strip and whipped her tits too, he stiffened, and he pushed harder into me with his cock.

Thank the Lord I was going to my Daddies first thing in the morning, boy did I have a lot to tell him.

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