Christmas Eve

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It was late Christmas Eve when you arrived home, but in entering the living room, you realized that it was worth the wait. You saw her sitting in front of the Christmas tree, the soft white lights giving her a surreal aura. Sinatra played softly in the background and she hadn’t heard you come in, so you stood there, unannounced, drinking in the beauty of the picture before you.

A fire crackled in the stone fireplace and the warmth spread throughout the room. You don’t know how long you stood there until you were mystically drawn to her. Even though you approached silently and from behind, she seemed to know that you were there and did not start as you gently touched her shoulder.

She turned toward you slowly with a smile that not only made your heart skip a beat, but also started a spark within the pit of your stomach. You weren’t sure if the fire you saw reflected in her eyes was reflecting from the fireplace or from what you must have been feeling at that moment.

She reaches toward the fireplace and picks up the rum and coke that had been placed there, awaiting your arrival. As you take the drink, your fingers connect with hers and you are startled by the intensity of the feelings that the simple touch creates within you.

She reaches toward you to untie the tie that still hangs from your neck and her nimble fingers slowly undo the buttons of your shirt. You feel the fire in you grow until the flames slowly consume you. You put your drink back down and reach for her. She is wearing only a royal blue silk robe and the fabric is warm from the fire and smells of her perfume. Your hands slowly untie the belt to allow the robe to fall open, exposing the porcelain skin to your roaming hands. The firelight makes the fine silver chain that you gave her the night before sparkle rivaling the diamonds in her hazel eyes.

Your own shirt has been removed and she gently scratches the skin with her nails. You are both kneeling on the floor facing each other now and neither of you seem to want to change positions at this point, so you spend the next few moments simply exploring and reacquainting yourselves with the body that you know as well as your own. You slide the robe off her shoulders and it drapes at her back. The firelight makes her skin glow and you lean forward to trail kisses from her shoulder, to her neck and eventually you capture her lips. You become obsessed with the taste of her and nudge her mouth open with your tongue so that you can claim the treasure within. Your breathing becomes erratic as your lips separate from hers. She, too, is kağıthane escort trying to catch her breath. You take this opportunity to shift positions, standing and drawing her up with you, gently removing the robe from her body. She reaches for your belt, swiftly undoing it and removing your pants. She folds them neatly and puts them with your shirt and tie. You are left with only boxers and socks, which you remove while she moves your clothes to the rocking chair in the corner.

As she returns to your waiting arms, you hold her close, feeling her now hardened nipples press against your chest. As she looks up, you feel like you are drowning in the dark pools of her eyes. She raises herself on the tips of her toes and at the same time reaches behind your head and pulls your lips down to hers. Her kiss, feather light at first, touches the corners of your mouth then becomes bolder and she gently nips your bottom lip. You let out a groan and you both sink to the floor. She is there, a feast for your senses. It is then that you notice that she had plucked a single yellow rose from the bouquet that you had sent earlier in the day and is still holding it in her free hand. You reach for the fragrant flower and slowly draw it across her skin. You see the soft flesh react to the petals as you touch her nipples and pull the bloom through the valley between her breasts. Her back arches as she is slowly tormented by the delicate fragrance and exquisite sensation. You continue the descent with the rose; gently spreading her legs so that the two flowers finally meet. You move closer so that you can breathe in the fragrance of the flower, combined with the heady aroma of her obvious need. She feels your warm breath on her inner thighs and is suddenly overcome by an orgasm that she had no idea was so close to the surface.

You watch in wonderment as her juices flow from the pink swollen lips, knowing that it was you that brought her to this place and it is your name that she now whispers in a voice that is like music to your ears. You place the rose on the fireplace and slowly drink the nectar from her flower, taking the time and care that only a true lover can. Your own need is great, yet you only want to please her right now. You know that time is of no consequence.

As you notice that her breathing has slowed, you reach for the blanket that is draped on the sofa behind you. The two of you sit in front of the fire, wrapped only in the blanket and each other, savoring the intimacy and the silence.

She turns toward you and softly şişli escort places her hand against your cheek, absently tracing your lower lip with her thumb as she gazes into your eyes. Her lips slowly form a mischievous smile and her eyes take on the sparkle that you know means she is ready to play. With that she gently pushes you onto your back on the floor and begins the assault.

Her hands seem to be everywhere on your body and you feel your flesh begin to respond. You try to capture her to fulfill the need in you, but she manages to evade you each time. She reaches for her glass of white wine but rather than take a drink, you watch entranced as she slowly drizzles it on your nipples. The cold liquid seems to sizzle on your skin. She then proceeds to encircle the damp area with her hot mouth and you nearly lose the tight control you have on your now rigid erection. You know there is no sense in rushing her or trying to gain the upper hand in this situation. She has you right where she wants you and in truth, right where you want to be. She continues the onslaught with the wine, pouring a stream down the center of your chest, on to your abdomen and leaving a pool in your navel. As she tantalizingly laps the now warm liquid from your skin with swirling circular motions, stopping every so often to lave extra attention to some spot that seems to have caught her attention, you wait for the right moment to make your move.

That opportunity comes as she finishes the last drop from your navel and turns to set the glass down. You seize the moment and pounce. You encircle her waist and pull her down on top of you. You hear her laugh and for a moment you feel her feeble attempt to regain control of the situation. One look into her impish smile tells you that she wants you inside her as much as you want to be there. You roll her over onto her back and she spreads her legs to invite you in. Knowing that the path is paved with her body’s own honey, you insert the head and with one long stroke, completely bury yourself within her sheath. You become committed to a rhythm, withdrawing only to impale yourself again. Her long legs wrap themselves around your waist, drawing you closer. You look into her eyes and see the hunger that mirrors your own. You feel her muscles tighten and as she once again approaches a climax, but rather than only watching this time, you feel the wave take over her body as she arches up into you. As her explosion commences, so do the eruptions that take over your senses. You find her soft lips and cling to that last shred of sanity before fındıkzade escort you begin spiraling out of control. Pinpoints of light flash behind your eyelids as her orgasm triggers your own. You wonder how such pleasure can exist and then you are lost in her.

You remain that way for some time, at one point reaching for the discarded blanket and gently covering her still quaking body. Time passes and her breathing becomes somewhat regular. Slipping from her side, you take a swallow of your now warm drink and start the shower.

The steam builds in the room as you step into the jets of warm water. You stand there for a while, enjoying the simple pleasure of remembering. You are brought back to the present by a hand gently soaping your back. She starts at your shoulders and works her magic on the muscles in your shoulder blades and down your spine. She pays close attention to your buttocks and works her way gradually down to your feet, then works her way back up. She turns you so that the water is now rinsing the suds from your back as she starts the ritual again on your chest. If the memories didn’t have you aroused already, her hands are taking up the challenge. She gently washes you, teasing your nipples as she goes.

You step back, allowing the water to flow over your shoulders, removing the soap from your body. She continues to caress you and as she works her way down to your erection, you watch as the tip of her tongue traces a path. She moves you so that your legs are slightly spread so as not to lose your balance. You watch as the water flows over her, much like standing in a waterfall. She grasps you with one hand and cradles your testicles with the other. You are overcome with the sight of her on her knees before you, water cascading over her shoulder length hair, but unwilling to break the spell, you remain still. Your only movement is brush the hair from her face. You watch with awe as she takes you in. You feel her tongue on you skin as she makes love to you with her mouth. Much the same as the rhythm you subjected her to earlier, she draws back until you are almost out of her mouth and then draws you back in. The combination of sight, sound and feeling are too much for you and you begin to explode once again. She drinks all of your offerings and looks up to you with a Cheshire smile. You pull her to her feet and to you. She offers her lips and you ravish the mouth that just provided you with such ecstasy.

You finish the shower by soaping her down and gently cleansing every inch of her body, stopping only long enough to plant a kiss, or insert a finger or a tongue. By the end of the shower, you have brought her to two more orgasms that rival each other and she is begging for you to make love to her once more. You glance down, realize that you would like nothing better than to honour her request and lead her to the bed……

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