Christmas Entanglements Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Satisfaction

It was mid morning and George was sitting on the couch in the living room waiting impatiently. It was actually a stretch to say she was sitting due to how she was constantly fidgeting and shifting around. The television was on but she barely gave it any attention. George’s thoughts were consumed with the imminent arrival of Chris and what would follow.

After Chris dropped her off at home the other day, George had wasted little time in talking to Grace about her plans to have Chris come over for sex and to ask for a little privacy. Grace had been very accommodating even though she expressed envy at George’s sex life and was dissatisfied at the lack of details George would share with her. George then sent Chris a message to let him know that they would have the apartment to themselves. While his response didn’t come back immediately, Chris did message her back to say that he accepted the invitation and that he’d see her then.

Earlier this morning Chris had called to ask whether she was still on board with him coming over and spending the day together. George told him in no uncertain terms that she expected him there immediately to give her the fucking that he had promised. Infuriatingly he then laughed and said that he couldn’t be there right away, he had a few things to do first but he would be over as soon as he was done.

George had been a little disappointed at having to wait but it didn’t affect her overall excitement. When the call ended she looked over to a wide eyed Grace who was sitting nearby drinking her coffee. After George let her know what the situation was, Grace was amused. She then teased that since George wasn’t going to share the details of what went on with Chris, maybe she would stick around and listen to things as they happened. Eventually though Grace had gone out, leaving George alone with her thoughts.

At first she had been fine, George focused on getting herself ready and even did a little bit of exercise to make sure she was limber. After that, without something to occupy her George could only think about how her time with Chris was going to unfold. George was soon on edge, thinking about what was going to happen today and how Chris would fuck her had her horny as hell. A few times she had started to touch herself only to stop when she realised what she was doing. George didn’t want to get herself off when she would soon have someone to do that for her.

The building anticipation quickly started to get to George. She had to restrain herself from calling Chris and asking how much longer it was until he would be coming over.

George considered greeting Chris at the door naked again but waiting around in the nude was likely to be too much of a temptation to give in to her arousal and touch herself. She was also mindful of the wetness between her legs and didn’t want to leak on the furniture. As a consolation there was a certain appeal to having something on for Chris to strip off of her. Looking to entice Chris and make it easy for him to undress her, George settled on wearing just a pair of panties and a t-shirt.

Thankfully George’s agonised wait was relieved when her phone buzzed with a message from Chris.

(On my way over now, see you soon.)

That was something of a relief. Even though the wait wasn’t over at least she knew that Chris would be arriving soon. George was able to distract herself with the television until there was a knock at the door. She jumped up and hurried to the door. Opening it, she found Chris there with a small smile on his face. Upon seeing what she was wearing his smile grew wider but anything he was going to say was interrupted by George grabbing his arm and pulling him into the apartment. “What took you so long?”

“I had to go to the gym.”

“Really? The gym? You better not have tired yourself out. I have some big expectations for today.”

Chris laughed. “Don’t worry about that. I’ll have plenty of energy to take care of you.”

George flashed him an excited smile. “Yeah? Let’s find out.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Just like that? No ‘how are you?’ or any other small talk?”

“We can do that later, you’ve kept me waiting long enough.”

“Okay then.” Chris moved in close and reached a hand out to run it through her hair. Gripping it at the back of her head, he tugged down lightly, tilting her head upward for him to kiss her. With how worked up she was, George was more than receptive and she immediately kissed him back, her mouth opening to push her tongue into his mouth.

She didn’t notice Chris had released her hair until she felt both of his hands grab her ass and begin to lift her up. They broke the kiss and George placed her arms around Chris’ shoulders. He lifted her until her head was almost level with his. George then wrapped her legs around Chris’ back and pulled in close to kiss him again.

Due to the way George was positioned against Chris, her pussy was pressing on his body just above his pelvis. Their kissing had enflamed George’s already simmering arousal and Maltepe Escort without thinking about it, she began grinding her pussy on Chris. She soon became aware of the bulge of Chris’ cock lightly poking at her crotch. The raw need in George became too much and she couldn’t take any more delay.

“Take me to my bedroom, I want your cock inside me right away.”

Chris nodded, his expression showing that he was ready to go as well. He didn’t bother with lowering George back down to her feet, he just carried her to her bedroom and placed her onto the bed. No longer needing to hold George up, Chris grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and began to pull it up. George was more than happy to make it easier for him, lifting her upper body up off the bed and raising her arms up. With her t-shirt off Chris could clearly see her breasts with their hard pointy nipples. Other than an appreciative glance he didn’t give them much attention though. Chris instead unwound George’s legs from around his back and took hold of the sides of her panties.

George kept her eyes on Chris’ face as he tugged her panties down. She had got so wet the crotch of her panties were plastered to her pussy. The pleased grin on Chris’ face as he peeled the soaked material away from her pussy made her quiver with need and she thought that a trickle of fluid might have come out right in front of his eyes.

When he had her panties down to mid thigh Chris lifted her legs so that they were pointing straight up. In this position he would have a good view of her wet pussy and her juices dripping down to her ass and onto the bed. Chris slipped her panties up over her feet and tossed them beside the bed. He kept her legs held up for a moment and George would have been more than happy for Chris to shove his cock into her and fuck her in this position. The problem was he was still fully clothed and didn’t seem to have the same sense of urgency she did.

When Chris let go of her legs he moved off the bed and stood back to admire her naked body. The mixture of appreciation and want in his eyes would have been satisfying if George wasn’t so impatient for Chris to fill her with his cock.

“Why are you just standing there? You’re meant to be here to fuck me. Get undressed and get over here.”

He nodded and gave her a slightly wicked grin. “I’m going to give your pussy an absolute working over. You’re not going to be able to say that I didn’t keep my promise. “

His voice was filled with a certainty that sent a tremor through George and made her groan with lust. Chris started to undress but throughout he kept his eyes on George. Even in the brief moment where he pulled his t-shirt over his head George could feel his eyes on her. Of course her eyes never left him either, she watched eagerly as more of his skin was exposed. When Chris undid his jeans and pushed them and his underwear down at the same time, George’s gaze locked onto his thick, hard cock and she sighed involuntarily.

Chris grinned. “Almost there now.”

After kicking off his trousers and underwear Chris climbed back onto the bed, his thick hard cock pointing out toward George. She was pliant as he grabbed her legs and lifted up her lower body so that her pussy was at the same height as his cock. He hooked her knees over his arms to free his hands and then grabbed her ass to pull her closer.

Chris placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. George tried to push herself onto his cock but only succeeded in dislodging it from her. Chris chuckled as she whined. “You’re so impatient George.” His gaze intensified, making her quiver with lust. “Now hold still.” His tone was firm and commanding, leaving no room for George to respond.

Chris returned his cock to her entrance and in a slow smooth motion he pushed it deep into her eager pussy. George gasped, the feel of his thick cock penetrating her flesh and stretching her was just as good as she remembered. The pleasure was intense and George didn’t think it would be long before she came. Chris paused with his cock fully inside her. “Did you just come?”

George shook her head, it took a second for her to find her voice. “No. But I’m pretty close. Don’t take it easy on me.”

Chris nodded. He withdrew his cock and then thrust back into George hard, drawing another gasp. There was no pause this time, Chris fucked her purposefully his thrusts quickly building up to a thudding tempo. This was exactly what George had been wanting, Chris’ thick cock felt like it was hitting every sensitive nerve and in her already worked up state she swiftly reached her first climax. Her back arched off the bed and she cried out loud. Her movement might have caused Chris to stop or slow down but George’s hips were firmly held in place as he continued to fuck her with hard constant strokes.

Her pussy was feeling a little sensitive but not enough that she would tell Chris to stop. The crest of her orgasm passed but with the hard thrusts to her pussy, she could feel her body already building up to her next climax. Chris Ümraniye Escort must have felt her come down from her orgasm as he increased his effort, fucking her even harder. The pounding of her pussy set off fireworks in George’s brain, her hands unconsciously grabbed onto the sheets and she let out a piercing cry.

Releasing one of his hands from her hips, Chris pinched one of her nipples. His clasp on her nipple meant that the bounce of her breasts from their fucking caused a little tug that sent additional shocks of pleasure through her. “Is this the fucking you were after?” George didn’t answer, she had to gulp in air to cope with the gasps that every hard thrust was drawing from her. Through the haze of pleasure in her mind George registered that Chris’ expression was beginning to get more focused. He grunted and his thrusts got shorter and faster. The increased stimulation pushed George over the edge to another orgasm. As her pussy fluttered around his cock, Chris’ face screwed up before he groaned and gave in to his own climax. The sudden flood of warmth inside her added an extra little kick to her orgasm.

Chris released her nipple and slowed his thrusts down to a turtle’s pace but there was no sign that he was going to stop. His cock remained impressively firm as it continued to pump in and out of George’s pussy.

The slight reprieve was welcomed by George as it gave her a chance to recover and catch her breath. She didn’t have long though as she felt Chris’ cock return to its full pussy filling girth and he began to increase the speed and strength of his thrusts. Her body responded eagerly and it didn’t feel like there would be much effort required for him to make her come again.

Despite all the lubrication from the combination of her pussy juice and his cum, the delightful friction from the thickness of his cock meant that there was plenty of stimulation to keep George’s mind buzzing with pleasure. She was too preoccupied for talk and it looked like Chris was as well, other than his audible breathing and occasional grunt of exertion he was silent. The dominant sounds in the room were her gasps and moans, accompanied by the lewd and somewhat liquid sounds of Chris pounding her pussy.

Above her Chris’ breathing was getting heavier but there was no dropoff in the intensity of his fucking. He seemed to have no problem maintaining the pace and strength of his strokes. George was unable to do much but hold on to the bed as she climbed toward another climax. It wasn’t going to be a massive one but for George it was still going to be somewhat overwhelming.

When the orgasm hit, George trembled and cried out. If Chris noticed she had come he ignored it, there was no change to the pace or force he was fucking her with. His unceasing thrusting was prolonging her orgasm and it seemed like she wasn’t going to come down from the high. If anything she was being driven to a stronger climax. This was a new experience for George, she had never been fucked so continuously. Other guys she had been with had at most got her to come twice before needing to take a break. Her own ability to take this relentless fucking was also a surprise. She thought that her pussy would have become overly sensitive by now.

She found herself wanting to push toward the big climax. Her hands went to her breasts, squeezing them and pulling at her nipples. She arched her back slightly, the taut feeling of her body adding to the building pleasurable tension.

George shook as another orgasm wracked her body but still Chris continued to fuck her hard. The orgasm provided only a slight release of the tension within her. With Chris’ thick cock reaming her pussy, the tension ratcheted back up in no time.

Very quickly George felt herself approaching another climax. This time it felt like it was going to be a big one. The intensity of pleasure was such that it seemed like she might black out or lose hold of her senses.

As if he could sense what was happening within her, Chris slowed down for a moment, adjusted his hold on her hips and began fucking her with renewed vigour. When George approached the cusp of another orgasm she held on to keep herself on edge for as long as she could. It felt like she held there for ages, the near excruciating pleasure straining her until she finally exploded with her climax.

Sparks of light crowded the edges of George’s vision and she thought that she might blank out. She managed to stay coherent and got to fully experience what had to be the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

Arching her back and tipping her head back, George let out a fierce groan that increased in pitch until it was a near scream. The built up tension in her body had her wound up so tightly that its release made George shake.

Due to how much George was shaking and bucking against him, Chris wasn’t able to keep fucking her with long hard strokes. He resorted to shallow thrusts but then stopped to hold on to George with his cock fully inside her and gently rocked his pelvis against hers.

Once İstanbul Escort George began to settle, Chris resumed fucking her. He pumped his cock in and out of George’s quivering pussy with long slow strokes.

The constant stimulation on top of her orgasm was threatening to overwhelm George, she wanted to keep a grasp of what was happening but it was tempting to just give in and just let herself drown in the pleasure. She wondered if she did that would count as being fucked senseless.

Chris’ tempo switched to shorter and faster thrusts that gave the impression that he had lost his patience and was going after his own release. George urged him on the best she could, but it was difficult for her to talk. What came out was a stream of groans interspersed with crying out yes or calling for Chris to come.

With an almost roar like groan Chris gave her pussy one last thrust, pushing his cock all the way into George as it swelled to full thickness and shot his cum deep inside her. The sensation of being filled with another hot load sent a small shock through George but she was only capable of softly moaning in response. Chris kept his cock fully embedded inside her pussy until it stopped throbbing. He made a few more light thrusts but it didn’t seem like he was looking to build up to start fucking her again.

Chris took in a deep breath and exhaled sharply. As he smiled down at George she could see that he was looking physically spent as well. That was actually kind of reassuring for George. If he hadn’t started to slow down after fucking her hard for that long and coming twice himself, she would have suspected he wasn’t fully human.

He leaned forward and gave George a peck on her cheek. “How are you feeling?”

Still riding her post orgasm high, George managed to gather enough breath to chuckle. “Good, really good.” She was feeling giddy, kind of loose and just amazing but she couldn’t think of what to say that wouldn’t come across as being gushing and besotted. The way that Chris had been able to bring her to almost successive orgasms was dangerous. She was already somewhat hooked on sex with Chris. A part of her thought that she might have to cut off her time with Chris to avoid getting too attached. There was no way she was going to put a stop to today though, the sex was just too good.

Chris moved back and to George’s side before dropping down onto his ass, sitting with his legs crossed. Both of them were silent other than taking deep breaths. It didn’t take long for Chris to recover, he patted her leg. “Do you want to take a break and get something to eat or do you want to just have a quick rest before continuing?”

“If we take a break, that doesn’t mean that I’ve had enough sex. In fact the longer rest will probably mean that you’ll have to fuck me for even longer.”

Chris shrugged. “I wasn’t trying to be tricky.” He then grinned. “I think I can live with getting to fuck your hot little pussy some more.” He traced his fingers up the inside of her thigh, when he reached her dripping wet pussy he cupped it with his hand.

George was feeling a little tender but Chris’ warm touch still sent tingles of pleasure through her, stirring her arousal. “God! You’re making it hard to think.”

“Oh yeah?” Chris’ fingers began to lightly stroke her pussy and he moved his body closer to her. His head was soon above hers and he was lowering himself to kiss her. George groaned and placed a hand on Chris’ shoulder stopping his descent. He then stopped his fingers teasing her pussy.

“Let’s stop and take a break.” George was reluctant to stop and sounded it. It would be all so easy to let Chris keep stoking her arousal until she had to have him fuck her again. The problem was that after that last orgasm she was definitely feeling frayed. Without a chance to recover, her next orgasm might push her to her limit. While her lust might be sated George didn’t think she would be satisfied if the day’s fun ended that soon.

Chris’ expression looked slightly disbelieving but he pulled away from her and sat down. The loss of his touch made George ache with regret. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm herself. When she opened her eyes she saw Chris looking at her with interest and slight amusement. His cock was pointing out, hard, thick and ready to fill her pussy again. George focused her gaze on Chris’ face. “Go put your pants on and get out of my room before we end up fucking again.”

He laughed, gathered up his clothes and left the room. George stayed lying in her bed for a while longer, looking at the closed door. There was a part of her that wanted to call Chris back to her but she was sure that she had made the better choice. Exhaling loudly, she wondered whether she should bother with a shower. Unsure of what she and Chris would be doing for lunch, George decided a quick shower would be ideal.

After showering and getting dressed, George went out to the living room to find Chris watching television and drinking some water. They smiled at each other but didn’t say anything. Sitting down next to him, she held her hand out for the glass. He passed it to her and she took a deep drink. When she passed it back Chris placed it on the coffee table before turning back to face her. “So what do you want to do for lunch?”

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