Christie and Michael(Confessions from the House of Pleasure) Pt., 1 *Finale*

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As K prepared the scene she thought about the client’s request. The voyeur that was in K needed to witness Christie with Michael. He made the perfect candidate for this session. Michael would be what Christie wanted. She would instruct Michael during the session, without taking away his power and control. Christie had wanted another client to seduce her while acting as a bar patron in the hotel House of Pleasure owned . Christie already had it in her profile that she wanted to submit sexually, so K laid out various ties, paddles, cuffs. She also had other toys and aides ready for however the scene unfolded. Michael was also a client and K was there to make sure all session play was obeyed. Meanwhile in the limo Michael and Christie decided ride together in. They minimized the verbal exchange but could not resist touching. Michael’s hand traveled down Christie’s thigh from hip to knee, before pushing back. Bunching up her dress as one hand grazed her thigh. Christie’s nipples visibly hardened. Showing against the material of her thin dress. Michal wanted to know how they would feel against his tongue. Christie knew a lustful gaze when she saw one. Michael wanted her so bad. Christie felt her pussy tingling. She moved the hand she had on his thigh, closer to the bulge she wanted to grab, squeeze, cradle, suck. “Oh, god.” Christie moaned then she felt Michael grasp her hand. “Almost there babe.” He whispered in her ear. Michael Yeşilköy escort couldn’t believe his luck. This attraction to Christie was primal. The thought of begin inside her made him throb. The sight of her made him hard. The scent of her made him crazy. She was his tonight for the taking and he was going to make her scream his name. The knock at the door alerted K to the arrival of Michael and Christie. “Please, come in.” K waved them over and the Rep closed the door. K always reminded the clients to dress casual. For the ladies a simple slip dress would do. It was appealing and sexy to ‘unveil’ the client, removing the clothing and underwear, piece by piece. For the men a t-shirt, jeans and boxers if they did not feel comfortable going commando. K noticed Christie and Michael holding hands. They released their hold as they stood before her, waiting. K cupped Michael cheek, then Christie’s. “I want to do what feels right. There are certain techniques but everyone adapts differently. Undress her.” K stepped back and Michael took K’s instruction, but knew he wouldn’t be able to immediately undress Christie. Michael faced Christie. Her silky black hair framed her oval face. The strands were long and his fingers itched to run through it. To feel it glide own his body as she moved toward his cock. That thought made him groan softly. Her dark, intense eyes never left his. His groan made her eyes widen slightly. Yeşilyurt escort bayan He drank in the sight of her full lips. The way her dress clung to her in all the right places. The blood red color vivid against her pale skin. She wore her hair down. He smoothed it back before kneeling down in front of her. Bracing his hands on her hips he cupped her ass and squeezed, then he reached for the hem of her dress. He let his hands run over the curve of her thighs, hips, and sides of her breasts, pulling the clothing over her head. Letting the dress drape across the chair next to the bed. Michael continued to admire her as he unhooked her bra. Her breasts spilled from the cups into his hands. So soft. His thumbs rubbed her nipples until she moaned. Next he traced the thin material of her panties. The satiny lace that covered her mound, to the strings on her hips. Cupping his hand his stroked the center of her, she was already so wet. She parted her legs and rocked on his hand. He loved how responsive she was. Pulling the strings off her hips he knelt in front of her. The luscious sight of her bare pussy, already glistening with her juices made his need soar higher. He balled up the panties, the damp crotch on his palm . The scent of her arousal made his erection grow uncomfortably hard in his jeans. As he stood he felt hands on his shoulders. K had come up behind. Her smooth, warm touch made him want in a different Escort Zeytinburnu way. His lusting was a flame for K, for Christie, it was an inferno. “Good.” K’s fingertips drifted down his sides pulling his shirt out of his pants. Eyes locking with Christie, she spoke firmly to her. “Unbuckle his pants. I want you to feel his cock.” The warmth of K’s hands on his bare skin was incredible. She was dragging her nails along the ridges of his abs to the edges of his pecs. “Your body feels amazing, Michael.” K captured his earlobe between her teeth and tweaked his nipple with her nail. His name on her lips left him breathless. “Ahh.” Michael cried out in surprise finding his breath again. The dual assault made his body throb harder. He was so wrapped up in K, that he didn’t know that Christie had made a move to touch him until he felt her hand squeeze his cock. “Oh god yes.” He groaned as she stroked his shaft and circled the head with her fingers. Pressing her body close, rubbing her breasts against him. He reached down and lifted his shirt over his head, taking it off completely. She continued to stroke him slowly. Staring down at her perfect red lips, black eyeliner that intensified her sexy eyes. He rocked into her hand and shivered at the connection he felt. Sometimes sex was sex. Gazing into Christie’s eyes having her just stroking his cock, he felt himself falling. K pushed him forward and they spread out on the bed. He lay back while she finished undressing him. K quietly observed Michael and Christie. She only saw that kind of exchange shared between long time lovers. They had barely touched each other and yet their chemistry sizzled under her fingertips.

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