Chrissy goes camp(ing) chapters 2&3

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Chrissy goes camp(ing) chapters 2&3Chrissy had wanted to have a pee for ages, but didn’t want to do it in front of the girls. But as they kept behind him he couldn’t just sneak off and relieve himself so in the end he turned and said I need to wee. That’s all right do it here there’s no one to see. But these shorts are so tight I can’t get my ….. thingee out. Well just pull them down a bit with your panties and squat. You mean like a girl? Yes you are wearing girl. Clothes you need to pee like a girl. Chrissy blushed bright red as he wriggled his tight shorts over his bottom his thong came down with them. He squatted and with his winkie held between his clamped between his thighs and despite his shame he began to piss. He was mid stream when he heard the girls giggling and he turned and saw that he was being filmed. He asked the girls to stop they said sure and giggled even more as they did something he couldn’t see on the phone. When he finished he was starting to pull up his panties, when Sam said he had to wipe himself as she didn’t want his piss staining her thong. Chrissy didn’t have any tissues and started to sob again, Sam snapped at him to just use your fingers then lick them clean. Chrissy had done it before he had a chance to think about it. When they arrived at the camp site Julie went to reception to book in and find out where their pre booked tent was pitched. Sam and Chrissy sat on a bench and looked around, it was a quiet site with the tents well s**ttered, SAM said we are going to have such a neat time all us girls together. Chrissy was so busy looking around he thought he had misheard and didn’t respond. Sam came back and said there is good news and bad news. Chrissy’s heart fell he didn’t want to go home before they had spent a night camping. What’s the good news asked Sam smiling to herself. Our tents all set up and ready for us. And the bad? When I booked I just used our names, the site assumed Chrissy was a girl like me and Sam, they don’t allow mixed sex young groups or single boys…. I let them believe that you are a girl Chrissy. What said Chrissy I’m not a girl. Weknow that, but have you seen yourself Chrissy.? With those hot pants, girly top, skinny legs and long hair you could fool anyone at a distance. Chrissy sat there in shock, were they right? Did he really look like a girl? Sam said and when we finish even close up you are going to fool everyone. Chrissy didn’t understand and just followed Julie as she lead them to their tent which was furthest away from both the reception and all the other tents. Once they arrived they found their tent had only one sleeping compartment with just an air mattress and giant duvet, meaning they would have to sleep together. Chrissy was stunned and didn’t know what to say but Julie and Sam knew what to expect and didn’t react at all, instead they told Chrissy to get all his wet clothes hung up to dry. bursa escort Chrissy left the tent and started to take his clothes out of his bag. He couldn’t understand why there were so few clothes in his bag. He packed more than enough but now there was hardly a single change in there. He hung them in the branches of the closest tree and went back into the tent. Julie and Sam smiled as he entered shifted apart and patted the bed between them. When Chrissy sat down he started to sob again saying all his clothes were missing or wet and he would have to go home. Of course you won’t sweetie Sam said we have enough spare clothes and anyway the camp site thinks you are are girl so with our help you are going to be one, at least for the next week. Chrissy couldn’t believe his ears, could he, should he? But there is one thing you need to do first, sam said. Put this on, she said holding up a small metal cage which Chrissy didn’t recognise. Where do I put it asked Chrissy. On your little winkie you silly gurl. What said Chrissy. We can’t all sleep in the same bed with your winkie loose can we? Said Sam. Here we will help said Julie tugging on Chrissy’s shorts. Stop it squealed Chrissy but both girls held him still. And tugged his shorts and panties down. Stop wriggling or this will hurt they said Julie jumped on his legs and Sam his chest effectively pinning him to the bed. Chrissy felt something cold placed behind his small balls and then some kind of liquid squirted on his winkie then something was pushed into his pee hole. His shock stopped his wriggling long enough for Julie to full insert the hollow sound that formed part of the micro cage she had placed on Chrissy. Sam completed the manoeuvre by fitting a small but strong padlock. Chrissy was in his cage until someone with the key decided other wise Chrissy toyed with the cage that now encased his genitals. It was a tiny silver cage with a shiny blue glass top, it held his winkie tight against his body giving an almost smooth line in his panties. Chrissy was in the middle of getting groomed by Sam and Julie, they had trimmed his hair into a long bob style, then pulled into a high pony tail. They had spread some sort of cream over his legs, chest and underarms and now they were grabbing lots of wash stuff before they all headed to the shower. As they crossed the campsite Chrissy felt his skin begin to get hot, Sam told him it was nothing to worry about and the cream they put on to soften his skin was just doing it’s job. By the time they reached the shower block Chrissy was desperate to get under the water to wash the cream off, he turned to enter the men’s shower room. Julie grabbed him and said you can’t go in there gurly, the guys will think you are a tart. She and Sam steered him into the ladies door, there were two ladies in there who had just got out the shower and were drying themselves. Chrissy didn’t know where to bursa escort bayan look, they ladies both had decent sized boobs one had small nipples and the other had really large ones it didn’t matter to Chrissy because either way he was going to react or rather his winkie was. As winkie lengthened and straightened so did the pain. His cage made it impossible for more than the slightest growth he groaned and bent forward to try to ease the pain. The women were concerned about the young gurl, but Sam told the it was her time of the month and she would be fine after her pain killers kicked in. They steered Chrissy to the far end and help him down to his panties and bra. After they had stripped down themselves they got into the family shower at the end of 5he line. The water was set to cold and they held Chrissy under the shower with their gloved hands scrubbing the hair removing cream from his body, once all the cream was gone Chrissy had not one hair below his eyes he hadn’t ever needed a shave so his face didn’t need any treatment. They turned the water temperature up and got in the shower with Chrissy their close presence renewing the pain in his groin. They soaped him and themselves washing and conditioning his hair. After a final rinse that pushed Chrissy out of the shower cubicle into the changing area. Chrissy looked around and happy that there was no one else was there, his shiny cage seemed to glow in the lights of the changing area, as Chrissy towelled himself dry. He looked around for his clothes but could only see Sam’s and Julie’s bags not the clothes he took off, he called out asking where his clothes were. Sweetie we forgot to bring you any SAM said as she stepped from the shower already dry with a towel wrapped around her. Julie followed behind wrapped in her towel, Chrissy realised he was naked and went to grab his towel but Sam had already grabbed it and put it in her bag. Julie and Sam pulled on some joggers and sweatshirt and made for the door. Wait I can’t go out like this, oh sorry Chrissy said Julie reached into her bag and pulled out some pink flip flops and a tiny thong here that’s enough to get back to tent. They walked out leaving Chrissy rooted to the spot. He grabbed the flip flops and put them on he was about to put the thong on when the door opened and in walked two women. Chrissy had his back to the door and froze bent over with his around his thighs. That’s a cute sight one of the women said. Chrissy blushed and straightened up pulling his tong over his bum the thin strap disappearing between his cheeks. He was about to turn when he felt a hand caress his bum. Really cute said the voice why don’t you turn around and show us your face. Chrissy turned and saw that the women were young early twenties at most. One was dark hair cut short the other blonde long hair. Chrissy didn’t realise that his thong hadn’t sat right at the front and his escort bursa cage was on display. What do you know looks like we have a sissy boi shouted the blonde. Chrissy blushed and tried to cover his cage. Now. None of that she said slapping his hands away you obviously wanted to be seen or you would have something else to put on. Chrissy stammered about his friends taking his bag but the women just laughed and said that they were going to enjoy their shower with their new sissy friend. They pushed him into the same cubicle and once again hosed him down in freezing water whilst they quickly undressed once the water had warmed up 5he blonde got in a started soaping Chrissy all over especially around his bum even sliding a soap finger into his pucker which made Chrissy cry out, sssh little sissy got to make sure your clear and ready to meet your new friend. Chrissy didn’t understand but was getting to like the feeling of the finger probing his bum. He felt the dark haired woman get in the shower. Time to meet your new friend she said. Chrissy turned to see that she had a harness around her waist below which was a long dildo. Best you get your friend nice and wet before he replaces that finger. She grabbed Chrissy’s head and forced him to bend over so she could stuff the dildo into his mouth. The other woman immediately added two more fingers up his arse stretching his ring working them back and forward as well as round. Chrissy would have screamed out if it was for the 8 inches of fake cock probing his throat. That’s enough foreplay Chrissy was forced onto 5he floor of the cubicle and the blonde immediately planted her pussy on his face. The dark haired woman grabbed Chrissy’s legs and passed them to her friend who pulled them back and spread them wide exposing his anus. He felt the dildo nudging against his pucker, best you relax she told Chrissy as she increased the pressure. Suddenly Chrissy felt his ring give way and the intruder enter his bowels Chrissy cried out but only managed a grunt as the blondes pussy smothered his mouth. She likes that said the blonde as she worked her pussy over Chrissy’s opening and closing mouth. I bet she is with this cock up her pussy. Both the women rode. Chrissy working their way to climax whilst Chrissy himself felt himself start to grow in his cage the cock in his arse touching something that made him feel so good. He started to lap and suck on the lips covering his mouth and when she moved he found a hard nub and sucked on that. He’s found my clit scream the blonde as she reached forward and grabbed her friend pulling her in to kiss her. Their tongues entwined as the brought themselves and Chrissy to a shuddering climax. Chrissy’s cock releasing his cum as his prostrate massaged by 8 inches of fake cock gave his balls the signal. The woman quickly showered and left leaving Chrissy dazed on the floor. He recovered and went to find his thong and flip flops . He found his flip flops but instead of his thong there was a scrawled note which read we have your thong we will leave hanging outside our tent, come and find it so we can have some more fun.

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