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“Oh fuck Mrs. Hanson,” he grunted as he thrust his hips. “So tight… I’m going to cum,” he moaned looking down at her. He thrust his hips forward and shot ropes and ropes of cum… all over his bedroom window. Chris was standing at his full height bedroom window, looking down at his next door neighbor, Mrs. Hanson. She was bending over, weeding her garden. “Grrr…” he growled in frustration. He was tired of jerking off alone in his room to the sight of her, he wanted more. *** Chris was nineteen, living at home with his parents and attending the local college. He was tall and in quite good shape, with olive skin and dark, almost black eyes. He was smart, nice, good natured… oh and he was a virgin. The reason that Chris was still a virgin was because he was such a good natured, well behaved young man. He had only broken up with his girlfriend of three years recently. Their relationship could not survive the long distance when she went to an out of state college. His girlfriend had wanted to wait with sex and he had loved her enough to respect that- hence his virginal state. Now Chris was starting to become frustrated, his mind was more and more occupied with sex and losing his virginity. A darker nature was starting to manifest itself ever since Mrs. Hanson had moved in a few months ago. Rachel Hanson was thrity-two, divorced and had a little three year old boy. She was medium height, had dark hair, smooth white skin and soft brown eyes. She wasn’t thin but she had an hourglass figure and was curvy in all the right places. As soon as Mrs. Hanson moved into the neighborhood, Chris’ over friendly mother came over to meet the “next door neighbor” and offer her any help she, and Chris for that matter, could give. Rachel had been so happy to be offered help, especially since she worked a lot and needed a babysitter for Aaron, her little boy. That was how Chris first met his new neighbor- he was forced by his mom to do some paid babysitting duties. He could still remember the first time he knocked on Mrs. Hanson’s door, all annoyed and disappointed for missing a game on TV. Mrs. Hanson had opened the door wearing a silk robe, her hair piled on her head and her makeup half done. She had given him a big hug, gushing about how much he was saving her career and life by babysitting for her. The smell of her as she hugged him made all his disappointment disappear to be replaced by a feeling of arousal. Ever since that evening Chris always volunteered to help Mrs. Hanson with anything she needed and she was more than happy to take advantage of Anadolu Yakası Escort the help. Once while Chris was babysitting he couldn’t resist the urge to rummage through her panty drawer. He sneaked in to her room after putting Aaron to sleep and found her drawer full of lacy, silky thongs and briefs; at the bottom of the drawer he found two soft silicone vibes. His cock nearly exploded at the sight but the moment was interrupted by Mrs. Hanson coming back home and calling his name from the hall downstairs. He had slammed the drawer shut and come down as if nothing had happened but the drawer was left in a disarray. Rachel was no fool and when she found her undies drawer a complete mess that night she had easily done the math. At first she was angry but that only lasted a few minutes until she realized she was also very flattered. To have such a young attractive guy lusting after her gave her a sexy glow and she found the idea very appealing. Somehow the thought of teasing him for some fun in her life looked very attractive to her. Since that night Rachel would always make sure to touch Chris lightly over his arms, shoulders and chest as they talked, her “thank you” hugs becoming just fractionally longer and more intimate. She would make sure to let him catch glimpses of her exposed skin “by mistake”. Chris was going crazy with desire, he was masturbating several times a day, each time imagining how it would feel to sink his aching cock into Mrs. Hanson’s wet slit. And the flirting and teasing weren’t helping; each time she would gently brush her fingers across his skin his cock would jump up and demand attention. He was also getting frustrated, his fantasies turning from gentle lovemaking to forceful fucking as time went on and his aching cock did not get what it craved. Rachel was also feeling the effects of her own teasing, at first it had only felt flattering and fun to see his reaction but soon she had begun feeling aroused each time she touched him casually. On occasions when she would see the bulge she caused in his pants, she would have to relieve herself of the need in her pussy when he left. *** “Chris, come down here please.” Chris heard his mother yell from downstairs, snapping him out of his inner reverie about Rachel. “Coming mom,” he yelled back while hastily cleaning up the mess he had made while masturbating. “What is it mom?” Chris asked as he came into the kitchen and saw his mother rummaging in the fridge. “I forgot to tell you that Rachel called yesterday evening,” Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan his mom answered as she pulled groceries out of the fridge. “Oh really?” Chris blushed crimson but made an effort to sound unconcerned, good thing his mom couldn’t see his face. “What did she want?” “She asked if you could come over today and help her unpack and clean her basement since she wants to renovate it, and of course I said you’ll be more than happy to so you need to be there around 7 pm,” his mom answered. “But mom…” Chris made sure to sound annoyed at his mom’s bossiness but inside he was very happy for the opportunity. “None of your ‘but mom’, Rachel is our neighbor and she needs help.” Chris’ mom said matter-of-factly. Inside Chris thought that he could name a few other stuff Rachel needed but he kept that to himself as he spun around and went back to his room. As Chris walked back into his room he was already hard again at the prospect of being with Rachel alone. “What the fuck?!” he thought to himself, how could he be hard again after only just masturbating. He contemplated jerking off again but something in him made him angry at the idea and he decided against it, leaving his cock to soften without relieving the ache inside. That evening Chris showed up at his neighbor’s door-step on time and knocked on the door. “Be right there,” he heard Rachel yell in reply and then heard quick footsteps running down the stairs. “Hi sweety,” Rachel opened the door and beamed at him. Chris’ eyes bulged as he looked at what Rachel was wearing and so did his cock. Rachel had on an oversized t-shirt, the neckline of it cut quite low and revealing ample cleavage. The t-shirt was half tucked into a pair of tiny shorts that only barely covered her round ass cheeks. “I’m so glad you could come and help me,” Rachel told Chris as she took him by the hand and lead him into the house. “Let’s go get started and I’ll get us some lemonade.” Chris was lost for words, all he could do was watch her ass cheeks sway as she walked in front of him. His mind was full of dirty fantasies about pinning her down to the floor and just fucking her then and there. The basement was a real mess, full of boxes and plastic bags and rubbish all piled up on top of each other. It was also very hot in there since the air conditioning was very weak. After fifteen minutes of filling garbage bags and hauling them to the stairs Chris’ mind was no longer on Rachel, the hard work making his earlier erection subside, again unattended Escort Anadolu Yakası to. Chris was sweating like crazy from the hard work and the heat and his t-shirt was drenched. Rachel’s t-shirt was also drenched and sticking to her skin as she moved around, her skin flushed and glistening. “You should take that t-shirt off,” Chris looked up from another box of stuff to find Rachel standing a little too close. “I’ll help you with it,” Rachel said as Chris didn’t answer immediately and her hands gripped the hem of his shirt and moved it up along his body. Chris was surprised to say the least and his cock gave an approving twitch. Rachel took his t-shirt off and tossed it aside, she felt her pussy leaking at the sight of his bare chest with the muscles rippling lightly under the smooth skin. “I’d take my t-shirt off if I could as well but I’m not wearing a bra,” she laughed and moved away from Chris and back to her work. Chris was stunned, turned on and angry. This was decidedly not innocent- she was being a tease on purpose. He felt the ache in his cock and balls and clenched his teeth. His patience and good manners were starting to give way to the darker side he had yet to fully experience. They kept on working for about an hour more. Once in a while Rachel would move past Chris and touch him lightly as if by chance, setting his blood boiling and not letting his cock go soft. Rachel was also turned on, more so than she would have ever imagined or cared to admit. “Fuck,” Chris heard Rachel’s yelp and then a loud crash as a large box full of books fell to the floor. “Honey, help me with picking all of this up. I am such a klutz,” Rachel asked as she bent over to pick up the scattered books. Chris walked over to where Rachel was bent over, picking up books off the floor. As he walked up to her from behind Rachel moved back a little and her ass came into contact with his crotch accidentally. “Oops,” Rachel looked back and giggled, making the most of the accidental touch and not moving away or straightening up. Chris’ blood boiled with pent up hunger and rage as his cock ached. He was going mad with lust, losing self-control. He tried to fight his instincts, to stop himself from doing what he wanted to, but he couldn’t. Chris bent down a little and grabbed both of Rachel’s arms hard. He pulled her up and spun her so she was pressed against the wall in one rough move. “What the…” Rachel started to protest the rough treatment. “Shut up slut,” Chris half barked half yelled. Chris pressed his hips against Rachel’s body so she could feel his hard cock and trapped her, not letting her move. “You have been fucking with me all this time, haven’t you bitch?” he growled in Rachel’s ear. Rachel tried to squirm and free her arms which were twisted behind her back. She didn’t want to answer his question since she knew he was right and that it would only make him madder.

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