Chris Marr’s All For Bet

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Hairy Pussy

Chris Marr’s All For BetChris Marr’s all for Bet“Unghhhhhh! Unghhhh Ohhhh! Yes! Ohhhhh.”Bet held her husband close, her breath short, and felt his breath in her ear as he grunted his cumming. He went limp and lay, a dead weight, on her hot body.“Oh, that was beautiful, Baby,” he panted at last. “Still got the old oomph, Eh?”“Mmmm,” she said feeling the early tinglings of her own orgasm fade into the distance. “Can you just roll off me, love?”“Why?”“I got to go outside.”“Oh, dear. Old bladder not what it was?”“Something like that,” she said as he rolled onto his back. She swung her legs off the bed and the nightdress fell to her knees. She padded out of the bedroom and into the loo, feeling the dribble of his deposit begin to dribble out of her. Quietly she closed the bathroom door behind her and moved to the loo. She hauled the silky material up to her waist and sat down. There was a plop of semen as it dropped into the water below and her finger found her wet slit and began to slowly massage the hard little lump. The tingles began quickly and she closed her eyes, letting the finger move almost under its own power. Sliding in her sticky wetness and finding her hole. Probing. Pumping. Stroking. Rubbing. Feeling the sensations build to her peak.Forty years of marriage and for the past thirty seven, this was her only way of reaching her orgasm.She bit her lips and stifled the moan as she felt it hit her. Her muscles went rigid and her whole body shook as the rubbing hit it’s peak along with her body.“Ooooohhhhh!” she said, softly. “Ohhhhh, yesssss!”She rode the orgasm until it faded, leaving her almost numb and smiling gently to herself.She sat for a few moments and felt the pressure in her bladder. I little trickle as her muscles relaxed then the flood of her pee. It felt good after she’d had her orgasm. At sixty years of age, she had not lost the desire for sex. Bob had never really considered her needs and for years she’d contented herself with this. Their love life!Back in the bedroom, Bob was snoring. She eased herself into bed and as her body came close to his, he rolled over, facing away from her and slept. She lay back and tried to drift off.A grey light was in the sky when she awake for what seemed the tenth time. She slid from the bed and padded to the bathroom. The shower was good on her body and by the time she’d finished and dried herself, the day was up and starting.Down in the kitchen, she heard her husband moving around upstairs. She began breakfast as she always did.“You were up early,” he said as he entered. He was dressed and ready for work. Only a few more years and she would have him at home all the time. She shivered slightly.When they were young the plans they’d had involved travelling and being naked and screwing at every opportunity. Now she wondered how long it would be until she was sent down for his murder.“I thought we could have a roast tonight,” she said as she placed the bowl of porridge in front of her husband.”“Oh, Sorry, love. I thought I’d told you. I’ve got to go up to our Manchester office for a couple of days.”“Oh!”“Yes. Sorry. Not a problem is it?”“Well, No. Just would have been nice to know in advance.”“Well I’m sorry. I thought I’d told you.” he said and she could hear the tetchiness in his voice. “It’s not my bloody fault. I have to do this so that you can have the standard of living you have!”“Oh please, Bob!”“No! No! You are quick enough to spend it but get all snotty when I have to earn it!”Bet remained silent and turned to the sink.“I’m fucking going to work!” Bob said and stormed out. Two minutes later she heard the door slam. She rested her hands on the sink and gave a deep sigh. He was getting worse. Yes, they did have a good lifestyle and she was grateful but this was too much. The tears eased themselves from her eyes and trickled down her cheeks. Her shoulders shook and her head türbanlı sinop escort fell forward and she sobbed.“Are you OK?”Bet quickly wiped her tears and turned round, surprised by the voice behind her.“Chris!” she said as she turned, a smile forced its way onto her face. “Sorry. Just a silly moment.”“I saw Bob leave and he seemed to be a little frustrated by the way he pulled out of the driveway. Also the door was open so I…..”“Oh, the catch on that door! I really must get it fixed. It doesn’t always catch especially when…….”“Especially when it’s slammed?”Bet nodded and felt the tears begin again. Chris moved over to her and put her arms around the older woman and Bet sobbed. Nothing was said and it was nearly five minutes before Bet pulled herself together.“Tea?” she asked finally.“You sit down and I’ll make it.”“No, I…..”“SIT!”Bet smiled weakly and sat as her friend and neighbour bustled with kettle and tea-bags, producing a steaming pair of mugs and sitting opposite her friend.“Want to tell me about it?”Bet was about to say that it was nothing but late menopausal blues but when she opened her mouth the whole story came out in what seemed to be one tumbling sentence. Chris listened without moving and their teas were almost cold before the story ended. Bet took a sip then gulped the whole lot down. There was silence while she stared at the empty cup. It lasted no more than a few seconds but seemed like a lot longer. Finally she looked up and into the eyes of her friend expecting pity but all she saw was anger.“And I know the bastard isn’t on business in Manchester,” she said. “He’s been taking this bloody woman at work away for days at a time. He’s been doing it for years!”“Why?” Chris asked. “Why, Bet, do you let the bastard do it to you?”“He’s my husband.”Chris reached over and placed a hand on her friend’s.“Fuck that!” she said. “He’s an arsehole! Kick the bastard in to touch. Tell him to piss off!”“I can’t. What would I do?”“Better!”Bet smiled.“Nice thought but I don’t own anything. If I go, I lose the lot. Including the roof over my head.”“Not nowadays, lover,” Chris said. “Nowadays, when a woman says ‘married for keeps’ it’s the house she keeps and I have a friend who will make sure there are a good few other things you will keep too.”Bet looked at her quizzically.“Why are you…….”“Because I’ve been there, Bet. I’ve been in your position and I didn’t like it. So I did something about it.”“Is that why you’re………”“Alone?”“Sorry. Not my place to ask.”“No problem. That was part of the problem. And if I’m honest, I was only with him because I wanted a k**. And I have got a beautiful one.”“She’s a credit to you all right.”Bet looked at her friend.“This friend of yours.”“Yes?”“How good is he?”“Shall I call?”As the sun set, Bet poured a couple of large scotches. Handing one to Chris she sat opposite her in the comfortable armchair.“He’s a nice guy,” she said. Chris nodded and took a sip from her glass. “Is there any sort of romantic interest between the two of you?”Her friend looked up sharply and seemed to be searching Bet’s face for any hint of sarcasm. All appeared innocent.“Er, no,” she said. “None at all.”Bet picked up on the cautiousness of the reply“Sorry, Chris. I didn’t mean to imply……”Chris smiled.“Did you not guess about him?”“Guess? Guess what?”“He’s gay!”Bet looked genuinely shocked.“Never!”“Tony has been with his partner now for over ten years. They are trying to adopt a k**.”“You surprise me.”Chris looked quizzically at her friend.“Did you not know that I am too?”“You are? But you’ve been married. You have young Christine.”“Just because I’m a dyke doesn’t mean I’m not a woman. I wanted a c***d of my own so I found someone who could do that for me but I’m afraid love, I get off on women.”“Really?” Chris nodded and smiled. There was silence before Bet spoke again. “I türbanlı sinop escort bayan never knew.”“Does it make a difference?”It was Bet’s turn to look shocked.“Of course not!” she said. “You are my best friend and…….”“And?”“And……..I rather like the fact that there are still new things to learn about you.”“So,” Chris said after another pause. “What are you going to do about Bob?”“Oh I don’t know. What would I do? I need someone.”“Well find someone else.”“What? At my age? I am nearly sixty, or didn’t you know?”Chris gave her a look. Bet smiled sheepishly.“All right, I’m sixty-one.”Standing up, Chris strode over to her and pulled her to her feet and over to the mirror. Pushing her forward, she stood behind her friend and they looked at the reflection.“Look! What do you see?”“An old woman,” Bet said.“A beautiful woman,” her friend said in her ear. “A vibrant woman with sparkling blue eyes……”“Red-rimmed from crying!”“…..sparkling blue eyes and a smile that lights up the room.” Chris went on. With her hand she moved Bet’s hair as she spoke. “Beautiful auburn hair……”“Thanks to Clairol!”“Shut up! And a figure most women would die for.”“With the vital bit all heading south and the lower territories spreading.”“You do yourself an injustice, lady,” her friend said. “These pert little things are certainly not drooping.”As she spoke she cupped Bet’s breasts and jiggled them through the light blouse she was wearing. The older woman tensed.“Sorry, Bet. I didn’t mean to get so…….”“No! It’s just that no-ones done that to me for a long, long while. It was a surprise.”They were both silent and Chris gently cupped the mounds again, this time gently and squeezing softly.“They don’t feel like they’re sagging.”“I can assure you they are.”“Can I see?”It wasn’t a full nod but it was there and Chris gently released the buttons on the flimsy blouse. It fell open to reveal a plain white bra which fastened at the front. Her fingers quickly released the two catches and she cupped the twin mounds in her hands seemingly weighing them. There was a soft moan from Bet.“Are you ok?”“Sorry. Yes. Yes I am. It’s just that no-one has done this for a long, long while.”“You like?”The nod again. In the mirror, Bet watched as her friend’s hands massaged her. Felt the thrill of the pressure and then saw the index and second finger of each hand gently catch the hard pink nipples and squeeze them. She moaned again and felt the soft lips of the woman behind her n her long neck. Gently she tilted her head and the lips moved upwards to her ear-lobe, biting and sucking it. She felt her hips gyrating against her friend as if under their own power.“And where is that hand going?” she asked, watching the stray slide down over her still flat belly.“It’s off on the hunt for cunt.”“And what makes you think the cunt wants to be hunted?” Bet asked without thinking. She went rigid. “I have never used that word in my life before.”“Well it sounded just great,” Chris said softly and her fingers slid beneath the waistband of the older woman’s skirt. Bet writhed as she felt it slide over the soft bulge of her belly and through the hair.“Oh! Yes!” she said as the finger gently parted her lips and eased its way along the channel. “Oh sweet Jesus, Yes!”“You are so wet.”“Am I?”“You bloody well know you are you sexy bitch.”“Bob always tells me I’m dry.”“Then he never knew you.”“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ooooohhhhhhhhh!”“You like that?”“Oh my God I think I’m cumming.”“Good! Come on, Bet, Darling. Let it go then we can get down to some real heavy fucking.”Bet’s head rolled this way and that as her body filled with tingling, numbing sensations. She could hear someone crying out in lust and pleasure and wondered who it was. It was someone a long way off but they were having a wonderful time by the sound of it. She wondered if it was as good as the time türbanlı escort sinop she was having at the moment.The birth of the universe went off behind her eyes and she quivered and shook. That distant voice was crying out in ecstasy. Slowly it was getting closer and she was shaking with the thrill of the orgasm flowing through her body. Then she knew. It was her. She was crying and laughing and shaking and rigid as her friend’s fingers rubbed and probed deep inside her.Then she was hanging limp in Chris’ arms but the gentle massaging finger went on and she felt herself falling again. Falling deeper and deeper into that well of pleasure.“Please! Please, Chris! No more!”“Oh you’re not finished yet my Bet. Enjoy! It’s Christmas every day!”Bet was peaking again. Hard and beautifully cumming a second time. She could feel her juices running down her legs. She had never been so wet and this woman’s fingers were using and abusing her cunt.“Fuck me!” she cried. “Fuck me, Chris! Fuck me harder! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!”It seemed to go on for an eternity then all went black.She came round and was laying on her bed. She looked up and her friend was standing next to her, undoing the buckle on the belt of the jeans she wore. She was naked from the waist up and larg, pendulous breasts dangled.“You passed out there, Bet.”“Mmmmmm. From sheer pleasure. Was I out for long?”“Just long enough for me to get you to bed and strip you naked.”“I thought it felt chilly.”“Now we’re going to get warm again,” Chris said easing the jeans and her underwear over her curvy hips. Bet’s eyes took in her body.“Bald?”“Uh-huh! I like to feel it naked.”“Does it feel nice?”“You tell me.”Bet reached out a trembling hand and gently touched the soft mound. She spread her fingers and ran them over the spot and then slid her hand between Chris’ legs, feeling the twin lips. Her middle finger stroked between them and felt the soft inner flesh and its wetness. Their eyes met.“You are very wet also,” she said. Chris smiled.You will see just how wet it gets. But first I have to investigate a bit further.”“Investigate?”Chris smiled and climbed on the bed. Pulling Bet’s legs wide, she took her place between them and bent her head forward. Bet’s eyes widened as she saw her friend bending lower then cried out as she felt her kiss the wet and tender lips of her cunt. She moaned as she felt Chris’ tongue probe between the hairy flaps and find her tender channel, the tip sliding up and down. Now on the clitoris and now probing into her hole. Then back. Lapping and licking. Licking and lapping. Bet gave way and lay back and came hard. She couldn’t close her legs because of the head that was there and she gripped her friend’s arms and held her there as she rode a roller-coaster of an orgasm. Once again that distant voice was moaning and using the filthiest language she’d ever heard. Words she had never dreamed of saying. Demanding and pleading.As she came back down, Chris came up and smiled at her as she gently lay on top of her. Bet could feel the bald mound against her own hairy one and the full breasts against her own.“My God I must have flooded down there by the look of your mouth.”“You did and it is so sweet.”“Is it?”“Taste!”And Chris’ lips were against Bets and they were tongue wrestling, the arms around each other.“Wow!” was all she could say when they split. “I have never had sex like that before!”Chris smiled.“Me neither,” she said.“But I thought……”“Oh I’ve fucked many women but I’ve never had it like that.”“But I haven’t done anything for you.”“We have a lot of time, Bet. I promise you. We have a LOT of time.”“What about young Chrissie?”“I’ll give her a tinkle and tell her to come straight here from school. If that’s OK with you.”“Does she know about your likes?”“Of course. She swings both ways herself but I think she prefers the ladies.”“Oh!”“She’ll be happy about it. Trust me.”Bet smiled and reflected that she naturally trusted this woman.“I’ve never eaten cunt,” she said. “Well I’d better turn over hadn’t I,” Chris said moving from the older woman.“I don’t know what to do.”“You know what you like?”“Of course.”“Then start with that and then improvise. In the meantime……..” Chris spread her long legs. “Eat, Baby. Eat your fill.”

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