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God how he wanted her.

Ever since she sent him her 2 pictures.

The first one was an instant turn on.

From the long red/brown hair in the hat he was in lust with her. The award winning smile was a real head turner as well. And as the pic downloaded more he could see her small tight belly in a blank tank top and then came the killer part.

He saw that she had on a pair of spandex.

At least it looked like spandex as you could only see a few inches of the pants. Saying she had another pic Chris awaited with bated breath for another pic.

Jenn sent him an instant message saying mail sent.

Chris clicked on the pic and watched with his eyes almost in a trance as the big pic downloaded on his screen. It was the most beautiful picture he had ever seen.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the most beautiful ass his eyes ever laid on. The spandex were super tight just like she said they were.

She also told him she had to lay on the bed to put them on and loved seeing guys faces when she wore them out in public.

He started from the bottom looking at the black boots as his eyes curved ever inch of her sexy body.

The pants looked like they were sprayed on as they hugged her legs. As his eyes moved up toward her ass his cock began to get rock. It was the ass that ruined him.

God it was so round and peachy and it looked so eatable in the spandex. Not a curve out of place. It was like the perfect ass.

The crotch part was so tight Chris would have bet if she bent over they would have ripped. Looking over to the left his eyes fell upon her left cheek. It was so round inside those pants. Moving over to the right butt cheek he stared at her 2 pockets.

He had no idea how she managed to fit into those pants, but they looked hot on her. Chris emailed her back and they did some chatting back and forth via email. (if anybody wants to see these 2 pics I have them-just email me and say send the Jenn pics)

Chris even got to know her enough that they chatted on the phone various times as well. Now Jenn had a boyfriend so Chris didn’t even think he had a shot to be with Jenn, but one day it all changed.

Jenn sent Chris an e-mail and said her and her boyfriend had broken up and that she wanted him to come and visit her so he could see the red spandex in person!!!!!!!!!

A week later armed with a plane ticket in his hand Chris flew to Tampa Florida.

He got in a rent a car and pulled out the directions that Jenn had given him to her work. She promised that the day he got there that she would work barefoot.

Chris could hardly contain himself as he drove over to her work and before long he pulled in the parking lot. Getting out of the car and shutting it he took a deep breath as he opened the door to the store she worked at and in he walked.

There she was at the counter.

A blue shirt on and white pants, long brown/red flowing down her back. She looked hotter in person that on the pics she had. Chris couldn’t contain his excitement as he walked over to her.

“Hi Jenn, Chris from the computer” he managed to spurt out of his mouth.

“Oh hi Chris” Jenn said as she was checking him out.

All 220 pounds of him and boy did she like what she saw.

Chris was nice and tanned with a big back, broad shoulders, nice size arms and big legs. She also knew that the thing between his legs was big.

Jenn walked out from behind the counter as Chris looked down and sure enough she was barefoot!!!!!

Jenn slide her feet along the ground of the store as she went over and gave him a big hug.

“Wow it is so nice to finally meet you and you look even better in person that your pics…nice muscles” Jenn giggled as she felt his bicep as she moved back a bit.

Chris tried not to stare at her feet much, but he was and Jenn kept noticing it and she knew Chris wanted her.

“Listen I can pretty much leave here anytime…so why don’t we beat it out of here and go to your hotel” Jenn winked as she picked up the phone and a person in the back came out and Jenn finished her paper work.

“Let me change and I’ll be right back out” Jenn said and with a quick kiss on the cheek she was gone.

5 min Jenn opened the door and Chris’s eyes almost fell out of his head. Jenn had put on the outfit she had on in her pics.

“You like?” Jenn asked as she twirled around for Chris!

Chris could only nod yes as he was almost in shock. Her hair was looking mighty fine as he looked at her tanned shoulders and nice little hands and fingers.

The shirt was just small enough so you could see her nipples sticking out of it as well as her belly being exposed as it was nice and tanned.

“Just don’t stand there let’s go” Jenn said as she put her arms around Chris and out the door they went.

God was Chris trying to control his cock from not falling out of his pants. God the red spandex looked even better in person than in the pics!

They were so tight they looked like they had been sprayed on her.

“Listen Ümraniye Escort I got an idea, since your hotel is only a few blocks away why don’t u leave your car here and we can walk to it. Don’t worry your car is safe and plus I didn’t bring any shoes” Jenn whispered.

Jenn rubbed up against Chris.

Chris almost passed out on the spot as he was taking in quick peeks of her un polished, but very tanned feet. Jenn and Chris made small talk as they walked the 4 blocks to the hotel.

Chris went in to check in and Jenn decided to have some fun and walked around the motel parking lot. Parking lot was filled with grime and oil and Jenn made sure she stepped in every possible spot she could till she saw Chris was ready to come out and she went over to him.

“I have room 234” Chris said as he pointed and Jenn grabbed hold of his hand and off they went.

Chris got to the door and unlocked it and in they both walked. Chris set down his overnight gym bag as Jenn put down her purse and then moved on the bed for a second. Her feet lifted off the carpet and Chris tried in vain to get a look at the soles of her feet.

He could only see a bit and really couldn’t get a good look at them.

“So Chris I loved your stories and since I know how much of a foot fetish u have I decided to work barefoot for 2 days straight and I didn’t wash them just for you” Jenn giggled as she moved her foot up and down.

Jenn then stood up and went over to him and they embraced and she moved her head over to his mouth and they kissed.

Both lips locked and both lips opened and tongues connected.

Chris swirled around his tongue as Jenn could feel his bulge inside his pants as she wrapped her arms around his muscular back. She moved her fingers all over his back…feeling it…wanting him more and more each minute.

Chris was dying to grab her ass with his hands, but he instead just played with Jenn’s long hair as they swapped spit. Finally Jenn pushed him away and turned around for him and let him take her in.

He looked down and saw that ass really close for the 1st time.

It was round and peachy and was just like the perfect ass. The ass hugged the spandex so well.

Jenn then got up on the bed on all fours and for the first time Chris saw the soles of her feet and boy were they dirty.

There wasn’t a spot of white or skin anywhere. Her entire soles were covered with dirt, oil, grass stains and anything else from the store floor. Her toes were total black covered.

Chris was like in dream land. Jenn then sat down out on the bed.

“Now I want you to lick me all over, but not my feet yet, but you can smell them ok” Jenn moaned as Chris got on his knees behind her and smelled her feet.

Her soles were pitch black (want a pic of them? I got a pic of them too-just ask) and it looked liked there was layers and layers of dirt and grime for him to clean.

Chris just inhaled the aroma of her feet as his cock was now rock hard as he stuck his tongue out and begin to lick her ankles.

He was dying inside cause he couldn’t have the feet as his wet tongue touched her spandex.

He felt her squirm as his tongue touched the fabric for the first time and he looked up and he saw that round mound of a butt waiting for him.

God how he wanted to lick and rim that ass in the biggest way.

His tongue was like a snake in the grass as it slithered up past her ankles and up to the back of her knees and when he got there Jenn moaned and squirmed.

“Oh that tickles Chris” she giggled as Chris went toward her thighs.

He tongue began to leave wet spots of her red spandex as he got closer to that ass that he must have jerked off to 100 times on the computer.

As he got to the top of her thighs, Jenn spread her legs for him almost on cue.

Chris then stopped for a second and just looked at that ass that for the past year he only saw via the computer.

Taking in a deep breath he began to lick right under her butt.

Jenn then got up on all fours making it easier for him.

“Lick my ass through my spandex loverboy” Jenn commanded as Chris could see her crotch was already soaked.

His cock was as rock as a flagpole as it tried in vain to fling itself free from his jeans. Chris ever so slowly worked his was around her butt…teasing her…as he went closer and closer to her crotch.

He could smell her juices as his tongue was right on her left cheek and slide across.

Jenn slide her legs together a bit more as Chris then darted over to her right cheek. He couldn’t believe he was licking Jenn’s ass through her spandex.

He always thought about it, but never thought it would really happen. He then moved to her crotch and began to lap at her hole like a dog lapping water out of a bowl.

Making his tongue stiff, he jammed it in and out of her crotch, fucking her with his tongue.

“Ohhhhh yes Chris your tongue does wonders” Jenn yelled as she was getting more turned on by the minute.

She İstanbul Escort couldn’t take no more as she pushed Chris away.

“I got to take these off baby” Jenn purred as she flipped back over and had Chris stand and watch.

Not a noise could be heard in the room except a button being undone and then the sound of a zipper coming down.

Chris just watched on as Jenn took her fingers and somehow got them under her tight pants and slowly wiggled her hips and the pants began to peel off her skin.

Her tanned hips began to become reality as she lifted her dirty feet high in the air and Chris gasped out loud at the sight of them again as Jenn smiled and she knew she had Chris as she slide the spandex down her legs.

She wiggled her toes to let Chris know his groaning hadn’t gone un noticed as the spandex were around her ankles.

With one flick of her foot and then the other the spandex were thrown across the floor. She slide her fingers up and slide off her top so she was now naked.

“Reach up in the top drawer and get out my toy” Jennie purred as she jumped back over and laid on her stomach.

“Chris I want you to fuck me with my toy…the same toy I have used on myself while reading your stories…mmmmmm” Jenn squealed as she saw Chris with her pink dildo in his hand.

Chris took the dildo and moved it along her legs as he worked his way up to her butt.

Jenn then got up on all fours for him.

“There is my ass…take it” Jenn demanded as Chris then began to pucker her ass with kisses.

“Oh yeah rim my ass with your tongue loverboy” Jenn squealed as her body began to thrash.

Chris stuck his tongue out and began to lick the top of her thighs and right below her ass. His tip let a trail of salvia as he worked his way toward her puckered hole.

His tongue went all around her ass, not missing a spot as he slowly worked his way to the hole.

He made his tongue stiff as he let in a deep breath and then like a small cock jammed his tongue in deep and Jenn let out a loud moan as he fucked her ass with his tongue.

In and out his tongue darted like a madman possessed.

His tongue flicked north, south, east and west as he could feel the hole open for him and he jammed his tongue in her ass and began to explore.

Her ass tasted so great and his tongue flicked up and down on it and then all around, feeling her ass open more with each flick.

Jenn then reached around and spread her cheeks for him so it would make it easier for him to rim and clean her ass.

“Ohhhhh yesss fuck my ass with that tongue…get it in deep” Jenn said as she was on fire.

Her pussy was dripping wet as Chris continued to fuck her ass good.

In and out his tongue went and all around.

God he is good Jenn said to herself as she leaned over and began to finger herself.

Getting a finger wet she slide it over and into Chris’s mouth which he sucked clean. She slide her finger in and out of his mouth a few times then went back and began to finger fuck herself.

“Oh Chris I am on fire my pussy needs some attention” Jenn said as Chris moved his face and mouth away from her ass as Jenn flipped over and spread her legs for him.

“Come and get a tasty treat Chris” Jenn purred as she rubbed what little pubic hair she had on her pussy.

Jenn moved over and grabbed the dildo from Chris’s hand as he went between her legs and Jenn put her feet on his big, rugged shoulders.

“I was barefoot for 2 days waiting for to come down and lick them” Jenn purred as with those words Chris began to lick with the fury of a man who had won a million dollars as his tongue and mouth went to work like a man eating his last meal.

His tongue parted her lips and sunk right into the goods.

Wet juice sprayed across his lips as he opened to swallow the nectar from this goddess. His tongue flicked on wet warm skin as he went looking for her clit.

He licked along the outer edges teasing Jenn as she rubbed her toes along his shoulders and played with his hair as she threw back her head in complete domination.

“Lick me Chris eat me” Jenn screamed as her body began to shake and move.

Jenn then moved her feet from off his shoulders and wrapped them around his neck and head.

“Eat me till I cum in your mouth…look over at the reward” Jenn purred as she wiggled her toes as Chris saw the filthy soles.

Chris then became like a man who saw the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as with each thrust and lick he began to go faster and faster like a wheel.

He got into a little rhythm and then he got faster and faster. Jenn grabbed on his hair as she was gonna cum soon. Her legs began to shake as well as her hips.

“Don’t you dare stop” she shouted as she was going crazy.

“Fuck yeah oh here I cum.” Jenn shouted as she let loose with a torrid spray of wet, sticky juice that flooded Chris’s mouth.

The sweet nectar exploded into his mouth and he drank every drop like a Anadolu Yakası Escort man on the Sahara desert who had not drank water in a week.

Jenn let go of his hair as she heard the sounds of liquid being gulped by one hell of a stud.

“mmmmmmm drink it all” Jenn said as she was coming down from outer space and she watched as Chris got in the last few gulps in before she un locked her legs from his head.

“Wow you eat pussy like a pro and in your stories. Your no dud I can tell you that” Jenn said as she wiped away sweat off his forehead.

She looked down and then an evil thought crossed her mind.

“Chris you would do anything to lick my feet wouldn’t you?” Jenn said in a seductive voice.

“Oh yeah you bet Jenn” Chris said eager to please her more.

“Good I don’t like taking no for an answer and I know your a real man and won’t let me down so how about we do this” Jenn said as she grabbed the dildo and moved it along Chris’s face.

Chris knew exactly what Jenn was thinking and he nodded his head yes as Jenn glided the dildo right into his mouth.

“Suck it” Jenn said as she watched as Chris’s mouth opened and the tip went in.

“Open your mouth I want to watch” Jenn said as Chris did that and Jenn watched as he sucked on the tip and twirled his tongue around the tip as she pushed it in just a bit more.

“Mmmmmmmmm..chris this is too hot baby” Jenn said as she watched Chris get her dildo wet with his salvia and pussy juice.

After it was in about 2 inches Jenn slide it in more and Chris opened his mouth more to get more.

“Ohhhhh yes suck it good, take it all in your mouth” Jenn said as her pussy was getting on fire again watching this 6 foot 220 pounds of muscle hunk of a man suck her toy.

In and out she slide it out of his mouth as she then took the entire dildo out of his mouth and slide it deep in her pussy then slide it in his mouth.

“Clean my toy” Jenn said as Chris did just that sucking off all the juice.

“Now I think it is time for me to have you” Jenn said as she went over and they kissed.

Jenn lightly kissed his face and the their tongues locked as Jenn set the toy down on the table and then told him to flip over.

His back was so big from all the lifting he did and his round ass was just right for the picking.

“Wow and you tell me nobody has this gorgeous ass of yours” Jenn said as she went and got a bottle of oil.

“Well I am glad I got it first and Chris I will be gentle, please let me know if it hurts I don’t want to hurt you ok” Jenn said and Chris nodded yes and Jenn rubbed some oil on her hands and then hopped on his back and moved between his legs.

“Wow Chris you have a nice body and your ass is so fine” Jenn whispered as she massaged his neck and back relaxing him.

Her fingers dug into his lats as she could see was totally at ease as she worked her way down.

Another splash of oil and she was in the middle of his back and then his lower back. She skipped right over his butt and slide a trail of oil down one leg and then up to the next.

She even rubbed his balls a bit making sure he was still rock (which he was).

Moving up a bit she got the bottle for one more time and tipped it till a nice glob of oil dripped up on his butt and rolled between the crack.

Jenn watched on as this was beyond anything she had ever done or seen. She took a finger and spread his cheeks and rubbed the oil in wanting his butt to be nice and loose.

“Chris if I am hurting you in any way let me know” Jenn said as she slide 2 fingers in and began to rub around his hole and his entire butt.

“God you got an incredible ass you know that” Jenn said as she rubbed his butt slowly. “Thanks and your is equally as nice” Chris said as she hands were doing wonders and he had to admit this felt mighty good.

Jenn got some more oil and rubbed it on her hands as she leaned over and got the toy.

She rubbed it up and down getting it nice and wet.

“Chris I am gonna slide it now ok” Jenn purred.

“Just think this is the same toy I used on myself while reading your stories and now I am using it on you” Jenn said as she got the tip and rubbed it around his butt.

Taking a bit more oil she let it drip on the tip as she moved it between his cheeks. She got his cheeks and with her free hand spread them as she saw the puckered hole covered with oil and like a rocket the toy made way for its target.

The tip was against his hole and Jenn eased the tip against it putting a bit of pressure on his hole as it opened a bit.

Twirling the toy around a bit she leaned down to watch as his ass relaxed and she eased the tip in his tight ass. Chris moaned as the tip disappeared into his virgin ass.

“oh yeah Chris I love it baby” Jenn said as this was one time she didn’t want sex to end.

She pulled the dildo out and then slipped it back in and this time it went in with no problem.

“Gonna slide it in a bit more Chris” Jenn said as she pushed another inch in and in it went.

Chris was totally relaxed and this felt great and also that this was turning Jenn on was a bonus.

In the pink toy went into Chris’s ass as Jenn rubbed his balls a bit and then began to increase the pace. In and out in and out the toy went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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