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It was just another one of those days, you know the type; anything that could go wrong generally did. The older I get in my life the more I suspect that the timing of these days directly correlates to how much pressure you currently under in life. It was seven pm on a Saturday evening, instead of getting ready to have crisis relationship talks with my fiancé, I was in work, waiting patiently on a temperamental printer to finish its task. A company director, under the direction of a potential investor, who it was rumoured to be interested in taking over the company, had been hassling middle management all week, getting his departments in line the rumoured takeover. The department was a mess, owing in no short measure to the aforementioned director being slack in his job. My section of the department was the only one pulling it’s weight, as such I was seen as the man to get the job done. I hated my job in middle management; yes that is right, I work in middle management, yet another person lost in the bureaucratic mess of corporate nothingness. The soul destroying boredom that is my everyday work life was only held in balance by the relative saneness of my personal life. It wasn’t always like this, at one point I had the world as my oyster, nothing seemed impossible, everything was within such easy grasp.

I had graduated from college and was highly expected by many of my lecturers to move on, either in the world of academia or to become a writer. I had the imagination, I had the skill, but unfortunately at the time I also had a girlfriend, one I loved dearly but one who’s love depended on a certain level of affluence and lifestyle. Coming straight out of college and trying for a career in writing isn’t for the faint of heart, it requires discipline, encouragement, ingenuity, imagination but most of all it requires a certain level of enforced humility; you have to be poor starting off, at least until you get your first book published. Enforced poverty didn’t appeal of my now fiancé, so I sold my soul, and entered the world of business. That was five years ago.

A loud BEEEP came from the printer ‘finally,’ I thought as the machine spewed out page after page of reports, more mindless drivel.

‘This should keep that fat bastard happy,’ I mused to myself, taking significant pile of ejected paper, hurrying along to try and drop it off as quickly as I could.

KNOCK KNOCK, I banged, almost attempting to bury my knuckles into the heavyset door.

‘Hello, Mr Simons, are you in here sir? I have those documents you wanted to mull over ,’ I droned. I could hear the mock civility in my voice, it tasted like sour wine, bitter and repulsive, god I hated life right now.

‘Ah Nathan, good you’re here at last’ he said, staring through me as if I was shadow. ‘That’ll be all young man, a little bit faster next time and everyone will be much happier; go out have a few beers and unwind, we’ve a busy few days early next week and I need you’re “A” game.’

I wanted to strangle him, grab his corn flower coloured tie and twist it around his fat neck until he turned the same shade of purple as his sweat stained shirt. A growingly familiar voice rose through the storm of my rage, ‘Calm, we are what we do, but we do what we think, and now is not the time for losing our temper.’

These violent impulses were new in my life and unfortunately getting worse as the weeks wore on. I used to be such a happy go lucky kinda guy, even found my job semi-rewarding, but it had all changed over the past few years, and was reinforced with searing precision about two months ago. Arriving home early to the sounds of loud music interrupted by occasional animalistic sounds, I walked in on my beautiful fiancé on all fours howling as she was getting nailed by some young college guy. Looking back I can’t say that I blamed her, I’d become passive, weak, boring, lost in the mediocrity of my own existence. I even watched as she screamed and begged the young guy to blow his load deep inside her, I stood there unmoving, to ashamed to admit I had never made her scream as loudly or as wantonly. We are due to be married next week, and tonight we had a ‘date’ to try and rectify the situation.

I still remember the look of ecstasy etched on her grinning face taksim escort as he fired deep into her causing her to buck and cum with explosive force; the look on her face when she saw me watching, she didn’t even look upset, just a feigned pout. That night was when my violent impulses began to manifest themselves. I took a trip to a local bar, known for its easy pussy thinking in my twisted logic that fucking some random bar slut would compensate for the emotional upheaval I’d just endured. Fate it seems has a certain symmetry to it; who I met that night has haunted my dreams and my passions every hour since.

I was sat at the bar, loading up on Dutch courage, contemplating how low I would fall, hoping for anything, even a hooker to see me in my misery and offer me quick, cheap and easy release. In the corner of my eye I saw a slim black haired woman with an amazing figure walk slowly from where she was sitting on her own over to me.

‘I don’t usually do this, but I couldn’t help but notice that you look a bit down,’ announced a calming voice, “my name is Kiera.”

‘Hi, I’m Nathan,’ I stammered into my beer, no confidence evident at all in my timid voice.

‘Nathan?’ she replied, ‘what a lovely name, a powerful name… ‘I’m attracted to power,’ she continued, ‘its how I noticed you actually, I could feel your sadness and made me notice something about you that otherwise I might have missed.”

‘You could feel my sadness?’ I retorted, clearly not taking her seriously. ‘Sorry, I don’t buy into any of that hippy crap, just because a man is keeping to himself doesn’t mean he’s sad.’

‘Ahhh’ she said almost humming the sound, as if my retort had been a revelation had been one of great significance. ‘Well Nathan, I’m not into any hippy crap either, but I do believe that the universe reserves a certain amount of fate for each of us, and tonight I think…’ she slowed choosing her words carefully \Yes, tonight I think meeting you wasn’t an accident.’

I’d had enough at this stage, just wanted to be left alone I turned to face my antagonist to give her a definitive leave me alone speech, only to find myself stunned. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for the sensation that followed. Our eyes met, and I was lost in the swirling beauty that regarded me. In an instant my evolving state of drunkenness shrunk into oblivion, in sober rapture I was a fish out of water, hooked.

She noticed the change in my body language and blushed as she quietly laughed to herself. She took me by the hand and led me dumbly out of the bar and down a dark alleyway. I couldn’t speak, I wanted to, but couldn’t. My mind was subverted by some unknown force, one which I couldn’t have mustered the strength to fight, even if I wanted to. I quite happily let her lead me to whatever awaited.

‘I know its not the most romantic of places,’ I heard her say, not quite sure where the sound was coming from, ‘but it serves our purpose for tonight.’ She turned to me, looking deep into my eyes with her piercing gaze; hazel eyes which turned emerald green spiralling outwards fusing in a beautiful orange hue, cut through me and then darkness. I awoke in the alley on my own still in a daze with a pounding headache.

Since that night, my emotions have run riot, unchecked and out of control; rage, anger, sorrow, regret all experienced with a new sense of deepened intensity; always when they move to overpower me, a growingly familiar and soothing voice, erases the burdens and calms my mind.

I checked my watch, 19.25 it read and I know I could still just about make it. Furious at my delay, I knew I was going to be a little late for a meeting with Evelyn, my fiancé, who had somehow managed to convince me over the previous months that the wedding could still go ahead. Still in the deepest recesses of my mind, I knew she was a lying, cheating bitch and I’d never trust her again as long as I lived, but as she so delicately pointed out, I couldn’t be selfish and not think about all the other people who had made arrangements to travel for our glorious announcement of love and constant companionship to the world. Three years I give it, if even. Enough time for her to get money, and leave; then again, that’s şişli escort what my life has become. At least I knew Evelyn would enjoy being a kept wife or a divorcee, she’d get money either way, and truthfully, probably enjoy it more than I ever could.

Speeding home, I quickly followed the sacred three S’s ritual; shit, shower and shave, in that order; dressed and sped back into town, hoping to make my evening dinner for 8. Blue and red flashing lights greeted me just two blocks from my rendezvous.

‘Shit, shIT, SHIT’ echoed through my car, no doubt reverberating onto the street nearby. The officer approached, and I quickly apologised for my outburst, knowing full well he had heard the full extent of my verbal barrage. Short and fat, almost the identical stereotypical cop you’d see on the movies, eating donuts and thinking he was shit cool in dark shades while sporting a sizable beer gut and balding head.

‘Fucking cops.’ ripped through my mind as I was lectured about the finer points of driving 13 miles per hour over the limit on a half empty street. The violent thoughts returned, I had an almost uncontrollable impulse to grab his shirt, pull him through the lowered window and twist his neck till I heard it crack. Then I saw her.

Across the street, a teasing smile set within a sublime and delicate face and her eyes, I was the full way across the street and as soon as I noticed them I felt like I couldn’t move. This was the third time in past few weeks I’d seen the woman from the bar, who’d voice I kept hearing calming me down whenever my anger boiled. As she turned the street corner I heard it, ‘not here, not like this, keep control, it will be over soon.’

‘Do you understand me sir?’ sounded a voice, pulling me back to the real world. Shit, I’d been daydreaming, and this cop was still ranting. Putting on my best work face, I calmly turned, smiled, nodded and ventured a polite ‘Yes officer, no problems, I’m terrible sorry, it won’t happen again,’ as I was handed a ticket.

Looking across the street she was gone.

Moments later I arrived at the restaurant and found my fiancé sitting waiting me for, with a fake smile drawn onto her face.

‘Your late darling, work again? You know you work far to hard in that office, to many hours, I want more of your time,’ Evelyn recited, I could taste the hollowness of her words. My ability to pick out lies was growing, I don’t know how I knew people were lying, I just did, it was one of the many strange things changing about me.

One thing I will say about my fiancé was that she knew how to dress and looking across at her I couldn’t help but feel aroused. Standing five foot eight, slender with an athletic build she was hot and sexy, both of which in my mind are very different things. Tonight she was dressed in a deep emerald green dress that accentuated her curves exposed her legs and her perfect 32C’s. We talked, we flirted, it was obvious she was desperately trying to fix the damage she’d done. As she talked all I could see in my minds eye was her getting fucked by her young stud, sounding like a wounded animal as she pleaded for cock. The conversation developed and ‘we’ finally agreed to keep the original wedding date; next week we were getting married. In the back of my mind my growing senses told me that it was never going to happen, but I played along all the same.

We drank wine and ended up falling into a taxi for home at about eleven o clock. Her efforts to ease my ego escalated on the trip home as began to suck me dry as I stared into the dim yellow world of urban night.

‘It’s just you I want to fuck me for the rest of my life,’ she purred, as she gulped down the last of my juice. I had barely noticed the whole experience, my ejaculation owing more to the thoughts of Kiera than any of Evelyn’s efforts.

We arrived home and again Evelyn’s passes were met with mild interest; I really just wanted to go to sleep. We stumbled through the front door of our apartment; the apartment she hadn’t stayed in for a number of weeks. She looked at me straight in the face and told me she loved me, that I was her life, and that nothing else mattered to her in the world. I couldn’t believe it, but she was lying to me, I don’t think she şişli escort was aware of it herself but I could sense it. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew; the slow sudden truth of it all was that she’d been lying to me and probably herself all these years, and neither of us knew.

I did however develop an itch, and I was going to have it scratched. Kissing her with mock passion, I dropped my hands slowly down behind her; reaching under the fabric of her dress I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear. With more force than I intended I disengaged from our embrace and turned her face to the wall, hiked up her dress around her waist and began fingering her cunt with aggressive lust. The effect was instant and obviously fake. She was moaning like a whore being paid to moan. ‘If she wants to act like a whore, treat her like one.’ a voice echoed in my head. Releasing my stiff cock from my pants and without warning, rammed if cock and deep into her unsuspecting pussy.

An audible ‘uhhhhh’ escaped her lips before she returned to her acting. I felt my anger and aggression of the past few years of my life build up slowly inside me from deep within. Grabbing a hold of the front of her dress as she balanced face towards the wall, I ripped her breast free and began rolling her nipples between the thumbs and forefingers. My rhythm increased as her lust began to override her acting, I began pounding furiously, dropping both of my hands onto her hips, forcing her down onto my impaling manhood, not letting her move unless it was in my own interest. Her screams echoed throughout the apartment, not the false screams of earlier, but genuine ones of ecstasy, louder than any I’d ever heard her make. I could have gone for days, pounding away relentlessly on her exposed pussy, she was my toy; I was using her and enjoying it.

A familiar voice returned, ‘you’re doing so well, cum inside her now, cum inside her as you think of me, when your finished you’ll find me waiting.’ An image of Kiera flooded into my mind and my balls instantly responded and I exploded with force deep inside my fiancé’s pussy. She felt it too, and as I eased the pressure on her hips she began gyrated freely on my still expulsive member, she screamed in ecstasy as she felt me fill her to the brim. We both collapsed, only just noticing the apartment door was still open.

Giggling in that truly girly fashion, ‘ooohhh god that was fantasic,’ escaped her lips. I knew she wasn’t lying, I don’t know how, I just knew. She turned to kiss me on the lips with a smile on her face. I pulled back, stood up pulled up my trousers, kissed her on the forehead and began. ‘Its over,’ I intoned as I turned around and walked straight out the front door, closing it behind me. I don’t know why I did it I just knew I had to. I walked down the street, hoping to make it over to my mates’ house before he fell asleep so I could crash some place. It was only three blocks over so I figured it’d be a routine walk. How wrong I was.

About half way to the house I noticed a breathtakingly feminine figure walking confidently down the street. As she approached my head began to swim, as if I was intoxicated by her very presence. Before our paths crossed I faltered and lost my footing and with one arm she caught me. I looked up and was greeted by Kiera, my head began to spin and that familiar voice in my head whispered, ‘its all right Nathan, have faith in fate.’ Her smile was the personification of intoxicating, she placed her hand on the side of my neck just under my left ear and began kissing my neck before biting into it ferociously.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, the sensations that were coursing through my body touched every nerve ending in my body, culminating in the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced in my life. The pleasure was too much and I passed out in ecstasy. In the darkness of my mind, a single voice echoed, ‘you’ve been calling to me, and I’ve come to answer, but first, you have to prove yourself, my young man. Soon we’ll be together, until then you’ll know what to do when an opportunity presents itself.’

I awoke in the corner of an alleyway just off the street I was walking down, my neck was tender with blood still seeping from two small holes, and my body weak. Looking up at the brightening sky I was left wondering what the hell had just happened to me. I couldn’t explain it, but everything seemed different, my anger had gone, replaced with a heightened sense of curiosity and longing for a woman who I knew I shouldn’t get entangled with.

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