Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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The view is gorgeous looking out across the canyon. It seems like you can see forever. To you, it is slightly foreign surroundings; the rocks, the sand, the lack of trees and water except for in the bottom of the canyon.

You hear me walk up behind and you feel my arms go around your waist. My lips trace down your neck from just below your ear down to your shoulder, and back up again, lightly kissing the whole way. You feel my arms pull you even closer as I start kissing the side of your face slowly working towards your beautiful mouth. I nip lightly on your bottom lip and slightly touch your top lip with the tip of my tongue. I gently turn you around to face me, and I place my hand on the side of your face, and lightly kiss you… again and again. I take my hand away and pull you closer to me and lightly touch your top lip with the tip of my tongue again. I smile at you and do it again, lighter this time. I see you grin and quickly suck my tongue into your mouth, our lips completely meeting for the first time, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths. The electricity I feel every time I kiss you charges my whole body as our lips do the now well known erotic dance of lust and love. The intensity rises as I feel you grab my ass with both your hands and pull me to your body even closer. Naturally my hands go to your tight and gorgeous ass as well.

You break our kiss and you say to me, a little breathless and a lot sexy, “Dammit Michael, you do that to me every time we get somewhere. You are just getting me all worked up, and you are doing it on purpose.”

You pull me closer and begin a slow rub of your moistening crotch on the growing bulge in my pants, and kiss me very forcefully and passionately. I break the kiss and pick you up into my arms.

I say, “Darlin’, I would never do that to you, now would I?” with a slight impish grin. I kiss you again and begin walking back to the RV with you still in my arms. I get to the door on the side of the RV and open it, as I let you down on your feet. You enter the vehicle ahead of me as you feel my hand on your gorgeous butt.

“Need a lift, baby?” I crowd into you making sure to touch you as much as possible as we make it inside the vehicle. You playfully hit me in the arm, as I walk by you heading to the refrigerator in the camper. I open the door and pull a bottle and a container off of the bottom shelf, close the door and walk back over to the table where you are sitting.

“What have you got there?” You ask.

I hold up the bottle of wine, “You mean this? You know what this is.” I innocently grin.

You playfully hit me open handed on the arm again and say, “No, silly. The container, what is in the container?” Kıbrıs Escort You smile back at me with that look I love… The slightly devilish, but sweet smile, and the sparkling eyes, that tell me I have your complete attention.

“Strawberries,” I reply. “Chocolate covered strawberries.” Your interest in the container increases instantly. “But you can’t have any,” I smile evilly.

The look you give me is equal to “oh yeah?” as you raise your eyebrows and give me a very wicked smile.

“Not with clothes on you can’t,” I reply. “You can’t have any until you are naked and on that bed over there.” I point behind me to the big queen size bed that takes up the whole back of the RV.

You reply, “Oh yeah? And if I do take off all my clothes and go get on that bed over there, what are you going to do for me, and am I going to have to feed myself?”

I pop the cork from the bottle of wine I had been working on while teasing you about the strawberries, and say, “Baby, I will do just about anything you want, including feeding you chocolate covered strawberries. And, I will help you get out of those clothes too.” As I stand up from the table and pull you to me and give you a passionate, wet, slightly forceful kiss that almost makes your knees buckle under you.

“Do you wanna?” I whisper into your ear. “I want you, baby, you drive me crazy,” I breathe, as I lightly kiss your neck just under your ear. I whisper again, “God, woman you smell so good,” as I lightly inhale the aroma your neck. “I could just smell you for hours, and I think I will,” as I take your hand and pick up the wine and the strawberry container in the other, I lead you to this bed; a lover’s bed, complete with a down coverlet and really soft high thread count sheets. As you sit on the side of the bed starting to remove your shoes, I set the wine and strawberries on the night stand beside you and walk over to the open door of the RV closing it, and locking it. I kick off my shoes on the way back to the bed and pull my socks off and toss them with the shoes. As I walk up to you, I pull the sock from your foot that you just removed a shoe from, and reach and pull the sock from the other. As I lean back over after losing that sock, I plant a kiss right between your magnificent breasts.

“Do you want me, baby?” I ask huskily.

You look longingly into my eyes, and say “Hmmm, maybe,” and grin very evilly.

I look at you with a smile and a surprise. It was my turn to look indignant, “Oh ho? You mean all these strawberries are mine?” I push you back onto the bed and cover your gorgeous body with my own and you lips with mine. We kiss for a very long time. Tongues doing battle, lips straying Kıbrıs Escort Bayan wandering and meeting back up. Sweet nothings whispered back and forth. You roll me over and straddle me. The view from this position is incredible. Your shapely body is just a sight to behold.

“It is hot in here,” you say as you pull your shirt over your head and throw it behind you. “Aren’t you hot?” you ask me, as you start pulling my shirt over my head.

“No,” I reply smiling, “but you definitely are, all the time,” and I lift up my body so you can get the shirt the rest of the way off. As I rise up, I deftly unclasp the front of your bra, and those beautiful breasts of yours come into view. “Hello,” I reply to them as they appear, “Glad you two could join us.” You smirk at me and shrug the bra the rest of the way off.

Here we are now, you straddling me in the middle of the bed and all we have on is jeans. I pull you down to me and kiss you again, feeling the heat of your body through your titties as they press against my bare chest. You nip my lip fairly hard to break my lip lock and begin fumbling with my belt. A glistening is on your skin and a slight tint of pink is across your face as desire is showing in your eyes. I lift my butt up a little bit so you can pull my jeans and underwear off in one tug. My manhood flops out and immediately starts growing harder.

“MMMMM,” that looks good,” you croon at me, as you start pulling your own very tight jeans off. I sit up and help you pull them down. I have to plant a kiss in the middle of your sex as I manage to “help” you remove your jeans.

You emit a very throaty moan, “Oh yes, Michael.”

I start to sit up and go get the wine glasses, but you are having none of it. You push me back down on the bed and begin rubbing me with your tits everywhere. Whenever you get close to my face or my cock, you plant a kiss and moan some more. This is getting me very aroused, and you are just so hot. I grab you and roll you over on to your back and lay across your body. I begin kissing you on your neck and start working down your body slowly, a little nip, a light kiss, a heavy kiss. As I reach your breasts, I lightly kiss your very erect nipples and encircle it with my mouth, and lightly tease each nipple with my tongue. I then continue to kiss down your body slowly, returning to the little nips, light kisses, followed by a heavy tongued kiss.

As I reach your sex, I lightly blow across your pussy lips and begin kissing the insides of your thighs. This starts driving you wild.

“Oh please eat me, Michael, please,” you beg me, as I look straight into your eyes and continue to kiss up to your nether region, but not Escort Kıbrıs touch your pussy at all. I kiss your inner thighs some more and you start rocking your hips needing me.

Never breaking the eye contact, I lightly touch your now exposed clit with the tip of my tongue. I lightly lick the lips from the bottom to the top, barely intruding into your pussy as I do so. You are so wet. I return my attention to your clit and begin lightly running my tongue in circles on and around it.

This makes you even more aroused and you start saying, “YEEESSS, oh YES, Michael eat me baby… Yeah, oh that is sooooo good…”

I stop teasing your clit and slowly bury my tongue into your pussy as far as it will go… I pull it out and bury it again, tongue fucking your snatch as I lightly tease your clit with my finger. I feel the eruption coming. Your body starts quaking and you grab at the bed and start arching your back. A little girl squeak is emitted from your lips as your orgasm arrives.

You squeeze my head between your thighs as I continue to tongue fuck your now drooling pussy, as you cum…

You try to pull my face to yours and my body onto and into yours, but I am not done yet. I slide my finger into your dripping pussy and start rubbing your G-spot and begin licking your clit, up and down, side-to-side, and then just bearing down on it with my whole tongue. After a minute or two of this you start cumming again. Your thighs squeeze my head even harder as this orgasm is even more intense, than the first

Now, I rise up and cover your body with mine and place the head of my now raging hard-on into the entrance of your quivering pussy. I slide only the head of my cock into your body easily and stop.

I look into your eyes, and ask, “You ready baby?” and not waiting for a response, slide all the way into your hot pussy in one stroke. I slowly pull it out, and slide completely in again. I hold it in tight this time massaging your engorged clit with my pubic bone gently. Then I slowly pull it out and stroke in again to a slow but forceful rhythm, occasionally stopping all the way inside you again to tease your clit some more. After a couple of minutes of this, I look into your eyes again, and I feel the oneness of this coupling. I then grab your shoulders gently and roll over so you are on top. You go crazy rubbing and rutting on my hardness while I suck and nibble on your magnificent breasts. After a couple of minutes of this you are cumming again.

At this point I can’t take anymore and I whisper to you “I am cumming inside you baby, now…”

And your orgasms continue as you feel my cock inside you get bigger and begin pulsing, filling you with my hot seed. The incredible sensation of mutual orgasm with you is amazing. I am now grabbing your ass and pumping into you releasing my seed deep inside you. As my orgasm slows, I pull you to my chest on top of me, and we fall asleep in each other’s arms…

So much for the wine and strawberries…

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