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Chinese Wife: CarolineI am a Chinese American guy, I met Caroline a year ago in China whenI went there for vacation, she was the most perfect girl I’ve evermet; she is a 26-yo traditionally raised, conservative Chinese girl.She has a caring, compassionate heart, and has a very sweet smile. Wegot married not too long after; I brought her back to the U.S. We arevery much in love and had become each other’s best friends. She haslearned Yoga since she was a little girl, so she asked me if it’s okfor her to find a job, I was very supportive. She found a job as thepart-time Yoga instructor in a fitness center.When I went to pick up her at the fitness class, I always saw therewere male students following her around during the break and chattingwith her. I noticed those men wear Yoga shorts like tight biker’sshorts, and their semi-erected penis are quite obviously bulgingthrough their shorts, they seemed to show off to my newly-wed wife.Caroline just kept a polite smile and tried to ignore their revealingmanhood. In the car, I felt somehow unsecured, and asked her that shenever told me there were also men in Yoga class, she replied she wasalso wondered when she first started working since only mostlyfemales attend Yoga class in China, she thought it was probably howU.S was.At home, when she took shower, I checked her Yoga thong bodysuit, andalways found moist pussy juice on the crotch area. Since my penis issmall, I had a mixed feeling of jealousy and envy knowing she gotaroused by those men. I showed her thong panties, and asked her ifshe was attracted to men with large penises. She blushed, gotembarrassed, and explained that was because doing Yoga exercisenaturally made her had more secretion. Strangely, the thought of myinnocent, Chinese wife wearing skimpy Yoga thong bodysuit in the sameroom, where there were strong men staring obscenely at her made mearoused, too.A few times I tested her, asked her if she’d think my penis is small,and she’d wish my penis is bigger. She looked at me as if I was veryweird, kept silent for a few seconds, then said she’d never thoughtof this before and didn’t know what to answer. I then asked whethershe would be interested to have sexual intercourse with another manwith a big cock. She said she couldn’t believe I would think of suchoutrageous taboo for her. I felt better after that, but I couldn’tstop thinking what would be like, if my beloved wife be copulated bya stranger with a big penis.It happened one night we went to my company’s dinner party. Both ofus drank liquor. I had a lot more than Caroline did, so I let herdrive home after the party. However, I didn’t realize she also had 3cups of red wine, which was too much for her. Unfortunately, we gotinto a minor accident; she hit the car in the front on the road,nobody got injured. There was a big, black, policeman showed up. Hedid the alcohol breath test on her, it was surely positive. He saidnot only Caroline was DUI, but also got into a vehicle accident, itwas a felony, and he had to arrest her.However, since Caroline is still holding conditional green card(conditional permanent resident status from Department ofImmigration), any felony or crime would pose great difficulty ingetting the permanent resident status or getting naturalized as UScitizen later, she could lost her right to live in US, and ourmarriage would be destroyed. Caroline got scared and started weepinghelplessly. I got out of the car and told the cop that it would ruinher and our lives. The cop gave me a stern look and said that was thelaw. I was very worried so I asked him that was there anything wecould do to make it up. He looked at me strictly and said if bahis siteleri canlı I wastrying to bribe him. I said no but we would do anything to make it upas long as Caroline wouldn’t be arrested. He stared at my pretty wifegreedily for a few seconds, turned to me and said he was ready tofinish his shift, and would drop the case if he could use hersexually that night. Cold sweat came down my spine and my heartalmost jumped out of my mouth when I heard that. I felt horror andexcited, and quickly said yes to him. I went back to the car and toldmy wife the “deal”. There were still tears in her eyes; she lookedcompletely shocked as if she couldn’t believe I allowed thisarrangement. Her face appeared pale at first, and then graduallyturned blushing red. I told her this was the only way out. She lookedconfused and apparently didn’t know what to react.He took our drivers’ licenses, told us to sit in the back of hispolice car and drove us to a nearby motel. On the way, she keptsilent, her eyes kept looking down, and she grasped my hand tightly;I could feel she was trembling and shaking. At that moment, I feltextremely guilty and jealous, regretted deeply in my heart. I askedthe cop if I could just give him money instead of my wife, he repliedwith an indifferent tone “a deal is a deal”.Arriving at the motel’s parking lot. The cop opened her side of thedoor, reached her hands and led Caroline out of the car. Before herfeet could gain the balance on the ground, he boldly lifted her skirthigh above her tiny waist, revealed her naked, round ass through thethong panties in the public parking lot. Caroline froze in panic,astonished at his obscene action in public. A few people justhappened to walk by and looked at us curiously; Caroline closed hereyes, her legs shook weakly as her semi-naked lower body been exposedin the parking lot. He stared lustfully at her nude hips throughthong panties and said to her “you are very beautiful”.The cop told me to get a room; I registered a room, quickly went tothe next door convenient store, bought a box of condoms.Once in the room while still standing, the black copy kissed herears, neck seductively and tried to kiss her lips, but Carolinenervously refused. He quickly removed her clothes until only herthong panties left, and then he stripped himself naked. His blackcock was not only the biggest I have ever imagined, but also veryblack. Caroline took a quick glimpse at his giant black cock, gasped,her eyes quickly filled with fears. She stood in front of himquivering, trying to cover her round big tits with hands. The blackcop picked her up and sat her on the sofa. I was a littledisappointed that even she did not seem too happy about what washappening she did not seem to be putting up much of a fight. I knewCaroline would ultimately surrender to this black man and let him doanything he wanted to her.He seemed really interested of the fact that a modest, Asianhousewife actually wears the seductive thong panties. He asked mewhether it was my idea to have her wear thong panties; I said “no,she always wears thong panties”. He said he firmly believe that awoman who wears thong panties is a way consciously or subconsciouslyto contract more males for sex.I asked her if she was ready to be copulated by this black man. Shewas still unsure and uneasy, so she weakly asked me if I wanted herto have sex with him, I said “?yes”. I knew from that point on thingswould never be the same – my Chinese wife will be fucked by a bigblack cock!I’ve never seen a man so horny like this black cop. He was all overher, aggressively licking, sucking every inch of her naked body likea greedy leech, canlı bahis leaving red marks over her body. When he lowered hishead between her thighs, she got very shy, tried to stop him, but hewas too strong for her. He pulled her thong on one side, revealed hertiny, ripe pussy, and hungrily devoured her with his tongue andmouth. Caroline’s cute face got really flushing red, and let outmoans even she tried her best to suppress her voice. Not too longlater he raised his head and said “your tiny pussy is so wet”.Caroline looked very uncomfortable and guilty when she heard that.I handed a condom to him and he just pushed me away rudely, repliedthat he did not use them. “I cannot knock up a woman if I use arubber.” I stood there like an idiot with a condom in my hand,thought this could be the biggest mistake I made for the woman I love.He climbed between Caroline’s legs, and positioned himself to enterher. This is it, I was thinking to myself – she’s finally going tohave a big cock from a total black stranger filling her up, and I’mthere to see it. When Caroline realized he wasn’t wearing a condom,she quickly looked at me in awe, started protesting and tried gettingaway. He suddenly growled out a low, firm, commanding tone to tellher to be still! She looked terrified, quit struggling, and moanedsoftly with anticipation. However, her weak protest soon turned tocrying whimpering when he pushed the big head of his cock forward,separated her vulnerable pussy lips, and started to work the wholelength of his shaft in. The memory of seeing my beloved wifewillfully open her pussy for a black man’s big cock is something I’llnever forget. From where I was I could see her pussy stretching toaccommodate the size of his manhood… as he gave one last thrust andburied his massive cock inside her she let out a moan like I’d neverheard before. Their skin contrast was so stark as to be shockingHis entire massive black penis was buried inside of my wife’s littleAsian pussy. Caroline had almost passed out. For a few seconds shewent limp and quiet and I thought she had fainted. But (as she toldme later) she was just overwhelmed by feelings that she had neverbefore experienced. The black stranger kept his cock remained stillinside her, allowed her to adjust and get used to his monstrous size.Soon Caroline recovered; from her whimpering cries, I knew she wasexperiencing her first, extramarital, black cock. He tried to tonguekiss her, but she turned her face away. At that moment, I was assuredthat she still loved me because she didn’t let him kiss her. I toldand comforted myself that I picked the right woman to marry, she is aloyal wife.However, this black cop seemed a little agitated by her refusal. Ashe pumped her Asian pussy with his powerful cock she moaned withevery thrust. There I was, sitting on the side of the bed, playingwith my little dick and watching my Chinese wife be claimed sexuallybefore my very eyes, there was no turning back.Caroline suddenly froze; her face blushed, looked embarrassed anduncomfortable. She struggled to push him away with her skinny arms,and her naked body tried squirming away under him; she mumbled”?wait, ..hold.”. I knew she was going to come and she tried to holdback! He had a serious, poker face, and showed no mercy. His brutalcock pistoned in and out of her as it seemed like a shiny black blur.They were facing away from me but at this angle I could see his hugeblack tool plunging into my wife’s juicy, tiny, cunt. Up until then Ihad no idea that two people could fuck like this. My wife suddenlycalled my name as her arms tightly wrapped his broad shoulders, herlook was as if she was begging bahis siteleri my forgiveness for the way shecouldn’t help, she began cumming, her whole body shook and trembled,her head tossed around. The black stranger took the chance andinserted his tongue inside her mouth, passionately tongue-kissed her.She had no choice but accepted his kiss, their wet tongues twistedtogether. The sight of watching these two beautiful specimens lovingeach other was too much. I quietly reached into my pants pulled outmy cock and came immediately.He took his time kissing her like a groom kissing his newly-wedbride, allowing her to calm down from her series of intense orgasms.He seemed proud of her complete submission to him, turned his head tome and said “she is amazing, I could feel her pussy uncontrollablytwitching around my cock when she came”. Caroline embarrassed and hidher face inside his thick chest, couldn’t dare to look at me.He started sweating profusely as he nailed her to the bed with hishuge cock. There was only the sound of his massive balls slappingagainst my wife’s ass and her uncontrolled sobbing and moaning. Thescene was incredible.His strong, solid thrusts caused him couldn’t hold back. He askedwhere she wanted him to deposit his sperms. “..outside, please” shebegged him helplessly. This black devil smiled and firmly said “No!”She cried out a muffled protest between her gasping groaning. Heignored her pleas and his black dick buried deep in her pussy. He letout a series of grunts of ecstasy. I saw his butt flexing andspasmed, he pumped loads after loads of creamy, white, sperms fromhis oversized body inside my wife’s fertile womb as they were holdingeach other tightly. I’d never forget the scene of this forcedbreeding process for my wife.He fucked my pretty wife every position possible several times thatnight. He left his cell phone number on the desk. He glimpsed at mysmall, limp penis, asked me whether I enjoyed watching, I nodded. Hespoke to me with the most disrespectful tone “your wife deserves areal man like me, give me a call if she misses me too much”. He tookher thong panties with him when he left.Caroline was uncomfortable to face me at that point. Both of usstayed quiet for a while, I then cuddled her and said I still lovedher. I asked her whether she enjoyed this unexpected sex with a blackstranger, she sighed for a moment, and said she was sorry. I told herit wasn’t her fault since the idea was mine. I told her it’s ok ifshe wants to invite either this black policeman or some of her Yogamale students to our house to copulate her. I told her that if shehas the urge to get filled up by a big cock, we would talk it overand find one. She said she just didn’t understand what I wasthinking.Her period was late for 2 weeks, I was almost certain she gotimpregnated by the powerful black seeds, but her period still came;strangely enough I had a sense of being lost and disappointed. Shestill refuses my offer to call that cop, she said it was just asingle, isolated, sexual incidence; she tried to just forget it.Now I can’t help but think of my Chinese wife with black men, andperhaps forced to be bred. To say the least my feelings are torn. I’mnot sure if it was fate that I ran into your website but afterreading so many tales of interracial lust I do not feel as alone. Idecided to write this story down as you have written yours. This wayI may have a better feel for whether I could handle opening up ourmarriage to black partners. Obviously the many people who read andcontribute to this web page have experienced what I have gonethrough. I would appreciate any help or advice through these pastexperiences. I love my wife and will not leave her. I wouldappreciate any e-mails with help or suggestions on how any of you gotthrough this. Please be aware that I will treat anyone’s suggestionsas only suggestions. I will try to think on my own to solve thisissue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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