Cheating Siblings

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Siblings fight and that happens to be a fact of life – in most cases.

In the case of Jessica and Lee McCord, were you to ask anyone, you would get the same answer. No one, not friends or family, had ever seen them disagree about anything.

Jessica and Leigh were atypical siblings in many ways. Twins born 10 minutes apart, they were smart and intelligent and inseparable from the beginning. Jessica, the older by ten minutes, never let her brother forget that as the “older” twin, she was supposed to look out for him. She did, she was as much his protector as he was hers. If a bigger kid bullied him, Jessica let the teachers or someone in authority know. By the third grade, that was no longer a problem. It became evident that the twins were going to be tall and very, very good looking. Blondes and tanned with winning smiles and engaging personalities, they were two of the most popular kids in school.

Teachers soon found out one important thing – it was not wise to split them up. They cried bloody murder if you did and another thing was soon made clear – they excelled as a team. Jessica was able to help her brother through his difficulties in mathematics. Lee had an ear for languages and was able to guide Jessica through French. By the time they entered high school, both were honor students and fluent in French.

In high school, the twins flourished. Jessica became head cheerleader and her brother was a star on the track team. In their senior year, they became co-presidents and probably would have been re-elected, had they not been moving on to the university. They had both earned scholarships and both had good part-time jobs, so money was not going to be an issue.

Jessica suggested that they get an apartment together, so that they could be away from their mother and her watchful eye. The siblings adored their parents and it wasn’t a dislike of their mom that prompted Jessica’s suggestion. It was the fact that Jessica suspected her mom might be aware of or suspected the secret the twins shared.

That secret was the fact the gorgeous twins were lovers and had been for several months, since reaching the age of majority.

If asked – not that anyone would have – the twins would not have suggested that there was a lack of opportunity for them to date. Both of them had ample chances to date someone. Jessica wasn’t afraid to flaunt her 5’10” frame in tight jeans and short skirts, she also favored heels. Lee was built like a professional athlete and was amusing and cordial, confident around women. Either twin could have dated anyone they wanted to.

The fact remained that there had been a growing attraction between them for the past few years. They clicked on every level and the strong-willed, naughty and vivacious Jessica had made up her mind that only Lee was going to take her virginity. They were out one night after finishing work and Jessica put her arms around her brother, told him that she wanted to fuck – and soon – and waited for his reaction.

Most people would have expected a reaction of shock, horror or disbelief. The twins had been in sync all of their lives and Jessica knew that this time would be no different. “If you hadn’t asked me, I would have asked you,” Lee grinned evilly. “My sister is the hottest girl in school, why would I ever want to fuck someone else?”

They were in a restaurant where almost no one knew them, so they risked it. They shared a passionate French kiss, which served as an appetizer. “I’m going to use some of my savings to buy some slinky clothes,” Jessica said as she looked into her brother’s rich, dark eyes. “I want our first time to be really hot, okay?”

“I’ve got almost as much saved as you do, from working at the nursery last summer,” Lee smiled. “I’ll put that towards a really nice hotel room so we don’t run the risk of getting caught. God, I wish we could fuck right here and now.”

“Soon, baby brother, soon,” Jessica purred, patting his crotch and moving closer. “It’s going to be worth the wait, I’m going to do everything you ever wanted. Your big sister is going to be the perfect slut for you!”

“You already are,” Lee laughed and risked another heated kiss with Jessica.

“Mmm, you know it, lover-brother,” Jessica giggled naughtily. “I’ve been reading all sorts of books, now that I’m old enough – we’re old enough – I can let loose. By the time we’re finished, we’ll probably want to sleep for a week!”

“Maybe not, once we get in bed, we might want to use them again,” Lee teased. They shared laughter and evil grins, knowing that the chance to share their mutual desire was right around the corner. Jessica and Lee didn’t rush into anything; they played it cool until such time as everything was perfect. Now that they had made the commitment to share their bodies, they knew that they had to be careful. No one could know.

The hotel room that Lee got for them was lavish, complete with a huge bed, sunken tub and complimentary champagne bursa escort and strawberries. They weren’t old enough to drink yet, but they both looked older than their years and in his suit, Lee cut a dashing figure. He paced the hotel room for a number of minutes, wondering where Jessica was. He knew that she wasn’t late, but the waiting was killing him. He briefly considered having a drink to calm his nerves, but thought better of it. He wanted to possess all of his faculties the first time that he fucked Jessica. She deserved nothing less than the best he could bring to the bedroom.

That was the minute that his sister walked in the door, wearing a trench coat and a big smile. It didn’t take him long to discover why. When she walked towards Lee to embrace him in a huge hug, the coat fell open. She was wearing a slinky silver silk blouse, a tight and scandalously short black leather mini and tight, thigh-high black leather boots with a stiletto heel. This time, they kissed and held each other and held the kiss until they broke it off, panting and aroused. “You look fucking amazing,” Lee told his blonde sibling. “Mom would have a fit if she saw you looking like that.”

“It did the job, I could feel your cock poking me when we were kissing,” Jessica beamed.

“God, if you only knew how sexy it sounds,” Lee said. “Hearing my hot-as-hell sister say `cock’ and knowing what we’re going to do soon,” he told her.

“Mmm, yeah baby, as often as we can and whenever we want,” Jessica said as she sat on the bed and crossed her long legs. Lee didn’t think he had ever seen anything so sexy in all his life. “My body is yours, do what you want, whenever you want. I know I’m going to enjoy your body, too!”

The full weight of the moment hit Lee, although not in a negative fashion. To know that he could make love to Jessica – or screw her – any time he wanted in any way he wanted, he felt like a million dollars. He had been sincere when he’d told her there was no girl he would rather be with; she was unparalleled in her blonde beauty and had no rivals that matched her outgoing personality. Her outfit was perfect; it was like she had catered to his tastes. Lee couldn’t wait to fuck her, although he knew someone like Jessica needed to be wooed.

“Baby, you look hot,” Jessica said to Lee.

“No, this suit is very comfortable …”

“Goof,” Jessica laughed. “I meant you look hot, you know? Very manly and sexy. Is that a new suit?”

Lee laughed. “No, it’s a rental. I wanted to look my best for you before we …” He didn’t finish the sentence, there was no need.

“Let’s have a drink and then, share a bath,” Jessica suggested. “We haven’t had a bath together since we were kids,” she teased.

“Although we’re not going to be quite as clean this time,” Lee shot back.

“No, in fact, we’re going to get a lot dirtier,” Jessica said. She let Lee pour some champagne and they each held the glasses up to the other. “Here’s to hot sex,” Jessica said in a breathy voice.

“Here’s to fucking the shit out of each other,” Lee said, surprising his sister with his audacity. She squealed loudly and happily as they drank. Once they finished their drinks, they kissed again and felt the temperature in the room rising. Jessica put a finger to her brother’s lips and entered the bathroom. When she came out, her clothes were gone and she wore a bathrobe. She walked towards the tub and ran a bath for them. With a devilish smile, she crooked her finger at Lee. Her brother stood up and met her at the edge of the tub. A final kiss between them and Jessica playfully let her robe slip to the floor. Almost awestruck, Lee watched his now-naked sister slip under the bubbles of the tub.

She reclined lazily against one side and Lee wondered if she knew how much like a sex goddess she appeared. “Don’t leave me alone too long, there’s lots of room,” Jessica said in her sexiest voice. Lee had watched a few “Chippendales” videos to give him some ideas, so he entertained his horny big sister with a sexy strip. When he got under the bubbles with her, he was as hard as a rock. Her hand encircled his cock and she stroked it lovingly. “This is mine,” she told him. “You can put it in me any time you want, but it belongs to me. It’s a beautiful cock, so hard and perfect for sucking and fucking and that’s what we’re going to do – suck and fuck! Come closer baby; rub your hard, hung body all over me!”

Lee was no fool; he did as he was asked and let his sister wrap her lean, toned body around his. The preliminaries were as important to him as they were to her, naturally. They had always been of one mind and their bodies seemed to fit together. Their hands explored each other’s bodies were absolutely no sense of shame, because in their hearts, they truly believed they were soul mates. Having sex was only an extension of their love and desire, a desire that ran to the very core of their being. The twins hunched and moved bursa escort against each other, igniting a passion they had been unable to express – until this very moment.

Being so close and wrapped around each other was driving the twins wild. The temptation to just go for it, to let loose and fuck, was overwhelming. “No, no, not yet,” Jessica finally pushed her masculine, beloved sibling away. “God, you make me want to do all sorts of wild, crazy things, but not here, not now,” she said to Lee.

Lee completely understood because they were always on the same page. If she had not pushed him away, he might have regained control himself and slowed things down. Their first time together had to combine all sorts of elements, not just the primal lust both were feeling at that moment. He watched Jessica rise out of the water, marveling at the flawless perfection of her. No one would ever match her tawny beauty and he knew it. She went back into the bathroom and he let the water drain as he toweled dry. He would have preferred to let her do that, although he wasn’t too sure she wouldn’t trigger a reaction neither of them wanted just yet.

Lee was nearly finished when Jessica emerged from the bathroom. He had to stifle a small gasp, she was simply that magnificent. Dressed now in a slinky black negligee and black high heels, he wondered how she had managed to hide that from him when she arrived. Another one of the mysteries of women he would likely never understand.

Jessica looked at her brother with admiring eyes. She had felt him by her in the tub, yet now, the full breadth of him was on display. His tall, lean, magnificent torso was everything a woman could want and he was all hers, to do with as she pleased. Here and in this moment, Lee represented everything she could ever want in a lover.

The twins met in the middle of the room and wrapped around each other. They kissed with the fiercest hunger they had ever known, almost fusing into one being. Both of them could scarcely breath, so intense was the passion they shared. If you had asked either of them how they made it to the bed, they wouldn’t have been able to answer you. The lingerie-clad blonde tumbled to the bed, on top of her brother. Her lusts were so overwhelming that she wasn’t sure whether or not to make love to him or to just fuck his brains out and leave the lovemaking for later.

“You look fucking amazing!” Lee breathed as his sister straddled his supine torso. “Is that another new outfit?”

“Uh-huh,” Jessica answered him. “I bought a lot of new clothes and you’re going to be the first one to see all of them. I look really hot in all of them, wait until you see me!” She ran her hands along his chest and the rest of his body. “I like the outfit you’re wearing too, promise me you’ll wear it more often,” she giggled.

“Any time you want, you gorgeous bitch,” Lee grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything so much in my life as I want you right now. Are you ready to …?” Lee didn’t get to finish that sentence, because Jessica was one step ahead of him, as usual. Her brown eyes looked directly into his as she took his cock into her mouth. At last, they were consummating their desires, they were acting on urges both had suppressed for far longer than they wanted to. Jessica’s mouth was like warm butter around his shaft and she was sucking him with a skill she shouldn’t have had. He knew he was her first, for Jessica would never have lied to him. She was only going to get better with practice, Lee knew, and they would make sure to practice as often as they could get away with. Her gorgeous blonde head was bobbing up and down on his cock and her tongue was whirling and swirling away. Lee had to think of ways not to cum, although she wasn’t making that an easy proposition.

Jessica had never been as thrilled in her life as she was in this particular moment. She was giving her beloved brother a blowjob, she was his cocksucker, what a perverse and kinky thrill! It didn’t escape her notice that his cock was long and thick, it also tasted so good inside her sucking lips. She couldn’t wait to taste his cum, his first load, all for her greedy, sucking mouth. She worked harder to achieve that, making lots of noise and encouraging Lee to cum. He had stamina, but his sister was just too good. He came and his entire load went right down her throat. She didn’t even gag a little, which surprised Lee.

“Wow,” Lee gasped as she moved alongside him and ran her manicured nails against his chest. “I know I should say something profound, but I can’t think of anything at the moment.”

“Wow is okay for now,” Jessica smiled as she ran her fingers through his wavy blond hair. “We are going to have lots of time to talk, later on. Or not talk, if that’s what we want,” she said to Lee. “Right now, I’m dying to have you make love to my pussy. Don’t ask me how I know, but I know you’re going to make me see shooting stars.”

“I’m bursa eskort damned well going to try, yeah,” Lee said as they kissed, sweetly this time. He moved away from Jessica and took in a full view of her, still in the filmy black negligee. He wanted this moment etched in his memory, before he made another move. Once he had an indelible image, he got down to business.

“Oh God, that’s good, more, yes, yes, yes, yesss!” Jessica sighed as her twin lovingly and tenderly bared her body. He wasn’t at all impatient as he removed parts of the negligee, he was taking his time and kissing her, her breasts, her nipples, her flat stomach and further down. Jessica was trying hard not to thrash about the bed, Lee was amazing. Their shared chemistry was serving them well as he tugged the sheer black garment away slowly. Every place his lips touched down, Jessica felt as if she were about to explode. He hadn’t made a single wrong move and once she was completely free of the sexy garment, he even took care to place it carefully next to the bed so that it would not be damaged.

She lifted her hips so that he could tug away the sexy black thong she had worn only as a tease. Her bared vulva smiled at him, glistening with dew. He parted the lips of his sister’s pussy and his tongue daubed at it at first and then, he went to work. Lee relished the task of eating Jessica to climax, he wanted to be the very first person to achieve that. He needn’t have worried because Jessica’s mini-orgasms had begun the very instant he started kissing her nipples. She was wet and eager and Jessica sensed that once his cock entered her pussy, she would emerge into an entire new world of delight.

Lee was thrilled with every taste of his sister’s sweetness and every delighted gasp and moan that emerged from her soft lips. There were no further barriers between them, they were now able to give full rein to their urges. Lee looked at Jessica’s face and without asking a question, he got an answer. He pulled her closer, wrapped her long legs around his back and slid his cock into her. She shouted in pain, but only for a brief moment. Then she said “Fuck me, fuck me like you’ve wanted to for so long, make me feel it, make me cry for more!” Jessica groaned. Lee was only too happy to oblige, he was careful not to fuck her too hard, but with every stroke of his cock, she spurred him on. They moved into a perfect rhythm in a very short time and Lee couldn’t believe how intense his twin was getting. Her high heels were digging into his back, she was crying out and moaning and gasping, never once did she ask him to let up. His cock moved in and out of her for a good long while until she pulled away from him and got on all fours.

“I want us to fuck in as many ways as we can tonight,” Jessica said as she turned her head to look at him. “We’re going to make love any way we want, because it’s right for us. Give it to me from behind and don’t worry about hurting me. I’m loving everything that you’re doing to me!”

Lee could tell because she was a very loud and vocal lover. He grabbed his sister by her slender hips and drove his cock into her pussy. She cried out for him to “fuck me harder, fuck my fucking cunt!” and hearing her say those words encouraged him. Lee was never, ever going to regret breaking the taboo with Jessica, because it simply felt too amazing to be wrong. Not only was he fucking Jessica, but she was fucking him as well. She slammed her body back against his cock with equal force and her blonde hair flailed from side to side as she fucked Lee. The twins were in a world entirely of their own making as they engaged in lewd, incestuous acts.

Lee’s cock felt as if it was being rubbed raw and her tight, barely used pussy was snug around his manhood. He kept on fucking, making sure not to slow down or miss a beat. He was uncertain as to whether or not they should have used a condom, but he knew that this first time was made more special by the risk factor and the feeling of skin against skin. His sister’s skin against his own, it was an incredible feeling. Lee knew his own cumming was imminent and before he could let it go, Jessica pulled away, grabbed his cock and stuffed it down her throat. For the second time that night, she swallowed his seed greedily.

“You’re an evil bitch,” Lee commented.

“Mmm, your evil bitch,” Jessica purred as she licked a dollop of cum from her fingers. “Always your bitch, let’s rest a while and then I want to ride that fucking beautiful thing. If you’re good – or especially, if you aren’t – I’m even going to consider letting you fuck my ass. There isn’t any part of my body you can’t fuck, understand?” Lee nodded, still awhirl in the happy sensations of being Jessica’s lover at long last.

They had some of the champagne and talked, although not about the repercussions of the incest. Neither cared, they were going to be careful, to be sure, but the fucking was too magnificent to stop. The twins gave themselves over entirely to their desires that night and neither could remember stopping, just passing out from exhaustion. Before they checked out of the hotel, they shared another bath and this time, of course, they fucked like bunnies in the soapy warmth.

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