Chautauqua Rendezvous

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My name is Zeus and I live in northern Pennsylvania. I was eighteen years old when I worked at a Global Movers contractor location in my hometown. It was a muscle man job and I could do it well. My legal name was Jasper but I preferred Zeus so here I am telling my story.

Near to where I live and work is an old New York village called Chautauqua. They used to use tents here to hold big meetings before stadiums became a thing. Anyway, it is full of old houses in these connected neighborhoods.

Global Movers local franchise was family-owned. The son of the owner was my main driver and he was a large man named Ricky. His mother was the company owner.

His two sisters also worked in the office. The older one was the assistant general manager but the younger sister was a floater, which I guess was an employee in training to do everything that the company did. She was a year or two older than me. Her name was Sherry.

Sherry was a big-boned girl who was a little quiet. You could tell that she was very intelligent but everyone in her family was real competitive, and it must have held her back from being quiet like that.

She was also going to college so her schedule was different. I had not seen her for a while but I was close with her brother. One day at work he said that he was going to this New York village with a long name to visit her where she was interning. For the heck of it, I said that I would ride shotgun with him for the hour’s trip.

We went to her apartment and walked around the old neighborhoods when she came out. I kind of stayed in the background. Ricky was very tall and his sister was introducing him to all of her girlfriends. Ricky was also single so he may have been hopeful that he was here to meet up.

The three of us went to a local restaurant and then a short walk later was a western-looking saloon that was also there. They had large booths and we sat at one. Eventually, some of Sherry’s friends came in and they filled up our table, and then another one, and then finally a third one. I gave up on trying to recall all of the names.

Sherry and I ended up sitting next to each other after a while when she was getting up to walk around. They dimmed the lights in our section of the drinking establishment and there was music in the background. I was having trouble talking to her so our faces were very close to each other. She thought that this was a funny situation. Eventually, bahis siteleri we started to kiss. Her brother must have been a little surprised but he was okay with having these many new friends tonight also.

I got a little too buzzed up on the beer so I excused myself to go outside. Of course, Sherry came out and followed me to where I was looking at the stars. The parking lot was kind of sprawling. She took me by the hand and we ended up a little in the sticks on the edge of the gravel stone area.

She asked me if I was going to be alright and I agreed that the fresh air was what I needed. She said that was good to hear.

Sherry got down on her knees and pulled my cock out of my pants, pulling them down to my knees. She told me that she had wanted to do this for some time but never let on.

She placed her lips on me and started to go back and forth with her head. I had no idea that she had this skill. She was right up next to me. I was not sure how this was going to go. She took my one hand and pulled it towards her robust chest while pulling up her shirt with her thumb. My hand ended up on top of her exposed cleavage.

The moment was memorable. She stopped blowing me and using two hands unhooked her bra from the front. Then she used her boobs on my erect cock and motor-boated me. I was now pulling on her hardening nipples. In turn,Sherry pulled me to the ground.

I got my hand into her pants and undid a couple of buttons on top. My fingers were past her waistband and into her panties. She was wet already. I had to undo a couple of more buttons to get my hand to where I could start to finger her pussy.

Just about then someone came outside and was calling for her. It was Ricky. Sherry got a little flustered and said that she had to acknowledge that she was okay with him and that I should stay here. She buttoned herself back up and stepped forward. I could hear some talking and a little laughing between the two siblings.

Sherry came back over to where I was off to the side of the parking lot. When she came around the corner, I kind of tackled her and pulled her down to the ground slowly using my arms to break her almost no impact fall. Simultaneously, I pulled at the buttons of her pants and got them off over her ass. She had on some colored underwear. I pulled the one leg aside and got my finger into her twat.

She started to breathe hard and pressed her lips up against canlı bahis siteleri mine since we were so close together. I fiddled around with her clitoris. She quickly had a response and kind of doubled over the closer that I brought her to a climax. I turned her body around and got my fingers into her pussy from behind. She gasped at my latest penetration.

I placed one hand on her breast over her shirt and held her in place while I reached around and deeply fingered her. She came so hard on my hand that I could feel the liquid coming out under pressure against my palm. Her breathing was now ragged and uneven. If we had been wild animals I think that she would have attacked me. She was absolutely mine.

Some of her friends were now out and about in the parking lot smoking cigarettes. One got close to where we were and said to another that she could hear something in our direction.

Sherry kind of panicked and pulled up her pants quickly. She popped up from our crouched position and walked towards the voices. They were calling for her to come back inside for some social toasting.

I waited a few minutes before I came back in. Sherry was in the middle of a ring of her girlfriends, toasting their summer together, with Ricky joining in on the edge of the circular seat.

Eventually, I was able to sit down at the same table again but not next to Sherry. Another girl was now sitting next to me. She started to talk to me but I was still taken away by the torrid moments that we had just shared in the tree line outside.

I never got rid of my erection fully that night but the moment was lost. The party started to break up and Ricky had to drive us home eventually. Sherry could not break free of all of her friends who clustered around her. Back to Erie, I drove with her brother that night.

Sherry stayed at her intern location all summer when they offered her a seasonal position in the concert venue.

Then I was told that the family had sold the business and they were going to be moving to a larger city out of state.

One of the last jobs that I did for the company was to pack up the family residence and get it ready to be relocated. I was wondering if I would see Sherry. It seemed like I was left alone with all of the tape and boxes. I was actually in her room when she showed up wearing her moving uniform.

“Were you going to be going through my underwear drawer?” Sherry playfully canlı bahis asked me before she locked the bedroom door and pulled my work shorts down. She started to give me another blowjob.

I pawed at her breasts and the bra came off again. Her hard nipples were pinched and pulled on to her delight.

She stopped blowing me and looked me in the eyes. They began to point towards the now empty walk-in closet. She stood up and took me by the hand and we went into the area and she closed the door behind us. She rolled her work pants down to her ankles and took off her shoes, before finally taking the pant legs off one at a time. I kept my hands on her boobs and nipples, which she loved.

Sherry pulled my work shorts completely off before she pushed me back onto the ground and mounted me. I instantly filled her twat with my bulging manhood. She pulled my hands instantly to her nipples and pinched the fingers together harder than I had been doing.

Up and down she pistoned on my cock. She got into a rhythm and it kind of had her seated at an angle on me. I was hitting her cervix and the movement began to overtake her. She raised her head a little and closed her eyes as she climaxed on me in one big release. I was still hard and kept pumping up into her. The motion was different from her after that but still pleasing. She made quiet moans and her nipples seemed to lose some vitality as her blood pressure shifted. I kept hitting the one spot with my dick.

Someone out in the hallway knocked on the door but Sherry was too far gone into the throes of ecstasy to respond. I kept nailing her from underneath within the closed doors of the closet and eventually I got ready to unload into her. She started to stir now, feeling me at peak size within her. It was all that she could do to pull me out of her right before I came into her hands. She finished me off with a great blowjob and we both lay there for a few minutes.

Soon, she got up and rearranged herself. I also did with some now stiff legs.

Sherry unlocked the door. Her brother eventually came around and said that the truck would be here within the hour if we could finish up the packing inside of her room.

He kind of gave me a look like we had something to talk about later when he and I were alone but he never actually said anything to me about Sherry.

Things happened so fast that before I knew it the whole family had moved. I tried to stay in contact with Ricky and Sherry but I went into the military afterward and rarely came back to my hometown except on an occasional leave.

It was quite a summer to remember, from here to Chautauqua.


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