Chastity with Ex as Keyholder

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Several days off. I was looking forward to it. The days off had been meant for something else, but those plans fell through. Now, I had the weekend plus several extra days. I could barely contain myself as I was excited to try out the new toy I had recently purchased.

As soon as I got to my apartment, I checked with the management building and sure enough, the package was there. Before I could do anything else, I had the package opened on my table and trying to decipher the many parts of this contraption. I had seen it used on a few male submissives on several websites in the recent weeks and it sparked my interest.

In a matter of minutes I had the assembly figured out, but the sizing part would be difficult. I had read about this and knew it could take a while.

Opening a bottle of whisky and turning on the TV, I decided to make an evening out of it. Hopefully I hadn’t spent all the money on this thing for nothing.

After several attempts, I finally started getting the hang of how to judge which ring was small enough and which spacers allowed just enough room to not be uncomfortable.

Surprisingly, the latest configuration didn’t feel too bad at all…until my cock attempted a hard on and everything became almost overwhelmingly tight. I hadn’t known what to expect, but this was both incredibly awesome and scary. At the moment of my arousal, it felt like a hand with superhuman strength was keeping my cock from getting any type of erection while at the same time tightening a cock right around my balls. The sensation was arousing, but the device prevented any relief of erection or actual pleasure.

It was hard to believe that anyone could really endure this type of device for more than a few hours, although I had read several accounts of male submissives claiming to have been locked up for weeks and even months. How much of this was fantasy or reality, I had no idea. But, it did encourage my own curiosity to see what it might feel like to have your manhood securely locked away and no longer have the ability to masturbate.

Suddenly, my phone vibrated to life.

It was an ex-girlfriend of mine, the only ex-girlfriend I still talked to on occasion. The only ex-girlfriend who knew of my kinky secrets and I hers, which was why we still remained friends.

“Hey, sorry to bug you, but I have an odd question,” she said sweetly.

“Go on,” I replied, my cock instantly springing to life inside the tiny, confined cage.

“Well, I sort of bid on this thing online and now that I have it, it’s way too big. But, I thought you might like it. There’s no return policy so it’s I give it to someone else or I trash it. You interested?”

Oh, why did she have to call now? This device had been so difficult putting on that I didn’t want to take it off, but it was focusing all my sexual energies on the cock I couldn’t, at the moment, pleasure or get an erection with.

Before I could think, I said, “Of course. What do you got?”

“Let me just surprise you! Can I come over? I just got off work and your place is on my way.”

“Erm, I, uh,” I stammered.

“Or another time, sorry to bug you, I know it’s late.”

“No, no, sorry. I’ve had a couple drinks so I’m buzzed a bit. That’d be fine for you to stop out, no worries.”

“Okay, see you in a few!” she chirped and hung up.

Rationally, I knew what need to be done. The device needed to be unlocked immediately and I needed to get dressed quickly.

Instead, I took a large sip of my drink and placed the keys on top of the fridge. Not wanting to be completely naked, I put on some loose pajamas and started flipping the channels.

Where did she work that was right on the way home? Last she had said, she was doing doubles at a local bar and grill. I shrugged it off and took another sip.

Minutes later, I heard a knocking at my door. Without thinking twice, I leapt from my couch and unlocked the door.

And what I saw was completely unexpected. There she was, standing there in a bright orange jumpsuit with the logo of a particularly famous bar and grill chain on her chest.

“Hi!” she said, bouncing through the door. “Hope I didn’t disturb you. You look like you were comfortable.”

Ironically, I wanted to pull my pants down right there and show her how uncomfortable I was, especially now, knowing what she was wearing under that bright orange jumpsuit.

She was a petite thing, standing maybe 5’2 with light brown hair. Her skin was pleasantly colored light brown like her hair with a well proportioned little frame to match. In that moment I wondered why on earth I had decided breaking up with her was a good idea.

Her eyes rolled to the side and she said, “Um, are you actually gawking at me? Hello?”

“Oh, sorry, I just..well, you seem to have caught me unaware. I didn’t- It’s just- Well-“

“You can’t stop thinking about what I’m wearing under this. Pantyhose was always kryptonite to you. And of course, I love the feeling Nevşehir Escort of nylons which is why this job is so much fun. You wouldn’t realize how many guys have huge nylon fetishes out there. Yours is just unnaturally huge!” She said laughing. “This might not be a good idea, but it’s summer and I am a little hot,” she said unzipping her jacket and pulling her pants off.

“We’re not ‘allowed’ to wear our uniforms outside the restaurant, although enough girls do it on Halloween and at parties year round.”

And there she was, standing in those tight, spandex shorts and pantyhose combined with the spandex tank top that held her breasts together tightly.

“How much have you had to drink? You’re seriously ogling way more than I had thought you would,” she said with hands on her hips.

My cock was raging in its cage by now. I could feel it throbbing with each heart beat. The ring around my balls had tightened so much I feared I had used a ring size too small, but I couldn’t change it now. How I desperately wished my cock could just get hard. If it could be hard, then at least I would have the relief of an erection and could carry on like normal. But, it was helplessly trapped and in the presence of my extremely hot ex-girlfriend in her uniform, painfully trying to escape.

It was all I could do to keep from gasping and moaning.

“Something is…different,” she said stepping closer to me. I could almost feel the warmth of her skin.

“Normally if I would show up like this, your hands would be all over my legs. Your cock would be so hard, you’d be begging to jack off while kissing my feet.”

The more she talked, the worse my arousal was becoming. Leaving this device on had definitely been a bad idea.

This cock cage had left me paralyzed, trying to process the intense surge of sensations coursing through my locked up cock. I had no idea just having one’s genital’s kept under lock and key would have this kind of reaction.

Time to start coming up with an exit plan.

But before I could even start to think of a way to grab the keys and run to the bathroom, her hand had swiftly grabbed my crotch. Her eyes went wide with shock and utter confusion. She had expected to grab an erect, rock hard cock. Instead, she had grabbed something entirely foreign.

“Okay, what the hell is going on and WHAT do you have on your dick?” she said squeezing what she had grabbed tighter.

“Just..a…something I wanted to try, I just put it on. Crap, just let go and I’ll show you!”

Releasing me, she backed up a few steps. Kicking myself, I slowly lowered my pajama bottoms to reveal the chastity device I had locked on my cock.

“What the…that looks…” slowly it dawned on her what it was. Her surprised look soon turned into a smile. I noticed something I couldn’t quite describe in her eye, but knew she was instantly intrigued.

“Maybe it’s time for you to see what I brought,” she said opening the plastic bag she had dropped by the front door when coming in.

“It looked fun, but turned out it didn’t fit. Just a little too big, but then I thought it might work on you since you’re skinny.”


“Hey, it’s a compliment. Besides, you’d look totally hot in it,” she said holding a black corset up to me.

My cock twitched inside it cage, causing her to grin even more. “Here, let me help you,” she said wrapping it around my torso and tightening the laces behind my back. Before I knew it, I was tied into a tightly constricting, black satin corset.

“Hmm, those garters look lonely. Don’t you have any nylons? I bet you do,” she said smiling evilly.

I’d been caught. At least she didn’t know where the keys were. Maybe after some playing around, she’d call it a night and head home. After all, she did just get off work.

With some difficulty, I strapped the garters to a fresh pair of nylons I had been waiting to use. She knew that in addition to my nylons fetish, I was also into crossdressing. All this excitement made my cock try desperately to get hard, but to no success. The chastity device kept it firmly small and in its place.

“So you can’t get hard or even orgasm in that thing, can you?” she said sitting on my couch, legs crossed.

Humiliated, dressed, and with my locked cock sticking out exposed, I could do nothing but say yes.

“This is too perfect. Here you are, all locked up in chastity and wearing what I know must make you hot and tingly. Yet, you can’t get hard. What’s more, I’m sitting here in my uniform with those tight shorts and pantyhose ordering you around! And you’re not even my boyfriend. I think I’ll keep these a while,” she said dangling the keys I thought I had hid on top the fridge.

Panicked, I dropped to my knees in front of her and tried to explain this was just an experiment and I hadn’t intended anyone to know.

“Well, too bad. You locked yourself in that thing. This could be so much fun. I could keep your cock all locked away in chastity while Nevşehir Escort Bayan fucking my current boyfriend. Just knowing you’re so frustrated, so horny, and so helpless makes me so hot.”

“Oh, c’mon, this is ridiculous,” I began to say.

“No, you’re ridiculous. We both know you’re just a submissive sissy down deep. Why do you think we didn’t work out? I dig the whole sissy kink thing, I really do. You know how I’ve fooled around with girls before and you’re perfect for that type of thing, but at the end of the day I do like a man to take control and have his way with me.”

My cheeks turned red and I tried not to sound too angry, but this was getting out of hand…and fast.

“Just give me the keys and that will be that.”

Kneeling before her in my corset, stalking,s and chastity device, it was hard to be defiant, but I was not about to let her walk out of my apartment with my keys to my chastity device.

“Maybe this is a new fetish to you, but for some reason knowing I have my ex’s cock locked up in chastity gets me so hot I think I could masturbate right now. Knowing we’re not together and at the same time having complete control over your cock is so naughty, so horribly naughty I can’t help it. No, I think this is too much fun. The best part is you did this to yourself. And if you try to get this key from me or forcefully remove that device, I’ll tell my current gym trainer boyfriend that you keep stalking me at work.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, I would. This just seems like too much fun to me. My ex gets no orgasms or pleasure and has to do all the humiliating things I say while I get to fuck my bull of a boyfriend? You know, I should make you come over and hide in the closet while he fucks me. So you can hear what it sounds like…oh my, I’m getting so wet just thinking about all the humiliating things I can do to you.”

“Okay, let’s just stop. This is getting out of control. You came here to give me this corset, which is very awesome, by the way, but this chastity thing is just something I was fooling around with. Please, this is my first time even wearing it,” I said pleading with her.

And then she made me the offer she knew I couldn’t refuse.

“Okay, fine…I can give you the keys right now and leave you here with my present and leave it like that. Or, I keep the keys and come over every night I work for a couple hours and give you the honor of worshiping my shoes, legs, and feet while dressing you up in whatever sissy little outfit I’m in the mood for. I work three nights a week plus a weekend shift, so that’s four sessions right there. What do you say?”

I could tell she was incredibly eager for me to come on board. Why wouldn’t she? She’d have her ex all helplessly bent to her will while getting all the sexual pleasure she wanted from her current boyfriend. I did feel a little intimidated by the whole situation, I have to admit. After all, I had thought I had been a forceful enough partner when the submissive mood did not reach me. Perhaps, I was wrong. Maybe she had known me better than I knew myself after all.

And she knew I would accept her proposal. Ironically, it would be even more torture to agree to her terms since I’d be enduring intense states of arousal all week without the ability to relieve myself after she had gone. But my obsession, my addiction to pantyhose and especially that uniform she was wearing, killed any sense of reason in my brain. I wanted to kneel before her and kiss and smell those feet after a full shift of work, of walking around in those white sneakers and flirting with the male customers in her tan pantyhose and tiny shorts.

“Just start kissing my shoes if you agree. We can try it for a week.”

“Your boyfriend going to have a problem with this?”

“Oh, he won’t know. Besides, we’re not cheating. I’m just letting my pervert ex-boyfriend torture himself by worshipping my legs and feet while his cock is helplessly locked away in chastity. I do love the sound of that! I’m going to fuck his brains out tonight!”

My trapped cock pulsed and throbbed inside the confines of the cage, but the thing was surprisingly secure. I kept hoping my relentless attempts for a hard on would eventually break the thing, but it was proving most resilient.

Despite the discomfort, I continued kissing every inch of her white sneakers, occasionally licking. Looking up, I saw her grinning serenely, a hand slowly going to her crotch and gingerly massaging a certain spot I knew very well from our past relationship.

“And what will you be doing tonight? Hmm, I suspect as soon as I leave you will continue with your whisky but also continue to torture yourself by surfing for porn. My intuition tells me that while your chastity cage prevents you from orgasm, you still can’t help yourself and will try to get off anyway. I guess that’s the part that really turns me on. I’m sure if a woman was in chastity she’d be turned on by the thought of not being able to get off for while, but she’d eventually move Escort Nevşehir past it until she didn’t notice being in chastity anymore…at least not until someone came and turned her on.

“But I think guys are different. You’re always turned on even if you don’t have a hard on. Plus, when guys get turned on, it’s an external thing. To have something keep that external arousal from happening must be very violating and humiliating. I can only imagine,” she said, stroking herself a little more forcefully.

She was finishing her psychology degree at college, and it didn’t occur to me until this very moment how dangerous that could be.

“It’s almost too much, can’t we just…”

Suddenly, her foot was pressing painfully on my chastity cage.

“Can’t we just what? I’m in a relationship with someone, chastity slave, someone who truly knows how to get a girl off with his cock. Not that you didn’t do the job, but there is an emotional/mental component for a lot of women when it comes to sex, and I always knew deep down you were just pretending to be on top. Hell, even back then I’m sure you would have loved it if I straddled you every time we had sex and stopped as soon as I was done even if you hadn’t cum yet.

“You’re just submissive. You thought you were a switch, but I think you’re wrong and you know it. Now, take my shoes off. My feet are hot since they’ve been in pantyhose and socks inside those shoes all night.”

With respect and care, I untied her laces and slid the now perfectly white sneakers off her petite little feet.

The aroma was incredible. Sweat mixed with cotton and nylon. A normal person would and should be revolted with being presented such a situation. But not for me. For reasons I can’t understand, perhaps some cross-wiring in the depths of my psyche, this was an intense aphrodisiac.

“You’re like me in some ways, though. I also love nylons and sometimes fantasize about girls at work getting mad at me and forcing me on the ground to kiss their feet. We play around sometimes, but mostly innocently and it’s generally just whipping each other with our table towels after work.”

Hmm, that sounded like a fun thing to watch, but I had other things on my brain. Like how, for the millionth time, my cock strained against the chastity cage while I kissed her cotton socks. The more I smelled, kissed, and touched, the more aroused I became while at the same time unable to even get hard. It was like scratching a mosquito bite. The relief felt in scratching, or in my case continuing my foot worship session, was a feigned relief and would, in the end, only leave me more desperate and wanting.

“So how did you find this thing? I never even thought about this situation before,” she asked while continuing to rub her sex. “Oh, and don’t mind me…I have an itch,” she winked.

Trying to ignore the fact she was rubbing it in my face how easy she could touch herself while I couldn’t, I explained, “I’ve seen it on some websites while surfing for bdsm porn. It looked interesting and I wanted to see how it felt.”

“Mission accomplished,” she said.

“Believe me, if I had known you’d be the one to discover it, I’d have…” I paused.

“Yes?” she said raising her right foot to my chin.

“I’d have ordered it sooner?”

“Good boy,” she giggled. “Don’t worry, this will be so much fun. This will give you what no actual girlfriend could give you. Girlfriends eventually want sex, but since you’re my ex and I have no desire to have sex with you, this could become a true chastity arrangement.”

I hated to admit it, but my gut wouldn’t deny her statements. All of my relationships eventually failed because of various superfluous reasons, however I was starting to understand the underlying reason was always the same. I didn’t want control. I wanted to be controlled. And now, I could be controlled in the most basic, primitive sense; my very own cock could be in someone else’s control.

“I think you’re starting to get it, aren’t you?” she said. “You can take off my socks now. It’s time you get some of that nylon action.”

I knew I was completely finished when I peeled off her white slouch socks. As they came off her perfect little feet, revealing the moist, sweaty feet beneath, I knew I would give her whatever she wanted.

“I had actually had an agenda tonight, but you just amplified my original intentions by tenfold. You see, my current boyfriend is so testosterone driven that he would seriously die before doing anything that you’re doing. When I get home, he makes me get naked and shower before he even touches me! Doesn’t like the ‘flirt sweat’ of other men or some bullshit. Anyway, I’ve been having this dominating urge lately and I’m sorry to say, you’re just an easy target. All I need is my work uniform plus a little present and I knew you’d be groveling on the floor in seconds.

“But you do still have your ways to surprise me. I mean, I thought I was kinky until I met you and you showed me an entire different world of kink.”

Knowing this night would repeat itself several times this week and that I would be able to touch, smell, and kiss her feet again only made the arousing sensations more intense. Maybe she was right. Maybe this was fate. Maybe I really would be more happy not having access to my own cock.

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