Chastity Release

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


The Twelve Kinks of Christmas


Xander blinked at the small key cradled in the palm of his palm, innocuous if not for the fact that he knew exactly what it led to – far from an innocent household object. The kangaroo looked back and forth between the key and the donkey kneeling on the carpet before him, a surprising sudden addition to his modest home. A tag attached to the key uncovered the male’s name as ‘Aron’, short and sweet on the tongue.

The ‘roo scratched the back of his head, fingers brushing through brown hair that fell to his tawny shoulders, the earthy colour of his ancestors, who had once lived in a while. Although he wasn’t sure the donkey, nude but for an unusual accessory latched over his sheath and balls, was quite what he’d wanted for Christmas, he wasn’t about to complain at the invite presented.

Dipping his head, the donkey snorted softly, chastity cage clinking as it shifted over his swollen sheath, the tip of his cock pressed up against the cage, desperate for release that could not be gleaned with such a toy.

Yet someone had been given the key.


Rolling his head, the donkey swallowed a bray, eyes wide and pleading.

“It’s been so long,” he whispered, long ears drooping. “And she sent me here…to give you the key…”

Shoulders juddering, the jack closed his eyes, palms pressed flat against his thighs. His hips bucked of their own accord and he grunted quietly as if anticipating his denial stretching out infinitely.

What he did not expect, however, was the clink of metal as the key slid into the lock on his chastity device, a warm paw cradling his balls. Aron inhaled sharply, eyes snapping open as his jaw dropped.

Wordless, he gaped, lips moving without words as he leaned into the kangaroo’s touch. Chuckling, Xander grinned and flashed a smile full of teeth as he released the donkey from his sexual prison. Some may have kept the equine so restrained, revelling in his discomfort, but not Xander, heart thudding with increasing force within his chest, breath catching. For, as much as he was sure the equine adored his denial in his own way, he couldn’t imagine anything more delectable than releasing a pent up jack when he presented himself so delightfully. Muscle rounding through a short coat of grey fur, thicker now that winter was upon them, the jack roused his desire, shaft hardening within his loose trousers.

He blew the equine a kiss, unbuttoning his trousers and letting them fall to the floor, releasing his hardening length.

“Who would I be to keep you locked up longer then, my friend?” He winked. “I’d rather be the one to help you out Sakarya Escort of your…ah…” His grin grew wider. “Your ‘situation’, shall we say?”

Shaking his head, the donkey snorted, lips breaking into a smile to match Xander’s and scrambled up to his hooves. His lips crushed gently to the ‘roo’s as his cage fell away, bouncing off a hoof and spinning out of sight to be later found beneath the side table. Xander groaned, backing Aron up to the sofa as his trousers tangled around his large hind paws, tail working to balance both of them.

As the jack toppled backwards onto the sofa, Xander found his cock pushing eagerly from his sheath. The mottled length swelled and Aron rolled his head from side to side, clenching his teeth as he gripped the kangaroo’s forearm and bit back a squeal just as a paw brushed his shaft. Xander licked his lips, nibbling down the donkey’s ear as his own lust grew, cock leaking pre-cum as his new friend thrust wantonly against his paw.

“How long has it been for you?” He murmured in the jack’s ear, paw easing along the full length of his dick with the lightest of touches his paw could manage. “A week for me… That already feels like too long. Much, much too long.”

Huffing, the donkey let his head roll back against the arm of the sofa, giving himself up in body and mind to the pleasures on offer.

“A month,” he confessed, dragging breath into lungs that did not seem to want to keep it contained. “It’s – ah! – so…” He shuddered, nostrils flaring. “Too sensitive…”

Xander raised an eyebrow, feigning concern as his paw stilled at the base of his cock, fingers wrapped only halfway around the thick rod.

“Do you want me to stop?”

The donkey brayed and shook his head vehemently, eyes wide with a rim of white.

“No!” He shot up, pushing over Xander as he pressed his nose into the crook of the kangaroo’s neck. “Please don’t stop! I don’t know if I can take another day of being locked up!”

He whinnied and took a shuddering breath, ropey tail smacking Xander’s thigh. In such a position, his shaft bumped into the kangaroo’s and Aron brayed, back arching as he slid his cock along the length of the ‘roo’s. Xander trembled and moaned, eyes half-lidded as he ran a paw up the donkey’s back, through his short mane and caressed his long muzzle.

“I don’t want to stop,” Xander said, cupping Aron’s chin as his paw pressed their shafts together, side by side. “I want every drop you have to give, everything you’ve had pent up for this last month and more.”

The ‘roo’s breath quickened and he pushed up against the donkey, grinding his hard length over Aron’s aching one, feeling each throb the mighty member gave, wanting him. Ducking his head, Aron snorted, ears twitching, and clung to Xander as he was finally allowed the pleasure and sensation he had craved for oh so long, so very long.

His lips parted, only to be captured by a pair of soft, coaxing ones, a tongue flicking Adapazarı Escort out against them. Allowing his partner in eagerly, the donkey moaned into the intimate embrace as Xander held their cocks together, letting the grind and slide of their bodies do the talking for both of them. What more, after all, could a muzzle or tail hole do when compared with the lusts of two male bodies arching into one another?

He grinned inwardly, lips unable to form the expression as he nibbled on the donkey’s bottom lip. No, Aron would be squealing and bucking like a colt let out to pasture for the first spring day in no time at all. Ears flicking back at a surge of pleasure that surprised even him, Xander exhaled a sharp breath through his nostrils, tail pushing against the sofa to thrust his body up into Aron’s, pre-cum drooling slickly over the heads of both their shafts. He trembled, sweat matting fur down against his sides as a curl of hair clung damply to the back of his neck. From the feel of it, he would not be long in joining the donkey either, if the thrumming need of his body had anything to do with it.

Not that he minded.

The donkey’s nostrils flared as he snorted and ground his teeth together, swallowing a bray that he was all the same desperate to release. He broke the kiss roughly, a string of saliva connecting their lips for a brief moment, and groaned deep in the back of his throat, tail whipping back and forth as if it possessed a mind of its own.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” Xander huffed, gripping the back of the donkey’s neck lightly. “You want to cum, don’t you?”

Lips quivering, Aron bobbed his muzzle quickly, eyes wide and strained as his ears slipped back. He opened his mouth and closed it again, grunting several times as he bucked and thrust into the willing kangaroo’s touch.

“So much…” He managed to force out after a pause in which Xander took the opportunity to squeeze his cock up against the equine length. “I…” He shook his head, muscles tensing. “I… May I?”

Xander laughed, the bubble of mirth bursting from his lips before he could call it back.

“It’s as if you don’t have to ask!”

Holding the donkey’s hips down to his with a paw squeezing his rump, Xander groaned and thrust eagerly in time with the pump and stroke of his own paw. Aron kept his paws away as if not trusting himself with that much stimulation, pleasure ruling his mind. His chest heaved and he twisted his head back and forth, muscle twitching beneath his skin as his mind battled with his body. Yet he strove not to cum even though he had the verbal permission he needed, still, in the back of his mind, to slip over the edge. Hell – Xander was near enough begging him to spill his seed!

Shaking his head, Aron made as if to pull back, but was held in place by the ‘roo, a muzzle pressed urgently up to his with the male’s breath hot in his face.

“All of it!” Xander hissed, ears flopped back against the Serdivan Escort sofa as the equine ground his hips down, nickering wantonly. “I want every drop of cum you wanted to spill this last month! Show me why you love it – why you like being locked up!”

Xander panted against the donkey’s muzzle, stealing a quick kiss, tongue flicking between the moaning jack’s lips.

“It’s all for this moment, isn’t it?” He chanced, holding Aron to him as he thrust and teased his cock along the equine’s longer breeding pole. “This moment of release that you can’t control. Because it’s coming whether you like it or not and, in this more than anything -“

He sucked in a breath as a sudden flicker of pleasure rose higher, words stuttering off.

“More than anything, you lose control in this,” he growled in the donkey’s ear, paw squeezing his backside. “It’s not in being locked up that you lose control over your own body. It’s here and now and you’re going to feel every spurt of seed leaving those heavy balls of yours.”

The ‘roo should have blushed to hear such words rolling from his lips, but it was too late for last minute thoughts as the donkey suddenly tensed and brayed loudly, throwing his head back. His cock pulsed noticeably – shockingly – and Xander drew in a coarse breath as the first rope of cum poured from the tip of the equine’s cock like a stream of water. The first shot caught him across the chest – oh, well, he hadn’t liked that shirt all that much anyway! – and he chuckled throatily as Aron bucked and brayed, tail swinging madly back and forth, back and forth, as he did exactly as Xander ‘demanded’ and gave him every drop of cum he had to give.

The equine’s lips parted, a pink cavern flashing from within, and he shuddered as his orgasm rolled on and on, claiming his mind as his body gave up any semblance of control he may have hoped to hold on to through his denial. Xander’s paw slid slickly through the mess of cum coating their shafts and his own hard length twitched within his paw as if reminding him that there was still one little thing missing from the scene. Although his own release was yet to come, the kangaroo revelled in the equine’s pleasure, running the palms of both paws along Aron’s full length until the donkey trembled and collapsed weakly on top of him, cocks trapped between their bellies.

Chuckling softly as the donkey groaned on top of him, a dead weight spent for the time being, he smoothed his clean paw down the length of the equine’s back, soothing the ache from his tense muscles. Aron’s lips quivered against the ‘roo’s neck and Xander giggled as they lipped, tickling through his short coat.

Arching up from the sofa with the aid of his tail, the kangaroo shot the tired donkey a cheeky grin, key suddenly clasped teasingly between his finger and thumb. The equine’s lips twitched up at the corners and he bumped his nose into it, making it swing from the ‘roo’s fingers.

Murmuring softly, Xander dropped a kiss on the donkey’s muzzle and curled his fingers into his mane as the equine’s shaft drooled a few final drops of cum. At least from his first load of the evening.

He grinned and tilted the donkey’s muzzle up to his, looking him in the eyes.

“Was that not worth the wait?”

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