Charlotte Cheats at a Wedding

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This story continues from previous ones but can be read separately.

The next time I saw my boyfriend, Sam, was four weeks later. He came with me and my family to my cousin’s wedding. My cousin, Michelle, 30, was nine years older than me and we had never really been that close but I was pleased to be attending her reception in a hotel. It was a chance to see people again and get dressed up. I wore my long brunette hair down, a black and silver dress that covered my arms and back although it was short, so showed off my long legs under my black tights and black heels.

We had a room in the same hotel as the reception, so we checked in as soon as we arrived following the church service. I hadn’t had sex for four weeks and I thought about having a quickie with Sam that afternoon but I vowed to hold on for what I hoped would be a much longer session later on. I always felt romantic at weddings and this, added to the delay, made me feel even hornier.

As we were seated for the wedding breakfast, I was on a table with Sam, my parents and another family from the groom’s side, the parents a similar age to my own and their two sons, one with his partner and another seemingly single. He was probably approaching thirty but I was immediately attracted to him. He fitted his suit much better than my boyfriend fitted his and I couldn’t help noticing him looking at me and my legs as we were sat next to each other, my boyfriend, on one side, James, to my other. We relaxed into conversation as a table and I soon found I had more to say to my new acquaintance, James, than I did to my boyfriend. The time passed so quickly and I barely paid any attention to my boyfriend, instead excited by the attraction I felt to James. An hour or so later, fuelled by wine, I held his gaze for a moment too long, hoping my boyfriend hadn’t noticed.

“So, you’re not married then?” I asked James, glancing at his ring finger.

“Free and single but not so young anymore,” he replied.

“One of the bridesmaids might get lucky,” I paused before adding, “or, is there anyone else you’ve got your eye on?”

“We’ll see,” he said, with a grin.

I couldn’t believe how openly I was flirting with another man while my boyfriend was sat just next to me but Sam sat there in silence. I edged myself closer to the table so that my legs could go under the large table cloth and whilst the audience was focused on the groom’s speech, I uncrossed my legs, slipped off one of my high heels so that I could lightly stroke my right foot on Jame’s leg. It wasn’t a particularly significant act, but it felt risky with my boyfriend just the other side of me but angled slightly away from me, hopefully unable to see.

As we moved on to the best man’s speech I felt James’ hand on my knee, rubbing the material of my tights underneath the table. The thrill of him doing it under the table with my boyfriend to the other side excited me, I let out a squeal to coincide with one of the jokes in the speech. I found this man attractive but I was also attracted to the thrill of doing it as well. The flirting, as well as the drinks, kept flowing, there was wine on the table and rounds of shots came in. I managed to avoid these though, I didn’t get on with neat spirits so I passed these on to my boyfriend, Sam.

After the bride and groom had the first dance, the other guests then joined them, I had my arms wrapped around my boyfriend and had a moment where I remembered all of the good things I saw in him. We had been together for a long time now and it was at times such as this that I was truly grateful for everything he had done for me, however, as he held me, I looked over his shoulder to see James. We immediately locked eyes again and despite the guilt I felt, I smiled at the other man.

I didn’t know exactly what I had in mind but I knew that I was feeling horny. The combination of being at a wedding and the alcohol helped to contribute to this feeling. I was dancing with Sam but despite all of the drinks he had consumed he was still too inhibited to be a comfortable dancer. I made my way to the ladies, on my own, and could feel James’s eyes on me as I left the main room. I hoped that he might follow me.

He didn’t.

I felt a bit annoyed as I thought James would follow me and it could have led to some risky excitement. At least I knew I had my boyfriend Sam though and I reentered the main room of the wedding reception to find him.

Sam was sat at the table and on his own towards the back of the room, he had a few empty shot glasses around him.

“Here you are,” I said as I placed my arms around his neck and sat on his lap. From here, I could look out beylikdüzü escort at the rest of the room and the dance floor. I spotted James dancing with another girl and my heart sank a bit. I reasoned this must have been why he hadn’t followed me. Once again, I managed to make eye contact with James but it was riskier this time because Sam and I were facing the same way. I made an exaggerated wriggle on Sam’s lap, hoping it would make James jealous.

“Dance with me Sam,” I pleaded, as I stood up, taking my boyfriend by the hand.

“I don’t think I can,” he replied as he struggled to get to his feet, “I think I’ve had too much to drink.”

“I’ll dance with my dad then,” I said, not wanting to miss the opportunity, as I left Sam to find him.

Obviously, I couldn’t do a sexy dance with my dad to make James (and Sam) realise what he was missing out on but at least I could have some fun. And that’s what I did. I wasn’t entirely sure how much time had passed before I went back to Sam but he was slumped over the table when I did find him again.

“Right, time to go to the room Sam,” I said, licking my lips in anticipation, “I’ve missed you, you know.”

He followed me holding my hand but I wasn’t particularly encouraged as he mumbled and stumbled his way out of the room and made it to the lifts to take us back to our room. I leaned into him to kiss him but I soon realised he was so drunk and barely able to speak that my night wasn’t going to end in the way I’d hoped.

“Do you want a hand there?” I heard, and turned round as we left the lift and made our way along the corridor to our room to see James offering his help.

“Thanks,” I said, although I didn’t really need his help, even though Sam was zig zagging his way down to our room, the drunkest I’d ever seen him, I would have managed.

“Can’t handle his drink?” James said, balancing Sam by holding him the other side of me, taking his main weight from me, “I thought there might be things he couldn’t handle.”

“Aren’t we lucky Sam, that this old man can’t handle his girl and he’s helping us instead?” I said this to Sam, although he was oblivious to my innuendo directed at James.

“Oh no,” Sam blurted out, as I searched my handbag for the room card, he leant on James and let out a mouthful of sick on him and the floor.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry,” I was devastated, as I managed to finally open the door and enter our room. Sam made his way to the bathroom to be sick again as I phoned reception to let them know what happened and they sent a cleaner.

“Oh, it’s not been a totally disastrous night then,” I said as I went into our room to see that James had removed his top. At least this made him smile.

I went back to see my boyfriend and helped him towards the bed from the bathroom and lent James one of Sam’s shirts to wear.

“We’ll clean your shirt for you and sort all of this out, I am really so sorry,” I said to James as I put Sam into the recovery position on our bed, just in case.

“There’s no need, these things happen,” James reasoned, “but if you wouldn’t mind, so that I’m not parading around this hotel topless, I’ll wear this t-shirt back to my room, have a shower and get changed so that I can bring it back to you. Is that okay with you Charlotte?”

“Yes, that’s fine, if you’re sure but if you let us know your room number, we’ll collect it off you tomorrow to make your life easier.”

“I’m in 129.”

“Wait, I’ll write it down,” as I sought the hotel note pad and paper.

“You know, if you wanted to do it sooner, say half an hour, then you could come down to my room then if you want?”

“Oh…” I started to say but James placed a finger, softly to my lips.

“I’ll leave you my number, he’ll be very much asleep,” nodding towards Sam, sprawled on the bed.

It was only 11:30pm, meaning I had until midnight to make a decision. I reasoned with myself that I could just go to James’ room to get the t-shirt, it would save us time in the morning, I could go and maybe just kiss him, maybe just mess about a bit, not go all of the way, not cheat, not properly.

Or I could stay with my boyfriend Sam, I could be loyal, I could be faithful. With a knot in my stomach, I was jolted into a decision at five to midnight but eh sound of Sam’s snoring. It was clear that he was out for the night so I decided to take a risk.

“Right on time,” James smiled at me as he opened the door to his hotel room number 129, wearing a white dressing gown.

“I’ve just come for the t-shirt,” I said, as the door closed behind me and James kissed me on the lips, our tongues adana escort meeting, him pressing me against the wall.

“The t-shirt’s over there,” he said, pointing to his bed.

“I’ll pick it up later,” I replied, reaching inside his dressing gown, feeling his upper body, “there’s some other things we should do first.”

“Oh yes,” James moaned as I moved my hand down his body, over the waistband of the boxer shorts he was wearing under the dressing gown, still kissing his lips, to play with his cock, rubbing it to make it harder.

“Did you know I was a naughty girl?” I broke off the kiss to say.

“Show me how naughty,” he replied.

We continued to kiss, my hand wanking his hard cock as James reached behind my back to unzip my black dress as I stepped out of my heels to leave me in my bra, pants and tights.

“Don’t tell my boyfriend about me touching your prick,” I told him.

“I won’t tell him that I’m going to make you cum either,” James replied, sliding off his dressing gown before unclasping my bra to reveal my pierced perky nipples which he sucked and played with while his hands roved all over my body, he clearly liked the feeling of the fabric of my black tights as he stroked and played with my long legs through the material as we writhed around the hotel double bed.

“I did these for the wedding,” making reference to my freshly manicured nails, “and I thought it would be my boyfriend seeing them as I touched him but it’s you instead.”

“Aren’t I the lucky one then,” he grinned at me.

After rolling about all over each other, I found myself lying on my back, James had slid himself down the bed and he’d eased my pants and tights down only a small way, leaving just enough space for his head to appear between my legs, as he started to lick and tease my pussy with his tongue and fingers. He was clearly still enjoying the feeling of my tights as he intermittently rubbed my legs through the material.

“You’re so fucking good at this,” I moaned as he pleasured me with his tongue.

I could see him wanking himself off as he was doing this and that turned me on knowing how much he was enjoying it.

“I want your cock in my mouth James but I don’t want you to stop licking my pussy,” I suggested, relieved that he took the hint to move into 69. I shed my tights and pants and it was James’ turn to lie on his back, only this time I sat on his face leaning forwards to take his cock in my mouth for the first time.

“You’re so hard,” I told him.

“That’s because of you.”

He continued to lick me as I had his dick in my mouth.

“I need to fuck you now Charlotte,” James said as he eased my pussy off his face, I suspected he might cum if I had carried on sucking his dick.

I positioned myself on all fours so that he could fuck me doggy style and he lightly played with my nipples as he started to fuck me from behind, lightly at first, gently before building up the pace, the sound of his balls slapping against me and our moaning filled the room. I pushed my arse back towards him to meet his thrusts.

“Do you like fucking me from behind?”

“I love it,” as he slapped my arse and continued to slide his dick in and out of me.

We switched so that I was on top, facing away from him, I rode James, catching sight of my reflection in the hotel mirror spurred me on to fuck him harder, grinding on his lap, before slowly and sensually playing with my nipples. I was really getting into this and I varied my rhythms from hard and fast to slow and sensual.

“Stop, I don’t want to cum yet,” James told me.

“But I do,” I said as I shifted myself, my pussy back on his face again, “I know how good you are with your tongue.”

“You taste so nice.”

“You lick my pussy so much better than my boyfriend does,” encouraging him as his tongue lapped at my pussy, I continued to admire myself in the mirror from this angle and I could see his cock glistening with pre-cum.

“Keep licking me there.” I said, feeling the first tingle of my impending orgasm, “keep doing that James and then you can fuck me again with your big dick. Oh fuck, that’s fucking it.”

“I want to taste my pussy on your lips,” I said, recovering from my orgasm, I passionately kissed James before he moved over me to start fucking me again.

“You look so fucking hot,” he told me, caressing my nipple again, before moving my legs over his shoulders to fuck me even more intensely.

“You’re so fucking deep inside of me James with your big fucking dick.”

“I knew you’d like it Charlotte. I could tell you needed a deep fucking.”

“I do, afyon escort keep doing it to me.”

“While your boyfriend is in your room, I’ll give you what you need.”

“Yes James. He’s never fucked me like this. Never.”

“I wanted you from the moment I saw you.”

“I bet you didn’t know I was this fucking dirty though?”

“You’re such a good fuck Charlotte.”

“When you cum for me,” sensing he was close, “don’t cum inside of me.”

James pumped away at me, grunting in response to my moans, sliding in and out of my soaking wet pussy before taking his dick out for the last time and spraying his cum over the front of my body.

“That was so fucking good,” he said, after we’d both managed to catch our breath.

“I’d better get back to my boyfriend,” suddenly panicking, “what if he wakes up and I’m not there?”

“Just tell him you were making someone very, very happy.”

“And I could tell him that someone made me very happy as well.”

“Why are you with him?”

“Because, I love him,” the conversation had turned a bit serious, “I really do but he doesn’t fuck me right, not like you just did and I get off on the excitement.”

“You’ve cheated on him before?”

“You’re my first and last James, no one could seduce me like you did” I said, sarcastically.

“I’m not complaining but you shouldn’t be doing this to him.”

“I’d better get back then,” rolling my eyes, I didn’t want a lecture, “I suppose I’d better wash your cum off me first though. Can’t go back to my boyfriend with ‘Mr. High Standards of Morality’s’ cum all over me can I?”

Annoyed, I cleaned myself up, got dressed and returned to my room, despite’s James trying to lighten the mood, the damage had been done and of course I knew that what he was saying was right.

Luckily, Sam was fast asleep and still snoring when I returned to our room. I’d gotten away with it again.

Waking up the next morning, I had to piece together the night for Sam, of course, my attempt to clear his drunken haze was via my edited version of events.

“I’m so sorry Charlotte,” on reaching the end of the story, “and I still feel rough now.”

“I’ll help you cheer up,” I said, attempting to alleviate some of my own guilt at being fucked by another man as Sam slept floors above me. I removed the t-shirt I had worn to bed and put my perky nipples in his face to suck before heading for his dick.

“I’ve really missed you,” as I licked his shaft up and down before taking it in my mouth, “weddings make me so fucking horny Sam.”

As I had done last night with James, I sat on Sam’s face so he could lick my pussy as I continued to suck his dick. Still reeling from James’s comment as I left, I thought I’d show my boyfriend how much I cared.

As I’ve been disappointed in the past, so too I was this morning. I knew Sam wouldn’t make me cum via his tongue but I was wet so I shifted myself onto his dick so that I could ride him and play with my nipples, watching my reflection in the hotel mirror.

I wasn’t being fucked like I was last night though and I wasn’t getting the thrill of cheating so I stopped riding my boyfriend and sucked his dick again, playing with his balls until his cum, that he’d obviously been saving up for me, shot out into my mouth or dribbled back over Sam.

“What’s this?” Sam asked as we were clearing up the room to leave, pointing to the piece of paper with James’ hotel room number and telephone number.

I explained how a man had helped him out, I’d lent him Sam’s t-shirt because he’d been sick over his shirt and that was his number to retrieve it. I was relieved because, despite going to James’ room last night I hadn’t actually picked up the t-shirt. It was still there.

“I know I need to get it Charlotte,” Sam looked really upset, “but I’m so embarrassed, would you mind doing it for me?”

Little did he know that he’d let me off the hook again.

“Of course,” I said, “anything for you my love. It won’t take me long, I’ll do it now.”

I retraced my steps from last night to James’ room while Sam was still on my room. I left my phone, unlocked, accidentally (on purpose) in our room, knowing that Sam would look to see if I’d sent any messages to the number on the paper, me knowing that I hadn’t.

“I’ve just come for the t-shirt,” I said mimicking exactly what I’d said last night, anticipating, rightly, that James would try to kiss me as he had done just hours before.

“Look, I’ve just come for the t-shirt,” I was still annoyed at him questioning me about my behaviour as I left last night.

James expressed his confusion.

“As if a girl would just come to your room, a girl with a boyfriend, a girl with a boyfriend who had just cum in her mouth and kiss another man.” I said, as I collected the t-shirt and left, convinced I’d managed to get away with another time cheating on my loving boyfriend.

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