Charlie Goes to College Ch. 06

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“Oh it makes me so happy to see you two together looking like lovers,” Charlie bubbled.

“I think this calls for a drink in celebration, ” she said as she filled our glasses once more.

I was the first to make a toast, “Here is to Charlie and Christi the old and new loves in my life. To what’s name, the man that made my daughter into woman by popping her cherry.”

We clanked our glasses together.

“Christi,” Charlie cooed.

“You don’t mind me sharing daddy with you one more time do you?”

Christi hugged Charlie and said, “No honey he’s your daddy and both of you were lovers before I came into the picture. Plus I will never mind sharing your father with you anytime you would like. I have all that a girl could ever ask for, a girlfriend that is my best friend and lover and now I have her father as a lover also. A man that I’m going to love giving pleasure to and also taking pleasure from him.”

With the long day and chain of events and add the drinking, it finally took it’s toll on us.

All three of us snuggled up in bed and were soon fast bahis firmaları asleep.

The next morning I awoke to two naked beauties beside me. No matter which way I turned my body rubbed against a soft ass or soft breasts.

As the sun began to filter into the room my beauties started to stir.

First I felt one hand on my cock then felt another caressing my balls.

Charlie was the first to take my cock blowing on it softly and then sucking it into her mouth.

Christi was licking my balls and then ran her tongue between my ass cheeks stabbing at my butt hole.

I lied there like I had died and went to heaven due to I had two beauties working me over like there was no tomorrow.

Then Charlie crawled up, straddled me and then sank her hot wet pussy down on my now rigid wet cock.

Christi climbed up and offered me her warm pussy to lick and suck on while Charlie bounced up and down on my cock

Because I had cum so much the night before, I was able to hold off until Charlie tensed. She let out a low moan and started shaking her head wildly as she climaxed.

Christi was right kaçak iddaa behind her as my tongue lashed her clit. I had two fingers in her cunt and felt her pussy walls tighten around my fingers. She ground her pussy in my face to get all she could get from me.

The grand finale was when both of them traded my cock between their mouths sharing my thick cum.

My cum shot from my cock giving them both the taste they hungered for.

I had decided to stay one more day to meet Charlie’s new love of her life.

So my weekend started off with being with my daughter, in the incest way, to being with a lovely woman that is also the same age as my daughter.

Christi is a very loving, caring and desirable woman. She is the best alternative to have since Charlie has moved on.

So now I had my daughter, Charlie, whose love I would never lose and Christi whose love I am going to hold onto so long as she would have me.

By the end of the school year many changes had taken place.

One thing, Charlie had moved out of her dorm and she moved in with Nathan. They are living in a flat off campus and they kaçak bahis are very much in love.

Christi had moved since she knew she would not be happy at the school with out Charlie being by her side.

She transferred to a college a few miles from my house and I asked her to move in with me and share my bed with me.

Every day now I wake up to her sucking on my cock or her playing with it get it hard for us fuck to in the bed or in the shower.

Life is so good these days. I have the woman of my dreams by my side. My wife tried to come back to me and I told her no.

As I look back Charlie and I had been sexual with each other for less then a year. We had the pleasure of our mutual oral sex so many times, and finally getting to fuck her was the ultimate prize for my “Promise” I kept to her. The best thing that came out of all of this was that it ended not in anger or heartbreak.

But ended up making the three of us Charlie, Christi and I happier with the ultimate outcome then we could have ever hoped for.

Like Christi said what more could anyone ask for.

As I finish this Christi is sitting beside me, smiling in all her beauty, stroking my wet hard cock and now that it is finished we are going to share our pleasure, as I hope anyone reading this will be pleasured as well.

The End or The Beginning?

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