Chapter 3 – Visiting a Family

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Chapter 3

As part of the early training requirements in defence, we would be sent interstate for various training. On this occasion, a group of soldiers, including myself, were sent for three weeks of intensive training, and a week’s leave would follow.

At the end of the training, the commanding officer told us that the local people would like to take us back to their place for dinner and a night with their families. It was a sign of gratitude and admiration for our service. We could go down to the front gate and meet a family. It was my first time in that part of the world, and it would be great to get away from defence life and meals.

I dressed in trousers, a T-shirt and runners, the only clean civilian clothes I had. The family I met was friendly. The mom was in her forties and a good-looking lady. Her husband, I guessed, was older and a quiet sort of guy. She drove us back to their house about 10 minutes from the base. I was sitting in the back, enjoying the new scenery and answering numerous typical questions about where I was from, how long I had been in defence, and whether I was married.

Their house was average, and I could tell they were not wealthy and quickly concluded they were just ordinary hard-working people who would share a meal with a stranger. Entering the house, they introduced me to the family. They had two daughters. I would have guessed at 18 and 20 and a younger brother. The brother quickly asked if I had seen action and killed anyone. At that point in my career, I had not been deployed and seen any action, so he quickly lost interest in me.

We sat around a small kitchen, eating dinner with the youngest daughter on my left. The girls had been quiet, with Mom talking as I learned about their life. As we ate, the youngest daughter had her thigh resting on mine. As the table was small and crowded, I didn’t take any notice at first. Then, as we finished dinner and sat and talked, she placed her hand on my thigh and gave me a gentle squeeze. She told me she didn’t live at home, but since her parents had invited a young guy for dinner, she and her sister also came along.

The parents suggested I stay the night, and the idea şişli escort of a quiet night and a comfortable bed was an offer too good to refuse. When I learned the youngest daughter would be staying as well. I was excited to sleep there the night and explore the opportunities.

We retired to the small lounge room and watched TV. Due to the limited number of chairs, we settled into a giant bean bag on the floor. As I made myself comfortable, the youngest daughter came into the room, and I realised there was nowhere for her to sit. She looked around, walked towards me, and told me to make room as she sat partly on me and the bean bag. As we watched TV, she was resting against my side. I could feel her soft, warm skin and was getting concerned. My excitement might show in the form of a growing erection. I took the opportunity to put my arm around her. No one else seemed to notice or mind.

As the night drew on, everyone excused themselves and headed for bed, leaving the young lady and me on the bean bag alone. She was leaning against her head on my shoulder, her small hand resting on my thigh as I caressed her tiny back.

The warmth of her hand was now caressing my thigh as she slowly traced her fingertips closer and closer to my struggling erection under my pants.

She then looked up at me and asked if she could see it. I played dumb. I asked to see what? She said with a smile your cock.

I looked at her and around the room, and she reassured me it would be ok. Then, my heart racing, I opened the front of my trousers as she reached in and wrapped her warm hand around my cock. She slowly removed it from the confines of my pants. Then, with a gasp, she said it was pretty big as she slowly and gently ran her hand up and down its length. We lay there for a while watching TV as she slowly masturbated me. My cock was growing harder. With my arm around her, I could gently make out the side of her small firm breast under her T-shirt.

As she continued, she would slowly grip the head, tracing a finger over the tip before continuing to masturbate me slowly. I could feel my arousal rising, especially when she paid attention to the head of my cock. The escort bayan next time she played with the head of my cock, a small dribble of pre-cum dribbled out. Finally, she moaned and wiped the slippery fluid around the tip.

Realising I was getting close to an orgasm, she stroked me harder, and my cock was now hardening under every stroke. She climbed onto her knees and lowered her mouth over the end of my cock. My hand was now kneading her breast and teasing her hard nipple. The end of my cock was in her mouth, her lips around the tip as she stroked my length. She looked up at me and into my eyes. Her lips glistened with my pre-cum, as she told me she wanted to see me cum, but I warned her I could shoot a big load.

With that, she played her tongue over the opening in my cock, and teased the opening. Her hand was pumping me hard, and I knew I would cum very quickly. I gripped her arm as she continued as a spasm shot through me. Then, arching my back, my cock sliding further into her mouth, I could feel the first lump of semen ejaculate from my cock. She moaned and opened her mouth as I came again. The semen shot into her mouth and then ran down my cock. Her hand movements on my cock were lubricated with semen and silva. Finally, she looked up again, the passion in her eyes, her lips dripping with my semen.

As we both looked down at my cock it was still hard, and she was still pumping me hard. I knew I would cum again. She watched intently and squealed as cum erupted from my cock onto the back of her hand.

Leaning back, she removed her T-Shirt and wiped he hand and mouth on her shirt. I sat up, cupped her small, firm breasts, and kissed her passionately on the mouth. She seemed surprised as I explored my semen taste on her lips and tongue. She told me no guy had kissed her after cumming in her mouth. We kissed for a long while, my mouth also exploring her breasts as she cradled my head in her arms. My hands caressed her jeans between her legs. I could smell her aroma and arousal and feel the warmth of her pussy at my fingertips.

As she could feel my erection growing again between her legs, she rolled onto her back and removed her jeans beşiktaş escort with her legs in the air. She lay there only in her cotton panties. I climbed between her legs and saw her panties were wet from her arousal. The faint wisps of her pubs as I placed my open mouth over her panty-covered mound as she moaned in anticipation. She lifted her hips, and I removed her panties, her lips and clit we wet, and as I ran my tongue through her pussy lips, her fluids were thick and hot.

I began sucking and nibbling her clit, taking my time to explore the tight vagina opening. She lay there stroking my hair as I used my tongue to fuck her slowly. She gasped and moaned and arched her back as I used my tongue and lips to tease her clit. My technique didn’t take long to bring her to her first orgasm. She arched her back, opened her legs, and rolled her head from side to side, making loud noises.

I came up and wetly kissed her with a mixture of our juices, and I slid a finger deep into her rubbing her G-Spot and, using my thumb, rubbed her clit, making her cum again. Then, as I leaned back, I took my cock in my hand. She stopped me, telling me I was too big for her, but she wanted me to cum over her. So laying there, she played with her clit, and kneeling, I stoked m cock against her tight opening. We watched each other and enjoyed watching each other play. As I started getting close to cumming again, she opened her pussy lips and asked me to cum. So I pressed the end of my cock against her opening. It was tight.

As I could feel my orgasm approach again, I held the base of my cock, and gently pushed my head against her. She rubbed her clit, her fingers brushing by cock. Then, she took my cock and stoked it against her, pressing it against her as I came with another messy load. I pulled back, and the second load shot across her stomach. The remaining cum landed all over the outside of her pussy, covering her pubs. When I looked down, she massaged cum into her pubs and skin. The cum was running from her pussy.

We lay there cleaning up, and she told me she loved playing with guys that came for dinner. So I asked if her parent knew she was having sex with guys she said they did. She told me her boyfriend, lover, was a married family friend. So her parents learned of that affair.

The following day she was gone, and her mom drove me back to the base. On departing, she hoped I had a good night with a wink.

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