Chapter 02.0 – Hog

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Editor’s Note: this fictional work contains a scene involving roleplay with an unloaded gun.


Only a click was heard when he opened the door to their beautiful two-story house. Sammy was born of money, and it was visible in the design. Their home was made of handmade clay brick. A material that was customarily saved for government buildings lined their walls. Sandstone was the inexpensive, sensible option but was not nearly gaudy enough for Sammy’s family. Everything else was typical of a residential house with a tin roof, tinted sand-speckled windows, and Blackwood Oak doors/frames. Blackwood Oak only grew in spades at the titular park, and the gnarly bare trees had such beautiful grain work. Maxwell’s favourite part of the house was the door he stood at for a few moments longer. Tingling with anticipation for the surprise that he had in store for his love. The cold air was the only thing to greet him when he walked in.

His wife was on the couch in the living room. Stone immediately grimaced at the sight of Sammy. Unlike her weight, his respect for her steadily declined with each interaction. They only occasionally slept together when their schedule and the stars aligned. It was not like he had married a horse, like Mrs Cornwell, but his once trophy-bodied wife was no longer there. Her face was now softer, along with the iron stomach she once had. The love handles he could deal with and even the occasional stickiness of her skin from whatever scam diet she was on. The single-handedly most disgusting thing was the slothfulness that she bore in all her actions. On her cushioned throne laid the bags of many slain snacks. Her brunette hair was put in the laziest bun he had ever Bayan Eskort seen. The faint smell of cologne and body odour clung to her. At least she had the redeeming quality of being human. Still, even as Max thought this, he put the barrel of his hand cannon centimetres away from the back of her skull. It would be too easy, but with his medical history and relationship issues public, he would have been the prime candidate. There was a different reason he kept his sidearm aimed at her as he let off a loud catcall over the television.

Her gasp was priceless as she immediately turned off the television. She stared at Max, speechless and dumbfounded, before getting up faster than he had seen in months. When she stood up to close the opened front door, he was reminded of her second redeemable quality, Sammy’s doughy round ass. If it was a cake, then the bakery was now out of flour to make it. Sam was in a see-through white robe littered with black spots with spandex underwear that she tastefully pulled off with her figure. Maybe it was just that she was the first one to genuinely share his excitement about being a cop, but her enthusiasm made her look cuter. Most likely, the tainted chocolate made him notice her firm, tightly covered triple Ds. Her squeal made her sound like she was a cow, “You were able to pull off the promotion!?”

“Yeah!” Max gestured over himself to add some more swarminess to her thick-as-pig-shit question that could be answered with the most basic observation skills. Masking his tone with a playful swirl of his service pistol, she gave him a hard shove that amounts to nothing to Stone, “Don’t be a dick! I thought you were going to start roleplaying Anadolu Yakası Escort again….”

This threw Maxwell entirely off his game, making a sheepish smile creep onto his lips, “Uh… I have a two-hour break, and I’ll return extremely late tonight. Double shifts.”

“And is that a service gun? Bring it here! Now!” Max took his time giving it to her as it was all about teasing for him. She was a gun nut. Her fingers ran along the girthy length of the barrel, “An Ave’s brand, fully automatic Dragoon Blundershot! Each of its specialized bullets is practically a miniature explosive cannon, so you only get three shots in a row most times. It can blow through steel and limbs effortlessly. Did you know the effective range is so bad that most users of these guns end up with scars from being so close to its massive explosive? Have you ever shot this before?” Her genuine eagerness was nearly palpable.

“Yes, and the kickback is as bad as you think.” Max partially lied. He had fired a Blundershot before but never anything like this. All this information was the first time he had heard of it and explained the gun’s weight. A mischievous expression slowly overtook the slack-jaw awe that she wore.

“Hey, Maxie, do you know what would be so hot?” Sammy said while coyly playing with the flared tip of his service gun for a few moments until he cocked his eyebrow and tilted his head, “What?”

She took his hand that held the gun and adjusted it to point it right at her forehead. She spoke with manic, wide eyes, “I want you to turn off the safety of that gun, shove the barrel in my mouth, and fuck my brains out while threatening to do that. God, I am wet enough Pendik Escort to drown a small dog.”

‘Wit-woo! No!’ That was the first thought that immediately crossed his head. Sam took advantage of this momentary confusion to grip his free hand to put his fingers between her legs. It turns out she was way less hyperbolic than Stone had first thought as his fingers greeted her panties with a slick sound. This was the hottest that Maxwell could recall her being for him in years. His thoughts escape him with the same fluidity as his wife’s love juices, “Now, Mrs Stone, animal cruelty is a capital offence. I will need you to follow me so we can get a report out of you.” He clicked the safety off before giving the cylinder of his Dragoon a spin. The very sound made her knees wobble. Sammy gave the cutest little jump at him, pushing the gun further into her spine, “Yes, sir!”

Once again, his thoughts came to him in a strange manner and voice.

‘Come on, Champ, let’s give her a taste of what this cannon can do. Best case, she gets off, and worst you get what you want. Do it! Do it!’

This time he hesitated mentally at the voice as if suddenly accosted by a stranger. He, the voice sounding like a heavily accented male, was not pleased.

‘Fuck it then. Watch this!’

Officer Stone’s trigger finger went strangely numb, like he had slept on it. It dawned on him that it was moving on its own accord when he heard the hammer meeting an empty chamber with a backfire of powder. Sam’s entire frame stiffened for a second before going through the tiniest convulsions. What wasn’t tiny was the amount that she gushed herself just then, to Stone’s befuddlement, followed by her jogging straight to their room. Discarding her nightgown before she even made it up the flight of stairs as there was something in the manic giggling that followed that put some pep into his step.

Max still had plenty of time left on his break and the perfect way to spend it.

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