Changing Room Ch. 02

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The colour was a deep red, and could have been mistaken for a blood red. A fine line of transparent lace outlined the brassiere and panties perfectly. The bra had thin, long straps that ran into a sensual pool of lace which would cover the top half of a woman’s breasts, ultimately accentuating her cleavage. As I took a closer look at the panties, I noticed that the lace surrounding them would line the groin and lower belly and more importantly, they were a bikini cut, which is my ultimate favourite when it comes to women’s panties. I started having wicked images of Bel walking around in this thing for me, perhaps doing a strip tease as she had me tied to a chair or to the bed. Fuck, I couldn’t wait to see her in this. I didn’t even care about the price, I just threw it over the dress that was draped over my forearm and flicked through the remaining clothes on the rack to find something else.

Meanwhile, as I was busy searching for more stuff, a staff member came over to me and asked if I needed any assistance. She was a pretty looking lady, likely around 40-45 years old, immaculately dressed in a 2 piece grey suit and a white blouse that sat loosely across her chest. Her shoes were black and heeled, and she just happened to have a streak of orange through her hair, which I suppose is the fashion these days, yet for some reason I found it off-putting.

“Hello Sir, can I help you with something?” she asked me in a monotonic voice. I was sure she was tired of asking the same thing over and over, but she smiled at me regardless and seemed nice enough.

I looked at her and returned her smile. “No thank you, Ma’am. I’m just browsing at the moment.” It was then that I eyed another item which caught my attention. It was another dress, but this one was a brown colour, similar to the shade of tree bark. It had a low cut back and a V neck, along with thin straps and a flared skirt. It was quite lovely, so I grabbed the hanger and flung it over my arm, forgetting to check the price of it.

“No problem. If you need any assistance, just ask,” she said as she smiled at me and walked away gingerly.

“Yes, Ma’am, thank you.” I responded quietly, watching her walk off.

Not long after the saleslady left my side, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and the faint hint of warm air blowing ever so softly across the back of my neck. I turned my head around to stare into the beautiful eyes of my girl and leaned down to kiss your cheek. You smiled at me and squeezed me tighter.

“Are you doing ok, babydoll? Did you find anything you like?” I asked you with a curious raise of my brow.

“Yup. I found a few things honey, what about you?” you replied, a gorgeous smile spreading across your full lips.

I pulled away from your hug and turned around to face you, a grin appearing on my face as I raised my arm and showed you the 3 garments draped over it. Your eyes beamed at me, obviously impressed with my taste in female clothing and grabbed my hand to pull me towards the changing rooms.

“Hey, wait a minute, baby. Where are the clothes you picked out?” I asked you curiously.

“Oh, I already handed them over to the lady in the changing rooms, she is holding them for me,” you said almanbahis excitedly.

I grinned at your blatant exhilaration and followed you eagerly to the dressing rooms. We stopped short at a large desk where an older lady was ready to hand over the clothes for you to try on, and also handed you a small plastic card with a number on it. I leaned in to your ear and asked what it was, but the saleslady beat me to the punch and explained that it was to verify how many items of clothing you were taking into the room with you.

“I have 3 items here, Ma’am.” I confessed to the saleslady, smiling. She returned my smile, her yellow-stained teeth peeking out from a pair of thin, coated lips as she handed me another plastic card with the number ‘3’ on it. After taking it from her, I followed you into the farthest dressing room and quickly ran ahead of you. I had known the rooms were big enough for the both of us, and then some. I had previously wandered around the mall earlier in the week after work to find the best place to live out my fantasy. And this store was definitely the right place.

“Hey! No running in the store please, Sir!” you exclaimed cheekily as you nudged me in the back gently. It didn’t slow you down any though, and within moments, you had followed me into the dressing room I had snuck into. I was already seated on the long, wooden bench that was nailed to the lower part of the wall, and as you stepped inside and closed the door behind you, you stared at me like a teacher would at her student and I just chuckled.

“Oh baby, you have the biggest grin on your face. You’re just dying to see me try this stuff on aren’t you?” you chuckled along with me.

I didn’t say a word; I simply nodded slowly and reached out my hands to you. I had already put my garments down onto the bench next to me, and as you stepped closer, I pulled you onto my lap and kissed you deeply whilst hearing the pile of your clothes fall at your feet. You fell into my arms as your body relaxed against me, the tip of your tongue pushing between my lips as we kissed. I held you tight to me as your hands moved over my back and down to cup the cheeks of my arse when I heard you groan against my lips once I deepened our kiss. You felt so damn good.

“Mmmmm baby, you taste so sweet. I love kissing you, Bel,” I whispered hoarsely to you as I pulled my lips from yours, smiling into your eyes.

“Nearly as sweet as you, my love,” you whispered back, before pulling away from me and stepping back as you said, “and I want to try on these clothes, or I’ll get too busy kissing you and want to fuck your brains out,” you grinned at me.

I knew you would give in eventually, but I guess I did come here for a purpose, so I slowly eased myself back against the wall and folded my arms over my chest, waiting for the ‘show’ to begin. You bent down to lift up the heap of clothes on the floor in front of me, and then threw them at my chest before my arms could reach out and catch them. I felt some of them slide down my legs and back onto the floor as I heard you chuckle at me.

“Not really quick are you, country boy?” you snarled in laughter.

“Ha ha fucking ha!” I responded to you, then reminded you of our purpose almanbahis giriş when I sarcastically said, “Baby, do you want to try on these clothes or would you like to fuck around for a couple of hours?” I smirked. You’re so cute when I tease you like that.

As you looked upon the range of clothing you had picked out, I noticed that you couldn’t choose which one to try on first, so I made a suggestion. It was far easier then waiting for you to decide, and we both knew there was a stack of clothes for you to go through.

“Honey, why don’t you try this one on first?” I offered, as I held up the sunflower dress.

“Oh, ok!” you said excitedly and took it from my grasp.

I crossed my arms over my chest again as I settled back against the wall and watched you. This was what I had been waiting for; this moment. You hung the dress over the hook on the wall and turned your back to me, reaching behind you to remove your clothes and drop them at your feet. I gathered you were too excited to pick them up and fold them neatly, but I wasn’t about to complain. My eyes never left you as your fingers worked hastily at the clasp of your bra, freeing the small mounds of titflesh against your chest.

Then moving my gaze downward, I waited impatiently for your panties to slide over those slender, milky thighs, and I couldn’t help but glance at the droplet of moisture that had formed in the crotch of the lacy black material. You turned around to wink at me, knowing well enough that I had witnessed the stain in your panties, and I smiled at you, growling low in my throat.

“I’m not THAT much of a country boy to think a woman needs to shed her panties to try on a dress, baby. So I’ll just assume you’re doing it to tease the shit out of me and we’ll leave it at that,” I grinned wickedly. I knew exactly what your game was. You are the biggest tease I had ever known, and you also knew that I would love every damn second of it.

Fuck, she was so beautiful standing there naked before me. It took every bit of self control I had not to jump her bones right then.

“Just trying to keep you on your toes, dear,” you replied cheekily.

I pulled a face at you as you spun back around to face the door, reaching to the wall to remove the dress from its hanger and hang it up high above your head. I watched carefully as you slid your arms through the thin straps and let the delicate material softly cascade down your body, covering your nakedness with every passing second. Within no time, the dress was fitted snugly to your curves, and I was relishing the view of your narrow hips and toned calves. I couldn’t wait for you to turn around and show me the front.

“So, what do you think, baby?” you asked as you turned to face me.

I growled low in my throat, staring at your beautiful body with emerald eyes as they darted over every inch of you. The swell of your breasts took my breath away, I loved the way the dress gave them volume as it tightened across your chest, and it was obvious you didn’t need to wear a bra with it. I could feel myself getting harder as my cock began to push against the fabric of my jeans, and as I shifted on the bench, I glanced down to those slender legs of yours. “Oh almanbahis yeni giriş sweetheart, you look good enough to eat. You are SO gorgeous Bel. God baby, so fucking gorgeous,” I said to you with an exasperated growl.

“I guess I have your approval then,” you smiled at me with a cheeky gleam in your eyes.

Before I could say another word, the dress was falling at your feet and as I watched you step out of it and look to the floor for another garment, I reached down to adjust the straining pressure at my crotch. It was becoming far too uncomfortable for me to wear these jeans now, and I could feel my cock swelling with every passing minute. I was aching to see you wear the lingerie outfit I had picked out so I grabbed it and offered it to you with a whistle to catch your attention.

“Baby, put this on for me,” I hissed at you sexily.

You spun around to grin at me, eyeing the flimsy material and stepped towards me to take it from my grasp. Our eyes locked together, staring deeply into one another’s as you stood only inches from me and proceeded to remove the bra and panties from the hanger. “Such a talented girl, aren’t you, babydoll? You don’t even have to look at what you’re doing.”

You smiled at me seductively, in that sexy little way you have that drives me fucking nuts!

I reached out to take back the hanger from you, adjusting my eyes to gaze over the sheer thigh-high stockings that were still attached as you began to slide the panties up over your slender legs. First poking your right foot inside and then the left, you dragged the small cloth of material over those luscious thighs and snapped the waistband into place across your hips. I took in the sight of you, drowning in your beauty as you stood in front of me with your naked breasts on show. Not many moments passed before I was then watching the bra straps slide atop your shoulders and your fingers working hastily to clasp it together at your back.

“You like baby?” you whispered to me sexily, placing your hands on your hips and twirling your top half from side to side, showing off for me.

I was in awe and I couldn’t speak just yet as I looked at you. My eyes moved over every inch of your milky skin and I heard the faint sigh of approval in my throat. You were so beautiful; I couldn’t take my eyes away from you. “Oh yes, my darling. You look amazing. Now turn around so I can see that perfect ass of yours.” I watched closely as you spun around to face the door, leaning forward so my elbows rested on my knees and my hands were cupping my face. I needed a closer inspection of this magnificent species of woman.

You turned your face over your shoulder to smile at me, your hands still cupping the curve of your hips as I drifted my eyes down to the swell of your ass. I knew you had always said it was a flat ass, and that you wished you had more volume to it, but to me it was a thing of beauty. My chin dropped to the ground then as I saw you bend forward and spread your feet wide apart to reach down and touch your toes.

Such a little minx you are. I could see the panties becoming damp as you poked your rump upwards, aiming it at the ceiling for me. I growled low in my throat and hissed at you, loving this game you were playing and quite amused in a way that things were going better than I had hoped. This was part of my plan after all, to seduce you into fucking me inside a dressing room, but instead, I think it was you who was seducing me.

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