Chance Meeting

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I had about an hour to kill before my next appointment so I stopped in this attractive cocktail lounge, sat down at the bar and ordered a scotch on the rocks. As I tilted my glass to drink, I noticed you looking intently at me from the other end of the bar. I thought I detected something sexual in your gaze but wasn’t sure. You smiled and when I returned the smile, you picked up your drink and moved over next to me and introduced yourself. We talked for a while getting acquainted and finding that we had much in common and I still felt strong sexual vibes between us and wondered if you did also.

When it was time for me to leave for my appointment, I told you that I was staying at the Marriott and asked if you’d like to get together later for drinks and dinner. When you quickly agreed, I told you my room number and said that I should be back at the hotel around 5 and suggested that you stop up to my room.

I had gotten back earlier than I expected and decided to hop into the shower as long as I had some time. Meanwhile, you had also wrapped up business early and since you were in the neighborhood, decided to try me and see if I was back yet. I had just toweled dry when the phone rang and you asked if it was OK to come up a little earlier than we planned. I told you to come on up and slipped into a terry cloth robe just as there was a knock on the door.

I let you in and you noticed that I had just showered and asked if we had time for you to jump in and take a quick shower to refresh yourself. You started to peel off your clothes and I got a quick look at your equipment as you headed for the shower which made my cock jerk in wishful anticipation. I lay down on the bed and turned on the tv as I waited for you and a few minutes later saw you open the bathroom door and step into the room totally naked with a huge, beautiful hardon. I gasped as I gazed transfixed at your erection and you advanced towards the bed with your pole sticking out in front of you.

When you got up on the bed on your knees, I reached out and grasped your hard meat and tugged it closer to my lips so that I could take it in my mouth as I found it completely irresistible. As I started to flick my tongue out to lick your cockhead, you swung around so that you were on top of me in a 69 position and my eyes beheld your gorgeous cock, full, tight balls and puckered asshole. I couldn’t wait any longer and began licking your balls and sucking them as I felt you open my robe and then felt your warm breath on my genitals as you lowered your head and began working on me also.

I pressed my face into your crotch and breathed in your sexy man odor as I ran the flat of my tongue over your throbbing shaft from the base to the tip and then took your entire crown in my mouth and began sucking your cockhead and tasting your delicious precum as it flowed onto my tongue. You were nursing on my cock also and the two of us were transporting each other into a beautiful world of sexual pleasure that cannot be compared. Your cock was made for sucking. I loved the flared, smooth head with the deep ridge around it and was completely lost in sucking it as your mouth had me in another world at the same time.

We started deep throating each other and began milking our shafts each time we swallowed. I felt it coming and held you tight around the waist as my cock suddenly began shooting hot jets of cum into your mouth. That was all you needed and I felt your penis expand in my mouth followed by hot ropes of cum pouring down my waiting throat. We both hungrily sucked our juices down and held our cocks in our mouths until we sucked out every drop from each other before collapsing on the bed to recuperate.

I suggested that we order dinner in the room so we could play as much as possible tonight as I had to leave first thing in the morning. We casino şirketleri placed an order with room service and were lying on the bed talking and playing with each other’s organs when there was a knock on the door. You got under the sheets and I slipped on the robe to answer the door. The waiter came in rolling the cart before him and when he saw you lying in bed and me in a robe seemed to put two and two together and gave us both a look of approval and desire as he set the table for us. He was a very good looking guy in his 20’s with an athlete’s build and seemed very comfortable being in the room with us. I asked him, with a knowing smile, if he would like to stay a while and perhaps feed us our dinner and his eyes lit up in anticipation as he agreed saying that he was going off duty for a break as soon as he served our meal so he would be delighted to stay.

I opened my robe and his eyes were riveted to my semi-hard penis and then you threw back the sheets and he gazed at your full erection and automatically began taking off his uniform. When he was completely naked, he turned around to face us and both of us gasped as we looked at his organ. It was fully erect and had a thick shaft about 8 1/2” long capped by a gorgeous flared crown with a prominent ridge all around. I grasped his penis in my hand and led him over to the bed where we had him lay back so that we could look him over properly. You bent over his cock and started playing with his balls as you gazed in reverence at his erection and I moved up and rested my cock on his face as he licked my shaft and tried to get the head into his mouth.

I turned my head and saw you take his large cockhead in your mouth and heard you groan in ecstacy as you sucked his magnificent penis. After slapping his face with my cock, I fed the head to him as a big drop of precum was forming and he sucked it up and searched for more. He knew how to suck cock and you could see in his eyes and face that he was enjoying every moment of it as he worshipped my organ and sent waves of pleasure rolling over my entire body.

I wanted a cock in my mouth also and suggested that we lay in a circle on our sides and suck each other to orgasm. You swung around, without missing a lick, and presented your crotch to my eyes and I just naturally gravitated towards your most beautiful and sexy cockhead since it was made for my mouth. When I closed my lips around your swollen head, I was in Nirvana since he was sucking me so beautifully at the same time. The three of us rested our heads on each other’s thighs and nursed sensuously on each other’s organs as every once in a while, I would reluctantly stop sucking you and take your balls in my mouth and run my tongue over them as I sucked them.

Then I would go back to my favorite hobby which is sucking your delicious cock and enjoying every minute of it. Our waiter, Raoul, was milking my penis with his throat muscles and massaging my balls when suddenly I felt my orgasm approach and began shooting jets of cum down his throat which he greedily swallowed.

This triggered his orgasm and I heard a muffled cry of surprise as his cock erupted thick ropes of jism into your hungry mouth and pushed you over the edge also as I felt your cock swell and was soon rewarded with mouthfuls of delicious cum as you twisted and turned in passion. I sucked every drop and drew deeply on your cockhead to draw out more before I lay my head back down on your thigh and rested as each of us did.

We refreshed with the food and drink that Raoul had delivered and he asked if one of us would like to fuck him. The thought of working my cock in and out of his sexy ass was overwhelming and I volunteered immediately. He got up on the bed on his hands and knees and presented his beautiful rosebud asshole to me for my pleasure. I smeared some lube over casino firmaları his tight hole and put some on the head of my cock and fit my hard penis to his opening and pushed in just so the head popped inside and heard his moan as my thick cock penetrated him. I waited until he relaxed and then started to feed him more cock inch by inch and listened to his cries of passion as I got deeper and deeper inside.

Meanwhile, I saw you crawl between my legs on your back and take his huge erection in your mouth as you began sucking him while I fucked him. His ass was nice and tight and gripped my shaft beautifully as I stroked in and out and then I felt your hands tugging on my balls and your fingers playing with my asshole and I gave myself up to the pleasures of the moment totally. The sensations his ass was providing as well as your hands on my balls had me in a different and most pleasant world and I could have stayed that way forever when suddenly I heard him cry out that he was going to cum and I stroked deeper to help him along. I felt his body tense and his asshole tightly milked my shaft as he started cumming and pumping his hot juices into your hungry mouth. I heard you moaning as you drank his cum and I worked my penis around inside him to try and feed you more of his juices. Then I let my cock slide out of his asshole and he collapsed on top of you as you kept sucking his slowly receding organ.

After showering and relaxing a while, Raoul asked us if we were bi or strictly gay and when we told him we were bisexual, his face lit up with a smile. He told us that if it was OK with us he would call his wife and ask her to join us as she is one hot ticket and a beauty at that. He said that his wife, Carmen, loved cock and was especially turned on when she watched him with another guy. We both agreed immediately and he called her and told her that he was with two very sexy guys and she should come right over if she’d like some fun also. He said it would only take her about 10 minutes and told us that he would like to be 69ing with one of us when she walked in as that would turn her on right away.

It was just about 10 minutes later when there was a knock on the door and Raoul got on the bed and motioned you to join him in a 69 before I opened the door. When you were busy working on each other, I opened the door and motioned her inside quickly shutting the door behind her. She was a true beauty. Long jet black hair, very sexy, good looking face and a body that never ended with the most gorgeous breasts and ass I’ve ever seen. She took one look at her husband and you sucking each other and immediately began to strip, never taking her eyes off him as he deeply sucked on your cock while you were deep throating his substantial organ. When she was naked, she walked over to me and took my semi erect penis in her hand as she watched the sexy scene before her.

I led her over to a comfortable chair next to the bed and sat her down to watch the show as I dropped to my knees and started licking the insides of her thighs and slowly worked my tongue and lips up to her petal-like labia. I kissed each lip and then sucked each one into my mouth before sliding my tongue up and down her slit from her asshole to her clitoris. I dipped my tongue inside her pink vagina and tasted her delicious juices and her moans and gasps of pleasure were like music to my ears as I happily licked and sucked her. Then after some time, Raoul suggested that she get up on the bed so that the 3 of us could work her over properly and had me lay down on my back so that she could sit down on my cock.

As soon as she had my organ deep inside her pussy, she leaned forward resting on her hands and presented her asshole for a cock also. You got behind her and lubed her puckered hole and slid your shaft inside her and we both started to fuck her güvenilir casino as we felt our cocks rubbing each other through her thin membrane. Raoul stood up and leaned back on the wall as he fed her his soft cock to suck and all her holes were filled with cock and all of us were turned on by her whimpers and moans as we fucked both her openings and her husband fed her his meat to suck. The three of us had cum a few times already and were at that stage of sex where we could remain hard for a long time without cumming and yet feel all the fantastic pleasures our cocks were experiencing but Carmen had one orgasm after another as we switched positions every so often so that she experienced different feelings with each cock that entered her.

She had cum at least twice with each of us and asked for a short break to rest for a few minutes and asked her husband to suck cock for her as she watched as it would get her going again in no time. I was lying alongside her so Raoul got down between my thighs and took my swollen cockhead between his lips and started sucking on it as he looked up at her with smiling eyes. Then you got down and started to suck his organ and the three of us immediately gravitated to a suck circle with Carmen eagerly watching and making sexy comments as we sucked each other for her viewing pleasure. Every once in a while we would hear her cumming and telling us how sexy we looked sucking each other as she shuddered in orgasm. She came over and played with our balls and assholes as we were in a different world tasting each other’s cocks while having ours so beautifully sucked.

Then she asked if we would please stop for a moment as she would like to have one of our cocks inside her pussy so I immediately volunteered and got on top of her and rubbed the head of my penis up and down her slit mixing her juices with my precum just before feeding her my thick organ slowly inch by inch. Her gasps and moans were like music to my ears as I fed her more cock until she was full of my meat. I held my throbbing penis deep inside her and was just going to start stroking when I felt a cock press against my asshole and then felt a thick crown pop inside followed by short thrusts to lube us up before I felt his glorious organ begin to stroke deeply inside me.

I was in heaven with my cock receiving tremendously exciting sensations from Carmen’s talented cunt as well as having a beautiful, hard, thick cock fucking my ass at the same time. Then I found out it was Raoul who put his arms around my body as he fucked me. Then suddenly he stroked deep inside me and held his throbbing tool there as he told me that you had just inserted your thick erection into his asshole and began describing to me how good it felt as it filled his ass. I don’t know how we managed it but we all stroked in rhythm and Carmen seemed to be cumming every five minutes. We were all lost in a world of sexual pleasure and our mutual moans, gasps and sighs added to the atmosphere of the moment. Then I felt Raoul’s arms tighten around me as his cock swelled and started pumping hot cum deep in my ass in spasm after spasm.

I felt his hot juices splash into me and my penis erupted as I fed Carmen’s hungry mouth every drop of juice she could get out as I visited Nirvana. Soon after this, I heard Raoul grunt and then you cried out that you were cumming as you buried your organ deep inside him and shot load after load of your cum into his ass.

Since Raoul had to get back to work and was already very late, Carmen left with him and we went back to bed as you decided to stay the night since I was leaving in the morning. That night we fulfilled a long time fantasy of mine as we slept with each other’s organs in our mouths all night and woke up a couple of times during the night being sucked or sucking to orgasm and then going back to sleep again.

We had one last 69 in the morning for breakfast and determined that we would try and get together again as soon as possible whether it meant my coming back or you getting to see me, we would work something out.

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