Chance Meeting – Part 2

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The following weekend, Rob saw Rachel walk into his club with the same 2 ladies that
were with her before. They all sat at a table and Rob went to greet them. Rachel said hi
and introduced her 2 friends as Betsy and Donna. Rob immediately wondered if Rachel
got it on with either one of them or maybe with both. Rob ordered them all a drink. A
couple of guys came over and asked Betsy and Donna to dance so Rob sat down with Rachel.
They talked about the great time they had last weekend. Rob reminded her that it was now
her turn to come over to his place so she could meet Ali, his doberman pinscher.

When the club closed Donna and Betsy said bye to Rachel and left together. Rob and Rachel
left shortly thereafter to go to Rob’s. When they walked into his apartment Rob’s Dobie,
Ali, came to greet Rob and then walked up to Rachel and stuck his snout in her crotch.
“Looks like he likes you” Rob said. Rob pushed Ali away and told Rachel to make herself
comfortable. He went into his room to change and told Rachel she could use the other room.
Ali followed Rachel as if he could smell a female in heat. Rachel was indeed leaking pussy
juice thinking about tonight. As Rachel changed Ali kept putting his snout in her crotch.

She quickly undressed and lay back on the bed letting her legs hang out over the end of the bed.
She spread her legs and tapped her tummy. Ali quickly stuck his nose in her crotch again and took
a couple of swipes at her pussy tasting her juices. Ankara escort Rachel was dripping wet as Ali kept up his
insistent licking. Rachel began to moan thrashing her head from side to side. Rob heard her moan
and walked in the room to see Ali lapping up her pussy with Rachel lying back with her eyes closed.
Rob climbed up on the bed and started sucking on Rachel’s tits as Ali kept lapping up her pussy
juices with each moaning orgasm. “Oh God he’s made me come twice already”. Rob pushed Ali away
and quickly got on top of Rachel and drove his cock into her pussy. She screamed with the force
of Rob’s penetration. As Rob started pounding her Ali began to ream Rob’s ass with his tongue.
This triggered Rob’s orgasm and he shot a load into Rachel who had her legs wrapped around Rob’s
waist. Ali already had his cock dripping pre-cum as he kept licking Rob’s ass.

As Rob pulled out of Rachel, Ali climbed up on his back and began humping. Rob moved around to let
Ali find his asshole and began eating Rachel out. Rachel quickly spread eagle and began to moan.
Ali penetrated Rob’s ass and began to drive his cock in and out at a furious pace. Rob pulled
forward and Ali slipped out shooting pre-cum on Rob and Rachel’s legs Ali quickly climbed back
up and drove his cock into Rob’s ass again humping faster and harder. Rachel was moaning under
Rob’s insistent licking of her clit and finger-fucking. She was coming and Rob just kept licking
up her juices as Ali kept pounding him. Ankara escort bayan Ali gripped tighter and Rob felt the knot slip in. As
the knot began to swell Rob moved so he could drive his cock into Rachel as she was in the throes
of another orgasm. Ali was pounding Rob and suddenly stayed still as Rob felt his load filling his
ass. This made him pound Rachel harder and at the same time he was driving his ass back on Ali as
Ali kept squirting his come inside him. Rob then shot his load into Rachel just as he felt the last
squirts from Ali. When Ali finally slipped out of Rob’s ass he pulled his already flaccid cock out of
Rachel. Rob then said “Let’s take a break and get a drink so Ali can fuck you”.

They were now in the living room when they saw Ali come in and go straight to Rachel’s pussy again.
She spread her legs as Ali gave some quick swipes making her moan. She quickly got up and got on all
fours on the floor. Ali knew an invitation when he saw one. He quickly climbed up on her back and
began to hump. Rachel moved around til she felt Ali find the mark and then stayed still so Ali could
drive his cock home. She gave a moan as Ali began humping her for all he was worth. Rob walked in
front of Rachel and presented her his cock so she could take it in her mouth and suck it. Rachel took
it in her mouth and Rob started to slow fuck her mouth. He was trying to time his orgasm with that
of Ali so Rachel could feel herself be filled in two of her holes. Rob could see Escort Ankara Ali grip Rachel
tighter and give a hard lunge and he knew he was driving his knot inside her so he could lock and fill
her with his come. As Ali kept pounding Rachel, Rob could see he was about to unload his come deep
inside Rachel so he started to fuck her mouth in earnest. He could feel his cock actually slip partially
down Rachel’s throat as she took all he had to give. When he saw Ali stop humping he knew he was coming
and this triggered his orgasm as he shot his load down Rachel’s throat. He kept thrusting until his last
squirt shot into her mouth and then he pulled out as Ali stayed tied to Rachel.

Ali suddenly turned on Rachel remaining tied to her. Rob suddenly got an idea which got him hard again.
He walked up behind Rachel and coming up over Ali he began to probe Rachel’s ass with his cock. Rachel
saw what was going on and let out an “oh my God – I don’t think I can take you both”. Rob was able to
maneuver enough around Ali to drive his cock in Rachel’s ass. She gave a grunt and Rob began to slowly
fuck her. Rachel began to push back on Ali’s cock which actually got a few more squirts out of him as
she felt Rob shoot a load into her ass. Just as he was coming Ali was able to untie and Rob drove his
cock harder into Rachel’s ass giving his last couple of squirts before pulling out. He then pulled
Rachel to him and pressed his lips hard on her mouth driving his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues
were sword fighting as they pressed their bodies into one another. As they broke the kiss they both
fell back exhausted and drifted off to sleep.

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