Chameleons Ch. 03

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“And how do you feel this evening?” The Chameleon circled an arm around Lavender’s waist from behind and dropped a kiss on her neck.

Lavender laughed a bit, “My ass is still a bit sore from last night.” Recalling how The Chameleon and another man had double-teamed her – her first threesome and her first assfuck at the same time – she felt a little pulse begin between her legs. Damn him. She was about to begin the third of a promised seven nights of sex with him at Prism, and already she’d let down so many of her walls and done so many things she’d never done before. The club’s anything-goes attitude and creative settings seemed to inspire endless acts of dirty debauchery, and she still had four more to go. Lavender thrilled at the idea, though she hoped before it was all over she wouldn’t be getting off while slaughtering a chicken or anything.

The Chameleon ran a hand down her hip and across her ass cheek, his fingers grazing just below the high hemline of her blue mini-dress.

Tonight was the Blue Room. Lavender had no idea what that meant – every room at Prism was a surprise to her. Still, she’d worn blue.

His big palm smoothed over her ass, and back again. The gesture soothed the slight ache that still lingered between her ass cheeks, a tender massage. Under his warm hands, she felt herself turning to putty he could shape into whatever he wanted her to be. As he repeated the motion over and over, he licked her earlobe just as slowly. Then, he stopped. “I’ll see you in the room.”

“What do I need to do?”

“You’ll see.”

He disappeared then, gone into the thick crowds of patrons. Lavender made her way down the dark hallway and approached a blue door. A large man with an earpiece stood guard.

“Hi,” she said. He didn’t reply. “I’m Lavender?” Why she made it a question, she didn’t know. But he looked at her for a long moment, listening to something in his ear.

“You can swim, right?”


He reached back and opened the door, allowing her entrance. The room was entirely black, except for a small swimming pool. Duh, she thought. Blue. Water. Makes sense.

“Get naked and get in,” the doorman said flatly, and closed the door behind her.

Lavender could see nothing except the lights in the water. She took a moment to orient herself. There was enough residual glow from the pool for her to know the room was completely enclosed and she was the only person there. That was comforting. The previous two nights, every part of her had been on display for all to see. She’d enjoyed it, and gotten off hard on the thrill, but she wanted a little time alone—really alone—with The Chameleon. Her curiosity as to who he was had begun to eat at her, and she felt a growing need to know his name, and how he knew her. Clearly, he knew her from outside the world of Prism. Maybe this was the night he’d be revealed to her.

The pool was built like a weird reverse doughnut, or the Target logo. The outside circle was deep, but the center of the pool was shallow, a circular platform. Lavender slipped out of her dress, having left panties at home that night. They’d done no good the past two nights, so she’d decided they weren’t going to be a thing she wore to Prism anymore. She walked to the edge of the water and sat her bare ass on the cool tile, dipping her feet into the water. The water lapped against her feet and the temperature was pleasant, just a bit warm. She moved her feet around in the water for a moment.

“Here goes,” she whispered. Then she went in, entering the water up to her shoulders. The water felt warm on her bare skin, and she held on to the edge of the pool with one hand, waiting while not knowing what she was waiting for. She swam the few feet to the middle platform and pulled herself up to sit, the water only coming up to her waist.

She supposed he’d be arriving soon, The Chameleon. Fucking him in a private pool sounded delicious. For a moment, she wondered about the sanitary elements of the pool, then smelled the chlorine in the air and remembered just how decadent and opulent Prism was and realized the pool was probably cleaner than any pool she’d ever visited in her entire life.

She sat, naked, on the platform in the water. She kicked her feet over the edge into the deeper part.

When she felt something brush against her foot, she yelped.

Down in the water was a form, circling her under the water. As she looked Travesti closer, she saw it was a man’s form but different. He swam a little closer to the surface of the water and she saw he wore a scuba suit and equipment.

“Are you kidding me?” She exclaimed, mostly to herself. She didn’t know if he could hear her, but damn – Prism was a crazy place. All kinds of things got people off.

He circled again, and reached for her. A rubber-clad hand took hold of her foot, and pulled her so she was on her belly in the water with her shoulders, neck, and head above the surface, bent at the waist over the edge of the round platform.

Rubbery hands took hold of her ass and pulled at her cheeks.

“Holy shit,” she breathed aloud as she braced herself. The hands pulled her cheeks apart, squeezing at her butt and kneading the flesh. A slick rod, she imagined it was a finger, ran up and down her seam in a repetitive motion that immediately made her nipples hard and her breath speed up. The finger stopped right on her clit and stayed in place, ever so slowly building in pressure until she was throbbing for him.

Then his finger plunged her, and Lavender exclaimed a profanity that echoed off the walls of the small room. Since she was bracing herself in the water, she couldn’t move her hands, and was entirely at his mercy. He pushed his finger all the way inside her until she felt a fist of rubber against her pussy pushing hard, so hard he moved her whole body forward.

“Fuck,” she breathed.

From slow to fast, he went in a flash, finger fucking her rapidly, causing the water around her pussy to rock in small waves. His knuckles bumped into her on each impact, and she tingled. She managed a look over her shoulder at her mysterious lover.

He wore a scuba mask. Of course he wore a mask. He’d been in every hole of her body and she had no idea who he was. He worked a second finger into her pulsing pussy and she didn’t know who he was, and it made him seem even hotter.

Lavender’s pleasure rose and threatened to explode through her body. But just before she came, The Chameleon pulled his fingers from her and slipped back into the water. Lavender rose on her knees on the center platform and looked around, seeing his dark form circling the platform.

She noticed something as he swam past her on his back under the water. There was a cut-away in the wetsuit, and his erect cock and his balls were free. The next time he swam by her, she reached down and brushed her fingers over him. He circled twice more, teasing him while he teased her.

On his next circle, he stopped himself. He rose in a back float out of the water, his cock breaking the surface first. Lavender reached down and took hold of the bare cock. Using the water for lubrication, she began to jerk at him, fisting the tip of his cock roughly. He’d used her roughly the night before, she wanted a little bit of sensual revenge. He held onto the platform with one hand while she bent over and pulled at him over the edge of the platform. His cock was so hot and thick, even in the cool water. It filled her palm and fingers and she remembered it filling her in other ways.

“How good are you in the water?” The Chameleon spoke quietly through his mask.

“I’m epic in the water.”

“Come in here, then.”

She did, and he pinned her against the platform with his rubber-suited body for a moment, pressing his dick against her thighs. Lavender slipped around him so he was against the platform, and put her hands on his body. “Hold on to something.”

He held the railing, and she used her grip on his waist to lower herself under the water until her mouth found his hard cock in the water. She took him in, and tasted chlorine and the salt of his skin as she moved him in and out of her lips beneath the surface of the water.

Needing air, she came up and held onto his shoulders to breathe.

“You’re a dirty mermaid,” he said with ragged breath.

She took a deep breath and submerged again, sucking him fast and using one hand to jerk his cock at the same time. It felt like a race, to get him to the edge before she ran out of air.

Lavender came up again, and he used an arm to boost her up and take a hard suck of her nipple. She wrapped her legs around his waist and ground herself into him for a moment before letting go and falling down his body again. She deep-throated him, letting izmir Travesti his cock push against the back of her throat for a long moment, before letting him leave her lips and lowering her head to take each of his balls in her mouth and suck on them.

Out of air, she had to rise up.

“I need to fuck you,” he managed.

“My mouth,” she answered with a nod, and submerged again.

She got herself in place and held on to his hips. He began to thrust his dick in her mouth, taking her in the water. She swirled her tongue around his tip as best she could, and held on as long as she could before needing to breathe took priority.

“Fuck,” he said as soon as she’d come above water. “I need your pussy, Lavender. Give me your pussy. Or your ass. Give me something to fuck.” The desperation in his voice charged her. “I need you.”

“You need to hold on,” she ordered. He held to the side of the pool and she tied her thighs around him tightly, putting her hands on his slick shoulders. She lowered herself onto his cock, feeling the cool water swirl around their joined bodies. And then she rode him, as hard as she could make her body work against the water, the fat cock pushing in and pulling out of her while she splashed.

He let one hand go of the railing he held and reached for one of her bouncing tits, pinching the nipple between his two wet fingers and pulling on it until she yelped. When he released the nipple, he squeezed the breast hard. He slid his hand over her chest to the other one and squeezed it just as hard. Then he returned to the first breast.

She bounced herself on his cock under the water while he alternated squeezing tits, and the two of them both felt a rise in their body temperatures. The rubber hands of the suit gloves felt wild against her breasts, and Lavender couldn’t stop watching him. He looked otherworldly.

“On the platform,” he managed.

As she slid him from her, he boosted her up and onto the platform. He rose from the water, looking like a creature from a 60s B-Movie. His whole body was covered in slippery fabric, and he squeaked against her bare skin as he lay himself on her and pushed her thighs apart. She sat back and held herself up on her arms, able to watch their bodies beneath the shallow water.

His cock went right into her pussy, no hesitation.

“You like masks,” she giggled a little. “I can’t believe I still don’t know who you are.”

“That’s right,” he answered. “Do you want to know?”

“Of course I do.”

“Your wish..” Lavender’s eyes widened as he pushed his cock far inside her and pulled off his scuba mask. Fair hair came out, rumpled from the gear. She gasped. Of all the people in all the world. “Hello Lavender.,”

“Mr. Rivers.” Two blocks away from her school stood a high school, and the Vice Principal at that school was a stud. Her stud, it seemed. Her Chameleon was Michael Rivers, the administrator she’d seen in passing over the past year, but made note of.

Michael Rivers’ cock was in her pussy. How about that for a surprise?

He looked down at her with a devil in his eyes. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since that day of orientation when you ran into me,” he pulled his slick cock out of her just a little as he spoke, then slowly pushed it back inside her. As he talked, he continued fucking her with a painful slowness, his eyes grazing down her body to his movements. “I wanted to take you, your lips and your pussy and your ass and I wanted to come all over those tits and your ass and in your hair. And I didn’t want to do it the traditional way, after awkward dinners and movie dates. You’re too sexy of a woman for that. I wanted to come into your classroom on lunch break and push you down and shove my cock in your mouth. I wanted to hide under your desk and eat your pussy while you taught about Frankenstein. Lavender, you make me crazy.”

Lavender didn’t know what to say. Everything was overwhelming. For a moment, Mr. Rivers looked afraid, like she’d run screaming from him now that he’d revealed himself and said those things to her. He slid himself out of her, but kept the tip of his dick resting against the lips of her pussy.

It didn’t matter who he was. She wanted him too bad for it to matter anymore.

“Tell me more,” she whimpered. “And don’t you dare stop fucking me.”

Mr. Rivers’ eyes shone. “You like it when I talk dirty?”

“I like it Konya Travesti when you do anything, I suppose.”

A big smile crossed his face, and he pushed himself into her with a hard thrust. Lavender moaned and closed her eyes, her body taking control of her. “Do you like to be fucked by me?”


He thrust hard again. “Do you like the taste of my cock?”


He thrust again. “Do you like to be a dirty girl?”


He thrust again. “Are you my dirty mermaid slut?”

“Oh my Christ, yes.”

Mr. Rivers beamed broad, and pounded her then. He kept pounding at her pussy, making her whole body bounce against him, while he managed to ask, “Are you my dirty girl, and mine alone?”

“Yes. Oh, fuck, yes.”

He reached forward and put a hand around her neck. Lavender was surprised at the gesture, but his grip wasn’t hard and it didn’t hurt. “Tomorrow is the black room. I’m going to tie you up and gag you and slap your ass until you cry for my cock. Is that alright with you?”

She almost came right then and there, and he dragged a thumb down between her breasts. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Good. Now, come for me.” Mr. Rivers, formerly The Chameleon, reared himself up and pounded her as hard as she’d ever been pounded. At the same time, he used both his index fingers to tease her yearning pussy. Her tits bounced wildly and the water splashed around them and over her body and he gave her tits a slap and Lavender realized she was going to have a screaming orgasm from being fucked by a scubaman in a pool inside a nightclub.

What would her mother say? There wasn’t time to think about it, her body bent as the eruption or orgasm wrecked her. Lavender’s back arched, sending her tits high out of the water and into the air. The Chameleon reached down and pulled hard on one nipple while never ceasing his rubbing of her clit. Her head fell back and she screamed loud and lustily.

She’d barely come down from the pinnacle of passion when he thrust hard into her and called out, then pulled himself quickly from her pussy and moved up to come all over her face, rubbing his dick along her lips to coat them with his hot liquid. Lavender met his eyes and licked some of it into her mouth, and he jerked suddenly and pushed his cock into her mouth before a second wave of salty cum burst from him. He took hold of her face, keeping himself deep in her throat, and she swallowed. She’d never swallowed cum before, and was pleased to find it didn’t make her gag.

When he pulled himself from her, she wiped her sticky lips. “You’re full of surprises, Mr. Rivers.”

The only sound was the lapping of water as the waves calmed with the calming of their bodies.

“Damn,” he breathed. “You’re incredible.”

They got out of the pool. Mr. Rivers unzipped his wetsuit and stepped out of it, and Lavender got to see him for the first time, his naked body and his face uncovered by a mask. He was a delicious piece of manmeat alright, and though he’d made her orgasm only minutes earlier, she began to think about feeling him against her.

But she’d wait. She’d have more opportunities to taste him and to be filled by him. He handed her a towel, and got himself one. They dried themselves off, not talking.

“So tomorrow is the black room,” she spoke. She remembered what he’d said t her. “I should wear black, I presume.”

He shook his head. “I have something for you to wear. I’ll bring it to you. What period do you have lunch?”


“I’ll come to your classroom.”

“Will you cum in my classroom?” She tied the towel around herself and looked up at him, a challenge in her eyes.

Michael Rivers smiled down at her and put a hand behind her head, winding his fingers hard into her hair and pulling her face to his. “I will cum anywhere you want me.” He kissed her, then, and bit her lip until it hurt. “Say the word.”

“Tomorrow night, black room, I want you to cum in my mouth. Completely. I want to almost choke on you.” Her words surprised both of them. Lavender had come to realize vanilla sex would no longer be good enough for her. She wanted the exquisite pleasure that came with wild situations and almost painful encounters. She wanted to be pumped and pounded like no man before Rivers had done to her.

“Your wish is my command.” He kissed her fingers, and went past her out the door. At Prism, a hot naked man in only a towel wouldn’t even cause the patrons to blink.

Mr. Rivers, the vice principal. Lavender watched him go, feeling satisfied and surprised. This was a development she could totally deal with. She slipped back into her dress and left the Blue Room.

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