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Subject: C’est La Vie! 22 This is the fictional memoir of a gay man, told in the first person. Some of the stories in this series are based on actual experiences, usually embellished a lot, as well as completely fictional ones. They depict sex between consenting adult males. If this offends you, do not read them. These are my stories. Please respect the copyright. If you enjoy them, let me know at ail. Please Contribute fty and keep this wonderful resource going! In the previous chapter, C’est La Vie! 21, I described how I ran into some former art students of mine �- after they had graduated and I was no longer their teacher — and they invited me to their graduation party. I ended up in a hot session with one of them. C’est La Vie!: 1991, Beach Lover 1991, the third weekend in September. The crowds were gone, the sun was warm and you could have the beach to yourself. It was late Saturday afternoon at a beach resort famous as a gay haven. A week with some buddies. I had come down with them earlier in the day to share a house for a late vacation. They left the beach to go hit up one of the local gay bars for their legendary Saturday happy-hours, but I was contented sitting on my towel, engrossed in the book I had brought. Before Labor Day, this far end of the beach would have had quite a few people who were willing to walk the extra mile to leave the crowds behind. But this time of year, the others had left even before my friends did. I was enjoying my book and the warm sun that was now lower in the sky. I glanced up, toward town, and saw a figure far off, walking toward me at a leisurely pace, every once in a while, bending down to pick up a shell or some other object. I went back to my reading, and when I looked up again, the figure had resolved itself into the silhouette of a man, just a shape between me and the sun. It was clear that he was tall, but I couldn’t see more. A few minutes later, he approached where I was lying, walking along the waterline. Now I could see him: lean, tanned, muscular, probably in his late 20s or early 30s, carrying a small beach bag over his shoulder. He was intent on beachcombing, and I don’t even know whether he saw me there. When he was even with where I was sitting, he waded into the water a little, and let the surf wash over his feet and calves. Now, without the sun behind him, I could make out more�at least his back with its broad shoulders, shapely arms, and defined, corded muscles, a nice round bubble butt, firm muscular thighs, and a tight blue Speedo. At least from this side, he was gorgeous, and my cock stirred in my swimsuit. After cooling his feet a minute or two, he turned to face me, smiled and waved hello. I waved back, and was taken with the beauty of his tanned body, the perfect pecs and washboard abs, his short black hair and dark eyes, his dazzling smile, and the nice package in his Speedo. He dipped a hand in the cool water and splashed it across his tanned chest, then rubbed it down across his hard abs. My cock was definitely hardening now, but I was shy about making a move. He might just be a friendly straight guy, after all. Even though this beach had a lot of gay clientele, you just didn’t know. My gaydar didn’t go off. He turned and started walking up the beach farther from civilization, and when he had gone about 100 feet, he turned around and smiled at me again. Was I crazy, or did I now see a bigger bulge in his Speedo? It looked like an invitation to me, so I closed my book, picked up my towel, put them in my bag and got up to follow. He was now about 200 feet ahead, and once more glanced over his shoulder at me, smiling. We walked a couple of minutes more, and escort bayan he turned toward the dunes and disappeared through a small defile. It was clear that there was no one else around: no noises or footprints, just ours. When I reached the gap he had passed through, I followed, and came to a narrow, curving path that went between other dunes, then curved to the left between some shrubs, curved again back to the right and entered a small copse of pine trees. I didn’t see my man, but there was only one way to go, and so I followed the path into the pines about 100 feet, before coming to a small clearing. He was standing in the clearing facing me, his towel spread on the ground with his open beach bag beside it. Now I could see clearly every ripple of his beautiful body, with the low sun raking across it and bringing it into high relief. Also in high relief was his now-hard cock, straining at the waistband of his Speedos. He smiled, and held out his arms as I walked up to him. Silently, he took my hands, drew me to him, putting my hands on his chest and moving his to my hips. He started kissing me with soft, wet kisses, his tongue exploring my mouth, his hands lightly moving over my arms and thighs. My hands moved over his chest, firm under silky smooth, hairless skin, and I quickly found his erect nipples and started caressing them softly between my fingers. He moaned in appreciation, and his kisses became more urgent. My hands then moved around under his arms, feeling his muscular back, and pulling him to me so that our chests touched, first lightly, and then with more skin-to-skin as we moved closer. I ran my hands down over the small of his back feeling the hard cords of muscle there, then down over his smooth, firm ass, pulling him to me until our hard cocks ground together through the fabric of our swim suits. Now we were both moaning softly, and I was gasping for breath. I didn’t think for a minute that when I came down to the shore with my friends that this would be happening so soon, much less in such a soft, sensitive, loving way. I thought I would have to cruise the bars before scoring a quickie, if at all. We continued to kiss, caress and explore each other’s bodies, still gentle and soft in our approach. He stepped back and softly said, “I’m Alonso. What’s your name?” “John,” I said, “like a million other guys.” “Yeah,” he said, “that may be true, but one of my first and best lovers was named John, and I have a special place in my heart for the name. Turn around, I want to see all of you.” So I smiled and turned my back to him. He moved toward me, putting his hands around my waist and bringing them up to my chest, as he pulled my back against him, and I felt his hard cock pressing into my ass. He started kissing me gently on the neck and shoulders, one of my most sensitive spots, and I could feel the slight stubble of his late-afternoon beard softly tickle my skin. His hands softly rubbed my chest, and moved to caress my nipples. I pushed my ass back against his hard cock, and ran my hands down his hard muscled thighs, pulling him closer. He pushed his cock against me and slowly his hands drifted down to my waist, and he started pushing down my swimsuit until my cock sprang free, standing up hard and straight in front of me. The tips of the fingers of both hands traced up and down along the sides of my cock with the softest of touches, sending little chills of pleasure through me. I turned to face him again, and as our lips met, I hooked my thumbs into the waist-band of his Speedo and gently lifted it over his erect cock and pushed it down his thighs. Our bodies moved closer, tuzla genç escort our cocks pressed together between our stomachs, pushing at each other with slow sensuous thrusts. God, this felt good, and I both wanted it to go on for hours, and at the same time, wanted to rush to climax with him. We parted a little, and I pushed my swimsuit down, stepped out of it and kicked it aside. Then I knelt in front of him to get a closer look at his cock and pull his suit to his ankles. He also kicked it aside and stood in front of me, his legs slightly spread, softly massaging my shoulders. “Alonso, it’s so beautiful!” I said, looking closely at his cock. It was neither too big nor too small, about 7″, cut and with just a slight upward curve. He was nicely thick, but a size I could easily suck with comfort or that would fit perfectly in my ass, filling me with no pain. My fingers traced up from his smooth balls, either hairless or shaved, and along the length of the shaft, swirling around the head softly and back down again. I bent forward to kiss the tip, then ran my tongue from the base, up along the bottom, and around the ridge of the head, probing his hole a little before sliding my lips slowly over him and little by little, taking him all the way down to the base. I held him there, rolling him slightly on my tongue. “Oh, God, that feels so fucking fantastic!” Alonso said, and I started to slowly deep-throat him, letting him almost entirely out of my mouth, then swirling my lips around him as I plunged back down again. My hands pulled lightly on his balls, moved around his hips to his ass cheeks, reached behind his balls and massaged his puckered hole, and rubbed his thighs, calves, abs and chest as my mouth did the best job on him I knew how. He was moaning, first softly and then louder, and started a slow rhythmic face fucking, not so hard that I gagged, but just enough to be an active participant and guide the love my mouth was making to his cock. A couple of times he asked me to stop and just hold him in my mouth, because he was getting too close to coming, and when I did, I could feel the throbbing of his heartbeat through his erection. My own cock was hypersensitive, and I was stroking it lightly, but afraid that I might bring myself to climax too soon. After about fifteen minutes of giving him head, Alonso pulled me up, wrapped his arms around me, and we kissed for a few minutes more, our erections pushing against one another. Then he gently laid me down on the towel, knelt over me and gradually kissed and licked his way down my body to my quivering, expectant cock. Just as I had done with him, his lips softly and slowly engulfed my throbbing manhood to the base, rolling me on his tongue and doing quick little licks on the underside while I was in his mouth. The feeling was fantastic, heavenly, transcending, and I wanted to feel it forever. Again, though, I couldn’t resist the urge to move toward climax and started bucking my hips up into his face. He gave me unforgettable oral pleasure, just the right amount of slow deliberate sensuous loving, and aggressive, hard sucking, alternating, changing his rhythm, leading, then following my cues. It was like a dance with one partner leading, the other following, then the follower picking up a new thread and variation, and taking the lead. Just like with sucking him, I had to pull him off several times when he brought me too close to climax, and when I did, he would lean up over me with his powerful arms on each side of my shoulders and lower himself slowly to kiss me. Seeing his lean, muscular body hovering over me was a real turn-on, and I wondered tuzla kendi evi olan escort what it would be like to have him fuck me on my back, so I could watch his arms, chest and abs rippling as his hips pushed into my ass. After what seemed like both an eternity and a flash in time, but was probably about ten minutes, he rose, kissed me, and then reached into his bag for a bottle of lube and a condom. He leaned down and said “I’ve gotta feel you inside me, John. I want to ride your cock, OK?” Well, how could I say no to that, even if I did want him to fuck me? I just had to hope there would be another time! He ripped open the condom, rolled it over the head of my cock, then went down on me, rolling the rest down with his lips. Then he squeezed lube into his hand, and lubed first my cock and then his ass. I was almost dying with anticipation of what was to come. He knelt with his knees near my armpits, reached around and guided my cock as he sat back on it, and it slowly filled his ass. “Yes,” he moaned as he started moving slowly up and down on my cock, clenching his sphincter first as it withdrew, then as it plunged in again. He was incredibly talented with that muscle, massaging my cock, milking it as it moved in and out of his wonderful ass. I moved my hands to his hard cock, which I could almost reach with my mouth, but not quite. But he pulled them away saying “I’m so sensitive that you’ll make me shoot if you do that. I want to come when you do, and I think I will come without you touching me. Play with my nips instead, OK?” So I moved my hands up his chest, took each nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and first gently and then harder and harder at his urging, caressed and stimulated them as his riding sped up, my hips bucked and trust into his ass. The sweat was glistening and pouring from our bodies, catching the gold of the late afternoon sun on his bronzed skin and rippling torso. It didn’t last much longer. I felt the cum churning in my groin and gasped “I’m going to cum!” and he all but screamed “Me too!” and with a few hard trusts, we both went over the edge and my cum streamed into the rubber inside him, four, five, six strong squirts as his cum shot over my face, into my hair, and all down my chest. All I could say was “Wow!” and he said, “I’ll second that!” For a few seconds after our spurting cocks came to rest again, he sat upright, with his head thrown back, breathing heavily, his beautiful chest heaving up and down. Then he leaned forward over me and we kissed a deep, satisfying kiss. Shortly after, he let my softening cock go, and lay down next to me on the towel, as we kissed and caressed in the warm glow of the late sun. I said, “Alonso, once is not enough, we have to do that again.” And he continued “And again, and again�” I said, “Where are you staying?” He replied, “I just drove down for the day.” I said, “No problem, my friends and I have a house for the week. I’d love it if you could stay with me tonight.” It took him all of a nanosecond to smile and say “OK!” We got up, wiped up the cum with a towel, put on our suits again, and headed back toward town. As we walked, we got to know each other. It turned out he was a medical resident at one of the hospitals in my city. Though his schedule was grueling, he occasionally had a weekend off, and so he had come down for the day, thinking that he would go home and do his laundry and other chores on Sunday. When we got back to our house, it was about 6:30 and my friends had not yet returned from happy hour. I said “There’s an outside shower with two shower heads. We can clean up before we go in and decide what to do for dinner.” He smiled an impish smile as I opened the door to the shower enclosure and his arms went around my chest, he kissed me on the neck and whispered, “I think we’re going to have some fun getting clean!”

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