Celeste and Dan Ch. 02

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Celeste and Dan, Part II

Celeste and I took a bubble bath together in the morning, as we had so many times before. She had her hair up, and lay with her back between my legs, and I took a bath towel and scrubbed her back, her shoulders and her tummy. She lay back against me as I washed her breasts, and lifted her legs to accommodate my hand as I scrubbed her inner thighs. I kissed her ear and she laid her head back. We were silent, lost in our own thoughts.

I dreamed the night before that I was Dan’s nurse. I slowly pulled away the sheets away from his beautiful tanned body. Dan was unconscious, or at least asleep—but not his penis. Long and light brown it lay on his belly, with the fat head covering his bellybutton. His balls were swollen with sperm, and his cock twitched with anticipation. There was an egg in my womb. I sucked on his penis. Celeste was away. He was asleep but his organ was alive, like a hot iron. I mounted him, he must have been in a coma, because he didn’t stir when I guided his organ into me…

“Do you think you might be pregnant?” I whispered in her ear.

“No, I’m safe for at least another week.” She looked at me, smiling. “Would you like me to be pregnant?”

I kissed her on the lips. I smiled back at her, “maybe you will be today.” Her hands were stroking my legs.

I kissed her neck. “Celeste, what’s it like when, uh, y’know, the man squirts inside?” My cheeks were a little red.

She closed her eyes, as if reliving every time it happened. “Ummm, most of the time I don’t really feel anything—sometimes I feel a little twitching down there, sometimes like a pulsing kind of feeling. I just love it.”

Once we watched a Nova program that showed the sperm splashing against the cervix, and the cervix convulsed into the little puddle in the woman’s vagina and slurped up the man’s little spermies. I remember my mouth dropping open, wondering if I wanted that to happen to me even if just to make a baby, but Celeste just looked like she was profoundly Kartal Escort moved or turned on, or both. Thinking of that, my mind flashed back to the dream, when I breastfed Dan.

Dan came back in the afternoon, with his Dad’s medical coat. I was very impressed at how handsome he looked in the coat. Honestly, I could feel the moisture gathering around my thighs when I pressed them together. I wore a light blue and white summer dress, with no panties.

Celeste was playing his pregnant wife. To make the medical play more realistic, she took a sleeping pill. She lay on the bed with her tummy exposed. She tried to fill it with air so she would look like she was already beginning to bloom. We took turns lathering her tummy with suntan lotion, like we were going to do an ultrasound. I listened to her tummy with a stethoscope and told Dan I could hear their baby in his wife’s womb. I was so involved in our play together that I felt genuinely excited for them. I watched as Dan gingerly pressed the instrument to Celeste’s belly. I was moved by his tenderness and turned on. If I had any idea how times I would relive this scene when Celeste did become pregnant, I would have just screamed with pleasure. Dan was enjoying himself too, as his erect organ jutting from his shorts clearly indicated.

Celeste’s eyelids were growing heavy. The last thing we did before she passed out was put a t-shirt on her to keep the bundled shirts together as her unborn infant. She rubbed her tummy like that, surrounded by a girl and a boy who really loved her. Her eyes welled up, and we looked at each other sharing a feeling that only women can have of wishing each other a beautiful and love filled pregnancy. She was smiling at me as her hands finally fell away into a deep sleep.

I removed the bed sheet and Dan went to get what he called the ‘pussy-scope’ and I spread her legs. I inserted, very carefully, the ‘pussy-scope’ and, releasing the handle which pressed Celeste’s vaginal walls apart. I Pendik Escort let Dan have his very first look into that most feminine of places with the aid of a small flashlight—Dan stared in fascination at the pink tunnel that went into Celeste’s body only four inches and then stopped abruptly at another pink wall, with a white puckered center. Her Os.

I whispered in his ear, “Doctor, your baby is growing just on the other side of that wall—in your wife’s womb.”

Dan gave me a devilish smile, and then he kissed me. We had kissed before, of course, but this was different. There was his girl lying unconscious next to us, and we were alone. I was laying tummy side down and his hand began to crawl up my legs. With my mouth agape I tried to push him away in mock defense. Dan wasn’t having any of that. With my hands pressing against his shoulders, he took them and threw me onto my back next to Celeste and pressed them down as he forced himself between my legs. I was trying not to giggle too loud, but at the same time I was amazed at his strength. He pinned me down with one shoulder and undid his zipper. My skirt was over my bellybutton. I wondered if he had brought a condom.

I could see his penis now clearly. Erect, its pink slit pointed right at me, and sloping downwards, I could see how big he had become. He was going to have me. While I was no virgin, the thought of making love to my best friend’s boyfriend seemed a little wrong—and I said to him, “do you think we should be doing this?”

He hypnotized me with his big blue eyes and his great shoulders. I could feel myself opening up even as I tried one more time to slow him down “do you have a condom?”

“No, Kim, I love you and I want you just as you are.”

I looked at Celeste and she was still dead to the world. My thighs trembled as his pubic hairs brushed against them, my legs quaked and I tried to brace myself for the initial pain, the stretching and then that sensation of being filled, emptied and filled Göztepe Escort again—I yearned for it, even as I tried to do a quick calculation about my cycle. My eyes bulged out at Dan as his penis brushed past my labia and the inner wings around my womanhood, and then he pressed into the tiny hole, at that moment I grunted and grabbed the bed sheets, stretching, trying to let the man in. When he popped past the vestibule, I sighed and relaxed as he filled my vagina. He rested and we looked deep into each other’s eyes, and he kissed me a long and romantic kiss. Almost as much as the thrill of making love that kiss still lingers in my mind, like smoke from an extinguished candle.

He began to see and saw inside me, pushing in as deep as he could. My mouth was open and he looked inside—all pink and warm and wet, just like Celeste’s vagina, just like mine, eager to envelope him, looking to his orgasm with pure greed.

As the night before, Dan’s orgasm was not long in coming. Where other men came inside a condom or pulled out, Dan stayed deep in me, pouring in great gushes his seed. My legs were wrapped around me, and my hips tilted upwards to allow him the deepest penetration. I could feel it. Only the whites of Dan’s eyes showed and his open mouth moaning would tell any dumb cunt what was happening, but I could feel his organ suddenly grow inside me. I grabbed his ass and squeezed and tried to imagine beautiful Dan’s penis disgorging his seed right into my womb, just like he had done to his beautiful ‘pregnant’ wife next to me and rejoiced with teary eyes to the steady pulse of his orgasm drumming inside me, the music of life itself.

Dan was exhausted and he lay next to me. Out of the corner of my eye I watched Celeste sleep on, with her bloated tummy rising and falling gently with her breath, oblivious to our lovemaking. Then I looked at Dan, who looked at me. The man was mighty proud of himself. We held hands and lay there. His organ glowed red with exertion and was coated in my wetness and his sperm, while a steady stream of that sperm began to flow from me down my asscrack into a pool between my legs. I napped on the wetspot, and felt so full of love.

Thanks to my readers and to the real ‘Celeste’ and ‘Dan’ who inspired this story. Love to everyone.

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