Cecilia Just Had To Have It

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I always considered myself fortunate to have a fabulous wife. Cecelia is a 32 year old feisty redhead all of 4-10 tall and 85 pounds with a tight hard little body and incredible 32D chest. At 33 and being 5-7 tall and 155 pounds she was more than enough woman for me.

One night we were at a party and one of my buddies from work introduced one of his friends who just so happened to be an old boyfriend of Cecelia’s from college. I was always surprised they went out because Austin is a black guy with a shaved head and stands 6-3 tall and weighs a good 200 pounds. Just about the same as my buddy Jordan.

The party wound down pretty early and we invited Austin and Jordan over to our place to have some drinks. The guys were in the family room while Cecelia and I got some things in the kitchen and she brought the first batch out ahead of me. I stopped to go to the bathroom before bringing the tray of stuff I had and really didn’t believe what I came upon.

Austin’s pants were open and my dear wife was sitting on his thigh and stroking his rather large cock with one hand. I think I was too stunned to speak but Jordan saw me and said, “Hey man one innocent comment about, how well they used to get along just accelerated.”

My wife saw my glazed stare and said, “Oh Roger it’s been ages since I had the pleasure of a monster cock and I’m sorry but I just had to go for it.”

Austin just sighed and said, “She does love the big meat Roger and I didn’t want to deny her.”

I still had no response but Jordan filled the silence saying, “Then you better prepare yourself for some more big action Cecelia because I’ve got what you’re looking for.”

Cecelia smiled wide and replied, “Don’t tease a girl Jordan.”

“Stretch a girl maybe but it’s no tease.” He answered.

At that point Cecelia had Austin’s thick black cock at its’ full 10 1/2 inches and just about dove at it taking the huge head between her lips. He just tilted his head back and said, “Oh how I missed you Cecelia, the little redheaded firecracker with the bottomless throat.”

I know the enthusiasm my wife has for sucking cock but hearing Austin I started imagining what kind of talent she had displayed in college. There didn’t seem to be any point to objecting since my wife had repositioned herself to lay across Austin’s thigh and was already sucking his dick.

So when Jordan moved behind her and helped Cecelia out of her skirt and panties I just watched as he slipped his hand between her legs Jordan exclaimed, “Damn a bald beaver, girl you are a treat.”

I watched as Jordan slipped two long fingers into that sweet bald pussy my wife and I shaved just last week while Cecelia was now swallowing a good 7 inches of Austin’s hard cock. Since my own cock was getting hard watching my wife servicing and getting serviced by two tall bald black studs I knew Jordan was probably getting what he told her she was in for just as hard. I sat down in the chair with a prime view of the couch.

As Cecelia was gyrating her hips and getting off on Jordan’s handiwork I was damn impressed when I saw her lips touch Austin’s body and she swallowed every bit of his big dick. That impressive move complete Cecelia began bobbing her head up and down sliding the shaft of Austin’s bursa escort long dong between her lips.

As Cecelia must have felt Austin was ready to cum she stopped bobbing her head up and down and held just the head of his dick in her mouth and emphasizing how long the thick shaft is jerked Austin off with both hands. That was all he could take and with a groan filled my wife’s mouth with a considerable load of cum that swelled her cheeks and she somehow swallowed.

Cecelia came up for air with some cum on her chin and a smile even bigger than Austin was showing. She then looked over at Jordan and without a word he stood up and grabbed his crotch. My wife reached out and tugged at the waistband of his pants and said, “Let’s see what you’re bragging about.”

Jordan dropped his pants then sat back down on the couch next to Austin and proved he wasn’t lying, His cock was pointing up and it was as promised, 11 thick inches. Cecelia turned and saw a smiling Jordan and yelled, “Fuck you weren’t bullshitting. Don’t move because I want to mount that horse.”

With that my petite wife climbed up on the couch straddling my buddy and slowly lowered herself down to have the head of his big dick split her pussy lips. It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen, Jordan’s thick black cock sliding into my wife’s shaved snatch. The contrast between her fair skin and his ebony dick was mesmerizing. I couldn’t turn away even if I had wanted to.

Jordan held Cecelia by her hips to steady her and let her set the pace as she took more and more of his monster dick in her snatch as she worked her legs. Jordan had his face buried between Cecelia’s tits as my wife had her arms around his head while riding more of his big dick.

As Cecelia’s sweet ass was bouncing off Jordan’s tight thighs she was pumping in all 11 inches as she pounded down on top of him. Jordan had his big hands full holding Cecelia in place. Finally Jordan leaned his head back and shot his load. Cecelia leaned forward against Jordan’s body then slide back letting his dick exit her pussy.

Jordan put his hands under Cecelia’s arms and lifted her off of his body and set her down next to him on the couch. Austin reached over and slapped Jordan on the thigh and said, “Damn she took everything you had.”

“Don’t I know it” he responded, “I could use some water to refill the tank for the next turn.”

Austin agreed and as they both got to their feet Austin said, “Hell Roger she’s still on fire, stick it to her big boy.”

True Cecelia, with her eyes closed and a big grin, looked like she was ready for more and my 7 inch dick was good to go having seen her performance. So I dropped my pants, tossed my shirt aside and got down between my wife’s legs. I gave her a kiss and roughly squeezed her tits and when she saw it was me said, “Oh Roger I love you now give it to me like you know I need it.”

That was my intention so I poked my dick into my wife’s sweet snatch. She was so wet and stretched I slid more than halfway on the first push and the rest went in on the second. Then I just pumped my dick into Cecelia with everything I had, driving her hard little butt into the couch. Cecelia put her arms around my malatya escort neck and drew her chest up towards me as I had my hands braced next her shoulders.

I noticed the guys had returned and sat down on the arms of the couch to watch me fuck my wife but I didn’t pay them much mind. It’s hard to say who was having a better time, my wife or me. Cecelia was humping her ass off the couch and I was just pounding away at her wet well fucked pussy.

When Cecelia swung her legs around my waist locking us tightly together that was all I could take and I slid my arms under her to hug her tight and shot my load buried to balls inside her. We stayed molded together for a few minutes just sweating and kissing very satisfied and enjoyed the moment oblivious to the two black studs who had previously fucked my wife.

Cecelia just sighed as I rolled off of her and got to my feet then with her eyes closed and a very satisfied smile curled up facing the back of the couch. I figured she needed a break so I went to the bathroom to splash some water on my face and get a drink.

As I came back into the room after getting a drink my wife passed me on her way to the bathroom. She tugged my dick and said, “Nailed the old lady good and hard. And thank you Roger this is great.”

Austin was standing alone, drinking a glass of water and I could see him from the side, his semi stiff cock hanging in front of his body. I found myself staring, I have never thought of having anything to do with another man’s cock before but having seen how my wife went at both of the guys I have to admit I was intrigued being in the presence of two long black dongs.

So I came up behind Austin and for whatever reason taking a deep breath I reached around his body with both arms and took his dick in both my hands. Austin was caught off guard but quickly relaxed, his semi hard member throbbed as I wrapped my hands around it and I could feel it getting harder and bigger. I could only enjoy the sensation as even with my hands being bigger than Cecelia’s I could really slide them both up and down the thick shaft.

Enthralled with the feeling of Austin’s big dick in my hand I didn’t know if I wanted to suck it or have him fuck me in the ass with it, but I was just enjoying experiencing it. So much so that I barely moved when Jordan came up behind me and reached around to take my dick in his big left hand.

“Here Roger you’re being such a gracious host allow me to show some appreciation.” Said Jordan, then he slipped his obviously semi hard cock lengthwise between my butt cheeks.

Oh God I couldn’t believe how massive his cock felt wedged in my ass crack but I now thought I had no desire to have anything of that size stuck in my ass whether either guy had that notion or not. Fortunately I wasn’t sandwiched between these two big black studs too long before Cecelia returned.

She saw us and said, “Damn you boys are like a triple dip ice cream cone, and I’m hot and hungry so serve it up.”

Jordan slapped me on the ass and said, “Well if you’ll excuse us Roger the wife is ready for more. Little Red I think we should give you a double scooper.”

Then he pulled Austin by the shoulder and whispered something çanakkale escort to him heading towards my wife. I didn’t know what they had in mind but I knew Cecelia would want it and I was eager to watch.

As Jordan stood in from of my wife Austin stood behind Cecelia and whispered something in her ear. She stepped on the small table next to her and bent forward taking my buddy’s dick in her mouth. Cecelia steadied herself as she slid half of it between her lips and braced her hands on his hips. Jordan then put his hands under her shoulders.

Seeing this Austin held Cecelia by her hips then spread his legs wide enough for him to push his cock into her pussy. Jordan and Austin looked at each other making sure they had my wife set safely in their grasp then amazed the fuck out of me.

With some precision after Austin pushed his cock deeper into Cecelia’s snatch they lifted her and began to rotate her tiny body clockwise, while she was impaled on both ends by their thick black cocks. I stood with a stiff dick and my jaw wide open as they rotisseried my hot little red headed wife, pausing to check their grip at quarter turn then continuing until she was face up between them.

Austin and Jordan, impressed with their feat, had the biggest grins on their faces and I’m sure my wife would have smiled widely or screamed if she didn’t have a good 7 inches of dick in her mouth. As it was I was only able to watch in stunned silence as they continued to roll my wife the full rotation, their dicks remaining in her all the way around.

That awesome demonstration complete, Austin set Cecelia’s feet back on the table and proceeded to pound his dick deep in her pussy while my wife steadied herself with her hands on Jordan’s hips while he held her head firmly and face fucker her. It didn’t take long before both guys emptied huge loads on either end of my cock hungry wife.

Jordan stepped back and I could see Austin wasn’t too steady on his feet holding Cecelia up so I moved in to hold up my wife. Austin stepped back and said, “That was the most awesome fucking thing I’ve ever done.”

Jordan gave him two thumbs up and said, “Damn straight. I need to get something to drink.” And they headed to the kitchen.

Holding up my well fucked wife in my arms it seemed she had the fuck of her life but since my dick was rock hard I figured she could go one more time. So I laid her face down over the arm of the sofa so her feet were dangling off the floor and lined up behind her.

Cecelia just moaned as I spread her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy. After the evening she had had my wife’s pussy was well stretched and even more well lubricated and I instantly pushed my cock all the way in. So with a hand on each of her hips I began fucking her hard, slamming against her tight little ass.

I continued fucking my wife unaware that Jordan and Austin had gotten dressed and were preparing to leave. Austin slapped me on the ass and said, “Hey Roger it was great but we’re heading out. If Little Red ever needs us just let us know.”

They left and after I held Cecelia by the hips and came again I gently rolled her onto the couch where she moaned softly and fell asleep. I laid next to her worn out ss well.

In the morning Cecelia thanked me for the previous night. We talked about if she would want a repeat performance. She said being a one shot deal made it more special. But I’m not so sure she won’t want to go big and black again once she replays what happened in her mind. I’m also unsure if I want to get more involved with Jordan and Austin than I was.

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