Caught Under the Car

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Continued adventures of Sara and Andy ….

Andy decided that today would be a good day to work on his car and headed out into the garage. He thought he would get the underbody stuff done first and laying on his work mat, slid his torso under the car and began working away. The weather outside was rather hot but working away in the garage wasn’t too bad and he was wearing a pair of shorts and a singlet so was fairly comfortable there underneath the car.

Andy was concentrating on his work when he suddenly jumped and bumped his head under the car with a yelp as a hand slipped up his shorts and his penis was rubbed thru his underwear. As he looked towards his groin Sara looked under the car “Oh sorry darling, did you hurt yourself,” she said continuing to rub his penis with her fingers.

“Just a little bump on the head, you did surprise me somewhat,” he moans a little at the continued attention on his penis “Well I came out to see where you were and you just looked so inviting I just had to have a feel.” “Well I will just hop out from under here .. ” he began to say “Oh no you don’t, you stay right where you are, it is my turn to have some fun.” Sara settled herself between his legs as she slipped her hand underneath his underwear and gently wrapped her fingers around his already hardening shaft.

Andy groaned as Sara tightened her grip and began to slowly run her run her fingers up and down his penis, she pulled the top of his shorts down exposing the tip of his penis and leaned over to gently lick it. As Sara continued to lick his penis she slowly but surely took it into her mouth and pulled Andy’s shorts down until he was completely exposed and then just pulled them off him altogether.

After getting rid of his shorts Sara moved all her attention back to Andy’s penis and took it deep into her throat with long slow licks trailing along with her tongue as she takes his testicles in her hand and begins to gently rub on them. Andy is stuck where he is and can do nothing but accept what Sara is doing to him and groans as she takes his penis deeply into her throat and begins to really suck hard with her tongue flicking across the tip.

She pulls back from his penis and takes it in her hand sliding her hand up and down along it as she shifts aydın escort down and begins to lick his testicles. Sara moves back to his penis and sucks on the head of it and Andy begins to thrust his hips toward her mouth but she places her hand just above his penis and releasing it from her lips says “No Andy, I said my fun time so relax and enjoy my stud,” Andy mumbles an “okay” but obviously wants more but he also realises that Sara probably has more in mind and he will just have to wait.

Sara went back to sucking his penis and caressing his testicles and started moving her whole body back and forth rubbing against his leg. The sensation of her body against his leg excites him as he realises he can feel her skin meaning she mustn’t be wearing anything at all. This did surprise him a little as even though they were in the garage it was still easy enough for someone to walk in if they were looking for Sara or Andy.

Sara shifted herself and straddled one of Andy’s legs and started rubbing her already moist vagina along his leg as she sucked his penis into the back of her throat and started to swallow upon it, something that always sent Andy crazy. Sara knew if she kept this up to long that Andy would not be able to hold on and a little reluctantly released his penis from her mouth and heard a slightly dismayed groan from under the car. She smiles because she knows what she has planned and is pretty sure he won’t be disappointed for long.

She runs her fingers along his penis a few times then she turns herself around with her back to the car straddling his hips and holding his penis upright slowly lowers herself onto it, allowing just the head to enter her before lofting back up. Andy groans as she does this sounding no longer disappointed.

She continues to lower herself a little further then lift back up taking her time with getting his whole penis inside her and when she gets about half of it in she suddenly pushes down and impales herself completely on his penis causing Andy to jump and again bumps his head under the car but all he does is call out her name as if he didn’t even feel his head hitting the car.

Sara stays there not moving for a while and just gently rubs his testicles drawing forth more moans and groans from Andy as he reaches out and runs his fingers across her butt since he can now reach her. As he touches her she begins to work up and down on his penis, small moans beginning to escape her lips as she rides him. Andy imagines what Sara may be up to since he can’t see anything wondering if she is playing with her breasts at all when suddenly he feels her fingers when she thrusts back down on him and realises she must be playing with her clit.

This excites Andy even more and begins to slowly lift his hips to meet her downward thrust but he can’t move too much or will hit the car even more. She doesn’t seem to mind this as she doesn’t stop him this time and he can hear her moans turning to squeals and he knows she must now be playing with her breasts as well. Sara had started to play with her breasts, rubbing the nipples between her fingers before lifting one to her waiting tongue and began to lick on it and then suck on it as she continued to ride Andy with her fingers rubbing her clit.

Andy couldn’t believe how excited he was getting even though he was left out of so much of what was happening, just being stuck there but knowing what Sara was doing to herself was driving him crazy and then he had a thought. He stopped running his fingers across her butt and each time she lifted herself he would run his fingers in between their bodies rubbing the juices that were flowing from her vagina onto his fingers hoping she wouldn’t notice.

As Sara’s excitement continued to rise she started gripping his penis with her vagina at the top of each stroke before releasing her grip for the downward thrust to bury him deep inside her, this was what Andy had been waiting for and tried to concentrate on her rhythm, knowing her anus would also be relaxed when she relaxed her vagina and he waited.

As Sara’s breathing became faster and her squeals and moans became louder Andy knew it was time to try, and lifting his head just a little could see his penis disappearing into her vagina as she came down upon him and also could see her gorgeous butt and her tight anus and shifted his hand down almost to where her butt was ending up on him.

He counted to himself as she rose and dropped on him wanting to time this just right and as she lifted herself next he slipped his hand under her where she would come back down and held his moistened finger pointed straight at her anus. As Sara pushed back down she landed right on top of his finger and it slipped part way into her anus. Sara screamed out partly in pain but also in pleasure at the sudden intrusion in her butt and quickly lifted back up but Andy pushed his hand up as far as possible so his finger did not leave her anus.

After the initial shock Sara regains some control of herself and suddenly pushed herself down upon Andy’s penis and finger with all the force she could muster causing his finger to completely enter her anus. As she ended her downward movement with his penis and finger buried deep inside, she exploded in an intense orgasm, she screamed out loud with her anus and vagina tightly gripping Andy’s penis and finger causing him to be pushed over the edge as well and his seed erupts from his penis flowing deep into her womb.

Luckily since he had lifted his head to see her riding him his head was already pressed against the car so he didn’t hit his head again but calls out her name and pushes up as hard as he can lifting her up and pushing even deeper into her with his penis and finger again in response. As her orgasm subsides Sara leans forward resting against his legs, her nipples brushing his skin. As she does this it lifts her butt higher and Andy begins to slowly thrust his finger back and forth in her anus pushing her to another smaller orgasm and she grips him tightly.

“Oh Andy,” she sighs “that was amazing. What say we go inside now and get cleaned up?” “That does sound good Sara,” he replies and she slowly lifts herself off him allowing him to slide out from under the car. She holds out her hand to help him and he stands up pulling her into his embrace kissing her deeply.

She starts to put her arms around him but he pulls back “Sara, let’s not start again, just yet. Why don’t we go and hop in the shower and then we can continue,” All she can say is “Yes” breathlessly and he suddenly he places his hands under her butt and lifts her, she throws her legs around his waist causing his still semi-erect penis to slip back inside her and they both groan.

Pulling her tight, pushing his penis deeper inside her he begins to walk thru the house to the bathroom. Once there he steps into the shower holding Sara against the wall as he turns the water on.

The End …..?

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