Caught by my Sister and Friends

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I was always very shy around girls, never knew how to speak to them, and had never asked a girl out. I had just turned 18 (when this event happened) and was living at home with my parents and my twin sister Julie. My sister was very different to me and was very confident around the opposite sex. She also had a group of close friends, all of which I thought were exquisite and so became very shy every time they were around our house.

It was a weekend in the summer and our parents had gone away for a summer break, leaving Julie and I at home. Julie had gone out earlier for some drinks with friends she told me she wouldn’t be home until late that night, which usually meant around 1am. I was quite happy with this as it meant I could spend an evening doing what I loved (surfing the net watching porn) alone in the house with no chance of getting caught. As I was going to be alone all night, I stayed downstairs rather than going to my bedroom. I had recently found an adult site where you could go on camera with other people and get naked and wank off. As you never had to show your face this was perfect for someone as shy as me and I found it a massive turn to have people watching me as I slowly played with my cock while chatting with the people watching. I had been on the site chatting with a few people for a while with my camera on focused on my shorts.

I had been rubbing my cock and was now rock hard, so I pulled them down and release my raging hard-on. My cock met with some friendly comments so I started into a slow stroking rhythm which I know would bring me to a huge cum for the watching people. Just as I was getting into a pleasant chat with a young lady watching my camera, I thought I heard a noise from the kitchen at the back of the house. This was unusual as my sister had a key for the front door. As I listened, I heard some whispered voices and realized that my sister and her friends had come in the back door. Panic took over as I rushed to cover up, close the site and unplug and hide the cam. Just as I hid the camera under the sofa cushions Julie and three of her friends (Vicky, Stacy and Meghan.)

All three had slim athletic builds, Vicky and Meghan had brown hair and Stacy’s was blond and the thing I loved about all of them was they, like my sister all had small breasts which I just adored, I have never been into women with huge breasts; I, like them small, came bursting into the lounge. It was obvious they were all a little drunk from their evening down the pub.

“Hi little Sefaköy Escort brother.” As Julie had been born a few minutes before me she always referred to me as little brother when her friends where around.

“What have you been up to, little bro? Watching porn on your laptop.” smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“I bet, He has! Look, he’s blushing.” that was Stacy, one of her friends. As she said this, she flopped down next to me on the sofa.

“Hey what this, what am I sat on,” with that she got up and reached under the cushion and to my complete horror pulled out the camera I had just stuffed under there.

“It’s a web camera.” she said, holding it up for the other to see.

“It looks like my little brother likes to show his cock off to others. Do you little bro you like other people to see your cock?”

I sat in stunned silence as red as a beetroot, not knowing what to do or say, just wishing the ground would open up and swallow me so I could get out of this situation.

“Maybe,” This was Vicky “He would like to show us. As we didn’t pull down the pub tonight, it will be the only cock I will see tonight.”

“Yeah, why don’t you show us what your hiding in those shorts of yours,” By now Stacy had sat back down beside me and I jumped and turned towards her as she spoke.

A chorus from the other three of “Yeah, get it out and show us.”

I sat dumfounded wondering if I could make it past them to the door and get to the safety of my bedroom when Stacy put her hand on my leg and said to the others

“I think he’s a little shy girls we might have to help him off with his clothes.”

With that, all four pounced on me and tried and get my clothes off. That brought me out of the shocked state I had been in and I tried and get away. Realizing that they were going to get me naked, I was trying to get up when Julie and Meghan sat on me to stop me getting away and Stacy and Vicky pulled my t-shirt off over my head.

Vicky looked to Julie and Meghan and said, “okay girls we’ve got his top off now you get those shorts off. “Then I felt hands grabbing the waist of my shorts and they both yanked down my shorts and standing up pulled them off my legs, leaving me totally naked.

Although I was shocked and embarrassed having 4 girls sitting on me and undressing me, it had brought my cock back to life and to my horror; I was sporting an erection. I curled up into a ball to cover myself from there looks and thought about making a dash for the Sefaköy Escort Bayan door when Meghan moved towards it and closed it.

” I thought he might try to make a run for it.” she said

“Come on, then little bro, show us your cock. We know you like to show it off on camera, so show us all here.”

This differed totally from being on cam. On there no one knows who you whereas you didn’t show your face but here I was in a room with 4 girls, all of whom I had a secret crush on, and they could see me and knew me. I at last found my voice, although a little unsteady.

“Please leave me alone, give me my clothes back and let me go.”

“Don’t let him go without him showing us his cock.” Meghan looked at the others, thinking they might give in.

“Yeah come on lets see what you like to show off on cam why should we miss out. “As she said this, Vicky gave my foot a little kick.

” NO!” I shouted at them “Leave me alone.”

“If you don’t show us, I’ll tell Mum and Dad we came home and found you wanking on cam right here in the lounge.”

“Your bluffing you wouldn’t say that to them.”

“You want to bet little bro are you willing to take the chance.”

“And besides, “said Stacy “even if Julie says you can go there’s still 3 of us here who won’t.”

“I.. I can’t. “

“Why not you show it to others on camera?”

“But that’s different they can’t see me they don’t know who I am.”

“Well, now, you’ve got a real audience to perform too. Come on, show us what you’ve got.”

“Hey, we’ve got all night. The girls are all staying here and mum and Dad aren’t home for 2 days. You ain’t leaving until you show us.”

As I lay there curled up on the floor, I realized there was no way to get out of it they would not let me leave without me showing them. The trouble was, despite the situation, I was still hard. Embarrassed, some part of me still liked the fact that I was being watched. So reluctantly, I lingered my hands and sat up on the sofa.

“Wow, I think someone is enjoying this, girls look how hard he is,” said Stacy pointing to my cock and looking at the others.

“Yeah, he must really like to show off.” said Vicky

“Yes he must, “said my sister then she shocked me by saying “now show us what you do when your on camera, “and then she said with a smile “not so little bro.”

The others laughed at her remark and then Meghan said, “Yeah, show us what you do we want to have our own show.”

“WHAT!! Escort Sefaköy You can’t be serious you can’t expect me to wank off in front of you all.”

“Why not you do it on cam now, do it for us? Your not going anywhere until we get what we want.”

“I thought you just wanted to see me naked, not to wank off.”

“Well, you thought wrong then didn’t you.”

“Look, “Said Stacy “he likes the idea I sure he’s getting harder.”

And she was right. My cock had responded on its own and I was now rock hard, but I didn’t know if I could go through with it and cum in front of them.

“I’m not sure if I can,” I responded with a plead in my voice, hoping beyond hope that they were joking and would let me go.

“Well, lets find out shall we. Come on, get up, let us sit there and you can stand in front of us so we have an excellent view,” this was Stacy again who had definitely decided that she wanted to see me perform in front of them. And with that, they pulled me off the sofa and sat down to watch me.

Now I knew this was for real my hard on had gone down a bit as I stood there in front of 4 girls all staring at me but I also knew there was no way out of it and also deep down I wanted to.

With a deep breath, I took hold of my cock and stroked myself. As I did, I looked at the 4 of them sat there all with their eyes fixed on my cock. The look on their faces got me going, and I got harder than I can ever remember getting before.

“Look at that girls look how hard he is now he really likes to show off,” as Meghan said this she looked up into my face “your enjoying this aren’t you?.”

I gave a brief nod to Meghan as I didn’t want to say out loud that this was turning me on.

I was now really starting to enjoy myself stroking my hard cock in front of these girls. I was running my hard up to the end of my cock and pulling my foreskin back as my hand came back down.

I heard one girl say “wow.” but I wasn’t sure which one, as in my enjoyment of wanking off for them. I realized I would not last too long when I heard Vicky say “Make yourself cum for us I want to see you cum.”

That was about as much as I could take and with a few more quick strokes I could feel my cum starting to rise through my cock. I then pulled back and held my cock as I exploded into what was the biggest cum I had ever had. Jet after jet of cum shot out, landing on the floor in front of them. After about five or six huge shoots, my orgasm died down with the last few dripping down my fingers.

As I came down from the biggest orgasm I had ever had my embarrassment returned as I realized what I had just done so I quickly grabbed my clothes and run out of the room and up to my bedroom leaving the 4 of them with a stunned look on their face.

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