Caught By Mom Ch. 03

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I slept soundly that night, after what almost definitely been one of the best days of my young life. It didn’t surprise me that I awoke with an almost painful cock straining against the inside of my boxers. I could hear movement downstairs, which meant that mom was up.

I was going to go and get rid of my boner by jacking off, but then an idea crept into my head. I listened for another minute or so, then pulled off the covers of my bed. I sat up and looked at the bulge I my boxers. I stood up to admire the effect. My cock stood out straight and pulled on the waistband of my boxers so that a teasing glance of pubic hair was visible through the gap. I smiled at what I was about to do. I was wary for a second about how Mom would react, but then decided that she had gone far enough last night to be ready for this.

I calmly walked down the stairs, keeping an eye out for my Mom. As far as I could tell, she was in the kitchen. That was good.

It was just as I walked into the kitchen that I realised what a mistake I had made. Mom was indeed in the kitchen, but so was her best friend, Jenna. Jenna had also been a woman I had masturbated over for years, and I had frequently imagined her and mom together when I shot my load. She was slightly taller than Mom, though not was tall as me, and she had long, shiny, dark brown hair. Her eyes were a muddy colour, and her lips were always painted in bright red lipstick. Her body was not as nice as Mom’s, nor her face as pretty, but it would be a close call. The one thing that had turned me on most about Jenna was that she was a Nurse, whom I love, and she had big tits. I had rummaged through her panty drawer once while Mom and I had been in her house, and the label read ‘DD’. They were gorgeous, always ready to fall out of whatever top she was wearing, like two tanned watermelons. I had often ogled at her when Mom and I took trips to the beach with her.

Right now, though, she was sitting at the kitchen table, a cup of coffee raised halfway to her mouth, and her eyes wide. I froze. This was something I hadn’t even thought about. I was standing rooted to the spot, and Jenna was still staring, wide-eyed at my straining boxers. I had no idea what to say. After what seemed like a eternity Mom turned around. She gasped and cleared her throat loudly.

‘Erm, weren’t you gonna go and get a shower, Danny?’

Jenna and I suddenly came back to our senses.

‘Oh, Yeah.’ I said.

Jenna flushed and averted her eyes down to the table. I practically ran out of the room. When I reached my room I sat down on the bed, panting. There were muffled voices, and some laughing. How could I not have guessed that there was someone down there? If only I had listened more carefully.

Soon I heard footsteps coming up the stairs…

Mom poked her head round the door.

‘Jesus sweetie, Isparta Escort I think you nearly gave Jenna a heart attack with that thing.’

She nodded at my (amazingly) still hard cock, still straining my waistband.

I laughed feebly.

She came over to the bed and sat down beside me. She rested a tender hand on my leg.

I looked at her hand, then up into her eyes. She smiled lustily and moved her hand a little further up my leg. I kept my eyes locked on hers. I was still in just my boxers and my hard on was creating a gap in them into which the tip of Mom’s fingers were slowly inching.

‘I really enjoyed last night you know Danny…’ her voice was growing heavy and again, her eyes were attached to my crotch.

Her fingers made contact with one of my balls and I groaned.

‘Do you mind, honey?’ she asked, looking up at me with puppy-dog eyes.

‘Please Mom…’

She smiled and wrenched down my boxers, letting my hard cock spring out. She giggled and so did I. I was now completely naked in front of her, and she was fully clothed. I told her that this wasn’t fair and she giggled again.

She unbuttoned the silky blouse that she was wearing and exposed her tits to me for the second time.

‘They are just…perfect, Mom.’ I stuttered, in awe once more. I reached my hand out and hooked her bra strap under my thumb.

I looked at her to see if she would object, but her eyes were hungrily set upon my cock again. I unstrapped her bra completely and let her glorious tits fall free.

She played with them a little.

‘Do you really like them Danny?’

I didn’t answer, I lowered my head and began to suck on her nipple, which stood up the moment my tongue touched it.

She moaned and began to run her hands through my hair. After about a minute she lifted my head gently.

‘Thank you for that honey, but I think you need some attention too.’

She got off the bed and kneeled down between my legs. She ran a finger up the underside of my hard cock slowly and I shivered with anticipation. Then she began to caress my balls, stroking them softly.

‘You like that, sweetie?’ she asked, looking up at me.

‘Oh Yes Mom, that feels so good.’

‘Mmmm..’ she said.

There was precum glistening at the top of my cock by now, and she eyed it hungrily.

She took hold of my swollen member and much as I though she was going to begin to suck on it, she didn’t. Instead she brought it down to her tit and began to run the head around her nipple, spreading the precum over her gorgeous tit.

I stared as she did this, transfixed. She was like an artist painting with a brush, and it felt so erotic.

‘Oh my God, Mom…’

She just giggled like a schoolgirl again, looked up at me and winked, then proceeded with Isparta Escort Bayan the other tit.

I was so horny, and I knew that, as great as this was, it would not be all I was getting.

Soon, she had finished, and then she looked up at me, her deep eyes making her look so innocent, even though her tits were slathered in my precum.

‘Did you enjoy that honey?’ she said in that lusty voice again.

I had never imagined this, my Mom sitting between my open leys, my cock inches from her pretty face, her tits covered in my juices.

I could only nod.

‘The I bet you’ll enjoy the next part even more. I’ve got a real treat prepared for you and that big tool of yours.’

I raised my eyebrows.

‘Stand up.’ she commanded.

I did as I was told, who was I to argue?

‘Mmmm…’ she sighed as my cock almost brushed her lips. She blew on it lightly.

I gasped, in ecstasy. I was sure she was going to put it into her mouth now, but no. She stood up, then sat down on the bed. Then she lay back. She patted the bed beside her, to indicate that I was to sit down. I had no idea what she was doing, but again, who was I to complain with what she wanted?

‘have you got any lube in here, hun?’ she enquired, looking around. I blushed slightly, then opened my underwear drawer and reached to the back and pulled out a small bottle. She grinned.

‘That’s my boy.’

I handed it to her and sat down next to her, still completely naked, my cock still standing up straight.

She poured some of the lube into one hand, rubbed it around, then began to rub it into her tits, moaning slightly at the effect.

‘Mom, what-‘

She put a finger up to her lips, indicating for me to stay silent.

She soon finished, and her tits were positively gleaming.

‘Now,’ she said, turning her attention back on me ‘I’m gonna let you do something that I haven’t done for many guys, so consider yourself lucky, mister.’

‘Ok, Mom.’

‘Straddle my chest.’ she told me.

I threw one leg over the other side of the bed and squatted down, the tip of my cock hovering teasingly over her mouth. When she spoke, I could feel her breath on the head.

Ok, here we go.’ she said, giggling.

She took hold of my cock in the greasy hands and brought it down just a little further. By now I had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen. This was something I had wanted to do for a long time.

My cock touched her slippery tits. I let out a little gasp. I was like greased velvet, her skin was so soft.

Mom giggled again. ‘I can see you approve’ she said, looking up into my face, cupping her tits in her hands.

I could only nod. I let my cock slip down into the slippery folds between her beautiful breasts, where a small amount of lube had Escort Isparta collected. I bathed my member in this for a second, knowing that lubrication was essential if we were to do this right.

Mom cupped her breasts from the sides and squeezed them around my cock.

I moaned, not having expected this.

‘Mmm, you feel so good in there baby.’

I began to move my cock backwards and forward through her luscious mounds and she groaned slightly, watching the head of my cock come within two inches of her face and then be pulled back. She licked her lips, which turned me on even more, and I began of pick up the pace, although only slightly, because I didn’t want to hurt her. Her breathing became faster as we continued. I couldn’t believe how good this felt, her tits were like warm velvet, and with the help of the lube my cock slid through them effortlessly. I soon became lost in our lust and wasn’t aware of anything happening around us.

Mom squeezed harder and I began to thrust a little harder. She winked up at me.

‘I bet that feels good, huh honey?’

‘Mmmm..’ I replied, my face screwed up in an effort to hold back the load which was building in my balls.

Mom seemed to sense what I was feeling.

‘It’s ok, sweetheart, just let yourself go, we can clean up afterwards.’



She grinned wickedly.

I completely let myself go then, and within a minute I was ready to cum.

‘Mom, I’m gonna…’

‘Ok, just close your eyes and shoot’

I closed my eyes, and so did Mom, but then I sneaked mine open again.

I felt a rush travelling up my cock as my balls churned. I cried out as I felt myself cum.

The first rope slathered diagonally across her face, the second hit her lips, and the third covered her chin, dribbling down it. The last of it I spread across her tits, and she smiled with my cum on her lips as I did this.

I was breathing heavily, and a rolled off her, my cock beginning to get flaccid.

She licked her lips, tasting my cum.

‘Mmm, that’s pretty good honey, very tasty.’ she giggled, and began to remove the rest of my cum from her face, and licking it off her fingers. I watched this, feeling myself beginning to get turned on again already.

When she had finished, and licked her lips to get any she had missed, then she began to rub the cum on her tits, massaging herself with my sperm. I moaned as I watched her do this, and she smiled at me.

I had been looking at Mom for the last 20 minutes, but it was only now as I watched her that I noticed that she kept glancing up at the door, I turned and froze.

Jenna was standing in the doorframe, watching us intently.

I was speechless, and I realised that she must have just seen me and Mom together. She had been watching the whole thing! But I also noticed that she was breathing quite heavily, and was slightly red in the face.

I felt a hand on my shoulder.

‘It’s ok honey,’ said Mom, sitting up, ‘I told Jenna about us.’

I was still speechless.

Jenna walked in and closed the door behind her.

To Be Continued…

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