Caught by Dads new Girlfriend

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Caught by Dads new GirlfriendEverything about my life was normal until I reached 12. I had a normal family and I thought everything was great. Then the unthinkable happened and my parents split up. As a young boy I didn’t understand it all so I just stayed in my room as it all happened. After a few weeks my dad had moved out and I was then brought up by my mum with my brother and older sister. Several months later both my parents were dating again. Most weekends my mum was out and occasional she would bring a man back and I would her them fuck in the room next door. It was at this stage in my life that I noticed my cock was getting bigger and I had started to grow pubes. First i hated my mum being fucked but my cock would always get hard at the sound of a man pounding her wet cunt and my very first orgasm was to the sound of my mum cumming around this strangers cock who I had not even seen. A few years went by and nothing changed apart from the men.It was at this time I found my kinkiness for knickers and men. My mum had been out on a Friday evening and she bought a man back and he fucked her for hours. The next morning he was still there. He was a man mountain. He was sat in the kitchen in a shirt and pants and they were straining like hell. He was huge. We were polite to each other and I went back to my room and wanked over the size of his bulge. I had never had thoughts like this before but I came loads. My mum had gone out all morning and was coming back to drive me over to my dads. She came back and had a shower and then said that we were going in and hour and to be ready. I went into the bathroom to shower myself and get ready and on the floor were her knickers. They were black mesh ones and I could see that gusset was all creamy even from the other side of the room. I walked over to them and I could see it was m mums cream but also a huge amount of that mans cum. Clearly it had been dribbling out of her pussy all morning. I picked them up and I inspected them. I then surprised my self and smelt them. They smelt so good. A mix of pussy and mans cum. I then did something that surprised me and I put my tongue out and put the gusset onto the very tip of my tongue. I want to taste it. I put just a small amount of the creamy mess onto my tongue and tasted it for the very first time. I was so nice. I then started to lick it more and I was eating the gusset after a few licks and I ended up putting the gusset part into my my and I was sucking it clean. The taste was so incredible and I was wanking my cock like crazy and as I was about to cum I took the panties from my mouth and shot my load onto my mums panties. It was a day of firsts and I then tasted my self for the first time as well and I sucked my cum from her delicate little panties. I couldn’t believe it. I had tasted a woman for the first time, my own mum, eaten another mans cum as well as my own. My mum called out for me to hurry up as she wanted to get going ASAP.I arrived at my dads and we went out to the cinema and had a laugh. This time I was on my own as both my other brother and sister were staying at friends and clubbing. We went back to his house and I sat on the sofa and chilled. I was only 16 but my dad was cool and he let me drink his beer from the fridge. I had a couple and was watching a film when the door bell went. I went to answer the door and upon opening there in front of me was a hot MILF. She was lush. I said hi and she gave me a smile. My dad then turned up and he introduced her as his secretary. She had a huge bag of paper work and she passed it over to my dad. He invited her in and she came in and made her self comfortable. She was fairly cool and we were istanbul escort chatting openly and she was telling me about working with my dad. As the evening went on my dad and Charlie started to get a little drunk. I myself was tipsy but they were drinking fairly fast. Charlie was already half way through her second bottle. I went to the toilet and came back into the lounge and sat back down and we carried on watching TV. I lent across to get my drink and looked up and I saw straight up charlies skirt and saw her white panties. I quickly looked away and nobody noticed a thing. I then started to drink and put my drink back on the table and every time sneaked a look. As time went on she relaxed and her legs spread further to the point where I could sit back and she was showing me everything. I was so hard and it was difficult to hide it. I managed to get up and get to the bathroom with out my hard on on show. My dad then got up and said he was going to go to ASDA and get some more Alcohol. It was only 10 minutes there and back which is why I loved my dads house. He left and I went to the bathroom. I took my trousers off and realized that I was wearing my mums panties from earlier that morning. My cock was barely in them and it was straining them so much. I got my phone out and put on some porn and took my cock out and started to wank. Then all of a sudden Charlie walked in on me. I froze up and felt like an idiot. Phone in one hand and cock in the other. Also to the embarrassment I was standing their in my mums knickers. She was sort of a taken back and then smiled. Did you like looking at my knickers she asked me. Am I the cause of this situation she said. I just stood there dumb and didn’t know what to say. I had been caught starring at her crotch as well. Then it dawned on me that she in fact was letting me see. Then something happened that took me off guard. She told me to carry on and she wouldn’t tell my dad that I had been perving on her. She smiled and stepped just inside the bathroom and told me to come her. I walked over to her and I was unsure what was going to happen. She told me again to wank myself which I slowly started to do. She was looking back out of the door to see if my dad was coming back in and then she pulled her tight skirt up and let me see her white knickers. I was wanking like hell and just staring at her sexy panties. I looked up and Charlie was just staring at my young cock as I wanked over her. I told her I was about to cum and she did the unthinkable and grabbed the front of her knickers and told me to shoot my load into her gusset. I was staring down at my first real pussy and I could see the top of her lips and a thin line of hair. The rest of it was shaved. This took me over the edge and I shot wad after wad of cum over her pussy and into the gusset. I finished cumming after about 9 hard pumps of my young cum and felt like my legs were going to give way. I then tuck ed my cock into my mums panties and at this point she realized that they were women’s panties. She let go off her panties and I could instantly see my cum soaking through. You smiled at me and asked if I liked what I saw. Damn right i did and i just nodded like a young fool. She pulled her dress down and went back and sat down. It was perfect timing as my dad walked back in. They had a few more drinks and all the time Charlie had her legs apart for me to see her cum drenched panties. It was near midnight and Charlie said she needed to get home as she had work in the morning. My dad got up and went to the toilet and Charlie smiled at me and then slipped her hand inside her knickers and scooped her finger into zonguldak escort her pussy. She lent across the table and offered her finger to me and I sucked it clean. She stood up and said good bye to my dad and left.I wanked like crazy when I got into my bed and kept thinking about shooting my load into her panties. In the morning my dad dropped me back home and I said my goodbyes. I walked through the door and man mountain was there again. This time stood in the kitchen in a pair of tight boxers. He said hi and was not even embarrassed. I said hi and looked down at his bulge. When i looked up his eyes met mine and he gave me such a naughty smile. Your mum likes it he said and it looks like you do as well. I scampered off to my room after shouting hello to my mum who was in her bedroom getting ready. Hair dryer going. She said that she was going into work and would see me later on. I got into my room and realized that I was still in my mums panties. I stepped out of them and thought I had better put them back into the wash in case she missed them. I opened the door and ran over to the bathroom naked and went inside. With my mums knickers in hand I was in the bathroom naked and to my surprise so was man mountain. He was just finishing off a piss and was tucking his big cock into his pants. He turned around shocked to see me there but in an instant smiled as he saw me stood there naked. What have you got in your hand he asked and I went red. I showed him and was turning redder and redder. He called me a dirty little fucker and asked what I had been doing with them and I blurted it all out. As I was telling him a=I could see his cock twitch. He caught me looking again and asked if I liked what I saw. I just nodded. We could both here the hair dryer still going and with that he scooped out his fat cock and let it hang there. It was twice the size of mine. He asked if I wanted to touch it so I reached forward and grabbed it. I then started to wank him off like I would my own. I was pumping him hard and I just wanted to see this massive cock spurt. We knew that we were against the clock and we had the amount of time it took for my mum to do her hair. He asked me is I had done this before and I just shook my head. I told him that I was a virgin still. He told me to get on to my knees which i did and then asked me if I wanted to suck him. With out any hesitation i put the tip into my mouth. He was huge. My mum must be stretch real bad with this inside her. No wonder she cums so hard. As I sucked on the end I wanked him hard and fast. He told me he was close to cumming and I could either have it sprayed over me or in my mouth. I wanted to see him cum so at the point of cumming i stopped sucking and he shot his hot load all across my face and chest. I was awe inspiring. As he was about to finish I took him into my mouth and took the last 2 spurts into my mouth and throat. He looked down at me and smiled and said that we would be doing that again. He walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and at that point the hairdryer stopped. I had his cum all over me and I just rubbed my fingers over it all and then tasted him again. Every drop of him I put into my mouth. I showered up and picked up my mums knickers and put them into the wash basket.The following Saturday I got a call from dad asking me if I wanted to go and watch the local rugby as he had the use of the private company Box. He picked me up and we arrived at the ground. The box was fairly small and there were about a dozen people in there already. Straight away I saw her. OMG Charlie was here. She walked over and said hi to my dad and then gave me escort bayan a kiss on each cheek and said hi. She then whispered into my ear. I hope you have been wanking over me for the last week. Smiled and then went back to entertaining everyone. The match was great and I saw Charlie leave during the game in the first half. Probably to go to the toilet. 5 minutes later she walked back in. She walked straight up to me and the stood beside me. As quick as a flash her hand was inside my pocket and out again. I reached in and could feel something soft and lacy and as I looked inside I saw she had put her knickers into my pocket. For later she whispered and then walked off. I was so horny. She was here in amongst all these people with no knickers on. The game was amazing and my dad then invited a few people back to his house for some more drinks. The house was busy and there were about 15 people there drinking and generally having a laugh and chatting about work. I had a few beers myself and then went off to my room. I need to change as I was in smart clothes and just wanted to put a pair of jeans on. I was apart from my pants totally naked when my bedroom door opened. I told them to get out as the door opened as it was my bedroom and in walked Charlie. She closed the door behind her and I was stood there staring at this MILF in a figure hugging light blue dress. She looked at me and said that I need to fuck her quickly as she had been thinking about me all week. My cock was straining in my pants and I froze. She just smiled and asked if I had ever done this before and I said no. She lifted up her skirt whilst telling me to lose the pants. I looked across and she had no knickers on. They were in my pocket still. She revealed that sexy pussy again but his time I could see it from afar. She turned around and locked the door. She told me to get on the bed and lay down. My cock was so hard I had never felt this before. She walk over and with out any hesitation took a hold of my cock and started to suck my cock. She sucked me for about 10 seconds and then stopped and smiled. She said she had better stop as I may cum which was not far off the truth. She straddled me and reached down and took my cock into her hand. I felt her pussy lips on the very tip of my cock. My head was racing. I was about to lose my virginity to the hottest women I knew. She looked down at me and asked me if I was ready. As I said yes she lowered her self down onto my cock all the way in one go. She stopped and gave me a cheeky grin.My face must have been a picture. It was so warm and wet. My cock felt enclosed in this amazing woman’s pussy. She slowly ground down onto my cock sliding back and forwards leaving me deep inside her. I could feel my balls start to tingle and she then slowly lifted off my cock up to the tip and then slide back down. After about 30 seconds of this I told her I was about to cum. she reached behind and held my balls and carried on grinding onto my cock and I felt it go. I pumped her full of cum. It was amazing. Load after load deep into her and she was caressing my balls all the time. I was totally spent. she slid off me and got off the bed and pulled her dress down. She said I had better be out there quick as my cum would be dripping out of her and she needed me there to scoop it away and feed me. She went back to the party and as far as I could see nobody even noticed she was gone. I walked out of my bedroom and my dad was stood there. Enjoy yourself he smiled. I went red and just said yes. He just said to me that if she was up for it then to carry on and he would keep quiet. Throughout the night Charlie would walk by me and I would suck her fingers clean. I was so turned on in the fact was eating hers and mine cum.The next morning it was time to go home again and dad as normal dropped me off. I was so excited as Man mountains car was out side and I knew that something else was going to happen.and that is for another day 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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