Catherine’s Dream (short story)

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Catherine’s Dream (short story)Catherine was known as the scholarly type, her sensual beauty usually concealed behind severely practical clothes and big, round spectacles. But the books she brought home from the research library where she worked betrayed her true nature. For her recreational reading, she sought out the erotic works of the ancient masters, fantasizing herself in the roles of their long-suffering heroines as she lay in her lingerie on her lonely bed.Having dozed off in the middle of a particularly torrid passage, Catherine was shocked by the sudden descent of a heavy, silk blindfold around her eyes. She barely had time to struggle before her mysterious assailant had bound her with rope so thightly that her elbows actually touched behind her. When the blindfold bahis şirketleri cam off, she saw the dark, powerful, black-clad stranger grinning wickedly down at her. Blushing with shame at her own excitement, she could imagine how her bound posture must thrust her breasts forward for his inspection as he yanked her skimpy brassiere free of her body. His touch expertly brought her nipples to a state of quivering stiffness, even as he just as expertly heated up her with solid, open-handed swats, administered while she was held forward with her arms pulled up behind her.With amazing dexterity, he untied her, flipped her over and secured her flat on her back to the bed frame, lashing her ankles together and belaying them off to the headboard. Now the riding youwin crop that magically appeared in his hand had plenty of targets, front and rear, upon which to plant its burning kisses. Catherine screamed at the searing impact of each stroke, but no sound seemed to come from her lips. As the whip rose and fell, alternating between her breasts and backside, she felt herself becoming more and more aroused, a heat building inside her unlike anything she had ever felt before. She felt as if she might lose control of herself in a massive sexual climax from the stimulation of the whip alone.As if sensing that the final act was at hand, the mysterious stranger swiftly undid the ropes holding her down and flipped her over, binding her wrists downward to a bar youwin giriş tied between her ankles, burying her face in the pillows and spreading her open in the back in the most humiliatingly lewd posture imaginable. She realized that from where he stood, she was all ass and pussy, and the tought thrilled her indescribable. Again she felt the whip and the gloved hand striking her bottom, the vibration of the blows travelling through her entire body in shudders of anguished pleasure. At last, Catherine heard the whip hit the floor, along with the mystery man’s belt buckle. She felt him behind her, filling her with the biggest, hardest hunk of male meat she had ever experienced in her life. Her hot, wet insides opened to swallow him up joyfully.And that’s when the alarm went off, waking Catherine from her dream of passion. It was time to get up and go to work. She moaned in disappointment. Oh well, there were some new books she had discovered just the day before. She would have to check them out on her lunch hour.

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