Casting Call

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Amanda looked at herself once again, breathing as slowly as she could. She had wanted this, knew that she could do it. The ad was simple, ‘models and actresses wanted.’ In five seconds after arriving she knew it was not her normal cattle call. This was a porn movie, plain and simple. She was going to turn away, but that little devils voice in her head wanted to stay, at least learn what they did, she said to herself. ‘It will be a learning experience if nothing else.’ This steeled her resolve for a bit. The women here were all ranges of body types, hair colors, tattoos and piercing. The skinny sat next to the voluptuous, mixed in a way to make men drool in desire. She knew she was pretty, her figure an enticement she had used to draw men’s eyes and cocks.

She sometimes loved the way men would stare at her breasts, their fullness, knowing they wanted to touch her, lick them. Her mind was floating around the room, wondering who had done what, who had experience or like her was curious to learn. The call for her interview was repeated, her head snapping back to the now. Amanda’s gut sank, as she knew they wanted to talk to her. She almost ran, just bolted. But ‘no’ she thought, ‘ I won’t be scared, I’ll just talk to them after all.’ She listened to them explain the requirements, each word they said drawing her in more. ‘GOD’, she thought ‘How do they know what I want, what I secretly dreamed of.’ Amanda did not run, she stayed, and talked, flirted and wooed. The girl who walked in left, the slut she played at alone at night kissed their egos, the whore of Amanda’s minds eye was a porn star. She started at nine am the next day, money agreed on, acts sealed with her pen strokes.

Amanda arrived on set, provided the needed forms, her picture taken with ID, then was whisked away to makeup. Her heart pounded the whole time she sat in the chair, trying to make idle chit chat Muğla Escort with the girl who smoothed the blush, the eye shadow, painted her lips. She slipped into the bustier they provided, her legs encased in hose. Amanda loved that tiny ‘snap’, as the garters were hooked on. She stood finally, looking at herself. Her hair had been swept back, in anticipation. Her mouth a luscious target for the lust that was coming. She saw that her nipples were engorged, harder that she had felt since her first kiss. When she walked to the set, each movement betrayed how wet she was. She trembled, trying to remember to breathe again, then stepped into her new world.

The room was simple, a standard set, but the facade was wonderful. She had walked into a dream that was a Pasha’s harem. The walls were gilded scrolls, tapestries, and silks. A divan was waiting, another woman on her hands and knees, sucking men already, their eyes now fixed on Amanda as she entered. She could see the cameramen, filming her as she walked in, each one focused on HER. She shivered again, slipping away once more, becoming the slave girl, the fucktoy of the story. Amanda watched herself, in her mind. She saw how she was led by hand to the large pillow in the center. She knelt as they pushed her down. Men lined up, oiled, glistening like the shafts they stroked. Her mouth watered, knowing it was real, that she was going to do it. Amanda wanted to watch as she felt, be in both places. Her cunt was like a dull ache now, the need to be filled painful. The lights were making her sweat already, or was that her need? The first man stepped up, pushing into her with no preamble, no hesitation. She loved it, his hands wrapping around her skull, fingers spanning her so easily. He pushed in with no thought of loving her. He wanted to fuck her mouth. Not content to be sucked, he pumped, his need to get Muğla Escort Bayan off now driving him. As quickly as he started, he stopped, pulling out to spray himself on her now open mouth, her eyes wide, as she wanted to go on. His sperm was so warm, she thought again. Each time she felt it in her mouth, on her skin, she was amazed again at the feeling of heat. This was JUST IN him, she remembered, now its mine. The cum pooled as he jerked again, her tongue a bowl for his seed. Amanda had just swallowed when it started again, this man taller, but wanting her to move for him. She breathed deeply through her nose, smelling him as she did, her breath and his scent pushing her on to do more, to tease him. She swiped her tongue around him, playing with the head in her mouth. She knew she was good at this, that she loved it and the pleasure she brought. Again she tasted salty cum, this time mingled with the ropes from the man on her right. His own hand flew as he stroked himself. Her face was wet now, cum streaking down her jawline as he was spent. Amanda was pushed forward, again unseen hands guiding her. She saw the cameras move again, to take in this new position as she was on her hands and knees now. The ache began to dull as her lips were opened, the cock going inside her cunt now burning her in a different way. She moaned around the shaft in her mouth, tears at the corners of her eye. The girl who had come to be in the movie was gone. The girl that was here now wanted to be a slut for them, a harem girl, a hole to fill. That girl wanted to feel cocks sliding inside her pussy, her mouth. She gasped as a tongue sliced into her ass. She could not turn, tell who was doing it. She felt hair on her lower back, wondered if one of the girls who had been sucking the men before she came in was the owner of the snake in her ass, almost making her scream around the Escort Muğla cock in her mouth. It withdrew before she could turn. Another spray of cum filled her mouth, replaced immediately, then another. Amanda could feel the sperm drying on her skin, even as more glistened fresh on her face, her ass. She reveled, giggling inside with each orgasm now, hers coming with each gulp of new semen, each slap on her ass as a unseen lover beat his flesh on her ass, shaking the drops from his cock. Time started to slip away. She no longer noticed when they did a close-up of her face, turned her to her back, had her sit on them. She only existed at that moment for the flesh in her mouth, the need to drink again. She smiled now; no longer afraid to look them in the eyes, the moans of each man a kind of song. Each grunt of pleasure, each whisper of ‘yesssss baby, fuck me, suck my cock’, each ‘cum for me, cum slut, kiss me”, it hissed inside her, her head a buzz of lies and lust. When they finally ended she lay on her back. Each man stepped up, circling her, furious to cum once more, her body now white against her tan flesh, the coating complete. Amanda could no longer open her eyes, sealed shit now with their fluids, drying on her as she was again showered with heat, liquid and essence from them making her shine.

The package that arrived in three weeks was a plain Fed Ex package. Nothing to betray itself. Amanda cut it open, the tape slipping past her fingers to the floor. She looked down, wondering who that was looking up at her. The woman there, she looked like Amanda, but she was lust, passion unknown. Her mouth smiled as a cock lay just beyond the tip, an arc of semen just hitting her tongue. Amanda puzzled at the image, trying to place it in her head. The tape removed, she watched herself again, wondering once more if it had been real, had happened. Each image burned her skin, the ache calling out. She reached for the package, the business card shaking in her fingers. Amanda dialed the numbers, mouth watering at what the voice would give to her this time, would it dull the need forever or open it wider. She wanted to know and did not care in the least.

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