Carrie’s New Life Ch. 2

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Tom went through his closet looking for anything that Carrie might be able to wear. He found a flannel shirt and a pair of sweat pants that would probably fit her and also grabbed a pair of his pajamas from the chest of drawers. He then walked back to the living room.

“I have some clothes and pajamas that might fit you ok. I’ll leave them here on the stand next to the bathroom door Carrie.” he yelled through the door.

“Thank you Tom. You can sit them inside if you don’t mind. I’m already in the shower.” she answered.

Tom slowly opened the door and entered. the room was full of steam and he could almost make out Carrie’s silhouette through the shower curtain.

They’re right here on the vanity.” he said, acting calm and cool even though his breathe was coming faster and deeper.

“Alright. I’ll be out in just a minute.” Carrie said.

Tom left the bathroom and walked back to sit back down on the couch. Looking down he noticed that Carries drink was gone already. She must have chugged it because he had noticed that she hadn’t touched it since he had offered it to her.

Oddly, his thoughts of his brother’s actions were taking a back seat to his thoughts of Carrie having sex with the two men. What would it be like to slide his cock into her hot little mouth until she sucked the cum from it down her throat? Immediately, another thought began to form in his deviant mind. He got up and got Carrie another drink, casino şirketleri making it a little stronger than her last one. Just as he was sitting it down on the coffee table, Carrie walked into the living room in the pajamas he had given her. They were a little large on her and now her figure was hidden by them. She sat down on the couch and Tom again saw her nipples pressing against the pajama top.

“I’ve been thinking Tom. I’d like to show you my gratitude for everything you’re doing for me. ” Carrie said in an unusually soft tone.

As she said this her hand went to Tom’s leg and staid there on his thigh. Tom’s face couldn’t hide his surprise and he began to stammer.

“W-wait Carrie. I don’t think you should do anything you might regret later. Besides, what about Steve?” he whined.

“For one thing,” she began, “I don’t do things like this with any regrets. And secondly, what about Steve? If he’s into the drug thing we’re through anyway.”

Her hand was moving up his thigh now and stopped just short of touching his now fully erect cock.

Tom was panting now. His mind was clouded with lustful thoughts about this sweet girl and all the things he wanted to do with her.

“W-what did you have in mind?” he gasped.

“Well, I don’t think I’ve ever met a man that didn’t like having his cock sucked. I would really love to do that for you Tom. Please. It will make me feel much better about inconveniencing casino firmaları you at this hour.” she cooed.

Tom replied “Oh, you are certainly not inconveniencing me at all but if it will make you feel better…”

Tom reached down and undid the fly on his trousers. He reached inside and pulled his long purple cock free letting it stand at attention on it’s own, precum already pouring from it’s tip. Carrie let out a little sigh and reached out to take hold of his shaft. She then leaned forward to kiss him as she began to stroke his cock slowly. Tom returned her kiss and pushed his tongue deeply into her mouth.

She moaned quietly as they kissed then quickly she pulled away and began to remove the pajama top. Her tits were as firm as any teenagers’ and her nipples were swollen out to almost an inch in length. She stood up and dropped the bottoms to the floor and stepped out of them quickly returning to kneel between Tom’s legs. Once again she wrapped her soft hand around his shaft and began pumping as she looked up into his eyes. Her gaze remained on his as she lowered her head to lick the precum from the tip of his cock.

Tom moaned with delight as her hot breath hit his cock and he felt her incredibly warm mouth envelope the head. she purred as she slid her lips down his length, tongue swirling all the way down and again on the way back up. She kept this up for about a minute then removed it from her lips only to duck güvenilir casino down below his shaft to lick his nut sack then slowly back up his shaft where she repeated her sucking actions.

“Oh, Carrie . This is too good to be true! Your mouth is so hot. I don’t think I can hold off much longer.” he cried in his bliss.

“I don’t expect you to Tom.” she said releasing his cock from his mouth. “I want you to cum whenever you’re ready. Don’t worry, we’re far from finished. I plan on making you cum as many times as you can. And I don’t mean just tonight either.”

Immediately she resumed her ministrations to his throbbing member moving a little faster than before.

“Oh baby! suck me off now. I need to cum in your hot mouth so bad!” Tom cried out. His cock was now pumping back into her mouth, the head dipping into the back of her throat. Her purring began again and the vibrations in his cock were pushing him to the edge. Carrie let his rod slide almost completely out of her mouth and quickly rammed it all back into her throat till her nose was buried in his pubes. After about three of these deep sucks Tom’s hot cock began to explode in her mouth. Wave after wave of his orgasm was received in her mouth as her tongue continued to work the underside of his knob and shaft. His cock was pumping up to meet her frantically bobbing head while his huge load began to escape from the corners of her hot lips.

When Tom’s balls were entirely drained he pulled his cock from her lips. Carrie looked up smiling at him as his cum dripped off her chin.

“I think I’ll have that drink now.” Carrie said as she wiped her mouth off on the pajama top. “Why don’t we watch a video?”

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